Cozumel, Day 11

Down the beach. Photo by BW

Plans for the water park are scotched for reasons. First, hey, it’s closed on Tuesday. And weather’s rolling in, at least from the look of the sulky gray sky.

Add our Kayla appears to have picked up whatever Kat had this time last week. When I go over for a Nana check she feels warm. Not scary hot, but low-grade fever time. And her throat’s scratchy. She’s hungry, and when all she wants is dry toast, I know she’s feeling pretty punky.

JR’s looking after her, and after an abortive first attempt—toaster oven acted wonky, burned the bottom of the toast—we manage toast. Nana delivers.

Since Colt also wants toast, Jason gathers a list as that’ll take care of the sliced bread. He’ll get some ginger ale, some veggie broth and whatever else we need. He is our Mega Store King.

Turns out I have some emails to deal with, and some business from home on a couple fronts.

For some reason I remain free from jail all day!

I decide, what the hell, I’ll bring down my laptop and work awhile on the patio.

BW and Kat decide to head out for an adventure. I opened the accordion doors and between me and Jason and whatever game Griffin’s into on his iPad he’s well looked after.

From Kat and BW’s adventure. Photo by BW

He asks me for more chips, please. And I have a slice of last night’s pizza which is just fine.

JR comes over for ginger ale and veggie broth for our sick girl. So she’s well looked after, too.

I pull out an old favorite I brought along in case I ran out of new books. So there’s Mary Stewart’s classic Arthurian tale, The Crystal Cave. It never, ever fails to capture me by page one, no matter how many times I read it.

Where shall we go? From BW & Kat’s adventure. Photo by BW.

BW and Kat return, very cheerful from their trip to the lighthouse, and some impromptu shopping. Kat has a cool new hat.

Lighthouse. Photo by BW.
Inner working of the lighthouse. Photo by BW.
Kat’s new hat. Photo by BW.

We discuss dinner plans. JR will go with us, but though Kayla feels better, she opts out. Nana makes her scrambled eggs and toast—with butter this time.

We head into town to revisit the first restaurant we tried. When we use the garage at the Mega Store, Griffin says: Blue Cupcake Store!

He forgets nothing.

As Logan ate two pb&js right before we left, he settles for some tortilla soup. BW and Kat both try lime soup, and both approve. I go for the lobster and yum!

My two for one margaritas go very well with it.

Back home for ice cream and more games.

So we’re entertained until bedtime.

Morning’s sunny and blue, so bodes well for our planned group shopping. Jason and Griffin will pass, but the rest of us—hopefully Kayla, too—will head out shortly.

My workout’s done, and bacon’s made.

Not sure what will catch my eye today, but Kat and I saw some very cool bowls and dishes yesterday right before dinner.


And, in an homage to trips past, some #randomkatness

16 thoughts on “Cozumel, Day 11”

  1. Sorry that some of the gals got a bug! Glad that didn’t last long and everyone could get back to enjoying the vacation!!! Always love the pictures ❤️

  2. Sounds like another wonderful vacation day. Sorry Kayla isn’t feeling well – no fun getting sick on vacation. The pictures from BW and Kat are great – the lighthouse is beautiful and I liked the stone structure. Hopefully, you can do the water park another day.

  3. Your family is lucky. Berlin Germany has a flu epidemic. We both caught it our 4th day here. Went to Dr. Confirmed flu. Confined to hotel roo bed 5 days. Weak tho. Decided to cavcel plans to proceed to Czech Republic & Poland. Returning to Dallas TX tomorrow. Its been hell being ill, buying insurabce great plan. Everyone has been so helpful & kind. Sure wished for my Mother’s chicken soup tho. (Jewish penicillen)!!

    1. So very sorry your vacation was cut short by the flu. We were in Berlin on June 25, so I guess we missed the flu. I hope everything works out for you.

  4. Sorry Kayla got the bug but hopefully she will feel better soon!! Sounds like you all are having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your photos and your fun filled days with us.

  5. Where was my brain? It wasn’t until I saw the signpost and the lighthouse pictures that I remember I was there with a photography cruise a number of years ago. I have that “same” picture. Fantastic place, but sorry for the sickness. Hope it doesn’t spread further.

  6. Mary Stewart’s Crystal Cave/trilogy is the only thing I have reread more than once. The best! Enjoy!

    1. Interesting . . . the only books I’ve ever read (or listened to) more than once are Nora’s. Gonna have to try Mary Stewart’s works.

  7. Jackboxtv is great. Just had family vacation in Nags Head North Carolina. We had 15 people and it kept us entertained many a nights!! Enjoy the rest of your time in paradise.

  8. #RandomKatness is always going to be my favorite thing! Thanks Kat for taking the photos and Laura for adding it in! It made my day!

    1. We love the Jackbox games, with varying degrees of appropriateness based on the age of the players. The T shirt design game is a new favorite of ours. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, it sounds just lovely.

  9. Been looking for a new read . . . think I’ll try The Crystal Cave. Thanks for the “roundabout” recommendation.
    Enjoy the rest of the vacation, and make sure to relax with lots and lots of those adult beverages.

  10. Sounds like a nice low-key day for everyone. Sometimes simple food is the best food (slice of leftover pizza, scrambled eggs, toast…love.) Hope Kayla feels better and better!

  11. I love these travelogues. Such fun! I love Mary Stewart but have never read her Arthurian novels. And what a cute pineapple 🍍

  12. Just finished up ‘Chasing Fire’. When I went to Goodreads to complete my recommendation and book write-up, I discovered I read and rated it back in September 2015. Didn’t even remember the story or the characters. growing old Suxs…. Have blank spots in the hard drive, I guess. (Probably the new cover messed me up) when I picked it up at the library. It’s a great story and it Now resides in my KINDLE app. Enjoy the vacation. Have you ever read M. L. Buchman’s series on smokejumpers and fire ‘hawks ?
    Rich Johns

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