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Today’s the day! Desperation in Death is officially on sale.

And this is the official space to discuss all things Desperation. Beware of spoilers in the comments.

Did you notice any of the questions I posed in the other thread? Or were you reading so fast to get to the conclusion that you’ll notice on the second read? Just curious.

Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. My copy has been sitting at our local USPS site since Friday 😝. I’m hoping they actually deliver it today so I can take it with me on a business trip that starts tomorrow! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  2. I started reading, as planned, but now have to stop (unplanned) to handle an emergency repair.
    Will get back to DESPERATION as soon as I can.

  3. I now have a new favorite! This is so fast paced, I literally could not put it down. I’m in the Central Time zone, so I started refreshing my Kindle at 10:56 pm. By 11:02 it was downloaded. I finished the first read at 3:59 am. I’ve already begun the 2nd 🙂

    The subject mater was pretty dark and it was uncomfortable at times. It had me in tears about a quarter of the way through, and I still couldn’t put it down.

    I truly believe this is one of the best, if not THE best, book in the series.

    Well done!

  4. I knew from the synopsis this one would be an intense riveting read. I was not disappointed.

    Eve’s deep well of compassion is in full display in this one. Something lovers of the series have always understood flows under her kickass attitude.

    I noted an underlying theme of friendship and loyalty to friends.

    Sprinkled with in the intense case is:
    character growth
    the introduction of an SVU cop
    a visit with our favorite entrepreneur
    moments of discord
    Eve baffling herself by acting out of character
    A lot of stuff I cannot mention because the story is so fast paced that anything else would be a spoiler.

  5. Some tough sections, but so relevant to current real world problems about human trafficking. I loved how Eve interacted with the kids. Eve was so great with the CPS issue and I loved Roarke’s solution to deal with it! I read it and now listening to it on audible. I LOVE the part with Jenkinson and can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  6. Unfortunately not a single Barnes and Noble in San Diego and Orange counties have the book. I even checked Costco yesterday and they didn’t have it either. I’m really looking forward to reading it once I’m able to find a copy 🙂

  7. I absolutely loved this book! I’m listening to it again and try to catch all the stuff I missed in my first listen. Thanks Nora!

  8. This is one of the best yet! Found the story riveting and really enjoyed meeting new characters. Awesome book, well done!

  9. This read is definitly up there in all time top 5 In Death read. Gripping storyline, fast paced, all our favorite characters present and accounted for, even visits from a few old friends. I just love how Eve has grown and has been able to let her guard down with people more and more, even Sommerset, as much that baffles her! The book hit my Kindle at 10 pm pacific time on the 5th and I couldn’t wait to started ended up reading through the night it was that good. Congratulations on another job well done Nora!

  10. Great read. Love Bella (“Wing with Aug” XD).

    Man, the villains may’ve been the most viscerally sickening since Wilkey from “Faithless”, maybe even since Isaac McQueen. maybe even worse.

  11. I started listing to the audio book on Tuesday. Of course, I’m enjoying it as usual. May I make a shout out about the narrator for the in Death books?

    I think Susan Erickson is an excellent choice for the narration. I don’t She has an great voice the the no-nonsense female character. The wrong choice for a narrator can really harm the enjoyment of a book.

    Susan Erickson also narrates most of the Sara Paretsky V.I. Warshawki books and is most enjoyable there as well. The ones she didn’t narrate were not enjoyable because the narrator’s voice didn’t have that quality to convey the tough female character.

    Was Nora putting together a homage to some of the 19th century authors? Oscar Wilde for Dorian, Bram Stoker for Mina?

    There may have been others but sometimes in the audio the detail slips by. I don’t mention Sebastian since he made his appearance in an earlier book.

    All in all the Desperation is an excellent and a fast paced story. I’m doing my best to pace myself on the read so I can enjoy it longer. As soon as I finish, I know February will seem a long way off! Thanks to Nora for the enjoyment.

  12. Nora you did it again. Desperation in Death was an incredible read and now another all time favorite! I have reread the In Death Series too many times to count. I love love love this series! While waiting for September 6th to arrive I was reading another favorite Shadows in Death! Thank you Nora for writing these masterpieces! Thank you Laura for nuturing our passions about the In Death Series! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. I just finished my first read through! It’s an emotional story and I loved it! I will start rereading tomorrow. I love twice yearly updates on Eve and Roark😍

  14. Another winner for me. Again, love the scene with Bella. Can someone let me know if the answer to the puzzle at the inside back cover is “Eve Dallas Fights For Justice”? Thanks.

  15. If I may share a theory of something my mum has got:

    “There has got to be some form of link between Sebastian – Mavis’ mentor – and Eve Dallas.”

    1. Thanks, just the way that Sebastian is showing that much interest in Dallas’ business read as something else.

  16. It has been a rough couple of days, especially at work. You know when the universe is just off kilter and nothing seems to go right? that’s me today. so took a break. i was saving this book for when i had a ton of time. but i couldn’t wait any longer.

    I can’t tell you how much it has kept me at the edge of my seat so far. I know, I know, Mina will die. I’ve read the excerpt. But my gosh, I don’t think I’ve prayed so hard to have a character live instead. Not since I think Coltraine in Promises. I ran over my break but time well spent. can’t wait for the rest. i am rushing through my work after this. But i just wanted to say, my gosh, those two girls. Nora Roberts has another winner in this one. I haven’t even gotten to Eve, Roarke, and the gang but what an intro. I love falling into the In Death universe. one of my favorite things in the world. makes even a crappy day at work better. thank you so much for these stories.

  17. Absolutely loved that book. I’ve been re-reading the whole serie this year and this one is right up there with my favourites. I’ve started to put a red circle around the #s I like best and this one rates a double circle. Some parts were though to get through especially when you think this probably happens in real life. I don’t like when Eve & Roarke are at odds but it’s life . Thank you so much Nora for all the wonderful hours you give us. I’m so grateful you share your talent with us. Fingers crossed for Jenkinson. Everyone on Eve’s team are the best. Looking forward to February 2023.

  18. I was in my Big W ( a store in Australia) and saw Desperation in Death finished it in a day and a half and just loved it. Thankyou for the latest book. Came across this site on fb wow I have missed so much discussion content 🥰 Ive read Nora’s ID books and listened to the fabulous Susan Erickson narration. Eve and Rourke are my favourite couple. 💑

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