Two weeks in

Happy 2018 to our Fall into The Story family!   While I’m here daily to review the comments — mainly about Year One — and keep some general order,  it’s been a while since the last original post.

While she’ll fill you in when she has a moment, I can report that Nora and family had a busy Christmas and another crowded-to-the-rafters New Year’s open house. (I had to give that a pass as I never quite got over a germs that stayed in place since Thanksgiving.) Once she restored the house to order, Nora went directly back to work on her plan to finish the first draft of a new book before the January spa trip.

Did you have any doubt she met that goal?   Don’t you know our Nora by now?

My husband and I met up with Nora and BW last Monday at a game-free, scoreboard-less spa.  I resolutely ignored the mantel over the fireplace — the resting spot for the scoreboard — the entire time.   I know the FITS family waits with bated breath to see if I can be the Biggest Loser three years running, but April is still a season away. I can wait.

Early morning winter sky at the spa. Photo by lmr
Late afternoon winter sky, same day. Photo by lmr

I’m home now, Nora is back at her desk tomorrow.  For the first time, ever, she wrote after her morning workout and before the afternoon spa treatment during the January trip.  (This is the usual November schedule, but she’s determined to finish the current WIP  in order to take the annual winter trip to see Eve and Roarke.  I think we can all agree with that motivation.)

Next weekend the 2018 room by room, drawer by drawer purge starts.  And Nora will get back to her winter pattern of work, bread, soup, clearing.

In other news: 
The Year One conversation continues on Facebook. Since that’s a spoiler-free zone you may notice an influx of new readers to this space looking to chat about Year One.  Welcome!

In important news: 
The Of Blood & Bone release– book 2 in The Chronicles of The One — is  now a week later: December 4, 2018.  The final book will be out the first week in December 2019.

In Death news:
Here’s the TV ad for Dark in Death — out on January 30:


And here’s some St. Martin’s Press artwork about DiD:

Inside the Dark in Death  US/Canada hardcover is a 3-D image.  This is a sample with a little message — I can’t read these, I’m way too nearsighted — but I do know what it says.  *

In future news:
If you subscribe to Nora’s News (you’ll find the sign up box at the bottom of any page on either website) — the next issue includes an excerpt of June’s Shelter in Place.

If you are so inclined to read them, the Dark in Death teaser thread opens on Monday, January 22.

Talk to you soon!

*I will tell you what it says if you ask in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Two weeks in”

  1. Hi! I saw the 3D image on sponsor post in FB, but can’t see what it says….and am wondering if like you, my nearsightedness is cause ?. Would love to know what it is please.

  2. I’m on my second read thru of Year One. What an incredible work of writing! Nora had to be drained physically and emotionally when she was finished. I’m anxious to read book two.

  3. I was surprised to see you say book 3 of the Year One series would be the final book in the series. I didn’t think it was a trilogy. I thought it was going to be a new continuing series like In Death. I’m kind of disappointed because I love the story idea so much and there are certainly many directions it could take. In any case, I’m happy with whatever the story master delivers!!!! Thanks so much!

    1. I think I read that the In Death series was originally going to be a trilogy…Just saying…

  4. Year One, book one – Loved It and as always Nora deliveries. I also can’t wait for new In Death book.

  5. I know how you feel about the scoreboard but I have to say you always make me smile when you discuss it, I even chuckle at times. Thanks for that!.

    Thanks so much for the update about the release dates for book 2 and book 3 of the new trilogy. Year One is nothing short of amazing!!

  6. I must be the only one here, who hasn’t read Year One. I’m coming to the end of a two year project, renovating a clients house. The only book i will make time for, is Dark in Death. Nothing on earth will keep me from the next ID book. I’m looking forward to starting Year One when life and work return to normal. I’m in awe with Noras way of combining work and life. I widh i had her discipline.

  7. Since I don’t like the genre of Year One I didn’t think I would like it and although I browsed through it I was right. Nora remains my favorite author as I understand I can’t like everything she writes. I personally am glad that there is a In Death book to look forward to as I love them all (which surprised me when I first picked it up years ago – the reason for picking up Year One to check out) followed by another work of fiction.

