Teasers and such

If you don’t want to read anything about Thankless in Death, please back out of this post!  I’ve covered up the information, but just in case, you need to know.

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions on spoilers in such fun and upbeat ways.  I deliberately left out my opinion on the subject other than to say it’s sort of a moot point for me because I read the books early.

So how do I feel about them?  I think it’s fun to find out some elements before reading a book but not how they are written into the story.   I feel, strongly, that plot elements like a killer shouldn’t be in spoilers.  I think every reader deserves to find out life-changing events in an ongoing series (such as Eve becoming pregnant or a captain) on their own.

Case in point:  I honestly believed that New York to Dallas was a book that would be undermined by spoilers.  That to know some of the big plot points going in would make the actual reveals anticlimactic.

So I’m stating in advance that if information that rocks an In Death character’s world comes into my hands, I’m not going to post it here.

Perhaps it’s far more correct to say I lean toward teasers about a book — the first chapter, the cover — rather than outright spoilers.  And in the case of Thankless in Death, it’s a nice one.

I’ll share it below,  If you want to read it, you’ll need to highlight it with your mouse.  And then, I’m going to disallow comments.  Just let the little bit of news simmer for now:

The Irish are coming back for Thanksgiving dinner along with Nixie, Kevin, Elizabeth and Richard DeBlass.  Readers have been clamoring to see Nixie again so this should make everyone happy.  Haven’t read the scene yet, but I keep imagining Nixie and Kevin teaming up with Sean to bedevil Eve.