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  1. My first book was Irish Rebel. I still have the book and just re-read it two months ago. Still a stand out for me.

    1. Susan Karns
      I love your books. I have read everything you have ever written. The anticipation of waiting for the new releases are part of the excitement. The only time I am disappointed is when the trilogy ends. I want it to continue on and on. Thank you for sharing your great gift of writing with us.

      1. I so agree. Love all your books. My husband and I listen to the ” In death series on long drives” . Love all the characters.
        I heard one of your books was picked up for a movie. Has it been completed and if so what is it called and when will it be released?

        1. I wasn’t looking for a romance novel and was very surprised to find a mystery woven within in The Key Trilogy series. Those were my first books introducing Nora Roberts style of writing. I was hooked after finding my first paperback in a consignment store. My favorite book so far has to be Carolina Moon. Although I felt so much for Tory and her terrible childhood, she came back to her hometown to face her fears. The way the story was going to end kept me guessing to the last few pages. I love the name ” Turn the Page” for your bookstore and hopefully may visit it someday. Thanks for the adventurous twist and turns in your stories.

          1. You should read the in death series.
            I have been trap in the house for the last year. I have read all her books 5 0r more times but i have read evey story about Eve and started again it is the best she has wrote and im a little in the series on book 9 and still find how she weaves all the people into it. Really able to get lost in each book. You have romance, murder, i can see it as if im therein the story cheering them on. I get so lost my husband has ask about what is going on. My Samsung has a reader and i find i can do more each time he says Eve did what and what is that word. Good luck in rereading every one of her books im handicap and it keeps me from going postal on him we have guns but they as are lock up. But i like it when it gets crazy in the world. Im not going to touch them. I dont care for them and keeping guns lock away in this crazy world. Have great reads.

      2. I need help from avid Nora readers. I’m trying to fill in my Nora set and am having quite a time trying to find a good list to check off and find what’s missing. I’ve been re-reading, which is not a hardship, except for the fact that they are so vivid, I have to wait a year to go back with a fresh ear.
        What a truly accomplished author Nora is.
        I’ve read a few passages to my husband (who thought I was exaggerating her skills). He has actually started to read some of them and really enjoyed them. He’s into old journal accounts and really appreciated her thorough immersion into the genres.
        I’m always hungry for “the next book”, so if anyone has some suggestions for me about how they fill in their sets, I’d be so grateful.

        1. I’ve got the series the order written. I may need a printout for Alphabetical and try from there. My husband is going to probably volunteer more shelving… but where?!?! My Nora’s were two deep and over the floor before he designed the last ones that fit into an already overburdened office. For all the time I spend after work with my nose in a Nora Roberts, I didn’t expect such generosity. I am blessed.

          1. Have you tried to put up shelves running a ring around the top of your walls? About two feet down from the ceiling. That way they don’t take up floor space and it’s wasted space anyway. When I bought my house my one thing I had to have was a third bedroom that I could turn into a library. I call it my bookroom. I have books from the early 80’s and up, some of them are Nora’s. I’ve been reading her books from day one. I hope you enjoy finding and reading her books as much as I’ve enjoyed her over the years. Happy reading.

          2. We have shelving all over the house. When they remodeled this place they made it into a 4-bedroom from a 2-bedroom and made 2 baths out of one. We ended up with some tiny rooms, especially the living room and closets.

            Anyway, when we were looking at the house the thought of 4 bedrooms was a plus. I wanted a sewing room. I blurted out that I would really like to have a room for the boyfriend. I meant to say the sewing machine! So now and forever that room is called “The Boyfriend’s Room.” Short story long, I agree with Kelly. Hang shelves wherever you can. They always look nice and there are many types and colors to choose from. Don’t you love the sight and smell of books?

          3. I am the happy wife of a man who likes to please me, after our 25 anniversary, we were in a car accident. Unfortunately I was in hospital for 16 months, during that time it was obviously impossible for me to be able to go home to the house we had bought and loved. My husband had to sell our house and buy a large bungalow, that could be adapted for a wheelchair. While he was packing up my office to be moved to the new place, he found my quilts stack of books, roughly 5000+ books, by the time I was allowed to come home, he had bought and built 17 bookcases! All my wonderful books, my friends, they now surround me. They no longer read and packed away to be read again, now they can be seen and read whenever I want.

        2. I actually printed off the total book list from Nora’s website years ago …to catch all of the original books I had missed. I just automatically get all the new ones as they come out. (I’ve been known to send my husband or son out to search for them if I can’t find them …all’s fair in love and war, right?) I have them all now, except I think the ones she wrote under a different name. I wrote down the names and carry them around in case I hit a garage sale (they’re old ones|) …or if I’m in Value Village or a second hand bookstore, I keep an eye out for them.
          I think I’m going to have a “bookshelf” issue soon as well. I stopped buying the hardcover, because they take up too much room and they’re way heavy to on to for hours when I’m lying down 🙂 …
          I started re-reading all the “in Death” series from the first one ..Naked in Death …just love them ..they’re all “family” now ..I look forward to all of their stories …I laugh out loud, cry, and just Wow every so often …in public …gets embarrassing but who cares …keep searching for your books..they’re all out there somewhere. Happy reading

          1. I just retired at the end of 2016. The whole year I was busily filling in my book lists. Nora, Lackey, Kenyon, Feehan, McCaffrey…a few others. I have 6 tall bookcases, one 7-shelf is totally Nora. I took my 3rd bedroom and turned it into my library. I started re-reading the IDs back in October from the beginning, I’m up to Judgment. Nora is an author that I can re-read at any time and get the same or more enjoyment out of the story each time. The one thing that annoys me most is that I only have one pair of eyes!

          2. I feel the same way about the characters feel like “family”. When I think I couldn’t love a story more, I read the next and get hooked! Love it!

          1. I too have found an AMAZING read with Nora/J.D Robb books. I do not have the room to buy her books but have found them at the library and they are willing to order those not on the shelves. I CAN NOT get enough of Nora’s writings. I get about 5 books a month. I get other authors when NR is not available. Ms. Roberts, just a note to you,,, Roarke/Dallas should not have children. Isn’t he building a place for orphaned children???
            Thanks SO MUCH for great reads!!!

        3. Hello,
          You can actually do an internet search for a list of Nora Roberts books and it will give you a variety of options. I’ve just downloaded and printed one by year. It’s current through 2015 but I can write in the 2016 books for now.

          Hope this helps and good luck.

        4. If you go to her website they have a list of her books in order. Print out and check off what you already have or read.

          1. Great info about how to find out what ID book highlights which characters. Thanks!

        5. I have been able to complete my ‘Nora’ collection by pulling the list of books off her website ( If you can’t access it there, I googled it, and found a complete list. Then, I started searching. What I could find in bookstores, I bought. What I couldn’t find, I searched Ebay or Barnes and Noble. The internet is your friend!! (My husband thinks I am quite insane, because my built in bookcase is nothing but Nora, and my other bookcases are other authors 🙂 ) Good luck, and happy hunting!

          1. I started reading Nora Roberts books about 3 months ago. I have read 11 books so far. I just can’t put them down once I start to read. Right now I have 52 of her books. Every where I go, I take my list with me & I end up buying more books by Nora. My husband comes with me & he will take all Nora books & put them in one spot so I can go through them. All I have to do is go by my list. I usually come home with 5 or 10 books on my list, then I cross those off.

        6. Local second-hand book stores are a great way to flesh out your collection and also contribute to smaller, local businesses in your area. After reading a couple of the In Death series books, I had to find the beginning and go through them in order. Since then, I have re-read them three times including aloud to my husband who now waits impatiently for the next “Eve” book. Happy hunting!

        7. I have my own list I made. It seperates them by trilogy, series, shiloutte and more. If you would like a copy please feel free to get in touch with me.

        8. My husband loves Nora Roberts books. Eve and Roark draw men and women in and along with the many friends that I have introduced her books to. My grandaughter who is 23 reads alot thanks to Nora Roberts. She was hooked on Roarke and wishes she had the nerve of Eve. I love everything she writes and believe she is the best author I have had the pleasure to read. I have all of her books and believe me at 71 it makes my day when I know I can go and pick up a new release. Besides we have read most of her books again and again. Our library is filled with all. Please keep writing

        9. Hello, I’m new to this forum, but I am always happy to pass around some of my favorite authors. Anything by Patricia Briggs is going to be a story well told. Much like Nora Roberts, she is a fantastic story teller, even if you may not like the story, it is well done. Marshall Ryan Maresca’s Maradaine Costabulary is also a new favorite and Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series is always a fun read. If you prefer the mystery, or crime solving more try Linda Fairstein. For a completely different read, CJ Box’s Joe Picket series is off this beaten path. If you are looking for Dallas and Roarke in another series under assumed names, don’t bother, you can never duplicate the yardstick.
          On the chance you were not looking for something other than new reads, try baking. I love to bake, and donate the breads and other goodies to a local soup kitchen, or one of the EMS/police stations in the neighborhood.

      3. I am the same,I never want to end a story. I couldn’t name my favourite book, there are too many to choose!

    2. Hi Everybody I am french so apologize for my bad writting. Just want To share with you how i became Nora’ s fan. Was not very interested on reading books and while i was pregnant and had Time and started To read “la saga des Stanislaski” i liked it so much that now i read one Nora robert’s Novel a week and can’t wait To read some more. Thank you Nora!!

    3. I am re reading Chasing Fire- Did you do research for that with any crews? The descriptions are brilliant! I bought three of the re issues on kindle- the Jack ones… loved them especially the western I never read these first time round so for me they are great. Thank you! MC

    4. Just finished The Collector and loved it. Is this the first book named after the villain? And which Leatherman multi-tool did Lila own? I
      gotta get me one of those. Review on Amazon.

      1. I want to thank Nora Roberts for sharing her exceptional artistic talent. Her ability to paint a picture with words is unsurpassed. She has provided me with hours of enjoyable reading. In my humble opinion, there is no writer out there that can touch her. From romance novels to those fantastic J.D. Robb futuristic murder mysteries…Wow. I rush to get the newest novel as soon as it comes out..just finished The Collector.

