A Trilogy

A note from Laura, if you haven’t read The Choice do NOT read this post. Come back when you’re done.

Is THREE books. Three, then done. Over, finished, complete.

The Dragonheart Trilogy. Three books.

I know some readers sincerely feel that asking for more is flattering. It is, it really is. To a point. But there’s been a lot of demanding and haranguing over this one with readers who want, and demand and—sorry, not sorry— whine for more.

(And some do it after EVERY trilogy.)

Why can’t you write all the weddings?????

You know, I gave the reader a big, beautiful wedding, in detail within The Choice. The dress, the vows, the prep, the color, the music. All of it. Not enough, apparently.

Where is Marco’s wedding, where is Breen’s?

Down the road, dear readers. The trilogy ended. Worlds saved, evil defeated, lovers met.

We should’ve seen Sally and Derrick come over.

Down the road again. This is not a story line.

More grieving and a funeral for Sedrick. We did have grieving, but lives are lost in wars. That’s why wars suck out loud. There was no place for more.

We are not going to see Fin bond with his dragon. That was not the story. And the kid’s hardly more than a toddler when the story ends.

We want to see more babies.

 Down. The. Road. This was not the story.

Breen awakened. Breen became. Breen chose.

THAT was the story. Mission accomplished.

I cannot give each individual reader all they want. And I won’t.

I will tell you the story that comes to me, and work hard to make it the best I can. That’s my job. I can’t tie every aspect that every single reader wants up in a bow, and keep going and going. When it’s done, it’s done.

Can’t we just have a fourth book, or a novella, or a short story?

Oh, my Jesus, do you not think, seriously not think, of the time, effort, the work, the creatively involved it that? Like, snap your fingers and give us all what we want? No one can actually believe it works that way.

This will seem harsh to some, and some of you will be pissed at me. I PAY for the books, why can’t she do what I want? Because, dear readers, I write how I write. The story is what it is.

And no, there were no loose ends, I did not leave anyone hanging. Except those who want, want, want, want weddings, babies, intricate word pictures of everything that might happen next.

I worked very hard on this trilogy, I sweated over making it all flow to a natural conclusion. But for some, it’s just never, never, never enough.

I finished The Choice a year ago. I’ve written two In Deaths, a Roberts’s suspense and am working on the first book of a new trilogy. I’m never, never, never going to go back and write weddings and babies for this trilogy.

This is not a book. There is no conflict, internal or external. There are no hills and valleys. There would be just happy, happy, joy, joy. And that’s not how I work.

I loved writing this trilogy, I was totally invested in the characters. But it’s done.

What comes next is up to you.

I’ve been a reader all my life, and never thought of demanding a writer give me more. I want this, this, this. Come on, gimme.

It’s actually astonishing to me that some readers do just that.

I have no obligation to do that, and never will. I HATE some readers are disappointed. But there’s nothing I can or will do about it.

And the next trilogy. THREE books. When it’s done, it’s done. Absolutely no point in demanding more. The Lost Bride Trilogy will be three books. Some will ask for more. I’ll have moved on.

Let me add, please, if you’re going to bring up specifics, spoilers, plot points, you want to comment on, argue about, do it here, and not on Facebook. There are many readers who follow on FB who haven’t read the book or books. Laura is so clear about that, but some ignore it because they’re just unhappy.

I’m also going to add, if it’s not obvious, I’m really tired of some demanding what I can’t give. And begging for what I can’t and won’t give. It’s exhausting.


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  1. wow. I am totally with you on this. A trilogy is 3. It’s not one of those series – for a series, fall into In Death…

    And this isn’t the first time you’ve had to take the time to spell this out – is it? What kind of fan berates the author.

    I am so sorry.

  2. Ms. Roberts,
    Continue writing as you do. You do not owe anyone anything more. I have been reading you and JD for years. In fact I reread them often as I love them that much. In my mind I can see beyond the ending you give to see what will happen down the road. You make that possible. You are the best in my humble opinion.

