The In Death characters who came to dinner

In the interest of fair play, I asked last week which characters by Nora Roberts would you invite to dinner, but asked that the In Death world not be included (because, technically, they are by JD Robb, who’s one tough customer).

So, you’re having a dinner party this Friday night.  Which five In Death characters would you invite to your table?  And why?


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  1. Eve, Peabody, Mavis, McNab and Roarke (for obvious reasons :D) Think it’d be a night with lots of good food, drink, laughs and conversation.

  2. I would invite Eve and Roarke obviously, but also Commander Whitney, Dr. Mira, and Nadine Furst

  3. Dallas & Roarke would be to intimidating to me although I would love to be AT a dinner party where they were invited to just see them. I would have She & He-body as she was raised the way I live & he can teach us more computer tricks.

  4. I would invite Charles, Mavis, Peabody, and Dr. Mira……Just for the hhmmmmm factor of all these different characters. I think it would be a very interesting dinner, especially with Mavis!!!

    1. Plus Eve as she tends to be a bit reserved….i think that would be a cool evening

  5. Well I would have to start with Eve and Roarke for so many reasons! Then it gets hard because I love so many supporting characters. If I absolutely had to keep it to four I would have to choose Peabody and McNab

  6. Rourke & Dallas. Both are “In the Know” and are refined also fun to be with. Dallas Kicks Butt while Rourke is a computer geek Love them both and give each other a balance 🙂

  7. I think if i had to choose 5. Eve, Roarke,Mavis,Peabody,Nadine. The why well to get to see Eve and Roarke in action on how they are together and to pick Roarke’s brain on financial Mavis because she would just be so cool to hang out with she seems so fun to be around. Peabody and Nadine because it would be nice to talk to them and ask their thoughts on why Eve is the most KickAss Cop.

  8. Obviously Eve and Roarke. I love their dynamic together. Plus I am a little in love with him lol. Who isn’t? Then there has to be Mavis. She would be the life of the party. I would like to invite Leonardo but I gotta go with Peabody and McNab to round out my five. I have always thought that Peabody would be a lot of fun to hang out with and they are just so cute together!

  9. I would love to have Peabody, McNab, Louise, Charles & Mavis, for the first one. What a hoot that would be, especially Mavis!! Would my eye get twitchy when Peabody & McNab starting making gooey eyes? I don’t think so!

    Then for my second dinner, Eve, Roarke, Feeney, Morris & Summerset. Just to watch Eve’s reaction to having Summerset there. Too much fun!!

  10. Eve and Roarke, Mavis & Leonardo, & Peabody. They would provide a very colorful conversation no matter what the topic. I would have music provided by Mavis, and everyone would be dressed courtesy of Leonardo. Eve would complain as she dosen’t like to dress up, and Roarke would calm her down with a look of his eyes. Peabody would gush every time Roark would talk to her. The food would be fabulous.

  11. Dr. and Mr Mira, Mavis and Leonardo, Eve and Rourke and since my table sits 8, Peabody and McNab.

  12. Louise and Charles, Dennis Mira, Roarke and Mavis. Why? Because they’re always TTU (Too Totally Uptown, in Mavis’ speak ;)), seem like a really nice gang to hang out with and *drum roll please* could get me invites to other dinner parties with other characters (really, I mean, choose only 5 In Death-characters? That’s like having to choose between your children, aka plain bad mean. Not happening. I wanna meet them all.).

    1. Camile, I agree! Choosing only five characters *is* mean. It’s funny that when I think of who *to* invite, I keep thinking of how my uninvited friends would feel. Because they don’t feel like characters in a book!

      Also, I would need to have an AutoChef before hosting a party. Speaking of . . . how do those things work, anyway?! I would love to see a story where someone is killed by one so that we can get to know more about the inner workings of the dang thing.

  13. I would have Eve and Roarke. Eve, because I would love to know how she can look at a scene and just see what happens, I would love to know all I can about how she thinks. Roarke could discuss computers and numbers, and all, with my husband, and, let’s face it, he would be some nice eye candy. I would have Peabody and McNab, as they are just an awesome couple. McNab can join the men in the computer discussions, and Peabody, I would love to know more about the freeager lifestyle. Then I would invite Morris. he is such a wonderful and together guy. I would like to know how he does things, as well, and, well, I just think he would be a good dinner companion.

