In The Groove

That’s what June feels like so far, and that’s the best in my world.

A solid work week for me is a treat, so the weekend really is the carrot at the end of another carrot. Right now, I’m back in Eve and Roarke world, and that’s always fun. So I spent the week catching up with old pals and murdering people.

Sweet deal.

For Saturday, I have an agenda, and it works! Get my workout in. Check that off. BW and I apparently had a mind meld as on Friday I thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to have bbq ribs over the weekend–and he comes home with a pack of ribs thinking same.

So I wrap those babies in foil on Saturday, stick them in the oven awhile. During the awhile I plug a few plants into the pots where Parker–before we added red pepper flakes to the soil–decided to dig them out.

Check ribs, have time to weed and deadhead the beds. This is kind of a zen activity for me. It’s quiet, relaxing, pleasant.

Ribs out, make up sauce/marinade, cover the ribs with it, and into the fridge.

Back outside to see about using this old trellis on a big–BIG–rose bush. One of BW’s cousins gave us the bush for a wedding present, so it’s 34 years old, taller than me, and blooms like crazy.

Turns out this isn’t a one-person job, so BW gets his sledge, makes holes for the trellis, and we get it up. It’ll do better next year when it’s not so full, and I can more easily thread it through–but those long arching branches are now off the ground.

He’s put this wonderful old gate–tall and really heavy–in our shady hosta area. I love it so much I ordered a smaller Tree Of Life Gate to go in another deep shade area where I can get nothing to thrive.

BW’s gate

We haul the new gate–to be used as decor–down the lane to the stubborn spot. I hold, he and his sledge do the work, and there we have it. Nice.

Tree of Life gate

I decide, when I’m done outside and back in the house, I’ll look for some lawn art on line. We can make that space prettier.

Since I’m out, I throw the ball for the dogs. The dogs watch me throw the ball, obviously think: YOU fetch. It makes me realize that in the last year or two of Pancho’s life we stopped throwing balls. He loved chasing and fetching more than anything in the world, so we had to stop when he really couldn’t run.

I’m going to work on this with these guys as the vet tells us Parker’s gained 9 pounds. Dog needs to work out!

Meanwhile, the pavers are coming along. It’s not going to be quick, but it’ll be worth it.

Today, after the workout, a few inside chores–maybe some ball-throwing–I get to pack for our girl overnight/Kat birthday spree. The best kind of interrupted work week!

Then BW will throw those ribs on the grill, and we’ll feast.

Another pretty sweet deal.


43 thoughts on “In The Groove”

    1. I loved be Day s like this where you get things done inside and out! Hope you enjoyed those rings.

  1. I love your blogs! You have such a gift for writing, I’m pretty sure I’d be happy even just reading your grocery lists. Thank you for everything you write and share!

  2. Nothing more refreshing than making a visit to Science-Fiction.

  3. Thanks for catching me/us up! The garden is coming along nicely. Ribs sound delicious. Love your life!!!

  4. Gardening can be so cathartic while working in your garden. The physical release alone was wonderful after a full work day. But the best part was all of the lovely sights and smells in a garden. Heritage lilacs are still my favorite smell followed closely by certain roses. As the first of each flower made an appearance I had to stick my nose almost dead center and inhale deeply. The more aromatic ones received the same treatment daily throughout the blooming season. Just sitting in the garden in the evening offers such peace. Thank you for sharing yours.

    1. You just brought back a memory I hadn’t thought of in years! As a child, I used to love doing exactly what you described — stick my nose in the middle of (my grandmother’s) roses and inhale deeply. Until the day that I didn’t notice the bee in the rose! Inhaled deeply, scaring the heck out of the poor bee, who stung my terrifyingly intrusive nose, which scared the heck out of me, causing me to jump back and scream, which scared the heck out of my grandmother, who came running to the scene of the crime! Wasn’t funny that day but it sure made me laugh when i remembered it today!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. My weekend is much the same, weeding and working in the garden. We had ribs last weekend, my daughter does ribs similar to. yours, she makes her own BBQ sauce with Bourbon LOL we are in KY, so everything is better with Bourbon.

  6. I will look forward to the results of your visit with old pals and murder. Glad you had a good week and weekend and the spree sounds like just the break you need.

  7. Nora, it’s so kind of you to share your life with us. You don’t have to maintain this blog, but we all enjoy it so much so you do. Thank you for letting us into your life with BW and the rest. God bless.

  8. We did ribs just like you did over Memorial Day weekend. I love to see pictures of your garden. I used to garden but due to health issues I can’t anymore.

  9. Love, love, love the gates. Both so different, and both so lovely! I will admit to not being much of a garden person, but I always enjoy yours. I may even search out a small gate for the front of our house.

    And, of course it makes me very happy when you mention visiting with Eve and Roarke!

    Glad to know you’re having such a good time!

