Cozumel, Day 10

Griffin wants a playground, so Kat, Kayla and JR go off to try one. With the rest of our crew off snorkeling, I settle down to work a bit.

It’s a pretty pleasant, breezy day, so I choose the patio. Nice, really nice, to sit outside, feel the breeze, glance up and see the shine of the gulf through the trees. I can hear the water lapping, and the birds calling. Otherwise it’s quiet in my outdoor office.

I’m surprised when the snorkeling gang returns. The time flew by. But I’m not quite finished this scene, so keep at it while I hear about a shark sighting—baby nurse shark—barracudas, and many, many fish, small and large.

Playground gang returns. Playground was a bust, so they hit the mega store. It has some kiddie rides, and that did the trick. Also ice cream.

Kayla realizes I’m still working and says they’ll be quiet. I remind her I started this adventure with two pre-schoolers. I can work through noise, and nearly done.

And scene!

Griffin’s napping on Daddy. BW is upstairs working on the photos he took with his underwater camera. I treat myself to a Bellini, and see BW has sent out the pics. Oh, there are such wonderful ones of Colt and Logan! No doubt their first real snorkeling adventure was a success! These get printed out and framed once we’re home.

Fishy friends. Photo by BW.
Logan afloat. Photo by BW.
Colt under the sea. Photo by BW.
Ray. Photo by BW.
Far less menacing starfish. Photo by BW.

I walk into the kitchen and discover the Wilder Hair Salon is open. Just about every vacation, BW gives Kat a haircut. This started years ago on our first trip to Montana. I don’t know why Kat decided to trust him, or BW decided to trust himself, but it’s now a tradition.

I’m a little aghast at the amount of hair he’s whacking off, but as usual? Yeah, it works. 

Done. Photo by Kat’s phone.

Time to clean up for dinner. We’re trying a new-to-us place. It’s closer to the villa, but not on the water. Still, we’re all curious.

Cleaned up for dinner. Photo by BW.

It’s lively. It has an old car Griffin can climb in. A guest chef from Austin greets us and tells us he’s making MD crab soup. We tell him all but one of us (JR) come from MD. He insists on giving us a sample—though he explains he uses shrimp and lobster instead of crab.

Pre-dinner fun. Photo by Kat.

When in Mexico!

And it’s very tasty.

There are big screens on opposing walls and they’re playing MTV—80s edition. It’s fun and funny. This doesn’t feel like a touristy spot. The patrons strike me as old hippies (I’m one myself) and ex-pats. Maybe some locals.

Fun time guessing songs and artists on MTV—and amusement abounds at the hair styles.

Colt and I split a pepperoni pizza. Logan orders shrimp pizza—which seems to be a house speciality.

Once again, Logan’s choice is wowzer! How he manages to eat all but one piece is a mystery. The boy’s skinny as a snake—but not for lack of eating.

Logan’s shrimp pizza. Photo by Nora.

So a good, entertaining meal not far from home.

Back home and Kayla’s got a little headache. She retires for the evening. Kat and Griffin go for a swim, BW and I sit down by the dock for a very satisfying sunset. A golden end to a lovely day with plenty of memories banked.

Rain’s coming. Photo by BW.
But first, sunset. Photo by BW.
Nora’s sunset view.

It rains for about thirty seconds.

But it’s not over as Griffin’s still enjoying the pool. I think he might’ve stayed in half the night, but here comes a roll of thunder. Now it’s time to admire the creeping dark, then look amazed—Griffin and I exchange amazed glances—over the lightning.

After the rain. Photo by j a-b.


The birds go wild this morning. It sounds like an old Tarzan movie on my little balcony. I think I spot a magpie. Do they have magpies in Mexico? I’ll have to look it up.

There are plans for a visit to a nearby water park today. Should be fun. Hopefully the skies stay clear so everyone can splash around. Right now they’re a pale, quiet blue, and a little breeze remains. But it already feels as if it’ll be a hotter one than yesterday.

A water park sounds like a good way to keep cool.


9 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 10”

  1. Another day enjoyed by all. Great snorkeling pictures. Nora you look very pretty all dressed up .
    Sunset is awesome. Enjoy

  2. Great pictures! I’m loving these daily blogs. I’ve been to Cozumel via one of those giant cruise ships recently. We visited Playa Mia Beach resort. Great place for kids and really nice beach.
    Last year’s blog in Florence was really great too. We were on a 21 day Med cruise and had just been there. Not enough time so we will return.
    P.S. Very excited to hear you’re working on another In Death book. I’ve read every single one and am always anxiously waiting on the next one.

  3. The food descriptions in this travelogue have made my salivate. I am a sucker for seafood. You have truly lucked into finding some great places to eat. Was this happenstance or from advice from a local?

    The photos have been spectacular. Does BW charge for his barbering service? Kat sure is a brave soul!

  4. Another blissfully wonderful day! I love reading about each day from you. Thank you for sharing with us! It all sounds so peaceful and magical.

  5. Griffin in the old car is adorable. The underwater photos are wonderful. The night photo of pool and sky – stunning. And the food – time for me to fix dinner. Another great vacation day!

  6. Love the pictures. The last one would make an amazing jigsaw puzzle. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  7. What an awesome photographer you have there and oh what beautiful memories in those photos ❤️❤️

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