Time for fun

If you don’t have time, you need to make time for fun now and again. This was my week for making fun time.

What could be more fun that a day with girls–sisters and daughters–and the happiest baby in the world?

It’s our tradition to do a shopping spree at Saks in Tyson’s every year for Kat’s birthday. The team we work with there aren’t just the best, but have become family over the years. We start off in an area they’ve closed off for us and transformed into a garden–with a harpist!

Oh, the peonies! So fragrant, and fat as soccer balls.

Griffin likes the music, and also the selection of handsome baby clothes to pick from. Nana shows his some options. Yeah, that’s okay, hmm not bad. But when she holds up a little man suit, this is met with enthusiasm. Obviously, every handsome boy must have a little man suit.

We have delicious shortbread cookies–butterflies, dragon flies, blue birds–and an incredible cookie birdhouse made by Lily from the Graff department. She’s an baking artist. Some of these I have to take home for Kayla as my girl is extremely fond of Lily’s creations.


Then it’s time to get serious about wardrobe for girls.

Griffin hangs with us, hangs out with the team, has a walk-about and even takes a nap. When we break for lunch the teams presents us with an amazing gift. They will have a dogwood tree (which happens to have been Kat’s mother’s favorite) planted wherever Kat wants, and have included a really lovely plaque. It’s so touching, so thoughtful.

Kat and Jason will find a spot in their lovely yard where they’ll be able to watch it grow and bloom.

We have a simply wonderful day, and are now outfitted for all our summer adventures.

Because fun days should be expanded whenever possible, we learned years ago to stay overnight. After a post-shopping room service dinner, we have to say bye to Mary and Sarah–both have obligations in the morning. But Laura, Kat, Griffin and I get comfortable.

Griffin isn’t interested in sleep because this is too much fun. Laura can make noises by rubbing her fingers over the sofa, and there’s nothing funnier than that. Still, eventually it’s night-night for all.

I wake as usual about five-fifteen. But I wake to the sound of a baby laughing. About the best wake-up call ever. I join Kat and Griffin and a glorious sunrise for amusement with hands and sofa noises.

Mama’s tired, and Nana’s up, so Kat can catch more sleep while I get more play time. The boy doesn’t last long before he starts the eye-rubbing, head scratching that says: I need a nap. While he naps, I get my workout in–a good deal for all.

After-nap munchies

All good things must end, so we pack up–it’s quite a load–and head out. Happy Almost Birthday, Kat!

Back to work for me, but a slightly shorter day of it Friday as my older babies are coming to dinner. A good time to catch up on what’s what at the end of the school year. The two oldest will be joining the work force this summer around vacations–a very nice balance, imo.

We’ll be having fun with Logan shortly as it’s his turn for a summer trip, and it’s coming right up. Details to come.

Saturday, it’s work out, get in some quick gardening because we’re spending the afternoon in Baltimore at an O’s game. Kayla’s going with us. Logan declined as he considers baseball boring.

I love the boy, but this is heresy!

It’s a perfect day–low 80s, low humidity, sunny, and there’s nothing prettier than a baseball field. And no field is prettier than Camdon Yards.

We’re a happy group, guests of my broker and his team. Kayla and I settle in to watch them finish prepping the infield as the stands fill up.

And here comes Griffin for his first ballgame. Unlike Logan, he doesn’t seem to find it boring. He also samples his first crab cake, and like a good Maryland boy, enjoys it.

A pretty little blonde girl flirts with Griffin who flirts right back.

We have a fine time despite watching the O’s lose. They just fell apart after the fifth. But I’ve had time with my oldest and youngest grandbabies, hang out with Jason–who loves baseball–and Kat–who simply doesn’t understand it–on a perfect June day.

Thanks, Bill!

Today, I get my workout in, and focus on finishing some gardening. Then it’s deal with my seriously disordered house.

Because tomorrow, solid work time starts again. And that’s fun, too.


22 thoughts on “Time for fun”

  1. Enjoyed your blog. Can’t believe how big Griffin has gotten…such a gorgeous little boy…

  2. Thanks for the update! What wonderful memories you’re making for your grands. The cookie bird house is unbelievable as is the table setting. How fun for all of you.

  3. What fun times! I also am amazed at how big Griffin has gotten. And every photo shows how happy he is. What a gift! It was great to read it all, but the crab cake sounded fabulous!

    Glad you had such a good time.

  4. Griffin is a gorgeous baby. Really seems happy. Kat, Jason and Nana are doing a great job! There’s nothing like a young baby in the family. My granddaughter is now 11-1/2, getting ready for her 9th dance recital next week. Nonna agreed that I’d pay for classes as long as she enjoys them. She still enjoys and told me Friday night she’s considering becoming a professional dancer. I have no problems with that, BUT college is still required to learn how to have a skill to pay the Bill’s, in between dance gigs!

