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We’re three days away from Desperation in Death arriving on shelves, to your house by mail or to your e-reader by magic, so that means it’s time for a few teasers. Not spoilers, just a few little things to notice as you read.

Usually I have some ideas of what will work as teasers when I first read an in Death — in this case, January. But this is a case that is worked in fewer than five days. There’s a lot pushing Eve in Desperation from every direction. Even scenes that lighten the mood momentarily could spoil the experience.

Here’s the official cover copy:

As Desperation opens, two girls plot to escape The Pleasure Academy – a place of living nightmares.  Dorian, a thirteen-year-old runaway might never have made it out if not for her fellow inmate Mina, who’d hatched the escape plan. Mina may have been the more daring of the two—but they’d been equally desperate.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get away fast enough. Now Dorian, injured, terrified, wanders the streets of New York.  Mina lies dead near the waterfront while Lt. Eve Dallas looks over the scene.

Mina’s expensive, elegant clothes and beauty products convince Dallas  she was being groomed, literally and figuratively, for sex trafficking—and that whoever is investing in this high-overhead operation expects windfall profits. Roarke worries about the effect this case is having on Dallas, as it brings a rage to the surface she can barely control. No matter what, she must keep her head clear–because above all, she’s desperate for justice and to take down those who prey on and torment the innocent.

In the end, I decided that it would be best to share some questions I pondered during the read and reread. Next time I may go back to riddles, or in a real challenge, haikus.

  • There’s a person who DOESN’T know Eve from the vid?
  • Should I rename my bras? (you’ll see)
  • Who would you choose as the next cop to step up for an an exam?
  • Is Roarke allowed to apply Master of all He Surveys practices to work the Marriage Rules?
  • Who knew our favorite entrepreneur carried warm weather gear?
  • Who would come out on top if Eve and Mavis ever really had a fight?
  • Nannies can come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Finally, in a departure, my favorite line: “Uh-oh. Mom’s home.”

I’ll open the discussion thread early on Tuesday, so you can discuss any and all thoughts there.


16 thoughts on “Desperation in Death Teasers”

  1. Ooo, those are intriguing questions / ponderings! I didn’t think it was possible to anticipate this book more than I already do, but I guess all things *are* possible. 😄 Does ‘favorite entrepreneur’ mean that Tiko will make another appearance? I hope so, he always adds a lightness and a feel-good sense to the story.

    1. He was my first thought too. I wonder what he is selling now? Derby Day hats maybe? Or fun flip flops.

      1. Sunshades, caps, cheap umbrellas for when it rains, some socks and hosiery (especially hosiery as those can get runs in them), flip-flops as you said….

    2. I noticed Baxter wasn’t in this book…what happened to him?

      1. As I mentioned in the teaser post, this case moves fast. When Jenkinson gives Eve the rundown of the squad in chapter 4 he says Baxter and Trueheart were interviewing a suspect in a case they’d caught two days earlier. Baxter and Trueheart are part of the rescue and takedown at the end, but they weren’t supposed to be front and center in this one.


  2. These would be great book club questions, too – well done, Laura. This book strikes me as a can’t-put-down, so I think an all-nighter is in my immediate future. Thanks for the tidbits, Laura, really looking forward to it!

  3. I’m guessing that 5th one refers to Tiko.

    Monday’s a holiday; why can’t it be released then instead of Tuesday? 🙁

    1. Really!

      Don’t want to see Eve and Mavis fight – it’s bad vibes for who’s cooking inside Mavis. Also, I think their friendship is past that point. Besides, if it came to a fight? Mavis would look sad, and Eve couldn’t take that.

      1. Besides, if their fighting, they can’t have make up drinks since Mavis is pregnant.

  4. ● I suppose SOMEBODY has to not have seen THE ICOVE AGENDA or read Nadine’s book.

    ● Up to you.

    ● Baxter or maybe Jenkinson, as he’s got the longest time in grade as a Detective and Eve might persuade one or the other of them to go for Sergeant so she can have a “Number One” to run the squad when she’s not around.

    ● Roarke is the 800-lb. gorilla – if he wants to, he can do whatever he wants.

    ● Tico’s too savvy an entrepreneur to shut down during warm weather, so of course he has warm-weather gear!

    ● See my reply to cherylhe’s comment.

    ● Absolutely! I’m pretty sure Summerset’s Bella’s nanny sometimes….

    ● A reference to Eve coming in while Roarke, Feeney and McNab are bending the rules on how deep they can exercise their computer skills…?

    1. Remember Morgan Charles from Faithless in Death? He knew about the Icove vid, but didn’t know Eve was the one it was about.

  5. Who would you choose as the next cop to step up for an an exam? Peabody as second level Detective.

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