        1. I have read almost every Nora Roberts book there is… She paints such a picture.. it is like watching a movie. I recently read an older series “The Macgregors” and am a little confused as it jumps for Ian’s story to Daniel and Anna… trying to figure out the familial connection

          1. I just finished The Liar. It was fabulous!!! I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves NR’s books.

    5. I agree with Nora. I would love to see the story expand to include children but think it would change the texture of the books because Eve is Eve, being a cop is who she is. I also agree about family plus Roarkes extended new family are also becoming her family as they fold her in. Nora, have had no complaints so far as I have loved watching Eve (and Roarke) grow and evolve. You have been perfect so far and don’t expect anything different in the future. Just keep the books coming!!!

      1. I agree with Nora, Eve and Rourke are not ready for children. It has been wonderful to see Eve and Rourke grow and learn to accept their friends and Rourke’s family but they are really just beginning to hit their comfort zone with loving and being loved by each other, it is way too soon for them to have children of their own – biological or adopted. Nora I love how this series has progressed, Eve and Rourke and near and dear to my heart, sometimes I forget they aren’t real but the struggles they face and how they work through all they suffered as children gives hope and encouragement to those who have been abused that they can get through it also – don’t let anyone deter you from your vision for them – they are your’s and only you will know for sure when the time is right for their family to grow again.

        1. What do you mean Dallas and Rourke aren’t real? They’re my friends! Well they feel like the’re my friends since I’ve been with them since the very beginning! They have played such a big part in my life and my imagination that I know exactly what they look like and if the casting director gets it wrong when the series is made – it should be the last job they ever get to do! (Much like whoever cast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher – I have read all Lee Child’s books and will NEVER watch the films – talk about the sublime to the ridiculous!)
          Go Nora and let that incredible imagination go wild! Can’t wait for the next book. From a grateful fan in cold and sleeting South London, England.

          An incredible story teller like Nora Roberts!

          1. You are right, I always worry that when a book becomes a movie, I won’t like the character if its not like I imagined them. Rourke and Eve are described so well though that It would take a really careless casting director to not at least get close to the descriptions.

          2. I don’t watch the movies since Angels Fall. Jonathan Schaech was ok as Brody but Heather Locklear was not Reese. Alyssa Milano, or anyone with long dark hair and Spanish eyes. Heather locklear is the total opposite

      2. Hmmm, children/romance. Can’t see it. NR writes romance, and although she writes kids well, having them involved in the direct romance, except as a catalyst, can’t see why. I think most woman read to escape, usually their kids…ha!

      3. I have to admit I had never read any Nora Roberts books because I don’t really get into the romance books. My daughter-n-law drives a lot on her job and listens to audio books. I had a Dr. appointment in Bangor Me. which is about 90 mi.’s from where we live so she put one of the In Death cd’s in and we were listening to it. I was HOOKED immediately. I was reading the cover and was shocked to see Nora Roberts as J.D. Robb.
        I have every one of the In Death series and have already purchased Festive in Death which comes out this Tues. I listen to these books over and over again. And Susan Ericksen has to be the best Narrator I have ever heard. I can’t wait until Tues. to hear Festive in death.

        1. I have been a listener for over a decade myself and I totally agree about Susan Ericksen. She brings Eve and her friends to life. I don’t think I could do the humor as much justice in my own mind!

          1. I agree about Susan Ericksen! Many a time I’ve been soaking in the tub laughing out loud. It isn’t just the words – it’s the voice giving things just the right tone or zing.

    6. I’ve read every Nora Roberts book she has ever written with the exception of J.D. Robb books. There isn’t one I didn’t love…. McGregeors stand out, Witness also…. Triolgy’s are my favorites any & all….
      My one issue is the timing of the trilogy books… I am older now & in a perfect world the books would come out in a timely fashion…. I know that’s impossible.. I’m up to the second book of the ODwyer triolgy & the third doesn’t come out till Nov… I will have forgotten the other two by the time I get Blood Magick! lol! Age creeps up & I just have to live with it… Keep writing Nora your the best!!!

      1. Do what I do about two weeks before the new book somes out start reading the others over again…..I do this for all of her trilogy’s. Love the books just as much the second/third time as the first.

      2. You should read the In Death series!!! It is amazing. I’ll admit I had some reluctance at first because I am a police officer and I thought the idea of futuristic law enforcement was ridiculous. But I have to admit, I have re-read the entire series about 4 times: All 40+ books/shorts (Just finished Naked In Death yesterday for the 5th time). It is by far my favorite series EVER and I anxiously await every new story. If you love Nora’s writing, you will love the In Death series. I wish we had some of the law enfrocement/forensic capabilities they have in 2058!

        1. I didn’t get hooked on the JD Robb books until I read Remember When. Believe me, that got me going and I wasn’t satisfied until I had them all. I read them over and over, finding things I missed each time. And look forward to each new one with bated breath!!!!!

      3. One of the best parts of a new J D Robb or Nora book is rereading the ones that came before. Then the new book just flows right into the previous books. Enjoy!

        1. I totally agree. Some I have read 3 or 4 times. the characters are stimulating, exciting and just plain wonderful. Favorites for re-reading include: Innocent, Strangers, Reunion, Glory and Origin. I love the fact they’re standalones in that one gets the history even if starting a later one.

        1. I’ll have try one and see,Love most of her books, but a 2004
          Northern Lights book, took me quite by surprise due to the language, I’m a cozy reader and I know she was portraying a character, but i still shocked me. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

          1. Lee, In Death is really a terrific series, so I hope you give it a try. My recollection (somewhat blurry after reading and re-reading virtually every book in the series) is that the language in the first book (maybe the first several books) is a somewhat toned down as compared with later books, so if you made it through Northern Lights you should be OK getting started with the In Death books. And if the early books hook you, you’ll just keep going like the rest of us!

            Other readers have made similar comments to yours — I personally feel that NR does a very capable job of writing realistic dialogue that enhances the believability of her characters and makes the stories that much more “real.”

      4. Marcia: I agree with you. Have been reading Nora’s books from the very beginning and got many friends hooked on her books. My mother loved Blithe Images to much she wore out 4 covers and she died holding it in her hands. If you want to read a REALLY good book, get Whiskey Beach. I’ve read it 4 times and it ‘s become one of my favorites. The Witness and The Collector are terrific too . Also, when you’re reading a trilogy when the new one is about to come out, reread the one before so it the story flows and you remember the characters. It makes for enjoyable reading.

        1. I Have been reading Nora Roberts books for 18 years and love rereading them over and over. I never get rid of any of them and if I misplace one I have to replace it. I just finished rereading The Witness. I always find something new and its like visiting with old friends.

      5. I totally understand how your feel about the trilogies ..I buy them as they come out, then hold on to them until I have all the books and THEN I read them one after the other. It takes strength to leave them there until you have them all, but it’s a lot easier than waiting impatiently for the next one. Give it a try.

        1. You have a will of iron. I like your suggestion, but don’t think I could hold out that long.

    7. I’m so glad to have found your words weaving storytelling and gardening into such a beautiful work of art.
      This was a great way to start my day. Now, should I garden or sew?!

    8. The first book I read was from the In Death series. I could not put the book down until I finished reading it. The next day I was back at the library to find the next book and so it continued until I read all the books our libraries in Cape Town owned.

      I felt as if I was part of the story, such is the power of Nora’s writing.

      I can’t wait to lay my hands on her latest In Death books.

      I have also watched many of the movies made from her other books and hope that a mini series can be made from the In Death books.

    9. I have been reading Nora/Jd since I was 16 (now27) I love her and now I’m reading the second book of the Inn boonsboro trilogy and can I say I love the room names!!! Plus how she drops other authors is so awesome:)

        1. I think it’s SOO wonderful that she wrote the Trilogy about the places in the town, and the Inn and TTP that they own! When I went to the site for the inn, and looked at the rooms, I almost expected honeysuckle to be a signature scent in Elizabeth and Darcy (just finished The Next Always for the fourth time, working on The Last Boyfriend again, now).

    10. I am of Irish decent and have never actually been to Ireland, I love to read all your books but I especially love to read the ones that take place in Ireland. The way you describe it in your books makes me feel as if I am there. I hope someday to travel there and see it for myself. Thanks Kathleen

    11. I’ve been a Nora Roberts fan for years, now, I review audiobooks so need to get started on listening to a few.
      Think I will start afresh, not with those I’ve read in book form.
      Always guaranteed a good read with a Nora!

    12. I love the relationship between Eve and Roake. I the real this is what a relationship should be, honest, accepting, trusting and faithful. Everything thing is on the table. This is who I am, not who you want me to be. Accept it or walk away. This is true love. The key that lock is communication. “How can two walk together unless they agree. ” -Amos3:3. (See 1Corinthians:4-8). I hope you continue to write Roake and Eve story, I am waiting on the next one. I am also collecting the series. Out of all the books I have read these are among my favorites.

      1. Nora weaves some positive role models into her relationships. There are clues nestled in there, in the context of experience, which is the most palatable format. I’ve wanted to mark my favorite vignettes, but soon realized I’d have the whole book full of poignant passages.

    13. Hey everyone! I found my first Nora Roberts book “The Mcgregor Brides” and was hooked! I started looking for anything that she wrote and then one day I happened to see “Immortal in Death” and thought what the heck it sounds good. Can you imagine how I felt when I realized it was the third book? Well, by the time I found and read the first two, there was 3 more to read!! I was in Heaven and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I find out that JD Robb was my favorite author under another name!!! I have been following her and reading everything I could get my hands on ever since! Now I just want to get Digital copies of all my physical copy books, so I can carry them with me anywhere and not worry that they will get messed up!

    14. I just finished the Dark Witch Trilogy and it was wonderful. The characters were wonderful and I was so sad when I finished reading. I felt like I knew them and went to Ireland every time I picked it up. Bravo

    15. My first books were the key trilogy and private scandals I was in high school I still have all four plus a ton more Nora has been my favorite author for a very long time now

    16. Hello! I have been trading Nora a long time. My Mom gave me my furst book Carolina Moon and she and I wouls awap books back and forth. It was a great wsy for us to connect as I moved away ffom home and followed my hubby around in the Marine Corps. Thank you for that! Now on to my burning question….I just finished Year One and as a proud Penn Stater noticed the reference to Eric being a student there. This was the 2nd reference to Penn State in the last couple books. The victim in The Obsession ransferred from WVU to Penn State. So, do you have an affiliation with Penn State or is it just a coincidence? Thanks and keep on writing!

