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At Turn the Page events, we meet a lot moms and daughters who share the love of Nora’s books.  With Mother’s Day (US) on Sunday, I wondered a couple of things:  do you share your books with your mother?  How much influence did your mom have on your reading choices?

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and for all those moms out there — hope a wonderful book is part of your Mother’s Day.  ~Laura

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  1. My Mom and I are big fans of Nora Roberts,so we are always sharing her books. My Mom was the first one turned me on to Nora Roberts and Romantic suspense in general.

  2. My mother is no longer with me, but she did not share her reading choices with me. My daughter and I don’t share the same likes in reading genres, either. I took no chances – I bought myself a book for Mother’s Day! Wishing all Mom’s a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    1. My mom was the one who started reading the Nora roberts books first then she got me into reading them. The first book we ever read was the McGregor brides and we have all Nora Roberts and every time a new one comes out we buy it. We have almost all j.d. robb. My bookcase is full of nothing but j.d. Robb and Nora Roberts. There are also some packed away because of no more room. My mom passed away before the last inn at boonsboro came out and I read it and started to cry because I then realized she wouldn’t get to read it. Sorry for being so emotional.

      1. Jeri,

        Please don’t apologize! I miss my Mom everyday and we didn’t even share the same taste in books … Only the love of them.

        Nora’s books are all about emotion- family, friends, laughter and tears. Reread your favorites and know your Mom is feeling your enjoyment with every word.


  3. Mom buys her own books since she needs large print & I read on a Reader. She just recently bought Whiskey Beach & I recently finished it. I’m anxiously waiting for your next book. 🙂

  4. My mother and I never really shared a taste in books, but both of us like the underlying core of romance in our reading adventures. However, she influenced my taste in books heavily. I used to hate reading until she introduced me to romance books when I was a teen. That is when I discovered the magic of living in other words and happy endings guaranteed. The escape gives me strength to deal with my own life and helps me feel centered when everything around me is spinning out of control. And for that, I will be forever grateful and appreciative!

  5. Not only does my mom read my nora roberts and J.d. robbs book but my 3 sisters has thier own collection of all her books…. I buy the hard back coyp and read it first and then it goes the round in the family and when the paperback comes out then everyone gets their own copy….. Happy reading Linda

  6. While my mom is the reason I love reading. I can not imagine her without a book in hand (unless she’s at tea) we do not share the same likes. I tend towards romance, fantasy and sci fi and she well.. doesn’t LOL. She couldn’t even get through The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.. I have finally convinced her to read a NR book.. I have suggested Homeport, Birth Right and The Villa each have the strong female leads that Nora is known for AND tell a fantastic story.

  7. I live with my adult daughter and next door to my (also adult) mother. Mom doesn’t really read fiction, and the lovely girl doesn’t read romance, so I have yet to share my Noras or my JD Robbs with either of them. However, they both know where I live and where the books are, and they are more than welcome to share at any time (except my signed copies, those are just for me!)

  8. My mama doesn’t speak English, & she loves self-help books. Not my kinda thing 😉 My mom-in-law on the other hand was the person who introduced me to Nora & JD. We share every single release. Normally, we take turns starting. I’m a faster reader, though, so she often hands them to me first.
    It’s so fun to be able to share that with her! It adds to the enjoyment 🙂

  9. I share the romance books with my daughter. We both enjoy a good love story but, her heart belongs to “Harry Potter!” (Mine belongs to “In Death’s” Roarke).

  10. Oh My Gosh! Mum and I have always shared books! Especially any Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books. We both really enjoy reading them. The first one I read was Survivor in Death and shared it with Mum. Since then, whoever buys the book, gets to read it first. There are tons of others books we both read as well like James Patterson, Mariah Stewart, Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell. However, I also tend to love the sci-fi/fantasy genre which she doesn’t find as engrossing.
    But besides that, we are two peas in pod! 🙂

  11. I have every Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb books and got my mom hooked on Nora years ago. I will buy the books, read them and then “lend” them to Mom. She HAS to return them to me as I like to keep my collection together. Mom can’t remember which ones she has read so I have to mark them as soon as she returns them to me so I can keep up with them for her.

