The Trilogy note

Dear reading pals,

Remember the agonizing days that ensued when you finished the Born in trilogy?  Or the Key Trilogy?  Or The Inn BoonsBoro trilogy?  

Heck, pick any trilogy that you hold dear.  

Remember the book hangover?  The absolute certainty you’d never meet characters as amazing as the Concannons, or the women of Indulgence or the Montgomery Brothers?  That life was bereft of light and laughter now that you didn’t know what would happen in their lives anymore and you were certain Nora NEEDED to provide more?

Even though you could always revisit the books any time you’d like, that first time was finished.  And oh, how it hurts to know you can’t read a book for the first time ever again.

But then…you met the Templetons of the Dream trilogy, the valiant Six of The Circle Trilogy, the amazing cousins of The O’Dwyer Trilogy.  Or you visited Three Sisters Island…the charming village of Ardmore…watched the world rebuild through The One.

Get the pattern?  We all experience deep sadness when we close the final book in a series, sure we’ll never feel that way again.  

And then less than a year later, Nora hands us the first book in a new series.  I know some wait until all three are out, some will read them on publication day, then reread before the next book.  But in the end, all of us will meet a new set of people, even knowing that book hangover awaits at the end of the series.

Isn’t that the reason we all read Nora?  How reliably she gives us new, entertaining adventures that only she knows we need to read? (She wrote about trusting her in a post this fall.)

For nearly a week, I’ve seen a ton of comments wanting –no NEEDING — more of the Dragon Heart Legacy. Dig down, it’s wishing for a little more time with characters before saying goodbye.

If you look at the arc of the three books, Nora finished all she set out to do:  take a woman who has no knowledge of her tremendous potential and lead us to the point when she knows who she is and what she will do with her life.
There has been loss, there has been sadness, but on the whole Breen made her choices and there is happiness ahead. 

Nora took us on that journey and left Breen in a very good place. And we can all use our imagination to think of what happens next.

In my head, I see the comments now:

But Nora wrote a fourth book for The Quinn Brothers!!!  Why yes she did.  She was very upfront that Seth would get a story — after he’d had time to grow up.  So that’s why there’s three years between Inner Harbor (1998) and Chesapeake Blue (2001). Twenty-one years ago.

But Nora wrote four books for The Bride Quartet!!!!  
She had a cast of four characters and took them through a year in the life — New Year’s Day to New Year’s Day.  Quite honestly, my friends, I could hear the wedding fatigue in her voice when she was in the middle of writing Happy Ever After.  Honest to goodness, I experienced ONE real life wedding this year. I’m not sure how she created the details for multiple fictional weddings throughout that series.  So when she wrote The End, she meant it.

But Nora wrote novellas! 
No, she wrote two very short stories for the now defunct Waldenbooks newsletter which you can find here.  The novellas she did write were planned into the writing schedule as a project with friends. And she stopped writing novellas 7 years ago.

Nora of 2022 writes a very different sort of book than the Nora of 2009 who Wedding’d Herself Out writing The Bride Quartet.  She’s creating more complex worlds in her trilogies as well as her stand alones.  Let’s be real here: she writes two In Deaths a year to vacation with Eve and Roarke in a world she already knows.

It’s a huge compliment for readers to want more of characters and the world you create.  Readers have to understand that Nora’s currently deep in the first draft of the first book of the NEXT trilogy and Talamh is firmly in her rearview mirror. It’s been in the rearview mirror since December 2021.

I know a smidgeon of what the next trilogy is about and I think you’ll enjoy it tremendously.  Even as we all know I’ll have to re-post this letter in November 2025 when The Lost Bride Trilogy concludes.

We’ve got a lot more fun ahead of us.  Let’s keep our eyes on that. And enjoy.


PS. Three posts in a week??? Can the blog be springing back to life? Stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “The Trilogy note”

  1. I also get that folks want more of a trilogy. I started to see the comments right away. Nora says how many books are in the series and that is it. The story needs to wind up, I am half way through and try to read slower so it does not end. I am now looking forward to the next trilogy especially if magik is involved.
    Thank you Nora for all you do for all of us.

  2. I’m incredibly lucky that I have a terrible memory. It allows me to reread my favourites but I’ll say the same things to Nora’s fans that I say to George RR Martin’s fans.

    We get to enjoy what writers produce but we don’t own them or their time.

  3. Well said Laura! I always think of the characters as family or good friends. I revisit them often. There is no limit on how many times you can read a book. Otherwise I would be arrested by now. LOL.

  4. One could argue that if Nora didn’t write such memorable characters no one would care (but I won’t.) Or if she didn’t create such spectacular worlds no one would want to revisit (but I won’t.) And of course, one could argue that if she wasn’t such a gifted storyteller, no one would want more (but I won’t.) Instead, I think I’ll just say thank you for such interesting, spellbinding stories and wait as patiently as possible for the next books from one of my all-time favorite authors.

    I read an article during the pandemic that said many people reread favorite books during quarantine because it was comforting. I agree. One of the nicest things about favorite books is you can go back and visit those characters whenever you wish.

    And with a writer as prolific as Nora, you can look forward to meeting new characters every few months or so.

