This, That, Plus a Whole Lot More

I haven’t had a good space of time to sit down and write a blog since we got back from New York.

Griffin’s first trip to The Big Apple turned out to be nothing but fun and adventure. As soon as we drove into the city, he started making his oooh happy, excited, interested noises.

Not sure about Nana’s toy.
Successful pen. For parents and babies.
Less happy about the bucking bronco than in Ireland.

For myself, it proved an excellent time to expand on the Christmas shopping I started overseas, and having the boy along just added tons of fun.

We had a trip to the Central Park Zoo, which brought out more happy, excited and interested noises–until exhausted from it all–he fell asleep.

For an adult evening we had an amazing time with my agent and editor and their husbands for dinner and a show. We saw Tootsie, and if you ever get the chance, don’t miss it. It’s absolutely fabulous, on ever level.

A Mavis-style shoe from the shopping trip.

Our weather proved nearly as wonderful–one day of rain, then wonderfully clear until the day we left. No complaints!

Back home for some serious catching up, and buckling down to work.

One of the very best parts of coming home was delivering to Colt–my voracious reader–a signed copy of the new Dogman book. Happily, Dav Pilkey and I have the same agent, and she made the arrangements. As you can see, the kid was beyond thrilled. I swear every inch of him lit up–and he must’ve looked at the signed page a hundred times. I seriously can’t thank Amy and Dav enough for giving our Colt the thrill of his life.

Colt is dazzled.

I did have a weekend–a nice fall Saturday–to make soup and focaccia bread. So, mmmmm.

I had to devote the next weekend to organizing. All those gifts and packages from New York had to be dealt with. Fortunately for me, Kayla came up to help–and I really needed it!

My One More Room is now holding big-ass boxes with each person’s gifts inside so I can keep track. I’m not going to think about the wrapping marathons yet.

While I was at it, I did a solid purge of my closet as I had a girl day planned for the following Tuesday. My closet got reasonably purged and organized–and my girl pals hauled off bags. Salad, champagne, pizza, cookies–and trying on new-to-you clothes and shoes?

The lone male at the girls afternoon.
Belated cake personalized for Nora.

That makes a most excellent girl day.

Back to the buckle down to work part until Friday, and (drum roll!) Griffin’s First Birthday! Since we had a signing on Saturday, we celebrated here, and I can testify our birthday boy had a fine time.

Like Colt, he just lit up when everyone sang happy birthday. He may not understand what that all means, but it was just delighted everyone sang to him.

Then came the smash cake. I hope Laura can get the video up. He was initially intrigued. Oh, it’s soft, and I can play with it a little. Interesting. Then Nana gave him a little taste–and he got the idea, big time.

Got it!

After a few fists-full, his parents wisely removed the thoroughly smashed cake before Birthday Boy got sick.

One year later.

I can also testify, he remains the sweetest, happiest baby in the history of babies.

Saturday, it’s gear it up for TTP’s Halloween signing. We had a pirate theme this year, and we sure pulled it off. I have a fondness for Jason costume. He wore a post-in note he’d made with the Pi symbol and a drawing of a rat. Get it? Made me laugh. We had Captain Griffin, The Scourge Of The Seven Seas, First Mate Kayla working under Captain Kat, Seaman Wilder and–naturally–The Dread Pirate Roberts to round out the family on board.

Captain Griffin
Dread Pirate Roberts deals with the unruly crew.

Our visiting authors got into the costume spirit, as did a number of readers. We had a wild, crowded, LONG and happy event. And a separate thrill for me to meet Meg Tilly ( adorably costumed as a cat). The award-winning actress has written a number of well-received books, and is writing a Romantic Suspense series. I have Solace Island–the first of the series–on my bedside table.

Meg Tilly, Jason, Dread Pirate Roberts

She, and all the visiting authors, did a wonderful job connecting with the readers, with each other, and graciously handling a four and a half hour signing.

Kudos as well the the readers for their enthusiasm and their patience.

And huge ones to the ever-efficient, patient and hard-working staff of TTP–as well as our stalwart signing day additions who pitch in above and beyond.

The A Team

Today, with workout done, this blog up (and plenty of leftovers for dinner!) I think I’m going to shovel out around here, get my house in order. Then fall asleep in front of the TV.


24 thoughts on “This, That, Plus a Whole Lot More”

  1. Happy Halloween! Belated Happy Birthday to you and Griffin!
    Looks like his birthday party went great. Once he figured out it tasted good, he had such a smile.
    The other authors and you at TTP looked like you were having fun! I know from the posts, all your fans enjoyed it.

