8 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/18”

  1. Bookstores are my happy place. I can remember really questioning how much I should spend on clothing, but I can remember walking into a bookstore and spending $50 on books without a thought. I love the smell and feel of books. I love opening them and discovering new worlds and people. There used to be this great multi-storied used bookstore in Oakland that I could spend hours in just exploring. Books, my happy place. 😊

  2. If I’m literally shopping, brick and mortar stores are for me. My favorite bookstore, craft store, garden center, Kohls and Target, all out of reach right now. So now I shop my home and repurpose things or pull out a book , either one of my favorites or a next in line series book. Thankfully my wants and needs are small, so a sunny day that I can play in my gardens makes me happy. As for book shopping, Hideaway will soon be released (can’t wait!), I’m going to be reduced to ordering online, yuck-o. But I’ll have a new Nora story to enjoy!
    Hope some happiness and contentment will come your way through this mess we’re in.

    1. Oh you are spot on, Krystaleyez. I have been an avid reader all my life. Now with this “stay at home”, I have reread most of my books because the wait foe library ebooks is so long. I miss walking through the bookstores and library. But visiting old friends in my favorite books is good too.

  3. I love that Ford uses his laser vision for more than his characters. He has a great way of making a point too. Because I’m not a shopper, I have a hard time finding my happy place in stores that are not a book store. I’m happy to be there for hours.

  4. I don’t remember this quote, so not sure of the context. Off to reread till I find it! But yes, I miss actual physical shopping! My favorite shopping experiences any more: bookstore or needlework shop! Less & less of those available for physical shopping in our area anymore…plus I keep reminding myself of how many I have in both areas that are waiting for me to either read or stitch! But online just doesn’t meet the fun sensations of picking out threads by touch or color–esp. from a wall of threads! Or choosing a cart full of books as I browse the shelves at the used book store & try new authors, etc.
    I did my flower shopping this spring online; local garden center not letting us in the greenhouses this spring; select online, pay, & go there, pull up & unlock the trunk; they load the plants & I don’t play with them till I get home. Just not the same! Doesn’t have the same scent & touch fun! I so badly want to go shopping again! And our annual local craft show has been cancelled…no new earrings this year…ah well, not like I don’t have many already…just keep chanting: New Normal (for a while!)

  5. Music, music, music! Not buying, but singing it & listening to it. I’m partial to singing tight harmonies in a choral setting , but I will often find myself just putting a particular album/cd on repeat. Right now I’m hooked on the Outlander opening credit music which is an a cappella choral arrangement of The Skye Boat Song.

    Yesterday, I was listening to the music playlist from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (love this show) while working and I felt a burst of joy I felt compelled to get dance around a bit! (I guess it’s one of the advantages of working at home right now?! I will NOT be dance at the office! lol) It felt good to have that brief spurt of happiness & light in these times that are too often dull and dark.

    My other happy place almost goes without saying…immersed in a book and in another world. The act of shopping doesn’t do it for me, but I guess I get my adrenaline rush from mental gymnastics. 🙂

  6. Laura, I love seeing your photos and artwork on Instagram!
    My happy place is delving into a good book and forgetting the time. It doesn’t matter if it is a new book or a reread.

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