    17. I actually can’t remember the first Nora story I read. I know my mother gave it to me. My favorite story are the Quinns. I read it every spring.

      I need a question answered and I am not sure how to go about
      The way to get the answer.
      So here goes. I am 94 years of age. Have been a fan of NR for years.
      At one time I read her book of a man who bought a chain of
      Boutique Hotels, the manager of his last purchase wants nothing
      Changed so the have a time getting on the same page. That’s
      The story however the description of our hero was everything
      My husband was. It was uncanny, so now my husband has been
      Gone for 19 years and I am forgetting him. I need to read the book again. Can you give me the name please?
      One thing I think is right is the dedication is “to my own carpenter guy”. Please help if you can”

    19. My first book was Remember When then I read Naked in Death and I was hooked ,I read most of her in Death series and now reading them over again .I loved Leverage In Death and buy them as fast as Nora writes them !

    20. I can’t remember which Nora Roberts title I read first, it was from the library, but I enjoyed it, and read a few more, now and then, after that. The first one I was really impressed with, and bought for myself, was The Search. But then I came across two titles from the In Death series, and that was it, it was mostly J.D. Robb from that moment on… I now own the whole series, have read it twice, and have added the novellas as well. I even have a few on CD to play in the car. I’m an Eve Dallas addict! (By the way, if you’re an In Death series fan, it could be interesting to read the Night Tales series – you’ll find what I would call ‘practice sessions’ for the In Death series, complete with a southern belle ADA by the name of O’Roarke, a multi-millionaire who lives in an urban castle-like mansion, a police detective, later lieutenant, and many more aspects that clearly foreshadowed or inspired the In Death series.)

    21. Hi my name is Julie. I have read all of the In Death series to date and have really enjoyed everyone of them. I love Nora’s books and cant wait for the next series to come out. I did get the latest ONE but could read because it was about a pandemic and in these times couldnt face it.

    22. I can’t remember my first book but Nora is my “go to” author……my absolute favourite. I recently had food surgery and re read the “in death series” for what has to be the 6th time. I find sometimes I still get a tiny piece I may have missed. Or make a connection about something.
      Nora is by far the most talented author.

  2. I can’t say that I was a big fan of Nora’s when she was writing for Silhouette. However, once I found the In Death Series, I was hooked. I have gone back and read most of what she has written, but I’m still not a fan of the ones in the Silhouette series.

    1. I want to thank Nora for being such an inspiration. I finally after 59 years have fulfilled a dream of mine since I was 8 years old. I published my first mystery novel A CHILD IS TORN: INNOCENCE LOST and am currently on my third, with the second due out in FEB.
      I WANT TO THANK NORA and other authors like her for giving me a love of reading and inspiring me to write.

    2. I agree about the Silhouette books. The book that did it for me was Dance Upon the Air. Nora Roberts is the only author who I’ve read everything they’ve written, besides Stephen King, who along with Nora, are the only authors who have actually voiced things I’ve thought myself, or their characters have, like Stellas’ opinion of Graceland in Blue Dahlia.

    3. I was not really a fan of Nora’s until I discovered that “in death” series, now she can’t write fast enough for me.

    4. I actually liked the Silhouette’s a lot as she did numerous series with them. Many of them have been re-released. The McGregors, The Night Shift, Irish rebel, The Stanislaski’s, The McKade’s…….. If you read some of the series as a groups you may find that you like them more.

      1. The McGregor series what so well written. I was sick last summer for a couple of months and reread all the series. Since I hadn’t looked at them for a few years, they were delightful all over again.

        1. I just finished the Circle of the Gods trilogy. I cried at the end. It touched me deeply. Nora, you are a goddess of the written word. May your pen never run dry!

    1. Susan: I soooo totally agree with you! I’m loving watching Eve’s & Roarke’s marriage grow as well as Ian & Delia’s relationship. Remember, they agreed to get married when they’re ready so we have that to look forward to. I’m convinced Eve is going to hit a wall, face her own mortality and finally seriously consider a captaincy and kids. I’m so loving watching Bella Eve grow and I’m looking forward to Sean Lanigan and Nixie Swisher hooking up. They would make a really good Eve and Roarke junior couple. I’m also waiting to see what Jaimie winds up doing with himself and working with Eve on the force when he finally joins the NYPSD.

  3. i absolutely love all the books….. i have made a mini library for them!!! eve n roarke are my favorite though!

  4. My first Nora Roberts book was Hot Ice, and I was hooked. I have hardcover copies of most of her books and my Kobo is loaded with a lot of them. I find myself rereading the In Death series often, as I identify strongly with Eve. My favorite group of books by Nora by far is the In Death series

  5. I always tell my friends that the In Death series is all about the characters. The mysteries and crimes are the backdrop for the story of how Eve finds and develops her family. I love re-reading the books and watching them come together and figure things out.

  6. the JD Robb’s are So much fun, first of all- and they are visually fun too- taking place in NYC (mostly 🙂 in the future, where cars can fly~ The characters are perfect- and there is humor throughout – even though it’s about death- it’s more about – life, for me- they all are- thoroughly enjoyable!

    1. I agree….the books are about the characters….and they are friends of all of ours. My first In Death book was something that I was given by a co-worker at the hospital where I worked. She explained what it was basically about and gave me the book….I did NOT think I wanted to read it but I finally did….and introduced them to my family. I have many times answered my phone with hurry up….I am fixing to have sex with Roarke so I can’t talk….I love these books and the characters….I wish I had kept them all and not shared but on the other hand I know someone else now knows these “friends” of mine….

  7. My first Nora Roberts book was “Thoroughbreds” Trilogy I think. That was quite a while ago. The first J D Robb book was Naked in Death. I have a complete library of her books. Most of them are in storage still from my last move so I check them out of the library in paper back, Audio and E-book formats. I prefer her writing style to most of my other previously loved authors. I like the settings she chooses for her books and how detailed the lifestyles and character portraits are. I look forward to re-reading a series more than once a year. When I want to enjoy a book and spend some time with old friends I reach for one of Nora Robert’s books.

    1. I agree with Jane. Nora’s characters are my friends and nothing makes me more content then going back and spending time with them.

    1. Mine was Naked In Death. Read the blurb about it and was intrigued. Hooked ever since. I agree Eve and Roarke aren’t ready yet to have a child.

  8. I don’t recall the first book of Nora’s that I read but of the 67 books on my bookshelves, the Irish trilogies
    were among my favorites. These books were the reason for a dream trip to Ireland. (thank you, Nora. It was a trip of my lifetime) Another of my favorites is Robert and Darcy’s stories from the MacGregors. I will start Whiskey Beach that arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you Nora for all the hours of pleasure.

  9. Can’t be sure what the first book I read was, as I have so many. I love the In Death series, Eve & Roark are great characters; and the rest of the regulars are too. The Irish books are also great, I’m looking forward to the new series set in Ireland. Haven’t bought Whiskey Beach yet, I’m waiting until late June (I have a two week cruise then), so I will have it for the trip. Can’t get it sooner, ’cause once I have it I won’t be able to wait – I’ll have to start reading it right away.

  10. You asked the question on FB – is the In Death books as good as the rest – my answer – Oh my greatness it is totally amazing! The emotions of the characters draws you in and you feel every emotion! I love the series and cannot stop reading it. As soon as I finished one book, I immediately purchase the next ebook…. I Love the series… Thank you Nora… And thank you to my friend Elena who introduced me to the series…

  11. I just wanted to thank you for this Blog. I feel like I am part of the biggst Book Club in the world since the responses come from all around the Earth. There is no doubt that everyone has read “the book”. Nobody is putting on airs searching for the “true and deep meaning” behind every passage. I have a degree in English Literature and hate that intellectuals ruin all great books by disecting them searching for the deeper meaning. I love hearing real peoples’ opinions of the books they read for enjoyment. There is no doubt that NR/JDR books are read for the love of reading, not to prove the reader is “deep “. THANKS again for allowing us to share.

    1. Linda,

      We’re just thrilled that so many people came out to play here. The FB pages are so energetic and so “in the moment” that it’s fun to have a place to have longer discussions that everyone can track.

      See you around~

      1. Dear Laura,

        I have just arrived at these pages, I was so scared that my most revered author would have feet of clay and thank God she is so very normal and not all fluffy kittens and rainbows, exactly as I pictured her Phew….I am enjoying reading all the comments make. Great fun kepp up the good work you do.
        Christina x

      2. Hey Laura:

        I retired so I did not get my newsletter. My old e-mail was I also have a new home address because I moved from Seattle to North Carolina. If you could e-mail me so I can give you my new address so I can get my schedule for next year (I’ve received them for the last few years) I would appreciate it. If it’s not possible that’s ok. Have a good Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do.

    2. I agree about the biggest book club! I just finished Honest Illusions…it was the best of all the Nora Roberts I have read…wish it would go on and on! Would make a super movie!

      1. Barb, I was feeling really frustrated because i couldn’t recall the first NR book I read, and thanks to your comment I now remember it was Honest illusions. I’ve read almost every book she’s written (as Nora Roberts and as J.D. Robb — the In Death books are my favorites), and I’ve got to say that one has definitely stood the test of time. I think I’ve read it four times by now!

  12. This is in reply to the question on the In Death series. I had been a reader of Norah Roberts for a long time and then picked one of the In Death Series on a lark. I was hooked and I did not read them in order but I have read them all. I wait patiently for each new one that comes out. I absolutely am in love with the characters because Norah makes them so real. Of course like every woman out there…I am in love or lust with Roarke. Did I spell that right? Not my strong suit. I really hope that they are not made for TV or movies. I don’t mind the single books being made but it would ruin the mystique of the characters to cast someone to play them. i don’t have any of the books because I have passed them on to a group of friends I have that share books. I even send them to Pittsburgh to our cousins and she and her husband are hooked. PLEASE if you have not read one….DO! they are like chips. You can’t have just one.