  8. Laura, thanks for the updates! So happy you got to enjoy a scoreboard-free spa retreat – lol. Great pictures – loved the window shot.

  9. Glad to hear the holidays were enjoyable. Sounds like Nora has her hands full with writing, cleaning, making soup and bread, with a pause for a spa visit. Kudos to her. Sorry to hear about your bug, illness is a bummer. Love the pictures. Looking forward to Death in the Dark and Shelter in Place. Happy New Year to you, Nora and everyone at Turn the Page.

  10. Hello,
    I checked out Year One from the library so I could start it as I was ending Island Of Glass, then came down with a wicked case of the flu. My daughter returned my books to the library so another reader will be able to enjoy Year One as it was on a waiting list. I am still in bed with the flu.

    I am sorry you missed the New Years party at Nora’ s. But really glad you met up at the spa. Don’t blame you for ignoring a possible score board. I am so terrible at games. Except cards. I do play a mean gun rummy so no one plays cards with me anymore.
    Their Loss, literally lol.
    Can’t wait to read more as soon as I can. Hugs, Beth

  11. I really enjoyed Year One. The plot is unlike anything I’ve ever read from Nora. She took a smart risk here, and it paid off. It kept me on my toes and I couldn’t predict the ending. It has the classic NR vivid descriptions and quotable dialogue that I’ve always enjoyed.

  12. I have been reading Nora for years. Love them all. Just started Year One and have had a really hard time putting it down even to sleep.
    Two of my favorite trilogies are the Born In series and the In The Garden. series I’ve read them both more than once.
    I’m already on the wait list for Dark in Death.
    Thanks for release dates for Year One I agree with Audrey, that the premise would make for a great continuous story.

    Thanks, Bernice


  13. I have to mention I love what I can see of the lamps/vases on the intro page. Is one of those a Tiffany and another a Rookwood vase? Is it possible to see a picture of the three pieces? Thanks.

  14. I’m so excited for Dark in Death. Already got it pre-ordered so I only have to wait for it to be delivered once it’s releases. I know I’ll gobble it up again in one sitting.

  15. I love all your books. In death series, my favourite, like families. You get too love each characters as if they were family, and with each book, the family, the suspense, the storyline Is exquisite. They call you a Virtuoso and it is the case. I briefly joined a Facebook group about the In Death series. I enjoyed it for a while, but it changed, now there were different pages for different things, one for the books themselves, one for photos, one for fashion, etc, etc I objected because it was so beautiful what a wonderful site to visit, but things kept on disappearing, photos, fashion, possible photos of Roarke and Eve, etc, etc, it was a delight. But the Administrators decided that no they’d have separate pages for separate items and suddenly it wasn’t that beautiful. You couldn’t you bought what from the store who they thought might wear certain clothing, etc. Because the Administrator decided it was better Divided in different pages. So I offered my opinion. I loved seeing what people purchased, quotes from the books, travels for In Death. Fashion etc. so I asked them politely why they decided to break it into categories, it was too restrictive. I wrote that in comments, I was told that I were to bring such matters to Administration, and not share for public viewing. Finally, I thought: This is ridiculous, the very name of Roarke and Eve and everyone else as written by J.D. Robb would never allow administration to decide on what could be said, could be shown, could be done. Lieutenant Eve Dallas wouldn’t stop herself from slipping a note to Nadine if necessary to assist in finding the culprit. Neither Roarke nor Dallas would hesitate a second in going against know rules and administration if it helped save lives. And I told the administrators of the J.D. Robb site exactly that; can’t seem to get into it again. Oh well I guess I got thrown out by addressing everyone instead of the administrators. So silly and ridiculous and so against everything Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke stand against time after time and heaven knows how much we love them so, thought I’d share this with the best most incredible author I’ve ever had a chance to read. Pre-ordered the next two books, but hey I never have a problem with re-reads. I hope you live forever, if not your novels will and no worries you are going to heaven straight up, no stop. Thank you so much for this stupendously written series. There are no others. Bless you!

  16. Leverage in Death…took me a while because although I can unfocused my eyes long enough until I can see letters in 3-d form the boxes of colours were distracting so I went in and out of focus until finally I could read it.

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