  5. Once again, thanks for sharing the fun, Nora! The garden room, flowers, and cookies were beautiful (and I imagine, delicious)!

    I had to laugh when I read Laura’s caption about wrestling Griffin from Nana.? Then I have to admit that I teared up when I read about the lovely gift of the dogwood tree for Kat and Jason. So thoughtful!

    And the rest of the time with grands – how lucky both you and they are to be able to share that time together, both the special and the mundane. And that we get to share a small part of that time is always special too.

  6. So much fun! That baby is a delight and so happy. Good memories made.

  7. Beautiful flowers, table, birdhouse & enchanting little fella! Always love to see a baby so happy! And already flirting with the girls! He’s going to be a heartbreaker! Make sure he reads his Nana’s books so he understands how things are supposed to end: happily!

    But I have to disagree that Camden Yards is the prettiest; that’s Great American Ballpark! I share the pain on the game: Reds have lost 2 in a row to the Rangers this weekend; here’s hoping they manage a win today before the Astros come to town! Happily, the foul ball that hit Senzel in the eye only resulted in a few stitches! Could have been so much worse!

  8. That baby is just adorable- and growing so fast! Sounds like a marvelous bit of Summer fun for you all! Love hearing all about it. Enjoy the rest of the season!

  9. What a gorgeous boy!!!!

    Baseball boring?? Yes, that is heresy…but I have faith in your ability to lead him to the light with a perfect pitch!!!

    Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us.

  10. Oh my gosh, Griffin is soo cute and getting so big! I love reading your blog. I also have a grandson who thinks Baseball is boring. We all just shake our heads.
    Glad you had an enjoyable week. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a blessing, Happy Birthday Kat, ohhh and Griffin, he is so big already, you have a beautiful family?

  12. Griffin and Kat are growing up too fast.

    O’s falling apart after the 5th. Typical……

    Griffin trying his first crabcake and enjoying it like a good Maryland boy. Yep. Rite of passage for Marylanders. When does he learn to pick crabs? Lol.

    Married a Baltimore Boy, so did dd, know these rites of passage, lol.

  13. Your family is lovely. I so enjoy the updates and to see them grow up. Griffin is a doll. I just was able to spend a week with my two oldest daughters and their families at the beach. Had a grand time.

  14. What a fun day you had at Saks! The tree and plaque are a priceless gIft. The cookies looked amazing, and the birdhouse was wonderful. Griffin is so darn cute! And he sounds like such a happy baby, which shouldn’t Be surprising considering who his nana and parents are! I’m with Logan when it comes to baseball – I find it boring to watch. But family outings are fun, regardless of where you go and what you do. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Sorry, Y’all. I’m with Logan baseball is boring to me too.
    The shopping trip sounds like a blast. That Griffin is growing so fast is sooooooooo cute. The way he looks you could kiss and kiss and kiss on him.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Great family time with memories made!✔. The cuteness factor of Griffin? Makes you say, as I say to my grands, “I could eat you alive”!! They’re so cute, I get the ” wanna bite” urge! Keep balancing the work and fun?.

  17. Babies tend to renew the energy by simply making a bow around all the other babies who aren’t babies any more (but somehow in our hearts they will always be that tiny person full of possibilities that wrapped our hearts in their tiny finger or with that first smile).
    He is such a beautiful baby. All your grands are lucky in the looks department. And doing their best to have all the other areas keeping up with genes good fortune ☘️
    So much fun indeed. For a high speed like you… I would need vacations alone off-the-grid after one of these “errands” ?
    I need that cookie birdhouse in my life ? Thank you for sharing so much fun and loveliness below that amazing tablescape banner ?

  18. “But I wake to the sound of a baby laughing. About the best wake-up call ever.” – Yes!

  19. Enjoyed the blog! Happy almost Birthday Kat! As always love hearing all about the adventures! Awesome!

  20. Crazy timing – I’m re-reading Blue Smoke for the first time in ages and it’s full of the O’s. Fun hearing about it as I grew up in MD – super exciting. 🙂

  21. Wasn’t Griffin born just last week? Wow, the time flies, doesn’t it? He’s going to be a heartbreaker – those eyes! Beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing.

  22. So glad to read a fun blog from you, one that doesn’t have any downers included in it.

    My faves: Griffin (duh), the cake pic, and baseball. Like you, I’m a huge fan – not liking it is indeed heresy.

    Happy to hear you’re happy. In my estimation, that makes for wonderful writing. So, happy you . . . lucky us. Thanks.

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