  12. My mom died a few years ago. She is the one that got me into reading Nora Roberts books. Now I read a book then pass it down to my daughter. Anytime a new book comes out, she bugs to read it “fast” so she can get it.

  13. I wish I could share Nora’s books with my mom, but unfortunately she doesn’t share my love of reading!

  14. My mom was never a reader until this year. I gave her a few Nora books to read and now she is hooked. I read them first then give them to her to read. She is catching up on all of Nora’s older books which I have kept.

  15. I have shared my love of Nora’s books with my two daughters-in-law and now they are fans! It so great to be able to lend them my collection and discuss the stories afterwards. We each have our favorites but agree they’re all wonderful! I love my sons and husband dearly, but it sure is nice to have “daughters” of my heart to read Nora’s wonderful books! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!

  16. When I was little, Mom introduced me to a variety of books. Now I introduce her to stuff. We discovered Nora at about the same time. Because I read faster, I get the book first and then pass it along. Even my Dad now reads JD Robb.

  17. I read Nora’s books first. I have always been an avid reader but my mom never much cared for reading. I shared Montana Sky with her and she has been hooked ever since. She is 76 years old and she reads every day. I love being able to talk about books with her.

  18. My mom was an avid reader and so am I. I have to say that it is my daughter who turned me on to Nora Roberts books in August, 2012. Since then I have collected every one of her books and books I have two copies of because they are in different format or different covers. I have read about 75 of her books so far. I am very thankful to my daughter for finally getting me to read her books. I don’t know why I have waited so long. I just can’t put them down.

  19. When my mother was an avid reader of novels Nora Roberts books hadn’t arrived my Country and online buying didn’t exist – aren’t we lucky for living in this era? – and my daughter (13) is in the Vampire/Harry Potter phase… I’m letting her choose the style she wants to follow… the other day I found her paging one of Nora’s with that desdain expression that teenagers perfection and saying “mum, this is so lame” and I told her when she wants I’ll point her in the right direction for Nora – I’m thinking she’ll love the Sign of Seven Trilogy to begin with 🙂 and I’ll certainly share the Chesapeake Series.
    It was sweet to see her interested in what the fuss was about 😉 little she know that one you step that path there’s no escape.
    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

  20. My mom and I both share a love for books and we pass books back and forth all the time. I actually got my mom hooked on Nora Roberts. Whenever I buy a new one I give it to her when I’m done and she actually has it read quicker than I do. She read Whiskey Beach in one day but then it was a good book and she is retired. But being retired its hard to keep her in books but I’m doing my best. She’s read every one of my Nora books that are on my book shelf …maybe I need to start her on the In Death series.

  21. A friend got me started on Nora but since my daughters and I share most of our reading material (whether its book, kindle, or audible) I have “spread the love”! We love Nora’s books, especially the sets, and Eve and Roarke are awesome! I’ve listened to the entire series several times. My Mom is retired and once she got her hands on our collection she soared through them like crazy! She laughs and cries with the characters just like we do… If our husbands hear the conversation turn toward a discussion about the latest NR or JD Robb, they just move to another room and go talk sports because they know it will be awhile! Naturally we have all wished each other a happy Mother’s Day spent reading… and the same to all of you!

  22. I introduced my mom to Nora’s books about 10 years ago. She passed away about 3 1/2 years ago. We loved talking about the books before during and after we were finished reading. We also shared with my sister and niece.

  23. My Mom shared NR with me in high school I have been hooked since lol every gift giving holiday birthday etc the is a book by Nora or Debbie or Fern in a bag to the point we have in the past bought and gifted the same books to each other lol.

  24. My 93 year old Mom and my 48 year old daughter are avid readers – as I am – and we love to share books. I’m the biggest “ALL NR” fan. Mom loves the NR trilogies best of all. And daughter loves all of NR’s supernatural genre. But we don’t need to do a lot of sharing since we are all re-readers. We like to keep our own copies of our favs. Therefore we all have our own NR Library. But I have all of Nora’s books. And whenever Mom or Daughter want to read something different from their own favs, they check in with me.

  25. My mum has read and enjoyed some of Nora’s single titles. She has no interest in the In Deaths or trilogies however. She hasn’t been reading as much in recent years. I’ve been trying to convince her to try digital since she can up the font size and readers are light weight. I haven’t quite convinced her to try yet, but am still working on it.

