The state of the world of books

As much as I hoped to return to what we’d have called “regular” posting prior to 2020,  there’s an issue that’s now an official part of the rotation: protecting what we read and how we obtain books.

This is an add-on to a post from last fall regarding libraries. This post features books in general.  

Late last week, Nora learned from PEN America that a number of her books were banned from school libraries in Martin County, Florida. This includes The Bride Quartet! (?!?!)

The dangerous books.

She spoke to Greg Sargent of the Washington Post on Thursday and this is the story about the issue:  Florida’s book-ban frenzy targets Nora Roberts, and she’s not happy

This morning, Nora was part of a report on banned books on Good Morning America.  You can watch the report here:

Earlier in the week, EveryLibrary announced that Nora and The Nora Roberts Family Foundation made a generous donation to the organization to support the launch of Fight For the First, its new advocacy and organizing site with a mission of protecting the First Amendment in libraries across the country.

To quote the press release:

Ms. Roberts, the best-selling author of nearly 250 novels, has long been a champion of intellectual freedom and the importance of libraries as community resources. The Nora Roberts Family Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that promote literacy, education, and the arts. Ms. Roberts’ donations to the EveryLibrary Institute will help the organization continue its work ensuring that all people have free and open access to information and ideas, and that libraries are able to provide a safe and welcoming space for all. The Foundation’s donation to EveryLibrary reflects its commitment to defending the right to free speech and access to libraries.

EveryLibrary’s mission is to defend and advance library values, including access to information and intellectual freedom.

Today, EveryLibrary launched a new campaign called the #NoraRobertsChallenge which asks readers and authors to join the fight with Nora by making a tax-deductible donation to fight against book bans and challenging  friends to do the same.

Again, as the daughter of a librarian and a person who basically spent all my free time in libraries as I grew up, I ask you all to consider the libraries – school and public  — in your area.  When they are threatened, speak up.  It’s the only way to combat the bullies who want to decide what’s best for all.

What’s best for all is the ability to roam the shelves in a library and perhaps luck into a new author who offers thought-provoking ideas.  That’s freedom.


16 thoughts on “The state of the world of books”

  1. This is ridiculous. A politician/actor/television personality can stand up publicly and say anything that comes to mind, including biased and personal options, but we are not allowed to ‘select’ what we want to read?

  2. The outrageous thing is, books are being banned, but guns are are not!!
    Where’s the sense in that?

  3. So, I am putting all 8 of these books in my Little Free Library and I found a sister steward in Tampa, Florida and I’m sending her all 8 books to put in her Library. I wholeheartedly support every parent’s right to determine what their child can read. I will fight for their right to select their children’s reading material until my last breath. But those same parents DO NOT get to determine what my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren get to read. Their liberty does not include denying mine!

  4. I was in high school in the early 60s. Our local library would not permit me to take out Agatha Christie novels (even with my mother standing right next to me) because if I read them apparently I would be tempted to poison, stab, strangle or shoot my family or members of my community. My mother took out the books on her card. The librarian told her she was doing so at her own peril. I must have looked very threatening in my own 14 year old way. The more things change, the more they stay the same. There is always a group of people who believe they know what’s best for all of us. This is just so sad.

  5. As much as I miss my mother, I’m glad she’s not here to see what’s happening to this country. Hitler banned and burned books, and she could only read what was allowed in the schoolroom. From the time I was old enough to remember, in every spare moment she was reading something. When I had history homework, and my book was missing, all I had to do was find Mom.

  6. I have a theory that these book banning nuts are now targeting very well known authors to get more attention. I couldn’t believe they chose to pick on The Bride Quartet (don’t know their reasoning). Hopefully it will wake up more people to the crazy things that are going on.

  7. I agree with Diane Sallans that well known authors are being targeted to get attention. My deceased mother was a librarian and my sister and I spent hours in various libraries where she worked our whole young lives. She encouraged us to read and I never heard her say that any books were “off limits”. She would be horrified at what is happening. I’ve read many many of Nora Roberts’s books and can’t imagine what the “hoopla” is over her books. She is a great author. I never had any children and I’m now 75 but I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her books to young adults or any aged reader. This world has changed so much since I was growing up. Love you–Nora!!!

  8. Absolutely ridicoulous. People are trying to take away our rights. I have been reading ever since I could read. The world has really changed. I don’t understand why this is happening in what should be a free America where we have a choice. What is going to happen to our kids?

  9. This book banning is getting ridiculous! The Moms of Liberty should take the word Liberty out of their name because what they are doing is not promoting Liberty!
    We had an issue at our library recently with the county commissioners asking how they could monitor what goes into the public library. I was interviewed by Channel 6 for a story as I applied to be on the Library Advisory Board and am a librarian. The county commissioners choose the advisory board members. After this interview, I doubt I will be chosen! Link to interview.

  10. This is one of the times I feel blessed to live in a very Blue state. My parents never censored my reading material when I was growing up. It’s unbelievable that one person can cause any books be banned.

  11. DeSantis thinks he is God and can do what ever he wants. And yes I live in Fl. This book banning has been done before and we know how that turned out. I hope people remeber this when its time to vote. Parents should be in control of their childrens reading and not the government!

  12. I almost spit out my drink at the caption “The dangerous books.”

    Dangerous books indeed!

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