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It’s scary sometimes how many times I pause over some dialogue or description before choosing something for the graphic (I could just spend the day rereading). Today I kept coming back to Ford’s fluency in sarcasm, though. Just love that faintly skewed flirtation underlying the entire conversation. Are you more inclined to appreciate smart sarcasm or a very direct approach?

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  1. I save sarcasm for people I know. Strangers don’t take to it well, in my experience. The direct approach is safest, there.

  2. personally, I save the sarcasm for family & friends who know me & often reply in same. Or give me grief in response. But I dearly love reading sarcasm!

  3. Now I really want to reread this book! I am remembering how much I loved it.

  4. Well, sarcasm is a dish best served with a little attitude, in my opinion. I like to think if someone can dish it out, then they can take it too. (As referenced in the dialogue above.) Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well in this lock down situation.

  5. Like in the previous replies I reserve sarcasm for the ones who can not only handle it but understand it in full. So close friends and cherished family members.
    I am prone to sarcasm and I need to be very carefull with it because not all “get it” and I might find myself in a pickle 😉
    Ford is a very complete male created by Nora – he’s good in the sense of a very good person with immense sense of justice and empathy, he’s friendly, has a matching dog… I really LIKE Ford… which is good because the thriller part of the book is a Masterpiece and I always felt that when Ford was in a scene he somehow brought the light againts the darkness lurking.

  6. Sarcasm has always been a staple of mine and something that my second (and darling) husband helped me temper and use sparingly but with relish. It served me well when involved with local politics when I lived in the PACNW. My adoration of Nora’s talent includes her excellent use of sarcasm first noted from Roarke’s talented mouth (sigh) and later from her first published hunky male lead in Thoroughbred. She’s got skills.

  7. I love smart sarcasm, but after working as a nurse for many years, I’ve learned to be careful where I use it. I usually let the other person fire the first shot, then I feel free to respond in kind.

  8. Sarcasm, when spontaneous, is fun and tends to ease tension, provided it is not biting. Sarcasm in seduction seems very elaborate, or perhaps it is that I am more direct and simple. That said, I like Ford’s dialogues with … well, with everyone.

  9. One of my favorite Nora books!
    I learned sarcasm from my brothers and really appreciate the smart stuff, so I think that makes Ford one of my favorite guys.

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