  26. My mother did not like to read. She loved working in her gardens. She knew how much I loved to read and encouraged me to read as much as possible.

  27. My mom is an avid reader and we share books when we can, but she lives in another state and I don’t see her often.

    Since she has a hard time getting someone to take her to the bookstore, if I know a book she wants to read is nearing release I order it for her from B&N and have it delivered to her house. That’s how she was able to read the last few of Nora’s books. She kept missing them at the grocery store.

  28. My mom does not read for pleasure but she enjoys the books that were made into movies. We are at the Inn as I write this. I think she would enjoy the books if she ever came here! Ahhhh one happy fan right now… Dans was wonderful and Vesta was just like I pictured!!!

  29. Before I got my Kindle, it was my dad and me that read the same things. If I read something I thought my mom would like, I’d tell her about it now.

  30. I would love nothing better than to share my books with my Mom, but she passed away a few years ago. I attribute my love of reading from her. I have passed my passion for reading onto my daughter and yes, we share books.

  31. My mom and I both love Nora Roberts …. We buy NR’s books together, but I get to read it first …. hehehehe …. After we’re both done reading, the book goes to my room in my library and not hers … I have a great mom, don’t I? Love my mom. Without her, I wouldn’t have known who Nora Roberts is … Thanks, mom, for introducing me to one of the most awesome authors of all time … (=^_^=)

    1. That’s exactly how my mom and I are! I order the books and since I read faster, I get to read them first. Then as she reads we talk about the book (and occasionally she tries to get me to reveal “who did it” or other mysteries but I stay strong!) and then the book goes back on my full-to-bursting shelves. I’ve got almost an entire bookshelf devoted t

    2. That’s exactly how my mom and I are! I order the books and since I read faster, I get to read them first. Then as she reads we talk about the book (and occasionally she tries to get me to reveal “who did it” or other mysteries but I stay strong!) and then the book goes back on my full-to-bursting shelves. I’ve got almost an entire bookshelf devoted to Nora and JD Robb! If I didn’t stack them, it’d definitely be a whole bookshelf!

  32. My mom is gone, six years now, but she and I read voraciously. She gave me my first Nancy Drew when I was five and complaining about how boring reading at school was. The first mystery she gave me was a Helen MacInnes (yes, I’m ancient – lol) and Andre Norton was my first sci-fi book. My aunts were the romance readers, which was something new for me and I read whatever they had when we visited. Then one of the aunts gave my mom a Nora Roberts, said here’s a young new writer, I think you’ll like her. By then I was living in another state and she mailed it to me after she’d read it. After that we’d both buy every NR that came out, then discuss them over the phone. While I have a couple of friends as devoted to NR and JD as much as I am, and its fun to talk about the books with them, I miss getting together with mom to talk about them. She, like me, always wondered what had occurred in Nora’s life to get that story going in her head. Good memories.

    1. Paula,

      I loved Nancy Drew! Those were some of the first books I read when I was younger.

  33. It was my mom that introduced me to Nora with the MacGregor series back in 1985 and it’s been a mutual love affair ever since.

  34. My daughter and I love Nora Roberts and JD Robb SOOOO much that I am typing this reply from the Eve & Roarke room at Inn BoonsBoro!!! We are celebrating Mother’s Day weekend at Inn BoonsBoro. We are having a fabulous time already, we have met several other Nora Roberts fans. We feel as though we have stepped into the pages of Nora’s most recent trilogy. What fun!!

  35. I share books with my Mother in Law, though only one or two of Nora’s so far. She isn’t as big of a fan. However, her mother (my grandmother in law) and I used to share all books. She got me into the JD Robb series. She passed away a little over two years ago and I still think of her sometimes. All of her books were left to me. 🙂

  36. Yep, I sure do. I tend to read them first as I’m faster than she is there. I can take out a nice book in about three days. *nods*

    She has a small one to be honest. I’ll read just about everything though as long as it’s fiction. I don’t care about the genre.