    1. You sound like you know the series pretty well. I’ve read all of the In Death books at least once, and some more often and, like you, wait for new ones to come out. I am trying to figure out which book has the “scene” where Roarke is standing in a field in Ireland and Eve finds him there in a helicopter-type vehicle. He is having some sort of problem making a decision about something or other – can’t remember the details, but I remember that scene. Do you know which book this is from or where/how I could find out?

      1. Marybeth,

        I think that scene is from Portrait in Death. Roarke has gone to Ireland, alone, to meet Sinead and the rest of his family. He’s standing in the field processing all the emotions he has when he hears the helicopter. Knowing how Eve feels about heights and flying and knowing she came to him anyway, makes that scene an all-time favorite.

        Back in to edit. It’s Chapter 18, starting on page 270 … Well, I just HAD to go look right? Lol. Guess I know what I’ll be reading tonight!

      2. I just found this ‘new’ blog for all things Nora Roberts.

        Like others, I own and have read all the JD Robb books – many about a half dozen times already.
        I own many and have read what I believe is just about all the books written under Nora Roberts.

        You’ve just described my favorite all time scene in all the In Death series books. I’ll bet I’ve read that – and the first three – more than any others. I just can’t get enough!

    2. I’m also glad In Death has been left alone by T.V. Nora creates her characters so clearly that I have trouble reconciling Heather Locklear as Reece Gilmore or Leanne Rhimes as Meg Galloway. Also, the books are so rich in character & detail that it would really be impossible (in my opinion) to make a movie that stands up to the books.

    3. I agree with the hope that the J. D. Robb in death books do not become movies. Imagination is everything!
      And everyone’s own mind eye see’s Nora’a imagination in our own way. It would be terrible to try to cast an actor for any of the roles.

      I was SO disappointed when Evanovich’s Italian melted chocolate brown eyed Moralli showed up on screen with BLUE eyes!

      I have seen Nora’s stories on video from the Lifetime channel. But since I hadn’t read the books first, I enjoyed them as a separate type of entertainment.

      My first introduction to Nora/J.D. was ” Remember When” on Audio from the library. A disc had a bad scratch so I had to get the hard cover and discovered J. D. Robb. Then I had to go on a great search to start at the beginning with Naked in Death. Now I just finished “Salvation in Death”.

      I agree that Nora’s writing style is very enjoyable and Susan Erickson is the best reader of any I’ve heard.
      They both put the pictures in my head – which is why I really have to skip the very grossest crime scenes.
      I don’t enjoy terrible things happening to women in fiction for entertainment, because I know too well how many women suffer so many terrible things every minute.

      Nora does have a wonderful way of bring out the best in her characterizations and ultimately a satisfying wrap up to the story’s search for justice.

      thanks for this opportunity to share.

  13. My first book was the Sisters Island Trilogy. LOVED them and got me completely hooked on Nora and then JD Robb. I read it at least every 3 months. Have all of her books in HB/PB and digitally. I read several of her trilogies/quartets multiple times and have recommended them to anyone who would listen LOL

    I was in Boonsboro a few months ago and HAD to go to TTP and buy something. I would love to come to one of the book signings but am several hours away. I did purchase the latest trilogy for my mother in law for Christmas and had them signed, she loved it 🙂

    Looking at staying at the Inn when my husband’s schedule and my travel schedule permit 🙂

  14. My first Nora book was Three Fates. I absolutely LOVE that book! I started reading Nora at 16 and I’m now 20. With each new book I read of hers I fall more and more in love with her writing. She helped to inspire me to become a writer and I hope to someday be at least half as great as she is.

  15. My first book was Best Laid Plans, after that, I went hunting for Nora Roberts books. I have most of them in hard cover, paperback, and now Kobo. I share them with colleagues and friends, only if they leave me their one government id. I was introduced to In Death series by a co-worker. Now I own the series, right up to date; Calculated In Death. Eve, Roake and the gang are like old friends, who get together every now and than. If I miss them too much, I pick up one of the books and here they all are again.

  16. Are the In Death books great? Just pick up one book and I promise you will be hooked. Love Eve, Rourke, Mavis, Peabody, and all the rest. I’m re-reading them all (again 🙂 ) and enjoying them just as much as the first time – over 10 years ago.

    1. It is so nice to see some one else re-reading the In Death Books. I have read some of the early ones (before Hardbacks) as many as 8 times. I have them all in several formats and will keep adding in the new ones. When I can no longer read I’ll hire someone to read them to me! At 72 I still enjoy a good story with believable characters and lots of fun. It is nice to feel like part of the gang of Nora Roberts lovers. She is the best.

      1. Just like you, I re-read the In Death series and would often go from the first book and read through until the most recent book. It’s amazing to see Nora’s writing style through the years, but more than that – it’s amazing to read such varied, vivid, stories where some of your favorite characters comes back.

        When I need a pick me up, I honestly go back and read the first two books – Naked and Glory. I just love how Eve and Roarke came together – he was her suspect, he couldn’t let go of the button that fell off her ugly coat. It’s so romantic but it has this edgy vibe and each time I read both books, it still gives me the same tingles and butterflies in my stomach when they fall in love.

        Once when I was on a two week vacation, I packed all of my In Death books and whatever I had in my eReader. I spent most of my time laying on the beach re-reading the series from Naked In Death to Visions in Death. I had a blast!! Started Naked and Glory while on the plane, then just kept going until I got to Visions in Death. That was when Nora still only had 21 In Death books. Now that she has over 40, it’s going to be a little tough to re-read all of them during vacation. I suppose I’ll just have to make it like a year-long event.

        Roberta – if you ever want someone to just read the books to you, I’ll volunteer to give you a call or we can Skype. Would happily do it for a loyal fan.

  17. I was at a bookstore at least 12 years ago looking for a new book to read and found the “in Death” books. There were about 6-7 of them at that time. I checked all the published dates and grabbed the earliest one which turned out to be Glory in Death. I was hooked! I then figured out I needed to get Naked in Death to really start it. Finally found it at a used book store! Then proceeded to find the rest until I then had to wait for a new one to come out! Boy, that was a long wait, or at least it seemed to be. I had never read Nora’s at that point so decided since i had to wait for the next In Death i would try some of Nora’s.
    I’ve probably read them all by now and have enjoyed them all, but Eve and Roarke and the gang will always be my favorite! Now I’m either at the store the day any in Death comes out or ordering it on Amazon! Thanks so much!

  18. Naked in death was my first a friend loaned it to me when we discussed that I don’t like romance books but loved sci if fantasy and crime dramas. So she loaned me her copy and when I saw it was by Nora Roberts I was put off and almost didn’t read it….. I’m so glad I did I went out a bought all my own copies of the In Death series and I have ventured into some of Nora’s romance books too and enjoyed them as well I like the inns boonsboro books, and the Search and the Witness and the Chesapeake bay series I have kept all of them when I finished because I know I will go back and read them again. I am thankful my friend insisted that I would love the in death series and made me read it. Thanks you Nora for such wonderful and non typical romance books.

  19. Naked in Death was my first one – it was a sale item on tempting people by letting them have the first of a series cheaper – and boy did it work!!! I have all of “in Death” series as audiobooks. Once I’d caught up with what was available in that series I switched to Nora’s other books that were available as audio from them, and now I’m filling in the gaps with kindle copies, plus am buying hard copies of second hand ones as I can find them to leave in my holiday house. Get absolutely wrapped up in the story and eagerly await Nora’s next book, regardless of who she is writing as.

  20. The first Nora Roberts book I picked up,I was hooked and absolutely love her writing.J.D.Robb books are my favorite but all of them are my hearts desire!

  21. I was wondering if you had a list of the In Death Series books in chronological order when they were written. I just started reading them about a year ago and I know I am missing some and would like to have the complete set from start to “Calculated In Death”. Where can i find them?
    Thank you.

  22. As far as spoiler alerts by readers, I’m not find of them. But, I do miss Nora’s little bit on the next in a series like In Death that she used to do when this series first started. Just a taste of what’s to come. 🙂

  23. When will the Death series be in hardback, I have half in paperback then half in hardback. Would like to have a full collection in hardback. Any thoughts about that? Started reading Nora when she was with Harlequin, guess that shows my age.

    1. Sharaine –

      I have the same situation where I would love to have all of the In Death series in hard cover. I mostly try to find the hard covers online – I just Google or Bing “JD Robb first edition hard cover” and go from there. Most of the first books are no longer in hard cover print so finding them is tough. I go to second hand bookstores as well – but it’s a hit or miss. If you just want the hard cover version of the book, those are easier to find than narrowing your search by trying to find first edition versions. Sometimes and may have used hard cover books that you can pick up online.

      Also, I don’t think the first two books were published in hard cover. Laura could maybe clarify, but I haven’t been able to find them in hard cover.

      1. Actually, Immortal through Imitation have never been published in hardcover in the US. When the series switched to hardcover first with Divided, the plan was to reprint all the earlier books in hardcover. Unfortunately, sales were lower than expected for Naked and Glory ( I think you can still find them on Amazon) and the program was cancelled.

        So the hardcovers available in the US are from book clubs like Doubleday or large print publishers.

        Maybe someday those earlier books will be reprinted, but not just yet.


        1. I found a host of the first books at the “used Books” stores. There are only a few that are included in the “Novellas” that I haven’t been able to find.

  24. Hi I know Nora will probably not read this but I will address it to her anyway.
    I just finished reading Whiskey Beach. It was a wonderful story, a rise from adversity. I am kind of in a low place right now and have received some hard knocks. It was nice to read about coimng back from the dead. Having a place like Bluff House to go to certainly would not hurt either or the money to support you while you fall apart and try to rise from the ashes. Anyway I read it cover to cover and enjoyed it much more than the latest Eve and Raorke which I read last week! It was well written and wonderful to become a part of.
    I hope there are more such stories to come!

  25. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t reading Nora or JD and continually recomend them to any one that hasn’t tried them.