  10. That rose bush is beautiful as is your garden. Glad to hear your back in “Eve and Roarke” world. I just love them! Love to read your blogs. Have a great week.

  11. No rain up your way today? Lucky you! It’s raining here on the Lower Shore, and will be all day.

    1. Was supposed to rain, and it looked like it early this morning. Now the sun’s out!

  12. There must have been a nationwide mind-meld about ribs as that is what we are fixing today. Will smoke them several hours on the Traeger…fixins’ for spud salad are ready.
    Love the gate with the tree of life!!

  13. well, I can’t garden to save my life.. but that Tree of Life gate is FABULOUS.. I can do decorating a bland area!
    Sounds like the weekend was a winner all around.. I got to spend yesterday searching for flights and airbnbs in San Diego so we can go visit our Navy son and daughter in law – a first visit west for us!
    Can’t wait for the latest book release – coming soon!

  14. Your week sounds wonderful. I may have an idea about what to do with Parker’s weight problem. My brother-in-law is a dog trainer and he made a feather wand for dogs. Get a trotting whip and attach a toy that you know Parker will go for to the end of the cord. He had me sew it on with upholstery thread when he made his. Now al you have to do is swing the toy over Parker’s head and he should go nuts racing after it and trying to catch it. Doing that may give you a bit of an upper body workout also.
    Just my $.02.

  15. I so enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us. Your garden is beautiful. You have a way with plants & words-doubly blessed.

  16. That sounds like a lovely weekend and I’m not even a gardener.

    Would you consider sharing the rib recipe? I love BBQ ribs.

  17. I love your garden and the tree of life is so pretty in that spot. Your ribs sounded delicious. My husband used to make them using a marinade he made up of everything in the kitchen including whiskey! I miss him and that! Thank you for Sharing your life with us. You are one busy lady!

    1. My sweet dog Tiko was a crazy Kong chaser in his youth but he’s 12 and just likes to look at, lying in the grass. He’s also got some extra weight but I have to manage it with less food rather than more exercise. He sometimes gives me “that look” when I give him his food… “Is this all I get? Don’t you love me any more?” Gotta be strong… 🙂

      1. It’s those puppy dog eyes that get to me. My sister had a mixed shepherd/terrier that had dark, soulful eyes and digestive issues. The person who kept feeding her from the table was our mother! She couldn’t resist those puppy eyes!

        1. LOL! No kidding! No such thing as “tough love” when it comes to the dog!

  18. I love my garden. I have deer problems too but I so enjoy having color….but they like to eat the color. My hubby made ribs with his own concoction and he uses pineapples…..sounds gross but it’s actually very good! Love the fences…especially the tree of life.

  19. The best kind of weekend – doing things you want to do and having it all come together!! Dogs, garden, ribs, sharing the work with loved ones … it doesn’t get any better.

    Love that Tree of Life gate. It’s beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing, Nora!

  20. After 40+ years of apartment living, I’ve been having a blast with my tiny garden. Finding out what does and doesn’t work in an arid climate is part of the fun. My fascination with growing herbs amongst the flowers has broadened my cooking range – mostly good, with a few spectacular failures. Love your quiet area decos as much as your flowers – great use of old and new. As always, thanks so much for sharing!

  21. I have always loved reading your books but I have since become legally blind and I now am enjoying them on Audiobooks. I use them over and over again. I would love to receive some new ones. Thank You so much!

  22. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Bet those ribs were delish. Have a fun girl’s day.

    1. I had a lovely time playing at gardening at my mother’s house during the last year of her life. I thought often of all your blogs through the years as I did this. Letting go of her house and yard is hard but I will keep it close in my memory. Your blog is wonderful. Like your books, it gets me through my life. Thank you.

  23. What’s great week and weekend! Thank you for sharing g your garden with us!

  24. That sounds great. I haven’t been able to do anything in my patio. This weekend temperatures reached 45°C (approx. 113°F). Let’s hope this weekend temperatures are better.

  25. Had to laugh about the dogs and balls. I have a Mousie clipped to the bedroom door for Snuggles that provides exercise for both of us. She jumps and pulls on it so hard the Mousie goes flying. It ends up either on the backside of the door, tangled on the clip, or even pulled off the door altogether. Which means I have to get up and fix the problem. That usually happens multiple times per day, so she keeps me hopping.

  26. Love your garden and the gates. The ribs sounded wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  27. And it sound a perfect June Life ?

    I love the rosebush idea for wedding gift. Congratulations on keeping it alive – wedding and the bush

    Enjoy and Have Fun ?

  28. I hope your rose bush lasts for many many years to come. I sooo agree with you about working in your garden. It is my therapy. I have a bad back with 5 past surgeries but the work calms me so it’s worth it. You’re my favorite. Please never stop writing!

  29. Always wistful when you talk about your hostas. Had to leave some my grandmother gave me when I moved from Massachusetts to Florida…..they never would have survived here. 🙁

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