  3. Ahhh Nora, you’re too good. You give us so much. I hope you can/will tune out the readers who seem to feel entitled to push and goad to get what they want. **shakes head**

    I believe you’re in need of an adult beverage. Please, get one and relax.

    We love you.

  4. I’ve been reading Nora Roberts books for longer than i care to mention 🤣🤣🤣 She is an amazing writer who through great time and effort has drawn me in to many tales of love laughter danger and death and i wouldn’t change any of them. As much a i might like a side book on a character she is the creator of these fine stories and gets to say who what where when and why and if your not happy read something else there will still be plenty of us out there who will enjoy whatever stories she deems worth for print. I would also like to say a massive thank you for years of joy of reading you have given me keep up the good work and come back to Ireland soon.

  5. Give ’em hell girl. It is beyond ridiculous to expect an author to write to suit as if you were a short order cook. Just when I think I have heard it all…good Lord!

  6. Some will never be satisfied and think they can harass, bully, and demand more. I will never understand that entitled thought process. Many of us value and are truly thankful for the many hours of pleasure you provide with your writing. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. I shook my head and smiled all the way through your post, as I had with Laura’s earlier on this same subject. Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re complaining, hard to ignore…but as someone else commented, “have an adult beverage” and put them out of your mind. You gave us the tools in each of these three (trilogy), to finish or answer any questions left. If they are not capable of doing that….I’m sorry for their lack.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful storytelling. You leave us with the best gift of all. To use our imagination as to what happens in the world you have given us. In my imagination the young boy from the key triolgy grows up and meets a daughter from three sisters. Or maybe one of the boys from in the garden meets the daughter from the liar. Will Nora write that, no, because I dreamed it up.
    Thank you for giving me hours of joy and unlimited possible outcomes.

  9. Sometimes I think social media has turned the collective us into whiny entitled babies, lol. We have access to creators on a heretofore unprecedented basis and it makes some people get all crazypants. I would never dream of telling an author what to write. No one likes to be told what to do! I am in some author Facebook groups for smaller and self-pubbed authors and they’re even worse there. I see some of the shenanigans there and wonder what Nora would do when someone gets particularly demanding and it males me giggle inside. 🤣

  10. The best stories always leave a reader wanting more. That’s why we have imaginations. This made me sad because I feel like you had your joy in finishing this trilogy stolen from you. I am so thrilled with your writing and would never presume to tell you what to do. I just enjoy the ride. I know you cannot make everyone happy all the time, but for me, I am happy. Please just do what you do, enjoy your life and family and I will continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thank you for all of your hard work and I’m so sorry this post even had to be made.

  11. I guess I’m a tad perverse in that I never mind when the author doesn’t hand me a complete ending. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings and babies in books but ever since I was a child, my favorite thing ever was continuing a story in my mind until I fell asleep at night. My imagination could craft ending after ending after ending so the story never had to be over.

    The only sadness I’ll ever feel over your writing will be the day you don’t want to do it anymore but even then I can still savor everything you’ve given me.

  12. How can readers have been steeped in this beautifully wrought fantasy world for three whole books and be completely devoid of creativity? Imagine the weddings however you want them to be based on your knowledge of the characters and settings. Name Morena’s triplets whatever you awesome names you think she and Harken might come up with. Create the cookbook, tapestry, and girl-power anthem that chronicle Breen’s story and make it your own. If NR has taught us anything with this series, it’s that the only limits that exist are the stupid ones we impose on ourselves. Anyone asking for more needs to reread the trilogy without their Breen’s Yucky Mom Blinders on. Embrace the magic of designing your vision of Breen’s HEA. It’s nice of NR to give us that gift.

    Y’all not about to have my favorite author retire because you’ve badgered her with your shenanigans.

    ***Also, I’m not advocating the theft of NR’s intellectual property. Please don’t try to sell your version of Marco’s cookbook or pitch a plagiarized song to Gaga.

  13. Dear Nora,

    I’ve read all of your books and own all save for the JD Robb 😁. Which may be strange when I mention Northern Lights, Montana Sky, and The Witness are among my favorites. Your Trilogy’s are outstanding!