  14. I would invite Eve of course, because I live vicariously through her. And Roarke because he is God’s gift to women. And Peabody because she embodies all the regular people, and Mavis because she’s so mag, and since we now have four women and only one man, we might as well keep it off balance and ask Dr. Mira – perhaps she will analyze us all and we all know Roarke can totally handle the situation!!

  15. Who would I invite to dinner? Oh man. Mavis, for sure. Got to keep things fun. Roarke, because who wouldn’t want to listen to that Irish lilt all night long. And that means Eve has to be invited as well because I really don’t to be on her bad side. Hmmm….. And if Mavis is there, I’d have to invite Leonardo (and maybe I’d get a one of kind creation out of the deal). And to round it out, let’s invite Trina. It would be fun to see Eve try to avoid her all night long.

  16. Definately I would invite Mavis, because she seems to always be the life of the party! Trina, with the hopes that she would give me a much needed and desired makeover, LOL. Then of course Roarke, because he’d be so wonderful to look at, and his stories would be entertaining, not to mention that accent! Peabody and McNab because they just seem like they are a lot of fun! If I wasn’t limited to five, the entire gang would be here, right down to Summerset. I love this series and Nora/JD Robb’s Brilliance in writing.

  17. I would invite Eve, Roarke, Nadine, Peabody, and Mavis cannot have a party without Mavis.

  18. I’d have Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNabb, Mavis and family, Dr. Mira and hubby, Charles and his doctor wife, and Trueheart and a date!!

  19. I think I would invite Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab and Mavis, though I’d also include Mira and Nadine, I think it’d be cool to have the women in Eve’s life that define her in a way, and as for Roarke, just to see their interaction and McNab because I am seriously intrigued to witness his wardrobe choices and how his relationship with Peabody drives Eve crazy, their over-sharing jajaja

  20. I think Eve and Roarke, of course. Morris, because we have been given several bits of his life but not an in depth look. He has insights to Eve that he doesn’t speak, so I think having them together in a social situation they may divulge more. Dr. Mira and her husband, because she is the closest to a Mother Eve has and Eve has such a soft spot for Dennis Mira that I think seeing that soft side of Eve would give so much insight to her. I think they would all be able to have fun and easy conversation.

  21. Eve, Roarke, Mira, Feeney, and Peabody. I Judy really think the conversation would be amazing. They all have such amazingly different views and ideas. Add a little alcohol and we’d have a lovely time.

  22. Eve, Roarke, Baxter, Truehart, Nadine. Would love to have the whole gang, but only five are allowed. 🙁

  23. I would invite Eve, Peabody, Mavis, Mira and Nadine. In other words, a ladies night. Talk about verbal volleyball!

  24. Feeney, because I would like to meet someone strong enough to survive the Urban Wars and the streets of New York, yet is also strong enough to love his family and able to nurture a young cop and turn her into a dynamite detective. Mira, who was also strong enough to survive and yet is unafraid to give her love and strength to others who need her. Eve & Roarke, of course, to see their dynamics and the amazing strength of their love. And finally Mavis for her vitality, her strength of spirit, and her ability to bring laughter wherever she goes. Then, like someone already mentioned, I’d be planning my next dinner party for the rest of the gang. They are all great characters.

  25. I would invite Eve and Roarke just because they are Eve and Roarke. I wold also invite Sumerset because I would love to hear the banter between them. Then Nixie I would love to see how she is doing and she is a fun character. Would like to invite Dick head but I don’t have a good enough bribe for him to come so I think my last guest would be Mavies. She has a free sprit and would be alot of fun!

  26. I would have Eve, Roarke, Morris, Dr and Mr. Mira. I’m a little in love with all three men and I know Eve is in love with Roarke and Mr. Mira. Morris is just so subtly dynamic and has a great sense of humor. This would be an evening of great talk, laughter and true camaraderie.

  27. Dinner with 5 characters is hard. I’d have to say Rourke, Eve, Peabody, McNab and Dr. Mira. But then something would happen and they’d all have to leave. So I’d have to call my back up 5 which would be Mavis, Leonardo, Charles, Summerset and Feeney. Then Feeney would have to cancel because he got called too. So then it’d have to be Nadine. This question is way too hard because I’d also want Morris , Dickhead, Baxter, Trueheart, the commander, and so many more.

