Do you want to Join a Book Discussion?

For a while now, I’ve run book discussions on the two Facebook pages. On the JD Robb page, we take each book and novella in the series in order — slowly. I started this in the fall of 2018 and we’re only up to Imitation in Death. There are pauses for new book information, Nora’s travel, my own travel, but on the whole I stick to the discussion Monday – Friday.

On the Nora page, with a far larger scope of books, I’ve bounced around through the backlist. Shelter in Place was our last discussion and that one took about 6 weeks.

How does it work? I choose quotes from the books, post them — with a comment or question — and let readers chat. It’s not really a book club, more a discussion session.

Eve to Roarke, Portrait in Death
Mi to Simone, Shelter in Place

I recognize there are blog readers who choose not to use Facebook and thought maybe it was time to institute some discussions here.

Share your thoughts in the comments and we’ll see if there’s interest. Once that’s done, I’ll figure out the best way to do this — one post per book with quotes added regularly? Individual posts? The logistics are my area so I’ll consider all the angles.

In the meantime, I did a Facebook live from Inn BoonsBoro the other day and thought you all would enjoy.


43 thoughts on “Do you want to Join a Book Discussion?”

  1. Thanks Laura, I saw your post on FB and thought the idea of the discussions was great, I always look forward to the quotes from the books…either Nora or JD, sometimes I even will pull out a n earlier “in death ” that you are working on and re-read it. I’ve read them all but, it is nice to re-visit. Thanks for all your hard work, “cranky” or not.

  2. Count me in, Laura, w/bells on. I’m on facebook, but rarely check it. I had no idea there were any ID discussions on the JDRobb page ,& didn’t see it posted anywhere or i would have joined you in a second. I was on a site ( now closed ) many times daily, where we discussed all the ID books- we even had a challenge where you had to guess what ID book a quote was from. I miss it, and i’m looking forward to your next book discussion. How will we know when you start the next one?

    1. It would be just like this post, you’d get the notification a new post is up. I try to keep it easy.


  3. Thanks Laura, but I think I will stay with just the JD Robb discussions for now.

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  4. (Waving hand wildly in air) I do!!! I don’t do social media, and this is one of two blogs I follow , so count me as a HELL to the yeah!! Thanks Laura!!

  5. I don’t do social media so I’m with ” HELL to the yeah ” lady above. Love this idea .

    1. Hi Laura,

      What a great idea! I would love this type of forum to discuss the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy.

      Thank you!

  6. Would love to join a book club discussion of previous books by Nora and J.D. I’ve been hankering to read the Boonesbury trilogy for a few weeks. Had to look up Ryder’s name a couple days ago for a reason that now escapes me, but got it off cover of Perfect Hope. Just let me know, please, how and when to participate. Thanks from a long-time fan.

  7. 🎊 Great Idea Laura (not that you have from the other kind 😉)
    I would like very much to participate in book discussions. I don’t have facebook and on Insta I’m not always on top of whats going on. So here – as I have the site notifications on – it would be easier and it would keep Fall Into The Story more lively for Nora working times at the desk 📖
    You are a LIVE talent! Enjoyed it very much. Thanks

  8. This is great! Count me in! I mostly use Facebook to keep up with family pictures (no one in my family owns an actual camera, I guess) and usually bump into one of your live postings too late to participate. This is an awesome idea. Thanks!

  9. For 3 months, my sister filled FB with her angst about a medical thing. Then she got cranky & asked why I hadn’t given her any warm fuzzies like all her FB friends. Checked my FB wall & found that FB had filtered out all of her posts. Apparently sisters never have newsworthy things to say.
    I abandoned FB.
    You have something that doesn’t require FB? I’m all ears! I think the easiest way to do this is to bring back adwff. Possibly a smaller, less complex version.

  10. I’m in for any discussion on Nora’s work. And the In Death series is my favorite

  11. That sounds like something I’d enjoy, I’d just have to deal with unusable keys on my laptop (I could have sworn I got all the tea off first).

  12. I’ve seen the fb quotes and I’ll follow your blog quotes if/when you start. I sometimes have to reread the book you are quoting to refresh. I had just finished reading Shelter In Place so it was interesting to follow along.

  13. How did you know I have been pining for the very thing you’re proposing? I’m a veteran of the old JDR sites and don’t use or like Facebook. I have missed discussing the books and would be really happy to participate in both NR and JDR discussions. So great of you to ask. Kudos to you!

  14. Yes, please! I too am a dinosaur not on Facebook, so this would be such fun. Thank you!

  15. Great Idea!!! If wasn’t for the JD Robb or Nora readers group I would leave Facebook .

  16. Yes, I would want to be involved also, but not through Facebook if at all possible.

  17. Absolutely would love this here. I do not do Facebook and would prefer to send comments through the blog.

  18. I definitely would like it here as I’m so not a Facebook fan, but would love to join in on a discussion of NR/JDR stories📚💟

  19. I would definitely be interested it. I as others said have a Facebook account but do not check it regularly.

  20. Seems my first reply wasn’t acceptable. Is it because I put my old “palomira” user name in? Anyway, I’m looking forward to a NR and JDR discussion thread as I don’t use Facebook either! Thanks for all you do, Laura.

    1. Would definitely be up for this. Wanted to come off FB but did not want to lose contact with the JDR And NR pages. Keep up the good work – I have been reading NR since she wrote for Mills and Boon/Harlequin and have always loved her books.

  21. Thank you Laura. It was lovely to see the library at the inn. The woodwork is gorgeous! Yes, please! Any rooms you can show us would be fabulous. I’m saving up to spend a couple nights there!!❤

  22. Love this idea Laura – you’ve brought me out of lurkerdom with this suggestion! Guess I’ll start my 4th reread of Inn Boonsboro 😊

  23. I would love this as I am allowed to access here at work 😉 then Facebook.

  24. Yes, I would love to participate in a discussion. I am on FB but rarely post comments except with family.

  25. This sounds like fun, count me in. I just finished Under Currents. Loved loved it!

  26. Would love to be a part of this please, love reading and rereading Nora.

  27. That would be fantastic. I hardly ever go on Facebook or social media but as a gal who has read every Nora book multiple times I would love to participate. I have so many of her books scattered throughout the house my husband has started to wonder if I ever read books from any other authors. 🙂

  28. Enjoyed viewing of the library at The Inn Boonsboro, any add’l room would be nice like the kitchen area and Eve and Roarks room, or just a shot from the front door around and up the stairs from the lobby would also be nice.

  29. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to make this video. I’ve just read the series and am thinking about planning a trip in 2021. You’ve certainly whetted my appetite! I’ll be able to add a pin on Switzerland 🙂

  30. Would like to add a kudos & thanks, if it’s not too late, for a blog here. I’m on FB much less than in past but want to keep up with Nora’s books and events.
    Over the holidays my niece was wearing a snowflake cap much like I’ve imagined the one Eve has. Anyone know when she was given that hat & does she still have it? Thanks

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