  2. That boy is just a doll and always seems so happy! Costumes were great too. Looks like a fun time at the signing.

  3. My God, I’m exhausted just reading all that! I don’t know how you keep up. And then remember it to share with us! Thank you!

  4. I live for these updates! I only wish I didnโ€™t live on the other side of the country so I could visit TTP! I treasure your books!

  5. Loved the update. Happy first birthday to pirate captain Griffin! The pictures are all perfect. Colt looked very happy with his signed book. Griffin is so photogenic, makes for fun shared pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you for a fun glimpse into yours and Griffinโ€™s birthday! So enjoy your blog and your willingness to give us a glimpse into your family life. Cannot wait until your next book. Hoping to make it to TPP soon. Want to combine it with a trip to Antietum. I hope we can make it work.

  7. Griffin gets cuter and cuter he is a year old already looks like the book signing was a huge success from your last signing I was given a couple BJ Daniels books to try and I canโ€™t wait to dive in I just finished my annual In Death series and Inn Boonesboro series now Iโ€™m settling in with the Quinnโ€™s brothers. Thank you I love your books

  8. Thanks for the glimpses into your incredibly full life. Griffin is adorable. (I have a grandson named Griffin also, but heโ€™s 13 now. ) And could you not be the dread pirate Roberts? Lol. The Mavis shoes? The best. I hope youโ€™ll post a photo sometime of you wearing those bad girls. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. Happy birthday to you and Griffin. I always hope to bump into you and family when you visit my town- I haven’t done it yet. You lead such a busy and fulfilling life-it’s a blessing to us that you find time to write. I enjoyed that photo of Kat and Griffin behind his playpen- that looks like 1 sturdy pen the hotel provided you with. And the photo of my favorite building in the background- The Chrysler Building- that must be 1 kickass hotel!

  10. Aye aye Maties! T’was my first visit to Boonsboro…and hopefully not my last! Staying at the Inn was FABULOUS ….the rooms were cosy & comfortable…and if you don’t know the Inn this will sound crazy: the bathrooms were divine!! I told several folks I was the cleanest person at the book signing …deep copper soaking tub….multi-jet shower…and a Toto toilet that did “everything”…heated seat in the middle of the night ..Just wow! The actual book signing was well run & organized ..the TTP crew was delightful , helpful & friendly. People I met at the Inn & in the community were so friendly & even waiting in a line was fun because you are surrounded by kindred spirits . Thank you Nora, crew & the not so cranky publicist! From, the Lipton flow- thru tea bag ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

      1. Hi Nancy,
        I stayed in Jane & Rochester…but as expected as I met other guests we showed each other our rooms….ALL have the fabulous bathrooms ( no tub in Marguerite & Percy just a walk in shower as it is the ADA room…but just a fabulous as the others) You can’t make a wrong decision! I hope you can go for a stay. LOL…I didn’t pick that room as it was the only one left…but I loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The scariest part about that picture of the shoes? That someone’s going to be trying to break their ankles in them! Wow! So glad you’re having a good – if busy – fall and are getting ready to burrow. Thanks, as usual, for sharing your family and fun!

  12. When you don’t have time to blog you sure have the bestest of times ๐ŸŽ‰
    Really enjoyed reading it all ๐Ÿ’—

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to Nora and Griffin. Littke ones birthdays are so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Happy Birthday Griffin!!!! Does not seem possible that a year passed so quickly!!!

    And, way to go Colt!!! Nothing beats a personal note from oneโ€™s favorite author!!

    Event at TTP looked like such fun! Kudos to all for being patient and enjoying the day,

  15. So enjoy your sharing these times with us, your fans. You obviously are an amazing woman accomplishing as much as you do and you make it seem so effortless. Thank you.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to you and Griffin…loved the video of you all singing to him while his hand kept the beat with the cake. He is such a dreamboat.. also enjoyed all the other pictures. Thank you for sharing…

  17. Thank you for the updates. They are so appreciated!
    And, I have noticed many times in your photos that Jason wears a Washington Nationals ball cap. Well, even though they handily took care of my Cardinals, I am pulling for them in the Series. How awesome it will be to see them win their first title ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Had a wonderful time at TTP Book signing. Reading J.D.Robb Connections in Death now! Write on!๐Ÿ“–๐Ÿ•ต๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“‡

  19. How great to see the businesses, in real life. Feeling very envious as living in Queensland, Australia, the chance of ever seeing them is non existent. Lovely to see your family, both grandsons are adorable.

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