  37. My taste in books is so different from my mother’s. She is one to read the books on Oprah’s list, and if it isn’t appreciated by the University professors she knows, it isn’t a good book. I read to escape so that I can face the world refreshed. I can take out a 400 page hard cover in under 8 hours, so I read on my Kobo to save the storage of books. That being said I have almost every hard cover that Nora Roberts has put out. Therefore my shelves are full to bursting. There is nothing like rereading a novel and visiting old friends again.

    1. I love the way you say that, ‘There is nothing like rereading a novel and visiting old friends again’. That’s exactly how I feel. 🙂

  38. Unfortunately, I didn’t find Nora or her alter ego JD Robb before my Mom passed away. I wish I had, Mom would have loved Nora’s books. My Mom was a reader, like me, only I am an obsessive reader (I have a book at all times, in all places……….home, car, office, tote…etc). I don’t know that I was influenced as much by what my Mom read, but by the fact that she so enjoyed a good book. Mom’s tastes ran more to romances than mine, mine leans to whodunits.

  39. My mom first brought home Irish Thoroughbred and we have been NR fans ever since. I would buy the new NR books for gifts and quick read them before giving them to her for birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day. She loved the Born in books.

  40. My mom’s not a reader, but when I was thirteen I had the chicken pox real bad and she bought me ‘The Secret Garden’. It started my love for reading. I got hooked on Nora through my local library when I was a young stay at home mom. Nora is the only author I can read and read-read over and over again. This year my honey bought me Whiskey Beach for Mothers Day. It’s been a challenge not to open it early! I’m looking forward to opening it tomorrow and being able to relax a bit and read. 🙂

  41. My mom is a huge reader, and probably where I got my appreciation of books. Our tastes differ in authors/genres, but we both love Nora, and a well-written story.

  42. My mom does read Nora’s books as well, but the main person I share them with is my husband. We get her books on tape and listen to them on the way to and from work which is about a 20 minutes drive. We both love her characters and stories.

    Actually, the person that influenced my reading most was the sister who’s closest to me in age.

  43. It is actually I who share my books with my two daughters.;) I make my DDDebby come with me to TTP and occasionally my other daughter DDKerry also attends with our two granddaughters, DGDKelsey and DGDKatie.. I have passed down my love of Nora to the girls. They don’t have it as much as I but I am working on them.

    Sadly I lost my mom this past Wednesday, she was 91.5 and didn’t read so no Nora addition there.

  44. In 2006 I knew my mom was dying and prayed I would be able to read to her one last Nora book before she passed. We loved reading and discussing Nora’s books and characters in them. I ran into TTP bookstore at 10AM the day the book came out and the clerk told me to look at the dedication of the book: it was dedicated to Nora’s mom, who had recently transitioned. I was able to finish the book before Mom died, and later I asked Nora if she would share some perennials from her garden to the nursing home that Nora just happened to be on the board of directors of, and she did. Her generosity of spirit and heart, on top of the plants (Mom was an avid gardener too), broke open the wall the grief that I hadn’t been able to release since she’d died. I’ll forever be grateful to her for what was to me such a loving gesture to a complete stranger. May you be blessed a thousand fold, Nora.

  45. I do share books with my mom! And the books I share the most with her are my Nora Roberts and JD Robb books. She’s the reason I get them in print rather than Kindle (which is how I get most of my books, now) so that I can share them with her. It’s great to have someone you can share a love of reading with, especially in my family, my dad and brother don’t read at all—blasphemy! One of the first romances I read was Amanda by Nora, which I read at my grandma’s and then booknapped (I’ve “borrowed” a lot of books from my grandmothers on both sides)! It’s still in my collection, along with pretty much every book Nora has written (I’ve read them all) and all the In Death books. 🙂

  46. I started reading SANCTUARY back in 1996, followed quickly by MONTANA SKY. Eventually I tried NAKED IN DEATH, and I’m a confirmed Nora/J.D. reader.

    I’ve been in a family of readers (other than my younger brother), and both my parents made sure to bring us to the library when it was too far to walk there. I was overjoyed when a huge library was built between school, and my home when I was in 6th or 7th grade…so I could go there whenever I liked.

    My mother reads history, mysteries, etc, so I gave her NAKED IN DEATH to try, but she didn’t care for it. I try not to push books on her. She did give me my first Kindle for Christmas, and I’ve loved them ever since.

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