TTP 20 weekend photo album

The TTP 20th Anniversary signing was tremendous fun.  Long, lines of patient readers, happy smiles as they met favorite authors, tired wrists and hands for all the authors.  My brain is still tired so I thought I’d just share some fun photos from the weekend.  ~Laura

Noras shoes matched her sweater. And they were comfortable — I swear!
Nalini Singh and Nora hard at work. Jason’s waiting for the next load of books to disperse.
Nora’s wore wrist wrap for extra support. Piles of books — everywhere!
Jill Shalvis brought her Alpha Man.
There she is!
Break time — Grace Burrowes, Jill Shalvis, Karen Rose and Beatriz Williams catch a quick breather.
And when the authors take a break, I sit down. I took a moment to relax the smile muscles.
All the authors!
The entire group at Sunday’s FITS brunch.

7 thoughts on “TTP 20 weekend photo album”

  1. It’s nice to finally get to see you. It’s good to have a picture to go with the name. I like Nora’s shoes. The only reason I wouldn’t wear them is I don’t do heels.

  2. Would so love to get to TPP book signing some day. It is on my bucket list, so let’s hope! Love Karen & Jill’s books and of course, Nora/JD’s, so what a treat it would be to meet them all! Love Nora’s shoes, the colour, the style. Sigh, with a bad hip can’t wear heels anymore, but I’ll gladly walk vicariously through hers . Glad you were able to have a short break, Laura. You do an amazing job of coordinating all of this. Thank you for all you do and posting these pictures so we can see the fun!

  3. Love love the orange!! Miss the days when I could still wear heels (pre stroke), I would have rocked those for sure! I bet that wrist wrap really helps after a few bazillion signatures. I can’t even imagine. Great to see you in front of the camera for once *waving* LOL Thanks for posting the pics for those of us who can’t be there!!

  4. You look more stunned than tired, Laura! I battled carpel tunnel for years and held off the surgery for more than ten years by wearing my brace every night on my doctor’s suggestion. Really, really helped and only took a couple nights to adapt.

  5. Love the shoes. Wish I could actually walk in heels. I have a major Klutz gene and heels and I don’t do well. So I just drool over other people’s cute shoes.

  6. Thank you Nora for all the wonderful hours I have fell into your stories and for taking the time to sign all my book purchases. Thank you Laura for keeping everything running smoothly and your friendly smile. You make a great team! Hope you both find time to relax with a glass of champagne in the very near future.

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