  26. My first Nora book was Divine Evil and sadly i don’t have it anymore, but I’ve been hooked ever since!!

    1. I love Devine Evil and Public Secrets. Two of my favs. A long long time ago, in a place very near, I met a very nice new author at Walden books in Hagerstown Valley Mall. She signed one of her books for me that day. At her very first signing at ttp, my friend and I showed up early. We got Montana Sky. I stayed up all night reading it. Had absolutely no interest in the JR Robb books…but a coworker kept saying “you will love them”. And boy did I!!!! Read all 17 of them in the month of Oct that year and have been hooked, or addicted ever since. My son, God bless him, would always just roll his eyes when I got a new Nora book. And leave me alone until I finished it. Keldra

  27. My first book was Hidden Riches. Still a favorite Of course who doesn’t love Roarke ?

    1. My 1st book was Hidden Riches as well. I was hooked! I participate in the TTP program that has Nora autographing each new publication to subscribers personally. I get such a kick out of that.

      Does anyone know in which book Eve discovered that it was Summerset who killed Patrick Roarke? The first I remember seeing a reference to that was in Thankless in Death. Would like to know how or why Eve was sure that it was Summerset who did the deed.

  28. I don’t remember the first Nora Roberts I read-I’ve been reading them a very long time, but when I read Hidden Riches, it became my favorite. It is still my favorite!

  29. Yes that is why I can’t wait for the latest in death book. Still waiting to hear how Nixie and Kevin are doing.
    Love Eve and Roarke. Still trying to put a face to both.

  30. has lists of all her In Death Books in order with the years they came out. This was my check list for my purchases. I have all of them, but the best was “New York to Dallas” in my opinion.

  31. Just returned from a two night stay at the Inn. We had such a lovely time! It is so worth going . Read the Inn series again before you go and you will see so many more things! Dans was awesome as well as Vesta – had to have a warrior of course! The ionly thing missing was meeting Nora, she has put together a wonderful staff at the Inn from the inn keepers to the lovely ladies who prepare your room. Even met a fellow blogger!

  32. I don’t remember the first book of Nora’s that I read but I have all but 7 of her books and I re-read them constantly! I just LOVE her style of writing. The In deaths are amazing and a BIG favorite of mine. Thanks for the stories Nora and looking forward to more.

  33. Just finished “The Witness” and loved it. One question: Inside the front cover is a picture of my dream house. Does any one know where the picture was taken?

    1. It does look like a dream house. Wish I knew where it was, but I only know where it isn’t. It isn’t Nora’s house, lol.

      I loved the photo and let my imagination run wild … I’ve decorated the inside several times.

      Gearing up to leave the ocean for the plains while wishing for a cabin in the woods!

  34. I am on my ninth listening of the JD Robb “In Death Series”, my favorite series ever. I love Eve & Roarke and Susan Ericksen brings all Nora Roberts characters to life. My favorite book so far is Born in Death, the funniest by far amidst the murders. I’ve purchased Calculated in Death, but I’m waiting until I listen to all the books for the ninth time to listen to the new one. What’s next for Eve, Roarke & all their friends?

  35. Just finished reading CHASING FIRE and really learned what the forest fire fighters and smoke jumpers go through and how extremely difficult their work is. Now I just heard that 17 firefighters were killed fighting the fires in Arizona and I’m so heartbroken, especially now that Nora ha shown us so clearly how tough the work is and how dedicated and brave the smoke jumpers are. It has touched me so deeply because now I more realistically know what they suffered.

  36. Thank you Nora for some really awesome books. The In Death series is my absolute favourite. I can’t wait for the next one to come out and I always find myself going back and reading others in the series, *smiles*

  37. Love the In Death series, read all that have come out in paperback (hard cover too expensive). Just reading Celebrity In Death, found a small error , Rourke talking about a poker game where his heart flush beat a full house. A flush doesn’t beat a full house, not unless it’s a straight flush.

  38. I especially love Nora’s books that have magic and spirits in them, as I’m a big SyFi fan. And the Irish series are awesome. Her Irish characters are so fun-loving and funny. I think my favorite was the Gallaghers.

  39. I started reading Nora when my two boys were babies and I had to have a story that would wait until I had a few minutes to get back to it, unlike TV or movies. I definitely fell into the MacGregors who were the family I wished I had. My husband had left shortly after my diagnosis of breast cancer and my life was being spent doing things that I hadn’t chosen for myself. The long appointments and tests were filled with stories that I could count on having a happy ending. That lifted my spirits and made me remember that things do work out sometimes.
    I’ve been a Nora fan ever since and haven’t missed a single book or story and they still transport me to other places and times. The tragedy of the Fire Jumpers in Arizona last week reminded me that I had learned all about their lives and skills and techniques in ‘Chasing Fire’ in 2011. It made me appreciate what they do and to grieve for their situation with more knowledge than most.
    Thank you Nora, for your continued expansion of my world.

  40. I am new to Nora Roberts’ excellent books. I bought my first one last year (my age is 67) – Book one of the Bridal Quartet. Before I even got finished I quickly ran out and got the other 3. To date I have read 51 of her wonderful books … I own 21 one of them. I realized I would have to start writing down the titles because I really love them and can’t see me stopping anytime soon. I’m just delighted!!!! If you can hear me “Thank you, Nora!!!” I haven’t tried the “In death” series, but in time, I may.

    By the way, were you all aware they have a “seek-and-find” video game of Nora Roberts “Vision of White” book (book one of the Bridal Quartet). I hope they do all four of them. Some of the other books would work well for video games too.

  41. My first Nora Robert’s novel was Montana Sky. I was hooked! I bought the book for 25 cents at a garage sale…best investment I ever made. I now own every book she has written, including the In Death series. I’ve read the older books Nora wrote for Silhouette such as Without a Trace and enjoyed them but they are not my favorites. Like many other readers I re-read some of the stories over and over especially when I’m out of books and cannot find an author to capture my attention. Nora is the best! I love the fact that when I pick up a new book I never know where it will take me; Ireland, the Caribbean, New York, the Pacific Northwest…wonderful reading!

  42. Oooh I remember my first Nora! It was Night Shield.. I was hooked. I remember trying to avoid the In Death series for a long on the account of it being a series and I get obsessed.. and I was right.. I am obsessed with them…

  43. I love Nora Roberts books, especially the trilogies; I look forward to reading about the same characters again, but with a different story line. I started reading all of Nora’s books at the local library, but they couldn’t keep up with me, so I just had to buy them as soon as they were released. I’ve read a few of the JD Robb books, but prefer Nora’s romances. Nora has been such an inspiration to me. In the past year I realized my dream, and have self-published 2 books. When I wanted to make a decision regarding my marketing, I asked this one question “WWND”, “What Would Nora Do”? This really helped me to make decisions by thinking in those terms. Thank you Nora for taking me all over the world, and creating such magical places for me to visit when I need to get away for a few minutes each day. I’m anxiously waiting to read your next story! Thank you for being such a great inspiration.

  44. Recently flipping through a magazine I caught sight of a picture and thought “that’s what Eve looks like.” It was a picture of Ann Hathaway when she had a shorter ‘do. I would love to see some of the In Death series on the screen.

    1. Jeanne –

      I do think Anne can pull of Eve, but I worry that the movie won’t do justice to the characters or to the story lines. I’ve often wished that In Death were made into movies, but the movies would never get close to the book itself. Unless it’s treated like the Twilight Saga where Stephanie Meyer was consulted every step of the way. Twilight is perhaps the only series I’ve read where they come close to the actual book.

      If In Death were to be made into the movie, should they start with Naked or pick one from any of the 40 some odd JDR books?

      1. Im with you on tv leaving the In Death books alone . Nora/JD are the best love their books the garden triology is great In Death series can’t be beat .

    2. No! again glad you have Ann Hathaway as your image of Eve, but definitely not for me!

      I remember when someone asked why the publisher too Eve’s picture off the book. It was Nora wearing her fabulous long leather coat against a NY skyline background…..

      Please Nora keep writing and don’t sell Eve to movies. Please, Please…

  45. Dear Nora, I am such a huge fan of your writing. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for all the many, many years of reading pleasure your books have brought me. I’ve read many other writers, but none compare to your enjoyable writing style, your endearing characters and your captivating, page-turning stories. I especially love the strong, independent yet vulnerable female leads. I just started your Inn Boonsboro series, book one, and I cannot put it down! I had no idea this is a real place, not to mention YOUR place, until I googled it today! What a pleasant suprise! That makes the story so much more ALIVE! I really love it (especially smokin’ hot Beckett, M-E-O-W!). I wish I could visit your lovely Inn. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ….sincerely, a HUGE fan!

  46. I enjoy Nora Roberts more than all. I would love to see her series of The Titans or The Montgomery men to become a movie series such as Deb Macombers Cedar Cove.

  47. First gonna say LOVE Nora Roberts’ books, and I have but one question: I know the movies that were made from Montana Sky, Angels Fall, Northern Lights, Tribute, Blue Smoke, High Noon, Midnight Bayou, and Carolina Moon were HIGHLY popular amongst us Nora fans but I was wondering if maybe there would ever be movies made from the popular trilogy series’? If so, that would be plain awesome! 🙂

    1. Lindsey,

      A lot of readers would love to see the trilogies come to life on tv or in a theater, but so far no production company has stepped forward with a viable plan to do so. We’ll let everyone know if that ever changes!


  48. I have read and re-read every book by Nora. The “In Death” books are by far my favorites. When it is time for a new “In Death” book, I start from the beginning and re-read the series before buying the newest. I also love the trilogies she writes, especially the ones with a paranormal bent.

  49. In 2000 my then 78 year old mother and my aunt and uncle who were both 81 and I traveled to Ireland and Scotland for three weeks. It was a ‘last fling to see our favorite place’ for my aunt and uncle, a first-time-abroad trip for my mother and a second-time-around trip for me. I was along as the designated driver for the other three. Prior to leaving my UNCLE was adamant that my mother and I read the Ardmore trilogy because he said it would give us a real sense of Ireland.

    I had never read any Nora before. Two chapters into Jewels of the Sun I was a complete fan and so was my mother. I remember how absolutely wonderful it was to look her up on Amazon and see a gajillion books out there for me to read. And then, about 3 years later to discover she was J. D. Robb with a whole new series for me to sink into.

    I will be forever grateful to my uncle for bringing Nora’s books into my life!