  5. I love Nora’s books; her writing style just calls to me. I fall in love with all the characters, except for the nasty ones, and become immersed in that world. I’m always anxious to see where they’re going and what happens next and on the one hand I want to rush to the end and have the whole story but on the other hand I want time to slow down so the story won’t end. I’ve been known to speak to the characters as I read the story and often tell them don’t go there, don’t do that. I am heartbroken when a character dies and jubilant when wonderful things happen and a total sucker for happy endings. Nora’s characters and worlds are so real while I’m in the story and while I want to keep the story going sometimes, I just have to accept that this is point where this story needs to end so for now, I’ll just keep reading and re-reading the stories over and over and appreciate them as they are.

    1. I’ve been reading Nora’s books since I was 16 years old (I’m 34 now), her new books are the one thing I look forward to all year and while it is always sad to have any of Nora’s trilogy’s or series end, I like going back and rereading my favourites again and again…which is all of them 😅😂. Looking forward to reading “The Choice” when a copy is available from my local library (live on limited income), and also look forward to next year and all the new amazing reads to come 😁

  6. For the record, I have longed for more when one of Nora’s books or series have ended. This trilogy really struck a chord with me. I usually read a new book really fast and then go back and reread it to savor it. This time I savored my first read. I knew that the end would come. As much as I wanted to know how it all turned out, I knew that it would…end. I reread the first two books before reading the third. It ended perfectly. Yes, it would have been nice to see more, but IT ENDED PERFECTLY. THANK YOU NORA!!!

  7. I don’t like saying farewell to any of Nora’s story characters, but I do love being able to return to their world anytime I want to or need to.
    Most recently Nora’s talent saw me through the endless hours of hurricane Ian. Honestly, I was far less traumatized because I was able to immerse my mind in a better place. Taking a ride into her stories helped me ride out the hurricane and remain calm.
    My heartfelt thanks to Nora go far beyond this one instance; I am grateful for the characters in her stories. Always very well done!

  8. I’ve been a fan since I was 12, and read “Sullivan’s Woman” under the original Silhouette banner. She’s simply amazing, and creates the most believable, likable characters.
    Most of her trilogies and quartets come to a satisfying conclusion, but Marco, Brian, Sally, Derrick, and Nan are pulling at me. Is Nan ok? How do Sally & Derrick react to Talamh? I NEED to see Marko and Brian get married – twice. What about Finian getting his dragon? These people settled into my heart right beside Mia, Nell & Ripley; and Maggie, Shannon, and Brianna. Okay, and all the rest; maybe we could get one tiny novel?
    Isn’t that the sign of a gifted writer – to leave us wanting more? Job very well done and a huge thank you for tears and laughter along the way!

  9. Today I visited Boonsboro, something I have wanted to do since reading the Trilogy. Sadly I got there after all the stores were closed but did have dinner at Dan’s.
    What a fun detour on a trip from North Carolina to Massachusetts. I felt like I was visiting old friends.

  10. I just finished the Dragonheart Trilogy and I’m simply amazed how Nora can create such interesting worlds and characters. I understand how people would liked to get more stories about these characters but it’s time to move on. So, The Lost Bride Trilogy? Tell me more! Tell me more!

  11. I am not one of those requesting “more” because I am always so grateful for what Nora writes in the first place. Whether it’s a trilogy or JD Robb’s books, I am never left unhappy with the endings. There is always something new on the horizon. Thank you for your imagination, creativity and fabulous writing.

  12. Ahhhhh…nice little tidbit at the end, Laura! I’ve often considered how certain characters would continue, but just to finish a thought, a cozy “the end”. So-and-so got that garden she wanted, went back to school and created the next life-saving invention. or painted the house that color – things like that. I don’t think plot lines, that’s what I read Nora/J.D. for, or any other author I read. Nora’s exceptionally good at it, for which I’m eternally grateful. I’ve read stories that I forget about the minute I’ve finished the book, but usually Nora’s books linger in my head a while and I ponder a bit before letting the story go. I’m okay with having those characters live in my inner world while I’m reading. Wherever, and sometimes whenever Nora takes us to, I’m so glad to be along for the ride. And that’s all. If that story needed an extra chapter, it would have been there. Thanks again, Nora, for another wonderful world you’ve given us..

  13. I just finished your Trilogy and must say a few things. First, thank you! Your books allow a reader to go where you are leading them. To enjoy the characters, situations, and scenery. It seemed to me that you left the door open at the end of the trilogy for us the reader to continue on with our own imagination as to the next possibilities. In my mind the best of both worlds. I’m sorry the small minded, unimaginative people feel the need to comment as they have. Please continue doing it your way and stay wll.

  14. You’re right, I always enjoy the characters in the new trilogy.
    I have been reading and rereading multiple times all of her books. I found when the times have been so stressful the last six years, that rereading my favorite books helps me destress. I have never asked before or even thought about wanting more written about the characters on any of her other trilogies. I think this time, I really wanted Talamh to be a real place, because compared to here it sounds like heaven. I just wanted to spend more time there with the gang there. Thank you Nora for helping me to survive. If you ever have questions about veterinary medicine, I’d be happy to help.

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