    Your writing is first rate, your stories are a comfort to reread especially through tough times in life. Your characters are compelling.

    I’m deeply grateful for your work, and I sincerely thank you.


  14. I love you Nora!!! This post is so complete and awesome. And badass. I haven’t read the 3rd book yet, waiting for the library but I can’t wait to read the finale and how everything wraps up. Love Marco. He is one of the best characters and wish he was a real human. Everyone should have a Marco in their life.
    Keep writing and I will keep reading. XO

  15. I think it must be the bane of any really good writer out there. Your character development is so good so there are certain types of fans that get so invested in the character they can’t let go. To the so called fans berating or whining about this or that, go write your own novel. It is not Nora’s responsibility to fulfil peoples wishes on any particular story, she is a gifted writer who gives so much joy and comfort to so many people, just be glad that you have her writing available to you. If you don’t want to let Breen, Marco, Keegan and the rest go, reread the trilogy.

  16. My head hurts from the number of times I smacked myself in the forehead during your letter. What is it with readers these days? The only books I’ve ever read that finished completely done, the end, finis, are apocalyptic stories with no HEA. Really depressing, but there’s no questions at the end. Everyone’s dead, nothing survives – is this really what you people want? Otherwise, there’s usually something to wonder about at the end of a good story, that’s how it works. I love having something to wonder about at the end of book, and it would never occur to me to demand the author provide the details of this-or-that after the ending. I don’t even wonder at the origins of certain words or names either; thanks to Laura or Google, the info is there. To wonder is the gift of imagination. Of all there is to wonder at in this beautiful trilogy, I do know one thing, absolutely. Breen and Marco both lived HEA. The rest of it is gravy. I honestly thought you couldn’t beat The Chronicles of the One, but you did. You rocked it, Nora, and thank you.

  17. I have enough imagination to finish what I want to see. You are by far the the most prolific writer of our time and I thank you for giving me the hours of enjoyment. Reading is my escape from the worries of this world. Thank you!

  18. Nora people will never be satisfied and should use their imagination, I saw Marco’s wedding in my head so vivid. Thank you for these amazing characters, I listened to the first 2 books a few times waiting for the 3rd and it was everything and more. Can’t wait for the next trilogy.

  19. Omg. Seriously? Readers actually do that??😲 I mean, I’m dang thankful Nora writes ALL these books for us in a year (every year)! That’s why we have imagination people🤦‍♀️ I absolutely loved this trilogy and I’d eat anything up for more, but the rest (more this, more that) isn’t the core of it. Just my opinion. That pretty much sux that our favorite author has to go thru that🙄

  20. Breen awakened. Breen became. Breen chose. Well said and well done. Loved the books. I’m sad because the story is over but never disappointed. Move on, people! Anxiously waiting for the next books.

  21. I love your writing, You don’t leave loose ends, at the end of a trilogy all the goals are accomplished and always with the promise of a bright happy future – I can use my imagination for what happens next, it’s easy, Marco will have a fabulous wedding, Breen and Keegan will have a fabulous wedding and lots of children, Sally and Derrick will come over and fall in love with Talamh it couldn’t possibly work any other way. if you had to pick one trilogy and write the future of every other character you wouldn’t have time to write anything else and the world would miss out on all those wonderful stories and that would be horrible. I wouldn’t dream of telling you how to write because you clearly know how to that and do it brilliantly, but the story is there and if I need more than I just imagine how it would end and be content with that because what I want even more is your new books, the new stories that are coming and all the places that will take me.