    1. Nancy,

      I had to tell you how much your story touched me, just like a Nora book does. How absolutely fantastic to read the Ardmore series and then get to visit Ireland! It’s stories like yours that makes me glad I’m a Nora fan and even gladder that I found this site!

      Jeannie Marie

  50. Not to long ago a client of mine introduced me to Nora’s book The Witness. I was hooked from page 1. Since then I have read Whiskey Beach, The Chesapeake Bay Saga’s, and The Inn BoonsBoro trilogy. Anxiously awaiting The Perfect Hope. I fall in love with the characters introduced and wish the books would never end. So many more to read. Yay!

  51. Picking a favorite NR/JDR book? That to me sounds like a dilemma. With all of the many books that Nora has written – under her name and as JD Robb – how does one truly go about picking a favorite book? Okay, there are some stories or trilogies that may not have appealed as much as others but picking a favorite NR or JDR book is like saying what’s your favorite song of all time! If I was a new fan and haven’t already devoured all NR/JDR books, I could easily pick The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy as a favorite (even then, it’s still isn’t one book – it’s three books!) But being a fan of over two decades, how does one really pick a favorite book?

    The first book I ever read was back in college when my Resident Advisor accidentally left Daring to Dream in my room. Boy, was I hooked. As we all remember, college years are lean years where money for paperbacks is reserved for actual school books. That’s when I would raid the public library to try to find the books or you become best friends with your RA so you can borrow her Dream Trilogy (actually, my RA was really cool and we hung out a lot)! I still remember saving up Christmas and tip money to buy the latest paperback and my Dad wondering why I had tons of boxes filled with paperback books when I moved out of the dorm =), which I still have all of them. Who could ever forget Margot and Josh, or Mr and Mrs T or that witch Candy???!!! (Nora does have a way of creating great characters – even the nemesis – you just want to meet the character in person and sock ’em one!)

    Then I got hooked on the MacGregors. I can maybe say that all of the MacGregor books are my favorites (see – still can’t pick just one!). I was so glad when Daniel and Anna’s story was released in “All The Possibilities” after reading all about the Clan MacGregor.

    But then there’s the Chesapeake Bay series, my next favorites. Loved all the characters and the story lines. This one was more gritty, less fairy tale-like, but the drama, suspense and romance of all 4 books – loved it! What was so enjoyable (and could be envious of) is the dynamic between the brothers and the women they fall in love with. To have a family whose bond is that strong and love flows so unconditionally – it warms my heart and seriously give me a nice boost.

    I won’t even get into which JDR book is my favorite. I still can’t decide between Naked and Glory, then each time I re-read the books, I fall in love (chuckle, cry, laugh out loud, get pissed off when Eve and Roarke gets into a fight – yada, yada) with all of them all over again.

    Perhaps the best that I can say about picking a favorite NR or JDR book is it would be the one that is currently queued in my iPad or the hard cover sitting on top of my night stand. These books are like good, rich, European chocolates – can’t just pick one – gotta have them all.

    1. Michelle,

      Had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments – they made me laugh and smile and reminded me quite a bit of my own Nora experiences. Thank you so much for sharing!

      Jeannie Marie

  52. First Nora book was Honest Illusions, I still have it, worn out but still so readable. Last actual book purchased was the final book in the Brides series. Everything else since then is on my Kindle which I love but I do still come pull the original older books from my shelves to read, sometimes you just the need the real thing! Inn Boonsboro: it’s like Nora “Robertsland” all around the building and the town, much like how Walt Disney must have felt the first time he walked down Main Street U.S.A. I love that they have both made fictional places come to life for everyone to enjoy!

  53. I can’t remember which title I’ve read first. I love all of them including the In Death series. I’ve been reading Nora’s books since 1986 in my sophomore year at university. It all started through book rentals until the time I can afford to buy a paperback. Call me old school, I prefer the physical book or maybe its a reflection of my age 🙂

    My brothers tease me – ‘Nora again? You only read books from the same author.’

    My only regret is I pass them on after reading to my friend – Aileen and my cousin Judith. Though I kept the Innsborro series after realizing that it does exist and also a reminder – its a must visit, next time I’m in the US.

    I’d like to thank Nora for introducing me to Ireland. The stories have brought Ireland to life for me and it has develop a deep craving to visit and explore this country. Hopefully, next year.

    NR/JDR books captivates me and I’m always looking forward to the next one.

    Nora, a big THANK YOU and keep it coming!

  54. It is so great to see so many others re-read these books. I get teased about it but I don’t care. When I need an escape or I’m bored or there’s nothing on t.v., Nora is my go to. My Kindle has every one of her books on it! Thanks so much for this blog. It’s nice to hear from people who are as familiar as I am with the wonderful worlds of Nora Roberts.

  55. I was reading a book by Nora on my Kindle and cannot find it again. The protagonist’s first name is B J and she is a manager of a small inn which is acquired by a man named Taylor. I am in the middle of the book and want to finish it. Currently driving me crazy remembering the name of the book! HELP, I have searched my Kindle relentlessly.

  56. I am reading all of the JD Robb books and I have two questions one is Peabody and McNab ever going to get marrried and two is Eve on birth control since she dose not seem like she wants children for a long time.

  57. First want to thank Nora for so many wonderful hours of reading and dreaming! Then I want to thank everyone who has put in their memories here. I’ve just found this site and already have it marked as a favorite – it was such fun to find others who enjoy her books as much as I do.

    My first Nora book was way back in the ’80’s when I spot “Time Was” – time travel stories always fascinate me and this one is easily one of my favorites. After that, whenever a Nora book came out in paperback, I’d grab and grab fast! It didn’t matter how far I was into another book; I’d have to put a bookmark into it and start reading the latest Nora! The hardcovers drive me crazy, knowing I’ll have to wait a few months before the paperback comes out, but it’s always well worth it.

    I got caught up in the In Death series when I spot “Naked” next to the latest Nora book. It was the futuristic part of it that caught my attention, the way time travel had caught my attention with “Time Was”, and after reading that, I eagerly awaited “Glory”. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that JD Robb was actually Nora!

    Like most fans, I love the “In Death” series and always eagerly await the next installment. I love how once you meet someone who you know you like, you just know they’re going to pop up again. But each character is so different; it’s just amazing how Nora can do that. Although I love Eve and Roarke, I really love Peabody because she reminds me more of me than Eve. I also love Mavis because she reminds me of my own best friend. Mira reminds me of my mom, who is gone and who I miss every day.

    My favorite Nora books have to be the series because you really get a chance to know the characters. I especially love when we get to find out about the next generation. My favorites are the McGregors, of course (with Shelby and Julia as my favorites – wish there was a book them when Alan was president!), the Donovan Legacy (with Ana as my favorite, while also loving both Sebastian and Mel, because they remind me of Eve and Roarke) and the Calhouns (with Lilah and Max as my favorites) I would love to see Nora revive any of these series with stories about the next generation.

    I agree with the person who said that Nora’s books are like potato chips – betcha can’t read one!

  58. Am I the only one just waiting for Eve to get pregnant and how she’s gonna react? That’s going to be the best In Death ever!!!!

    1. Yes, it will be a fantastic book! BUT, I don’t think she or Roark are ready for that big step yet… and won’t Summeset make a great Nannie?!!!!

    2. Don’t know about Eve getting pregnant. However, I keep thinking about the prophecy? that the witch Isis told Eve & Roarke in (I believe) Ceremony that they would always find each other and be together, no matter the place or time. So, I’ve started to imagine Eve & Roarke in the old west, in the middle ages, during the Crusades, and in biiblical times. The possibilities are endless!

    3. Sorry, I don’t agree it would be the best In Death ever. Nora has a great balance in her writing and I believe she could make such a drastic change because of her great talent. But I would not think it would happen because of both Eve and Roarke’s reaction to Mavis’s baby. Baby’s are better in the Nora Roberts books, in my opinion.

      thanks for letting me share it.

  59. People are always surprised that I read “romance” novels. But I do. It’s 8am and I have been reading a JD Robb book for 4 hours. Re-reading it for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time. I don’t keep track. I was just struck by the detail and research that Ms Roberts put into her books! Thought I would pass that thought on. Look forward to re-reading the rest of her series, and her books to follow.

  60. I have read so many Nora Roberts books that I cannot figure out which ones that I have not read. Is there a way to type the ones I read (somewhere) and get a list print out of the ones I didn’t read? If not someone should write the soft wear for that. Thanks Carol

    1. Hi Carol,

      If you go to you’ll find a printable booklist of all Of Nora’s books (in chronological order!) You can check off the books you’ve read and make a list of the ones you’d like to read.

      Happy reading!


  61. My first Nora book was Night Shift. After that one I just gobbled up every Nora book I could find, and believe me, I looked everywhere in my area for them. As for JD Robb, I didn’t think I’d care for them until I read Remember When. Again, a repeat of the Nora books. I now have them all in my bookcase. Can’t handle hardcovers any more so they are all paperbacks but, OH, the hours of great reading and visits with old

  62. I have read every book Nora Roberts and as J D Robb has in print, and some that are now out of print. I started with her book list on her web site and what I hadn’t gotten at bookstores I had Bookfinders get for me. I want to Thank Nora for the many, many enjoyable hours I’ve spent with her characters.
    With each Book, I am right there in the room, on the street, or in the car with them..
    Her trilogies, they become my families, and friends. Being disabled I have traveled to many places, and had marvelous adventures, thanks to a wonderful writer with her exceptional skill. THANK YOU NORA!

  63. I have a question for anyone. It’s been driving me crazy. Which book was the first one in which Roarke’s irish family visited New York? I am 76 and my first Nora Roberts book was Irish Thorough Bred. I have purchased everyone of her books in both Nora Roberts and J D Robb’s name. My favorite are the in Death series. I picture Roarke looking like a young Pierce Brosnan when he played Remington Steele. I have an early bookmark signed by her and addressed to me. I treasure this and have used it as my bookmark ever since.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      The Irish come for their first Thanksgiving in Origin in Death. They will revisit in the upcoming Thankless in Death.


