Cozumel, Day 9

Note from Laura: There are, indeed, pancakes.

Breakfast a la Logan. Photo by Nora.
Cheers chef! Photo by BW.

Cloudy and breezy make very nice weather for patio sitting with a book. Colt is late to the party as he decides to practice his shuffling. I believe we have a card shark in the making.

I am incarcerated again when I go inside. My many escapes are short-lived, even when I unlock the Daddy wall with magic keys.

Pano view by j a-b.

Logan and Grandda do some snorkeling down off the dock, and Colt has some mid-morning pancakes.

Skies clear and the pool beckons. Kayla and JR play some pool games with Griffin who’s confident in his floaty jacket and swims around. Then Kat takes the Orca floaty who threatens and attacks. Hilarity ensues.

Shark threat. Photo by Nora.
Pool time. Photo by j a-b.

Then thunder booms. Booms and echoes across the water though our skies are bright. Check the weather app, and we look good for now.

Porthole view. Photo by j a-b.

When it booms closer, adds that telling crack, everyone takes a water break, including Orca at Griffin’s insistence.

Thunder drifts off. Barely a murmur now, and the sun streams. We have one stormy looking cloud off to the south, but it’s back in the pool.

View from above. Photo by BW.

Later, inside it’s apparently time for Mario Cart while BW and I read and have a cocktail on the patio.

Time to clean up for dinner as many are starving. Plus most restaurants close early on Sunday. We get a table right on the water again. Lots of boats, lots of people swimming right below.

Logan asks if he can order the surf and turf. Go for it.

Logan and Kat Rubik cube-ing while waiting for surf and turf. Photo by Nora.

When it comes out, the whole table is: Wowzer! It’s serious surf and serious turf. Beef, chicken, pork, I think. Lobster, shrimp and who knows what presented on one enormous platter.

Though he gets some help with it, he does it justice. The rest is boxed up for another day.

Back home and JR and Kayla suggest we play something called on the Switch. Several quirky games in one. So we download the app and begin. You use your own device which connects with the game.

Trivia questions. Guessing games. Much goofiness. Make your own tee-shirt game which includes drawing and slogans or sayings—and the game mixes and matches them for votes. Another game where you have to discover The Faker among us.

Very entertaining, and I believe this will become a staple going forward.

A very nice, easy, fun-filled Sunday comes to an end.

Up early, make bacon.

BW, Jason, Logan and Colt are off on a snorkeling trip this morning, and head out while I work out. Clean up, and Kat and Griffin are having breakfast. I escape possible arrest by heading to the patio to write the blog.

I suspect my freedom will be limited.

Will likely finish the book I’m reading, then go work on my own awhile.

Another breezy day, and with enough clouds now that the water is a shiny, silvery gray.


11 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 9”

  1. The view BW took is beautiful. Your two homes look awesome. Yes Jackpot tv is a fun game for all. Our family has played it and me, grandma, is always last but fun. Enjoy

  2. Hope your enjoying the break – I have played those switch games and they are hilarious! Especially Who’s The Faker!

  3. So incredibly beautiful there! Thank you for sharing your vacation! I’m curious, you mentioned reading and I wanted to know the authors name. Would you share?

  4. Loving the pictures and story line that goes with them…amazing photographers❤️❤️I’ve missed a few of the blogs will have to search and hopefully find them! 😎😎

  5. We play Jackbox tv with my daughter and SIL and grandkids alot, so much laughter
    Your trip looks relaxing, enjoy your family

  6. Wow…huge surf and turf! Sounds delicious! Will have to check out that Jackpot TV for my son. Sounds very interesting!

  7. The porthole picture is fabulous! Jack sounds like fun – a little something for every taste. Another wonderful vacation day.

  8. is the best group game! Multiple editions, different games in each, endless fun! You really do get to know the people you think you know on a whole other level.

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