BookChat: Tribute/4

Did you have a good weekend? Do you prefer this method of posting quotes for a book chat? I know, I’m full of questions. But I do like answers!

I appreciated Ford’s direct approach to Cilla every time they were together early in Tribute. Do you prefer direct interactions or an air of mystery in your fictional heroes?

10 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/4”

  1. I like directness and communication. I hate it when I want to yell “JUST TALK TO EACHOTHER!!!”

    1. Agreed. Say it! We can’t discuss, share, protest, learn, dispute, collaborate, compromise, understand, sympathize, validate if the words don’t come out of our mouths.

  2. I prefer this as I am rarely on Facebook!

    As for your question about the quote … I love direct approaches.

  3. I’m with Anne; many a story has been dragged on too long just because the MC’s never talked! or if they did, they circled & didn’t listen to each other! Ford puts it right out there. Happily I think of Celia as being just as open.

    And this format is working for me because I avoid facebook as much as possible! I spend enough time on the computer; don’t need to add that timesuck to my life!

  4. Thanks for sharing with this format as I NEVER (she yelled) go near Facebook. As for the quotes, it’s a great way to start conversations about interesting parts of the novels. The direct approach worked best for me in that part of my life. Of course it took me a second marriage to get it! Ford’s approach made so much sense dealing with someone coming from the phony world of “tinsel town.” Loved it!

  5. The direct approach please!

    The weekend was lazy and nice. I ended up grooming a neighbors dog, because groomers are not on the necessary list. They should tell that to the poor dogs!

  6. I love this format as I am not on FB. Thank you again, Laura.
    I absolutely prefer direct approaches! Cameron and Anna two of the best!

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