  64. I don’t remember my first Nora book, but the first JD Robb I bought was the 3rd one, not realizing it was a series. Not liking to start in the middle of a series, I went back to the bookstore and bought books 1 and 2. I was so disappointed when I began book one and realized it was “in the future”. Totally not into those types of books and now I had three of them. So I thought I’d give it a chance. I am SO glad I did. My favorite books ever. Love the characters, love the interactions, love, love love. Now read everything this wonderful woman writes. Thank you, Nora! My calendar is marked for the new releases.

  65. After 9 years of living in Las Vegas I have moved back east Labor Day Weekend. My sister and I are both hooked on J.D. Robb and Nora Roberts books. We live about 1 1/2 Hrs from Boonsboro and are thinking about making the drive next weekend for her book signing. Can someone tell me how early we should get there and is there any special parking area?

    1. Hi Gail,

      If you come to the signing, make sure you say hi! People line up outside Turn the Page before it opens at 10, then they collect their ticket which marked with a letter and a number (A1-25, B1-25, etc.). The staff should have a fairly approximate idea as to when your group will be called. The signing starts at noon and tickets are given out until 2 pm. Nora and all the authors stay until every book is signed.

      There’s on street parking and public lots in Boonsboro. For more information you should check out Turn the Page’s website at


  66. Went to my first Nora book signing at TTP on Sat. Sept. 14th, 2013. This was the first and only author, celebrity that I ever wanted to meet in person. It was a fantastic day. All the authors there were so nice . I was in heaven purchasing all the JD Robb items I saw online, I so enjoy reading the series and look forward to each new release to see what happens next in the lives of Eve and Roarke, not to mention the whole host of the Eve and Roarke family members from Peabody and McNabb, Mavis and Leonardo, Louise and Charles, Trinia, Summerset well you all know everybody.

    Special thank you to Joyce for offering to send me a replacement wine topper that I misplaced when I took my set and made a necklace out of it. I lost the Eve badge and was frantic trying to find it but it was not meant to be. Then at the book signing someone in line said to make sure that Joyce sees the neckalce since she designs all the jewelry. When I showed her and told of losing the badge she handed me a tablet to put my name and address down to send me a replacement. Thank you sooo much for your knidness and generosity. As I am writing this I am wearing my new handcuff earrings, bullet necklace and the button bracelet. I guess I have gone over the top for JD ROBB.

  67. Can we have more Nora & J.D books put into digital for the Kindle in the UK, I am desperate to get a copy of True Betrayls and Private Scandals. My favourites and I’ve read the books so many times, they are falling apart. Pls help!

  68. I have read everything this amazing author has written and many I have read more than once. I was trying to remember which in death book by J.D. Robb was the one where Eve told Peabody the story of her background with her father. Any help would be appreciated.

  69. so glad to find this site. don’t remember my first Nora Roberts but do go back to when she was writing for Silhouette and have been purchasing ever since although have to wait for mass marketing releases. My favorite early releases would have to be the Donavan series as I like anything having to do with witchcraft. I went to a Nora book signing over 10 years ago in Paramus, N.J. and she signed my copies at that time. I initially had been reluctant to read the first In Death book as it was advertised as a futuristic novel and not a subject I am interested in but glad I did as I now have every book, including those stories that appear in anthologies (a format not crazy about) and am completely hooked on series and eagerly await next installment. For the record I’m a reader not in favor of Eve having a baby just yet.

  70. I just finished Taken In Death. It’s like being with old friends once again. I miss them until a new book is released. Thank you for Ms. Robb for creating them. I wish they could walk off the pages of my book and let me give them a hug and also a hug for you. ***hugs***

  71. The wedding quartet is absolutely the best! And i felt in love with Laurel and Del…. Awwwww and the House on the Ocean? Wow! Thanks Nora!

  72. Hey everyone!! I won’t be able to attend the October signing so I wanted to wish Nora, my buddy Laura and everyone at TTP a wonderful Thanksgiving!! See you in December!

  73. I think my first Nora book was a Silhouette Special Edition Once More with Feeling, but I love them all. She is my absolute favorite author EVER! I just am constantly amazed at the great characters she creates and their dialogues are so original and fun…she does some great sarcasm too. My favorites are the Chesapeake Bay series (Cameron, yum!), the Circle trilogy (Cian and Moira…yowza!) and the Bride quartet (I want a Malcolm all for me). I really enjoy her books on CD. Curious, who decides who will read the stories? Susan Erickson is one of my favorites, but I also like the gentleman who read the Circle Trilogy books. Keep it up, Nora! Going to InnBoonsboro and Ireland are on my bucket list…

  74. I adore every book published. I have most and think my place is going to fall apart from the weight of them but I don’t care because I can go back and re read them all. Love the stories and can’t wait for the next book release. I read the Dark Witch in two days and on edge waiting for the next one. Please keep writing for our pleasure 🙂

  75. Just finished the Boonsboro series. I really enjoyed the characters and would like to spend more time with them. I think it would be a great “destination” series.

  76. I really enjoyed the Boonsboro series. I connected with the town and the characters and would like to know more about them. I think it would make a great “destination” series.

  77. I just love the J.D.Robb -In Death Series. I cannot wait for the next one to come out. I am so hooked on Eve and Roarke, just love them and when I read them, I feel like I really know them. It would be great if a movie series could be made from the books. I have watched the Nora books that were made into movies and they were great.

  78. Hi, a friend introduced me to Naked in Death a couple of years ago. She knew I liked reading Nora Roberts books, but didn’t”t tell me J D Robb was a pen name for Nora Roberts. Soon was hooked on the series. I have all the books in three versions – hard back for the later stories, paperback and now e books for my kindle. They are stories which can make laugh, cry or just enjoy them. They are stories which I will read time and again because they are good. I share the new books with the friend who first introduced me to J D Robb and we let each other know when the new book is due out, so we can count the days till the new book is in the shops.

  79. What I would love to see is the In Deaths made for TV as a series. That would be the most awesome series ever!!! To see Eve and Roarke meet and marry and to see all of the characters brought to life…be still my heart.

  80. Very good article. I loved that movie and have watched many times. Michael Douglas was definately a hottie in his day!

  81. I finally remembered what got me started on JD Robb books! Many, many years ago (ok 10) a friend of mine gave me a book. She said it was not her style but I might like it. It was Remember When. I still have that book and 47 more of Nora’s books. I will be getting Concealed in Death for Valentines Day from my husband as that is what I wanted! I can’t wait!

  82. Waiting for concealed is worse than a kid waiting for Christmas..or some other equal huge event..My copy has been ordered and I won’t be able to leave the house knowing it’s due to will have to keep real busy to keep my thoughts on other things..shovel snow, give the dogs a bath..clean out the refrigerator…on second thought, I’ll wait..two weeks is not that long..

  83. Hey Laura!! Don’t know if Maureen and I will make it this weekend. Maureen had back surgery and with the weather we may not want to chance it! But we will see you in March for sure!! Tell everyone hi and we will miss you this weekend!!!

  84. My first book was Origin in Death. It was a CD set I got in an extremely large lot of audio books that were my sister’s. I loved it I think part of that was because my first love in reading is SciFi and Origin hit that note. Then I realized it was a series and I am now hooked.
    Thanks, Nora!!!!

  85. In the “In Death” series – what did Eve get Summerset for their first Christmas? Does anyone remember?
    I came across the first two books in a used book store and having never read them decided I would try. I couldn’t put the books down. Now I just finished Midnight in Death but don’t remember what Eve got Summerset. Can anyone help?

  86. I discovered Eve and Rork about a year and a half ago. I’m one of these that have to start with book 1 of a series. I thought I’d never catch up. I think there were 34 books at that times. 4 months later I’d caught up and champing at the bit for every new book like many, many others. I’ve read and reread the books. I’m blind and listen to them from audible and love how Susan Erickson reads them. 1 thing I’d like to say though and it may start a fury of comments is that since New York to Dallas I don’t think the books have the same intensity I’m used to. They’re great don’t get me wrong and I preorder them all. I have to keep up with the characters I love. I think they need to get back to some plot or action needs to involve one of the main characters in a personal way. Eve and/or Rork need to gave more action scenes again like that in Lolty- the statue of liberty, or Fantasy- when Eve and Rork are caught up in the fantasy game fighting for their lives. There’s a bit too much discussion and deliberation now. Take the size back to 10-11 hrs instead of 13 plus. Give them that old punch and keep us on the edge of our seats. I mention the hrs because remember I’m listening so I can’t suggest what that would be in pages. Can’t wait for Festive. It’s my all time favorite series. In fact I’d like to see it become a TV series maybe on TNT or something. I think it would be great.

  87. Dear Ms. Roberts,

    I just finished Shadow Spell and look forward to reading Blood Magick when you have it available for your readers. I may pick up the Collector in the meantime or read something else. I have enjoyed the Into the Garden series and a number of others. I admit to not having read the books under J.D. Robb so I may try some of those while I am waiting. Thanks for the great reading material.
    Megan, library tech and fan

  88. I have been reading Nora Roberts for at least 15 years after my husband brought me some books whilst I was unable to walk for 4 months after a spinal accident, thank you God, as the very idea of only day-time TV gives me the shudders. I have now got all her books including some very worn early ones. I recently came across some of her DVDs in a charity shop, one which was Northern lights, I love to lose myself in books using my imagination and sadly found the films limp and tame in comparison and am also glad I read the book first or I might not have bought it. I know sometimes things have to be tamed or remodeled for TV or family viewing, but what a shame.

  89. I dont know how else to get this to Nora, so I hope she reads it. I just finished the Christmas scene in Memory in Death and God you are good. You get me almost every time. This particular book was not my favorite JD Robb, but I would recommend it just because of that scene. I can’t tell you how many hours, days even of pleasure your Roarke and Eve have given me. I mean I have loved some of your previous characters so much, I am often sad to see the end, or to know Ill never meet them in person…cause I know I would love them just as you do Nora…from vampires to wolf caretakers. I thank my lucky stars that I finally broke down and started to read JD Robb! I have turned many people onto you thru them, so they know that your not “just a Romance writer”:-) Not that that’s a bad thing…but you are so much more! I’m really hoping you never allow them to make Roarke and Eve into movies–be strong!!–because they dont exist and never could except in our imaginations, and that’s OK. I dont think I’d be able to see the films and it would ruin my own image of them…total bummer! Just thanks Nora, and don’t ever stop! and I am definitely looking forward to a little Roarke:-)

  90. I love Nora. The first book I read was the MacGregor series. I fell in love with the main character and started to research more books by this author. I have read everything except the JD books. I just finished The Collector, wow! As always Nora left me wanting more. What a feeling! I can’t wait for whatever she’s working on next. I’d rather read than sleep so I was able to cover all her books in a few years. Here is to many more years. Keep it up Nora. Authors like you make my life a lot more fun than usual. Thank you.