  28. Ok, girls, let’s make things a little awkward, I don’t have problems with awkward :), and invite all the fabulous guys – Roarke, McNab, Charles, Dr. Morris and… Jamie Lingstrom. And will regret a lot because Leonardo, Trueheart and Baxter, Feeny, Whitney, Sommerset, Nadine, Mavis, Trina, Peabody, Dr. Mira, Luis and even Eve must be left out of the shortlist.
    Laura, why are you doing this to us… Only five!! 🙁
    And about the why – hey, no way to miss the opportunity to enjoy the finest guys a virtuoso female imagination could create!!!

    1. I learned my lesson last week. If I’d said an unlimited number of guests, everyone would pick, well, EVERYONE!

      This way you have to think about it. 🙂


      1. I didn’t have to think. I’ve had my answer since Survivor in Death.

  29. Eve, Roarke, Morris, Dr Mira and her husband (I have a soft spot for him just as Eve does).
    I’d have to have lot’s of parties though as there are so many combinations of characters who would make an entertaining evening. 🙂

  30. Let me just be cliché & start with Eve. She is my MUST. The true & main reason I read the series. And I guess since Roarke is her true & main reason, he is her MUST. Plus, I feel his presence might make her more at ease in the company of a nosy stranger — that would be me! I can promise her I won’t drool. Much.
    In addition, Mr. & Dr. Mira. I love her genuine feelings for Eve. In addition, I love the way Eve reacts around Mr. Mira.
    And finally, since I wouldn’t be able to pick another female character because I’m so fond of them, I will go with Captain Feeney. I’d like to see him blush & get a little embarrassed after I kiss his cheek!

  31. You have to start with the boss Captain Whitney because he has know Eve the longest, then Feeney cause he trained Eve. Dr. Mira of course, and you have to bring in Summerset cause he has known Roarke the longest. Then Nadine just cause she is the Press she will help fish out all the info from our dinner guest.
    You always want the main characters but sometimes the behind the scene guys know more. LOL

  32. I’ve thought about this one before, I do think you have to start with Eve and Roarke , however I’d love to visit with some of the secondary and bit characters from the series. Chale, Father Lopez from Salvation in Death; Kevin from Naked in Death and finally Tito, the kid who’s been in a couple who sells “cashmere” scarves.

  33. Eve & Rourke, Dr & Mr. Mira, Mavis & Leonardo, Summerset and Rourke’s Aunt. All family

  34. Of course, Eve and Roarke would be on my list! I have a soft spot in my heart for Dr. Morris, Dr. Louise Dimatto & Charles Monroe, too. I think they’d be a good group for discussions about art, music, & psychology. Maybe we could go dancing and Morris could be MY partner?! ( I guess, poor Eve, would be bored senseless….)

  35. We would be at Eve and Roarke’s, right? I would then invite Mavis, Peabody, Dr. Mira, Charles, and Nadine! I would have everyone though.

  36. Yo invitaria a Eve, Roarke, Dr. Mira, Peabody y Feeney aunque me gustaria invitar a todo el entorno. Pero esos son los personajes que a ella la marcaron desde el comienzo y la han hecho mostrarse tal cual ella es.

    I would invite Eve, Roarke, Dr. Mira, Peabody and Feeney but I would like to invite the entire environment. But those are the characters that she’s marked from the beginning and have it displayed as it is.

  37. This is hard because they are all great characters. But you would definitely have to invite Eve & Roarke, Mavis, Peabody & McNab. But as people mentioned above you would have to have another dinner party to invite different characters. Eve & Roarke, that’s a given, love their chemistry. Mavis as she is the life of the party. Peabody & McNab because well McNab is so colourful and Peabody is like the girl next door.

  38. I know the gals would all be interesting, and just too hard to choose between, but I think having Roarke, Feeney, McNab, Baxter, Trueheart, and if I could sneak one more it’d be Mr/Dr Mira, for a guys nght of cards and BS-ing.

  39. Dallas, Roake, Peabody, Feeney and Mavis! Dallas is obvious, Roake because who wouldn’t want some eye candy at the dinner table. And he’s Eve’s present and future. Feeney because he trained Eve. Mavis because she was Eve’s first friend and Peabody because I don’t think she’d want to be left out of free food! And if Feeney or Mavis couldn’t come, then Dr. Mira (Eve’s mother figure).