  22. HERESY!! I didn’t read the trilogy. Im too busy w/clients to read as much as I’d love to. But im addicted to the In Death books. & I own & reread them all. Originally. I was on team baby. Id love to see Eve & Roarke have a baby. But guess what? I read Nora’s explanation & realized she’s 100% right. She writes the books & knows the characters better than all her readers. Period.
    I think many of us are spoiled. Nora is known as 1 of the most prolific authors. But it’s not enough? And you don’t like all the plot points?? Too bad. Either keep your opinions to yourself or rewrite the plot in your head. Or as Eve would say- BITE ME

  23. I’m sorry, Nora, but I firmly believe that Shakespeare finished the Taming of the Shrew & folks were out there clamoring for another play that showed how Petruchio & Katherine did afterwards in their married life–and they had already gotten 2 weddings in that play!

    People are just woefully unable to use their imaginations anymore–they expect it to all be drawn out, detailed, etc for them. I wonder if this is one of the reasons some people fall for the political cults, etc anymore.

    I do remember one time that you did come back to a trilogy–and I was so glad you did because I loved Chesapeake Blue & a story for Seth as well as his older brothers. I know it’s not the same thing, however! Seth was another character with a story, but it gave us a look into how the other fellas were doing and maybe that spoiled some folks…but please, don’t let that put you off doing a series sequel when YOU feel it’s warranted/necessary, or you just have the urge.

    I think you stated your response very well above, and have to appreciate that you don’t let them push you into quitting altogether! I know that some day you’ll want to give up the writing, after all, I retired–why should I resent others doing the same. But I hope you enjoy your writing for a long time! Thank you! I’ve always got a JDR or NR open somewhere around the house that I can just pick up & reread a favorite spot when I feel like it!

  24. I love the characters…sure..we all do! It’s a great compliment to want more, but it’s too bad that it’s coming across as a demand instead of the compliment it should reflect.
    Nora, I love your books…it’s hard to find other author’s books that I like as much as yours! I think we are all spoiled by your writing…Would I love to have a sequel to most of your books? Heck yea.. but it’s unrealistic to expect one… I really hope some of the posts are just discussions that got carried away…
    Can I also say that I really like that there is a spell correct/check for the messages section? I really appreciate that! Or some of my thoughts would come across totally mixed up!

  25. Can I somewhat understand those fans? Sure. I too can feel a bit sad when a series end. We all love the story and the characters, so it’s understandable, but that doesn’t excuse those people trying to pressure an author.
    Would I love to see a continuation of practically anyone of your series? Definitely! Would I ever pester you with messages how about you should continue those series? Most definitely not. You create the stories you want and I will be grateful for each and every word (and world) you decide to share with us.

  26. Sorry to see how upset the NR camp is over comments from readers who have adored this trilogy and don’t want it to end. I have to believe MOST readers understand the concept behind ‘trilogy’ (I for one) and just look forward to the next trilogy adventure up Nora’s sleeve. I haven’t read part 3 yet but, I have placed a hold at my library and look forward to my turn. As I was reading the first 2 parts a thought crossed my mind that Bollocks would make a great adventure series for YA readers if Nora was so inclined to try that route. In any case, I hope you all feel better after venting. Most of us get it.

  27. This trilogy was wonderfully written and completely drew me in. I’ve listened to the books on audibles, and I’m replaying book 3 now. There is nothing I would ask to be changed or “improved” as the book provides closure in every way along with feelings of beauty and hope for the future of the characters. I grew up reading as many Nora Roberts books as I could manage, and at nearing age 40, this may be my favorite trilogy. Thank you so much for this gift to your readers!

  28. I remember when this blog used to be fun. Now more often that not its a complaint. People are always going to drive you crazy. Ignore them. Keep writing your way and don’t let them steal your joy. Thanks for all you give us!

  29. Not gonna lie… I would have loved to have read more about Sally and Derek’s (likely hilarious) first trip to Talamh, Marco and Brian’s weddings and their new cottage next to Breen’s, and Breen and Keegan’s happily ever after. But, all that isn’t really important to main story, and is pretty much all fluff. Breen found her misneach and became who she needed to become. That was the whole point of the story…and since it happened, it’s now come to an end. I can use my imagination to fill in the rest.
    I truly loved these characters, I think, the most out of any I’ve read of Nora’s. (They squeek in just ahead of the Born In characters for me. Because oh my lanta Grayson! <3) The world building was also phenomenal in this trilogy. So, it's understandable to be a bit sad in feeling like we're leaving them behind. Though, I just reread all the books again when I find myself wanting more. More often than not I discover something I might've missed or glazed over my first time around. And by doing so, I also don't make myself an entitled weirdo by making demands for more story from an author whom I respect and, quite frankly, owes me nothing more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and am very much looking forward to your next, Ms. Nora!

