The Rise of Magicks Excerpt

In yet another way to ease us all back to reality, how about the excerpt from The Rise of Magicks? By my count, as I write this, we’re 92 days from release on November 26 so it makes sense to have a little taste of what’s to come.

Here’s what the cover copy says:

An epic of hope and horror, chaos and magic, and a journey that will unite a desperate group of people to fight the battle of their lives.

After the sickness known as the Doom destroyed civilization, magick has become commonplace and Fallon Swift has spent her young years learning its ways. Fallon cannot live in peace until she frees those who have been preyed upon by the government or the fanatical Purity Warriors, endlessly hunted or locked up in laboratories, brutalized for years on end. She is determined to save even those who have been complicit with this evil out of fear or weakness if, indeed, they can be saved.

Strengthened by the bond she shares with her fellow warrior, Duncan, Fallon has already succeeded in rescuing countless shifters and elves and ordinary humans. Now she must help them heal and rediscover the light and faith within themselves. For although from the time of her birth, she has been The One, she is still only one. And as she faces down an old nemesis, sets her sights on the enemy’s stronghold, and pursues her destiny to finally restore the mystical shield that once protected them all she will need an army behind her.

Here’s the link to the Prologue + Chapter One.


24 thoughts on “The Rise of Magicks Excerpt”

  1. 92 days never felt so long! I should know better than to tease myself by reading this. I can’t wait for the next book. I’m ready for it to drop. I pre-ordered it months ago.

  2. I won’t read the teaser, that makes me nuts but thanks for the cover copy! Come about mid November I will pull up the first two and re-read to be ready for the finale.

    1. Thank you. The 1st chapter immediately grabbed my attention, and I wanted to keep reading. November can’t get here quick enough.

  3. Can’t wait for the third book to come out… this has been and amazing trilogy so far!!! Getting my friends and family to read it as well

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and travels with us. Have immersed myself in your stories since Irish Thoroughbred and thoroughly enjoy every minute of escape.

  5. I knew better, I really did. I thought “I’ll just take a peak” and then half an hour later I remember it’s only a peak. Now counting the days…. thx Laura!

  6. Nope! Not gonna read it, no I’m not. I’ll just wait, yes I will. Wanna bet?

  7. I’m with the ones who say “nope, just can’t do it”. Because if I do I’ll jones for the rest of it until it comes out. My Mama loved the first one, got half-way through the second and we had to summarize the rest … she really wanted to know what happened in the third (asked several times the last couple of weeks if it was out yet), but she just couldn’t hang on long enough. So I’ll read and enjoy it for two.

  8. I never thought I’d anticipate something more – or at least as much – as an upcoming In Death, but this one nails it. Many thanks for the teaser!

  9. I read it!!! Delighted to discover there is more magic in this last book. It’s going to be another fab story!

  10. I can hardly wait for book # 3. Loved the 1st 2. I plan on rereading them before I get to the last one. Miss Nora you are truly a great story teller. Love ALL your books.

  11. What great timing. I just finished rereading Of Blood and Bone. What a great beginning. Is it November yet?

  12. Hi, Laura, thanks for the sneak peek, I enjoyed it! I love to read and have talent for proofing – would you pass along that there’s a typo at top of page 20, “guiding the horses to the hitches and troths” – should be “troughs”.

  13. OMG!!!! I love all her books but YEAR ONE is my new favorite with Of Blood and Bone a close second. November is so far away!!! I shouldn’t have read this but I couldn’t stop myself. Lol!!!

  14. Love all your books. You are the largest part of my print collection. Cant wait for this and the new In Death. Then it will be all over again 🙁

  15. Just finished rereading the first two books in the trilogy to refresh my memory before the last book comes out. Thanks for giving us a taste of the new book. Can’t wait for it ri come out. Have it preordered.

  16. I’m ecstatic the day is finally here!!
    I’m devastated its not available on audiobook!! Please tell me it will soon follow!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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