  40. Not an easy decision. I would invite Dallas and Roarke, Louise and Charles, and Summerset. Why? Because of the relationships between them and I would like to be nosy and ask what would probably be rude questions. And because I love the characters!

  41. I’d pick Charles and Louise, because I’m awkward even at my own dinner parties and he’s so smooth in company, and Mavis and Leonardo, and Roarke and Eve, and of course Eve wouldn’t be there because she’s always missing dinner parties because of work, so that’s five. 🙂

  42. I would go with Eve and Roarke because she would be cool to meet and I would just want to listen to his accent then it would be the Miras because I want to be a counsellor and picking Mira’s brain would be awesome then Mavis or Peabody because they both sound fun in their own ways

  43. I have to say that I’d love to spend some time with the folks from Harmony! I want to hear all about the dust bunnies. Oh, and the Arcane Society would be great lunch companions to have as well.

    1. Answer belongs under Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle blog not Nora Roberts/J D Robb.

  44. Roarke, of course-must hear that accent! And I would love to see how Sommerset looks, and how he is when not working or laid up. Peabody would add a touch of naivete and charm. Feeney would have great stories to tell. Leonardo would add flair, and get everyone involved. It would be nice to have Galahad along as well.

  45. I would invite Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab and Nadine Furst. It was a toss up between Nadine and Feeney.

  46. Dinner would have to include Eve and her family: Roarke, Mavis, Feeney, Summerset and of course her feline family member Galahad!

  47. Only five, why just five? Ok, so Roarke: too many reason to list them all. Eve: She is his wife. Nadine: Like her style and attitude. Summerset: He is the father figure for Roarke. Feeney: He is the father figure for Eve.

  48. Eve, because she and I are a lot alike. Roarke, no explanation required, Feeny and Mira because they really are the closest to Eve’s parents, and Peabody because I like her sense of humor.

  49. I would have to invite Eve, Roarke, Mavis, Peabody and McNab to the first dinner party and then have a second dinner party to invite some of the other characters.

  50. Eve cause it would be cool to meet her and tell her how much I admire her courage, loyalty, and intelligence. Also her sharp wit.
    Roarke because he loved and loves Eve so much despite and also because she is a cop and believes in standing for the dead. He holds her in very high regard which is contrary to his general distaste for lawmen.
    Sommerset because he loves both Roarke and Eve even though he would die before admitting it about Eve. He does more than just serve them, he takes care of them as if they are his own. Which in my opinion they are.
    Dr Mira for her gentle and understanding nature that hides the fierceness that she would let loose if anyone or anything threatened Eve. She is a lioness when it comes to Eve even though she is aware that Eve doesn’t always need protection but trust and support.
    Jaimie, the brilliant young man that mirrors Roarke’s talents with electronics. Roarke recognized Jaimie’s skills and mentors him. I would like to see him turn up again in a future story where he takes a lead role.

  51. Nixie, Kevin, Elizabeth Barrister and Richard DeBlass because I’d want to see how Nixie is doing and Roarke for the 5th one since he knows Elizabeth and Richard

  52. Roarke, Feeny, Dennis Mira, Summerset, and Mavis.

    It was a flip between Summerset and Charles, but I figure Roarke covers the sexy eye candy ;-} I’d love to hear Feeny and Dennis Mira discuss Eve – they’d have similar thoughts but such different paths to them.

    I’d love to hear more about Summerset both war stories and Marlena stories.

    Mavis simply rocks. Would Bella count as a 6th?

  53. As much as I love Roarke, a girls night out with Eve, Mavis, Peabody, Nadine and Mira would be a blast.

  54. i wouldn’t invite eve or roarke. i love them to death in the series, and i’m sure they would be great companions at a dinner table, but if this was my ONE and only chance to spend time characters from the series, i would want to get to know some of the secondary characters more…

    i would invite: baxter, dr morris, peabody, mavis and charles.

  55. I think to start it would have to be Eve and Roarke. Can’t have a In Death Dinner Party without the main characters. Then it would have to be Feeney, Peabody and McNab. I love all the characters, but I missed these 3 in New York to Dallas a lot.

