6 thoughts on “BookChat: Tribute/17”

  1. And I love how he’s almost 40 at 31! I think we all feel that at one time or another. Ford is not only a great guy, but a clever, witty one, too. And, not everyone is handy with tools – we each have our especial talent(s).

  2. He is definitely a keeper. Still making my way through the reread as life got in the way, yes even when I am stuck at home.

  3. Wow I would love to be almost 40 again LOL. But Ford cracks me up that even when he panics he is steady and a great calm influence on Cilla

  4. I absolutely love your books!
    Super fascinating stories. It really captivated my attention.
    I was wondering if you have a book club I can join? If it can be done on zoom. It would be a great idea especially being in quarantine.

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