Cozumel, Day 15

A pretty morning becomes a stormy one. Another hard driving rain pumps down with some wicked booms of thunder that roll into echoes. It comes and it goes with sun beaming, then sun washed away.

Sometime before the rain swept in, the older kids did some kayaking. I still don’t know how I missed that event.

The gang is thoroughly entertained by Mario Cart during the storm. There are wild cheers, groans and moans.

Absorbing competition. Photo by Nora.

Then it clears again, looks like it might mean it this time. Kat takes Griffin off for a last round at the water park.

The report is much fun, but this time he was ready to go when the time came.

There are some daily chases, and my opponent appears to have forged some new weapons. He’s a tricky one.

Kayla and JR do some packing as he heads for home Sunday. The rest of us depart Monday.

Dinner plans evolve, and Italian wins the day. More Mario Cart before departure, and this time Griffin joins the cheering section. But when it comes time to do a little pano portrait in the living area, he departs and races himself for awhile.

Indoor pano. Photo from j a-b’s camera.

A LOT of standing water here and there on the drive into town. I think they might have gotten hit even harder than we did.

And the sky opens again just as we park, so it’s a mad dash through it to the restaurant. But there, we’re under cover outside while an enormous cruise ship glides by in the distance through a curtain of mist.

Citrus salad. Photo by Nora.

I can’t resist that lovely citrus salad—and will get some grapefruit at home now and then to add to ours. Pizza and pasta for all, but for Logan who orders some sort of steak. It comes coiled around a vertical skewer, and is pretty impressive.

Steak delivery. Video by Kat.

Also, Logan reports, excellent.

We have the drama of sunset to add to our meal. It never gets old.

Front row sunset seating. Photo by Nora.
Boat and sunset. Photo by Nora.

Griffin already goes for his new fave, yellow ice cream. So dessert and cappuccino it is. Jason and I both go for peach Melba, and yum. BW gets about half of mine.

Colt’s dessert. Photo by Colt.

Home again, and Poker is the game of the night. This time, all the luck seems to be on one side of the table. Logan, Kayla, Colt and I, on the other end, don’t win a single hand. JR takes an enormous pot at the end. Other than Logan, Kayla Colt and me, who are wiped out, the others fare well enough.

I hesitate to say it looks like a pretty day, but so far, so good. Workout’s done, and though Griffin and Jason aren’t in their usual morning spots, they should be over soon. We’ll do our annual panorama shot outdoors, then Jason and Kayla will take JR to the airport.

Today is for goodbyes and packing for our own departure tomorrow morning.

Whatever else today brings, it’s been a really wonderful family trip. We’re blessed to have four grandchildren ready and willing to travel with us, and as always the best traveling companions ever, Jason and Kat. Another bonus this year, with Kayla’s adorable JR.


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  1. We so enjoy you sharing your vacation with us. Beautiful photos. Lovely family. Thank you. 😊💖🍹

  2. Thank you for sharing your family adventures. I look forward to your post every morning! Safe travels home.

  3. Thank you Nora for sharing your vacation with us. I so enjoyed every day’s adventure and activities. I can’t believe how grown the grandkids are! I remember you making either bread or cookies with Logan. He was so young then. I was shock to see how tall he is now. We see Kayla and Griffin pretty regularly so I wasn’t shock, but when I saw Colt! WOW, I can’t remember the last time I saw him, must have been one of the Christmases. Safe travels!

  4. So glad the weather cooperated. A few storms even things out and make us appreciate the better days. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it all.

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  16. So nice. I just loved following along on your family trip. wonderful, treasured time together…so important.

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