  56. I would invite all the girls first: Eve, Peabody, Nadine, Mavis and DrMira for all the girl talk and to watch the interactions first hand. Then the boys for eye candy/geek talk/fashion advice: Rourke, Summerset, McNabb, Feeney and Leonardo. After getting in good with Rourke and Eve I would be invited to stay and then get to meet everyone else 🙂

  57. I would be thrilled to have Eve and Roarke attend a dinner at my home, probably a cookout. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch Eve deal with life in the beginning of the 21st century especially traffic (no going vertical). I think every woman present would enjoy simply looking at Roarke and listening to his stories. Of course Peabody and McNab would have to come since they love real food so much, and I love to cook especially if my guests enjoy my efforts. Plus I’d like to see just how big Peabody’s bottom really is, since she is so concerned about it and McNab thinks it is perfect. It is hard to decide who would be the 5th guest since there are so many to choose from: Summerset, Dr. and Dennis Mira, Mavis, Leonardo, and Bella, Louise and Charles, Nadine Furst, or Feeney. I think that Summerset would be uncomfortable as a guest since he is used to taking care of all the others. I think that I would have to choose Charles since I think that he is fascinating and has a wicked sense of humor.

  58. Roarke and Eve, of course. Roarke, because I *need* to experience what everyone is talking about, plus I’d want to listen to him speak all night. Eve because she’s the center. Then Peabody and McNab because I’d want to geek out with McNab, and Peabody has so many varied interests, talents, and unexpected stores of knowledge, making her interesting. And I’d round it out with Mavis, to keep everyone on their toes and add some excitement and an extra burst of Mavis-style energy to the table.

  59. Would love to see Eve and Summerset at the same table – with Roarke and the Mira’s to balance out the personalities…:)

  60. Ok seriously JUST 5?!?! Eve and Roarke are the obvious must haves considering they are THE main characters and their lives and relationship make the series. Peabody and McNab are a unit and should be counted as such. He will surely brighten any dull conversation and its always fun to see the snarky comments they toss at Dallas. Then there’s Mavis, who is practically Eves sister and brings such vibrant life and joy to the series. I would love to invite Feeney and Mira whom have come to act as parents to Eve. Nadine would provide a lot of interesting conversation with her curiosity and intellect. I would love to meet Charles just to hear him call the stern Eve “Lt. Sugar.” Also no dinner party would be complete without being hit on by Baxter or being able to make Truheart blush. It just wouldn’t be possible to only invite 5!!

  61. Only 5 ??…Guess I would make this a girls night out! Eve, Peabody, Mavis, Dr Mira & Nadine. …and hope the return invitation included “the boys” ! 🙂

  62. i would invite crack, charles , trueheart, and peabody that would be an deverse group

  63. Only 5? That is a hard one.

    Definitely Eve and Roarke, goes without saying. I would also invite Peabody, Dr Mira and Nadine.

    Eve would be an interesting woman to get to know. She has such a strong sense of justice. Even tho she manages to “blur” the line now and again, she does it for the GOOD not for personal. Roarke is a no brainer because he is the other half of Eve.

    Peabody is, as Eve’s partner and friend, the ‘sensitive’ side of their partnership. She seems to be down to earth, smart and has a wicked sense of humor. Gotta love that!

    Dr. Mira is who I want to be when I grow up. Intelligent, sympathetic, shrewd, yet full of compassion and a bit of mothering.

    Nadine. Sharp, loyal, determined and fair. Great qualities but yet feminine and funny.

    1. Eve , Roarke, Dr. Mira , Peabody and McNab. Just 5 characters are tooo less I love all the characters in the In Death series 😀

  64. Oh geez only five….hmmm okay…..ladies night…..Eve, Mavis, Peabody, Caro, Dr Mira…..phew

  65. I would invite Eve and Roark of course because who would not invite them. I would also invite Dr. Mira and her husband because they seem so interesting and finally I would invite Morris, well because he is single and so am I.

  66. I would like to get together with Dr. Mira, Rourke’s aunt, Peabody’s mom, Morris and Sommerset. I think they would provide some interesting viewpoints over the course of a meal.

  67. I hate limiting myself, but…Eve, Roarke, Peabody, Mira, and Trina. Eve because I’d like to observe her and ask questions. Roarke so I can drool and hopefully get compliments from ;P, Peabody because she’d be fun to hang out with, Mira because I’d like to pick her brain and she’d be fun to hang with, and Trina because I could use some face, hair and pampering, side benefit that Eve would be in fear of Trina getting at her ;P.

  68. Louise – Would be interested in the advances in medicine.
    Peabody – How does she deal with working with Eve.

  69. Eve and Roarke are a given. They’re the first ones. Mavis is next. Followed by Peabody. And lastly… Summerset.

    I think it’d be enjoyable and there’d be an amusing dynamic with all the players.

