A Mother’s Day Treat

Normally Nora spends the first weekend in May at The Kentucky Derby. This year, she added up 42,000 steps planting her garden. She’s spent THIS weekend on the edge of worry for the plants since Mother Nature decided to revisit winter temps and wind chills.

I’m happy to report the potted plants are safely inside and so far the outdoor plants are holding on.

Before all the cold worries set in, Nora took a video of everything in its place. I’ve edited a little and added some pretty music to accompany the walk Nora takes most spring and summer evenings. Consider this a Mother’s Day gift of sorts.

To everyone who celebrates today, to everyone who has experienced highs, lows, joys and sorrows of helping a young person grow, to mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, beloved friends — we wish you nothing but the best in health and happiness. Stay well!

Nora (and Laura)

53 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Treat”

  1. Every time I see pictures of her garden, or read her books where gardening plays a prominent role, I tell myself, I’m going to landscape and garden, I’m on a big property after all. Then I have to remind myself that I kill plants….

    1. Same! 166+ acres here, and I manage to kill petunias and marigolds.
      I’m so ashamed.

  2. Thank you Nora and Laura for the beautiful gift of a lovely garden walk. It is raining and cold here, so such a treat. Happy Mother’s day to you both!

  3. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing, especially today. Happy Mother’s Day, which we are spending separated from family. If one is not able to have a garden, looking at such a lovely one is inspiring and comforting. Thank you!

  4. My grandmother always told me to plant my garden on mother ‘s day! Because of the lines at the garden stores and the cold. I am going to wait till next week! Come on sun!!!

  5. Beautiful garden and walk! Perfect for Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to you, Nora and Laura! 💕🌱📚

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to Laura , Nora & all the moms & grammies in your life. Thank you for sharing the walk thru Noras garden …ahhhhh…

  7. Thank you Nora and Laura! I didn’t want the tour to end, it is a lovely garden. It reminded me of Mia’s yard and plantings in Three Sisters Trilogy!

  8. Thank you both for the tour! And foxgloves in bloom already! Also, nice stand of variegated Solomon’s Seal! For many years, my one plant stayed just one plant but about 3 years ago, suddenly, I have a batch, and I do enjoy them. Now, if the Virginia Bluebells next to them would do the same!
    I love the art that Nora has spread thru her gardens; esp. that lovely dragon down in the shaded area.
    And yes, I didn’t wait for Mother’s day; the tender potted plants that could be moved went into the garage & those which couldn’t had sticks put in the pots, draped with sheets, anchored with spare clay pots, saucers & plates, and fastened to the sticks with clothespins. I think one pot had 10 clothespins fastening those sheet drapings! And we hit 27 that night, but I think everything has survived. A bit cold-burned on some of the leaves, but that’s doable. I’ll be out draping the next 3 nights; we’re going down around freezing again. What a May! But again, thank you both! It was a delight!

  9. Happy Mother’s day to Nora and Laura. Thank you for the garden tour. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

  10. I would imagine keeping the keyboard clean for her is a full time job what with that green thumb. Quite an artist. Its all very pretty.

  11. Thank you both for the video and wishes, Happy Mothers day to you too.

  12. Thank you for sharing your garden with us, Nora. And thank you, Laura, for editing and adding the music. 😊💕🌷Happy Mother’s Day to both of you.

  13. Happy Mother’s Day Nora and Laura! Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

  14. WOW, the long and winding road
    …thank you both & happy mother’s day to you

  15. Delightful tour and music!!!

    Jealous because here in Western NYS…we had snow….and now gloom! Argh!!!

    Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!!

  16. Thank you for sharing your garden, Nora. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Laura and all the mothers and grandmothers. I send you virtual hugs and loads of love. 💕🌷

  17. Happy Mothers Day to you Nora and Laura. Beautiful walk in the garden, reminds me of my childhood in Massachusetts.

  18. Happy Mother’s Day to Nora and Laura. As i’m Nora’s age, i can’t be w/my kids, grandkids, & gg’s (great grands ). But we all have to thank God if we & our families are safe.
    I too love gardening. But living in NYC, unless you have a property like Eve & Roarke, you don’t have land. I’m lucky to have a terrace, & now i’m working on sprucing it up, to help w/cabin fever. I’ve also found that babying my indoor plants helps as well. Thanks for this post.

  19. My maternal grandmother had a small but lush wonderland, perfect for a little granddaughter to wander, looking for magic. I’ll never forget the little goldfish pond, where I could put in my feet and let the fish kiss my toes. What a beautiful work of art you’ve grown. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  20. Absolutely beautiful garden!
    What a lovely place to view every day!
    Nice to set up a desk and do writing out among the flowers..

    Happy Mother’s Dsy to Nora/JD , Laura and Kat! 🦋

  21. Incredible! If she weren’t such an awesome author, she could be a landscaper like the character in her last book.

  22. Thank you for the lovely, peaceful garden walk. So much to delight the eye from plants to statues to wind chimes. Happy Mother’s Day to both Nora & Laura.

  23. What a wonderful present for Mother’s Day….thank you so much for sharing your beautiful garden with all of us…as I’m commenting Master Griffin is in the background laughing….I could listen to him all day…

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  24. Aww, how pretty. I wish you guys would do this again in mid-summer. I’ve always wanted to see Nora’s garden in full bloom! And it’s so pretty already, even after the sudden winter temps recently!