  30. Thank you for this series. For all of your books. “Fall Into The Story” is very fitting.
    I just finished The Choice. Now I can go clean my (ignored) kitchen while I go over the book in my head.
    It always takes me a few days to start another book. Looking forward to the next trilogy!

  31. Welp, I’m halfway through this brand new book, and now I know that Sedric dies from this rant. A spoiler alert wouldn’t have been unwarranted here. 🙄

    1. I’m sorry this happened. The blog has been a place for spoilers since we started it in 2013.


      1. I went back over a year in this blog, and you are careful to say “spoilers ahead” or “spoilers in comments” every time it’s a book-related post. I’m assuming you all are being inundated with demands for more content from fans who shell out money for her books the minute they hit the shelves, but it’s unfortunate that the author would so casually spoil a major character death in a brand new book.

        1. I agree that its quite bad to do that. Hopefully it’s a one off and won’t happen again. One should never spoil anything that big without warnings. Not when the story is still quite new.

        2. Again, I’m sorry that happened. I try very hard not to make errors and in about a decade of doing this I’d say this could be the first big one. If you found the post on Facebook, I did have a spoiler warning in the caption there.


  32. I’ll add another apology. We do allow spoilers on the blog, but I realize some didn’t know that. And I should never had brought Sedrick up on FB.

    I made a major mistake, and couldn’t be more sorry.

  33. Well said Ms Roberts. It always amazing me when people complain. You created an entire world for us .. IN DETAIL. Fleshed out it’s inhabitants so well that we feel like we know these people and we care about them. Those of us who are avid readers have imaginations, we are expert at reading between the lines, we can reread a beloved book an see things we missed the first time or things we weren’t ready to understand the first time. I cannot say for anyone else but you’ve certainly given me enough hints at what is to come that my own imagination can take me there to visits from beloved friends, and weddings and babies and all the rest of life’s events if that was what I wanted to see. So thank you for sharing your tremendous gift for story telling with all of us especially me! 😉

  34. Please know that many of us understand your frustration at the demands and complaints of some readers. While I get people don’t want to let go of this amazing world and the characters who have become like family and friends to us, the story has been told. The good guys won. We can easily use our imagination at how the journey continues. And we can start reading the trilogy again so we haven’t lost Breen and Marco. They are right there for us to visit again and again. Nora, you gave us an absolutely fantastic story that has so much heart and soul. I am on my second read, this time on audio and cried buckets through one section. I’ve listened to the first two books more times than I can remember. This jumped to the top of the list of my favorite trilogies! Thank you for continuing to share your gift.

  35. Nora, thank you for this amazing trilogy. You left no stone unturned and this is easily my favorite series right now. It’s breathtaking, heart breaking, redeeming and everything in between. A true testament to living your life even through the hard times, putting in the work, being there and believing in yourself and loved ones, saying what’s on your heart and mind. Thank you, Nora for gifting us this story. Already cannot wait to read again!

  36. Thank you Nora. Write what you want, when you want I love your books and since I do have an imagination when you are done I take off…for a while. And then I read another book. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy yourself over the holidays. It’s a great time of year!

  37. Loved this trilogy! IMHO, it ended perfectly – with me already planning a re-read. Thank you, again!

  38. Goodness. I had no idea readers would make requests like this. When I want more, I reread the books again. I put my imagination to work. I see the world that was painted with words. This gives me the “more” I want. You have done your work. You wrote your story as you were led by your skills and your heart. Any “more” I want comes from my own imagination. Thank you so much for giving me the world to imagine.

    I am excited to read the next world you create!

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