  70. I would invite Eve and Roarke. I also love Peabody. The Mira’s and Feeney. OOps that’s more than five. I can’t help it I love all the characters so much!! I love the family dynamics of these characters and their fierce loyalty! I would probably have to squeeze in Mavis, Leonardo and baby Bella.

  71. My five for dinner, well who wouldn’t want the dynamic duo of Roarke and Dallas because well they are the dynamic duo, then of course Mavis cause would want her fashion tips any day of the week lol. Of course would need Peabody and Mcnab cause got to have a little bit of normalcy.

  72. Five. Only five for dinner. Difficult. I’d have to do a Ladies Night – Eve, Peabody, Dr Mira, Mavis and Louise. What a conversation that would be!

  73. Eve, Roarke, Fenney, Peabody and Morris. It is very difficult to only include 5 of these folks!

  74. Either Eve or Roarke with Kevin DeBlass, Nixie Swisher, Bella Eve, & Jamie Lingstrom. That would be fun just watching either of them deal with the kids & Jamie.

  75. Crack and Nadine, because they would respect each other’s work ethic and would have lots of stories to share with Charles and Louise, who also have LOTS of really interesting stories to tell about how weird we are as people. They’d all get to talk about the living. And then throw Baxter in there because I want to know more about him. And I’d want to see if he would flirt with Nadine or be intimidated by her.

  76. This is my party, so this is what I’ll do. Eve, Dr, Mira, Peabody, Louise, and Mavis for a Girls Night. Peabody will be mischievous, and hire Trina to make everyone over ….and give Eve the works.
    Meanwhile, Roarke, Dennis Mira, McNab, Charles and Leonardo will have Poker Night. Both parties will be in Roarke’s and Eve’s mansion, and Summerset will be there to babysit Bella. Everyone will stay overnight, and have a big breakfast to end the occasion.

  77. Eve, Feeney, and Peabody to pick their brains about crime fighting and ‘detecting’. Roarke, because he’s Roarke. And definitely Mavis. She’d be the life of the party 🙂

  78. I’d love to say Roarke by himself- but I’m afraid Eve would kick my butt, so I guess I’d add her in. Peabody of course, but I would love to meet Charles and Louise. I found their relationship a bit implausible, the idea of Louise deciding to marry Charles, before he tells her he’s giving up his profession. If I can’t have one more, I’d delete Peabody and add Morris.

    1. Chevy, I agree – how was Louise able to ignore what he did as an LC? If it was in the past, ok, even if that’s what he was doing when they met — but to get seriously involved while he’s still LC-ing it with who knows how many other people? Eve can’t see it, and I’m with her on that one!

  79. Eve and Roarke are givens, to me – can’t have one without the other, and everything sort of revolves around them anyway – plus he’s good at drawing out other people, and he puts Eve at ease so she’d likely open up more and I think she’s got an interesting take on many things and can be very funny. Then I’d add Nadine, who’s outgoing and knows a lot about many different topics, plus has a good sense of humor. I ‘d invite Jamie, the “young adult” member of Eve & Roarke’s extended family — he’s talented and charming, and I enjoy the way he can shift from “uber-geek” to “future cop” to “college kid” in the blink of an eye; also, I like the way he shows such sincere respect for Eve and Roarke yet still feels comfortable questioning or disagreeing with them. My final pick would be Mira’s daughter who’s a sensitive, as she’d add a certain otherworldly flavor, and I’d like to know more about her and what it’s like to have her “gift.” I think Roarke would be fascinated while Eve would be wary – and who knows what might surface if the three of them spent time together? Naturally, there’d need to be plenty of susequent meals with other characters – or, better yet, some happy hour gatherings (especially one with Dr. and Mr. Mira, where Eve could get a bit sloshed and blurt out how she feels about both of them!).

  80. I would have to say Roarke & Eve because they would have to be there. Then Mavis, Leonardo, and Caro. It would be interesting to watch how Eve, Mavis, and Caro interacted with there strong yet different personalities.

  81. Roarke because who would want to spend all night staring at him , Eve because I would drive her crazy with all my police questions , Brian Kelly & Mick Connelly because they could tell stories of Roarkes past , and last but not least Mavis Because she reminds me of my aunt

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