  25. Such a beautiful garden and big! I can only imagine how tired she was when she finished. Thank for allowing us to oh and ah over it.

  26. Thank you for the lovely walk thru your garden. Happy Mother’s Day, Nora.

  27. Reminiscent of the times Roarke cajoles Eve into walking in their gardens:-)

  28. Lovely garden! Especially nice that it is raised for easy weeding! 🙂
    Cheers & Happy Mothers Day to all.

  29. Happy Mother’s Day Nora & Laura. I hope you both had a wonderful day. The garden pictures are always great.
    God Bless.

  30. Happy Mothers Day! It snowed here in Wisconsin yesterday. LOL.

  31. Happy Mother’s Day ! What a delightful video of a lovely garden. Is the wall built without mortar? It is lovely too. Thank you for the fun tour.

  32. I love the retaining walls! I also love the the ground cover I am in serious need of a semi-shade ground cover.

    1. Dead Nettle, Pachysandra or Creeping Jenny all do pretty well in shade. But they WILL take over. If you don’t mind trimming back or ripping up if and when they infringe, these have worked great for me.

  33. Wow! This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! And a happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you, Laura, and to Nora! I’m lucky to live amidst nature, but I don’t have the knack for gardening. Not yet, anyway! It’s funny that I decided to log back into Fall Into the Story today: I haven’t read a Nora novel since early March, but I just decided to dive back into Nora Land over the weekend. I have no idea what to pick! Should I continue with the In Death books? Start a new Nora trilogy? Pick up a standalone? The options are as varied as the flowers!

  34. Happy Mother’s day to both of you. Thanks for sharing the lovely gardens. I’m always amazed each year at the size and variety.

  35. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Laura.

  36. Love the garden! I’ve been doing a lot of online ordering for my gardens & containers because of this mess. Years ago I bought an 18″ tall bronze fairy statue for my gardens. Told my husband about it he looked around and asked “Where is it?” Me “Outside in the garden.” A few minutes later he comes in scowling at me and puts her on the mantle. Me “I got her for the garden!” Him “This is a bronze. Someone will steal her. We’ll both be upset because shes pretty and I’m nipping that in the bud right now.” I tried three different times to put her in the garden. 20 yrs later she’s still on the mantle piece.

  37. What a beautiful garden tour. Thank you for sharing! As a long-time gardener myself, I know the love and time this entails. It’s appreciated.

  38. Hi Laura!!

    I was wondering if there’s anyway we might get a Netflix adaption of Nora’s IN DEATH series???? I think it would be SO INCREDIBLE! It’s my favourite book series and I think it would be perfect for the screen! Has it been optioned at all before/currently? I suggested it on Netflix’s suggestion page, but I’m sure if someone more official than me did, there would be more of a chance! Love to you guys, love Nora’s work <3

    1. Hi Megan,

      Over the years, three production companies optioned the In Death series. Each project stalled at the script stage and the rights eventually lapsed. I agree that the time is right for a series on Netflix or another streaming service, but right now there’s nothing to report.


  39. Thank you Nora for the In Death series. It has been keeping me company while I’m in isolation, swamped with work, tax season, and taking care of shut in friends. Plus my garden. Eve and Roarke help me escape the anxiety of these strange times. Just finished reading Thankless in Death. The epilogue brought just the right kind of tear to my eye. Reading, and in some cases, rereading the books in the series is helping keep my sanity. I’m waiting in line for my turn with your newest. God bless and thank you.

  40. Lovely garden and represents a lot of work. Thanks for letting us look.

  41. Thank you for sharing the gardens! I love the statuary all among the flowers, trailing down the paths, popping up in little nooks. Must be a great way to relax and recharge.

  42. Every year before I start my garden I have to reread your “In the Garden” Trilogy. It puts me in the mood for wonderful memories. I do more vegetable gardening than flowers because I love the idea of putting food away for our winters here in Idaho. Love all your books. Have reread many of them and I think I have everything you’ve written! Hope there are many more to come. Stay safe!

  43. Hi, I am pretty new to reading your books, I started with the Irish series, Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame. I than read your Gallagher’s Trilogy and Key trilogy, than the Dark Witch, and what fun one of the three is a Sheehan. My grandparents came from County Clare and County Kerry Ireland. I read that book and the other two 3 times, I love them. I My dream was to go to Ireland but I can’t my daughter is disabled, from a car accident, sad part she was always disabled but able to work until she got rear-end while stopped in traffic, women was texting and driving, so not able to work. Your stories took me to Ireland in my mind so thank you. I am still hoping to make it to Ireland someday. Thank you for the hours of reading some I could not put down. Kate

  44. You and Mother Nature work well together. I have been a fan of your books for years. J.D. Roob are my favorite to read. I have been to Ireland and fell in love with the country. Love your character Dallas.

  45. Absolutely gorgeous gardens. I have a much smaller, but not small garden and I can’t believe how weed free your beds are. I feel like I am always pulling some although my garden beds are at edges of our lawn so I know that doesn’t help. I am envious as to how lush and beautiful yours are. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience.

  46. Such a beautiful garden. I love the little surprise of the mirror on the wall ad the little ‘head” planter.

  47. Love, love, loved the tour and could picture you running along the beds to chase deer from snacking on the flowers, as you once mentioned! Around my house, the deer and I fight over tulips. They win. Thanks again for sharing this.

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