  91. Dear Nora, I am a big fan from Belgium, Europe. This week I read the BoonsBoro Trilogy and I loved it fell in love with al of them. I was wondering did you write an extra story about this family, like you did with the Ardmore trilogy. I loved it, thanks to you my next holiday will be in Ardmore, I just need to see it. It’s why I loved that little story “Christmas at Ardmore” and hoping that there was an extra story with Hope and Ryder, wedding, children ect…. Thanks for you magic, dreams you are my escape from reality. Greetings

  92. He only thing better than reading one of your book is listening to them on CD. Especially the In Death series. Thank you so much.

  93. as you can probably tell from reading my comment, English is not my mother tongue …

    and yet, as i live in canada, i read mainly in english. im reading dark witch now,( towards the end…in the battle) i enjoy it very much. i plan to read the second book very soon, and after that, we have to wait till November for the third one… i wish it was available already…

    i wonder if there is a chance this trilogy will become a tv show?…

    1. I love this trilogy also and would love to see this become a movie. I’ve fallen in love with all the charecters,

  94. I discovered Nora in the 80’s from a group of Harlequin romance books my aunt gave me to read… Nora Roberts, Janet Dailey, Anne Mather, and Diana Palmer were my favorite authors….gave up on Janet and Anne years ago, but Nora and Diana have stuck with me for over 30 years now…I have almost every book either of them have written. I re-read them over and over, never gets old for me…I held off on the In Death Series for a long time, but finally read Born In Death and was hooked! I now have all of them … Thank YOU so much Nora for the years of pleasure, and YOU Laura for all you do for her! You truly are a wonderful team.

  95. I’ve read NR for as long as I can remember. Fortunately, I’m a re-reader so can afford my reading habit. I’m sure I’ve read the Born in series well into the double digits. I had heard somewhere that JDR was NRs alter ego but I forced myself to stay away from them because I really felt I couldn’t afford to get hooked on another author. Well, there were 4 in Deaths in my local bookshelf forever and I finally succumbed and bought them. Well, my goodness. By the time I finished reading them, I had to call the publishing company in New York and order the rest of the books out thus far. I ordered 9 books that day, and now I am in the bookstore the day the hardcovers are on the shelf! No way could I possibly wait for them to come out in paperback. I regularly read the entire series from the 1st to the last. And I’m just as hooked on all of Noras’ as well., or should I say, still. I don’t know how you do it but hopefully you’ll be doing it for a long, long time.

  96. I have been a NR fan for as long as I can remember. From the silhouette books to her novels and jDR In Death series. I have read every single book that was printed and own almost all of them up to 3years ago. Sercumstances in my live have prevented me from reading books so ive missed out the last 3yrs. Ive seen all of the lifetime movies that were made from NR books and even tho not exactly the same as the books, I still enjoyed them. I seriously cant wait for one of her books to be on a movie screen.

  97. I’ve been a Nora Roberts fan for quite awhile and love all her books. Right now I’m on the second book of Inn Boonsboro Trilogy and loving every minute of it! This trilogy is so good I hope they are made into a movie! I think a lot of her books would make great movies.

  98. I am a fan of Nora Roberts. I love all the books I have read. I just finished the Mackade brothers. Why are there just four books. I was hoping she would have done a sequel of thier lives.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Nora no longer writes for Silhouette so there is no possibility of any additional books in the MacKade series.


  99. I was reading a series about a hidden emerald necklace I have lost them all due to moving can someone please tell me the name. I have screeched for a long time and am still clueless. Please reply thank you

  100. I read all the comments about Nora’s books,,,,,and I can’t think of anything different to say or add too. She is just “the best” and I truely love reading her books. I Don’t feel there is one dud in all o f her writings.

    I do have one question and that is when can I get the 3rd book in the Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy? and,, what is coming out after that? When? Guess I lioed when I saqid i just had one question,,lol

    Thank you for your time. :0)

    1. Eve,

      Blood Magick is the last new book of the year and will be out on October 28. There are no dates set for 2015 at this time, but we’ll have the release schedule posted here by December.


  101. Eve Dallas has given me the best birthday present today! Growing up, we were too poor to have television so we read or played checkers in the evening after supper. So I love to read. Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb are among my favorite authors. I had 3 daughters and I worked hard to give them the love of books but they always seemed to have other things to do. But now they are in their late twenties they have begin to explore the world of books through Kindle. We share books and talk about them, argue over parts, but the very best part is that we have discovered we all love the Eve Dallas books! This morning, which happens to be my 55th birthday, my youngest daughter told me thank you for introducing her to J. D. Robb. Then my oldest said well I like Nora Roberts and I got to tell them both of these amazing authors are the same! Love it!!! Thank you!

  102. I live in Indiana and would love to meet Nora Roberts, drive out East to see Innsboro, Turn the Page & Vesta. I wonder how soon the book signings are planned? Because I would need time to get off work, sign up for vacations days, etc etc and would love to come out East when we could actually meet Nora.

  103. I’ll admit it. I’m a snob. In a bookstore or library, I’d walk right past the Romance section with a sneer. My first Nora? I checked out the audio of “Entranced” from the library, but only because I like the reader (MacLeod Andrews), and definitely NOT because it was a Nora Roberts book. But…I really enjoyed the story and the characters! So I read the next in the series, and the next. And then it was “Montana Sky,” and then it was a Nora every week or so. In the past four years, I’ve read maybe 50 of them. I’ve made converts of my three sisters, my mother, my niece, two friends, and my husband has even read a few. Her settings are well researched, with descriptions that never bore. I love her characters, and I love the varied occupations in every book. Whether a baker, a florist, a housekeeper, an internationally famous racecar driver, a fire jumper, a rancher, a rock star, a wizard, a boat builder–Nora honors the work, and makes it so interesting. How, with more than 200 books published, can she make the characters and plots different enough so that I can remember them, and delight in rereading some of them? The romances are nicely paced, with enough tension and humor to keep me reading till the end. I think I love the “Big Noras” best, the stand-alones like “Montana Sky,” “Witness,” “Northern Lights,” and “The Collector.” But the series are great, too. I especially enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay one about the adopted brothers, and The Circle Trilogy. (My friend Denise said, “I know you don’t like vampires, but trust me, you will love this series.” And she was so right!) Thanks for doing what you do, Nora, and doing it so well. You keep up an amazing pace, and don’t think we don’t appreciate it! I can’t wait to read the final book in the Cousins O’Dwyer series, but I know you will come through, like clockwork, with the next book in a new series being published six months after the previous one. We can count on you, Nora. I still sneer as I pass the Romance aisle, but if there is a Nora book among the heaving bodices and Regency curls, it’s mine.

  104. my daughter & i just enjoyed afternoon tea & your interview at the lodge at ashford, we wanted to ask you if 3rd book of odwyer trilogy is complete yet? when it’ll be available & when or if we’ll see the movie version set in ashford? also do you really have a friend from hollymount in the car trade (p221 of dark witch)

    1. Hi Teresa,

      I’m so glad you had fun today! Nora finished Blood Magick early this year and it will be in stores on October 28. There are no plans for a movie at this point, but it would be fun to film at Ashford, wouldn’t it? And no, Nora doesn’t have a friend from Hollymount — but she has a good imagination!


  105. I am also re-reading the “In Death” series from the beginning for about the 6th time……I have a reading order list and this includes the short stories/novellas. What I wanted to ask everyone was about Remember When/Big Jack. Which book do you prefer? Remember When where it starts as Laine and Max’s story and then goes to Eve and Roarke or Big Jack where we start with Eve and Roarke and then we find out about Laine and Max……just wondering. Personally I prefer Remember When. So looking forward to Festive in Death.

  106. My niece introduced me to Eve Dallas and I couldn’t put them down!! After reading book one, I immediately got on and ordered the first 30 in bulk. I read the entire series in one month and will be going out tomorrow to buy Festive in Death!! I’ve always enjoyed Nora Roberts and as JD Robb, she is even better!! I’ve told everyone about this series and anxiously await every new book!! She puts the right amount of suspense, romance, and comedy together!! They’re perfect!!

  107. Dear Nora Roberts,

    I want to thank you for the years of enjoyment I’ve had reading your books; I especially like those with an element of magic such as The Cousins O’dwyer Trilogy series I’ve been reading. Also at present I’m reading The Collector, and the character Ash, has inspired me to get back to creating art ( I am an artist turned Early Childhood Educator).


  108. I remember reading every Nora Robert book three years ago in secrecy because it’s adult fiction and I was about 15. Ha. I got hooked since then. The plot, the romance and everything is so intoxicating. I love her works, each and everyone of them (even though I haven’t read them all yet. I’m making it a personal mission.) It makes me want to buy every book of hers in BookSale (a bookstore here) but even with the ‘sale’ in its name my pocket burns like coal. They really mean business when it comes to selling bestselling authors’ books. But despite that, it’s worth it every time I get the chance to buy one.

    Anyway, I want to be like her someday or maybe tomorrow. Heh.

    aaaand… I noticed that a lot of her characters are successful artists of different kinds. Musicians, Painters, Comic artists, Sculptors, Writers and many more. 🙂 Makes me want to become an artist myself because of the interesting life Nora weaved for them. haha

    An avid fan from the Philippines :]

  109. Is there any way to find out what Roarke and Eves wedding ring looks like?
    I love Celtic knots and their symbolism, I’d love to see the design that inspired the ring.

  110. Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask, but when will we be finding out what’s in store for us in 2015?!?!

  111. i love your book i only wish you’ll add acouple new storty to whiskey beach you left us hanging there there is so much more you can write on and i loved to to see you make a book where eve dallas and roarke have a baby and go from there i know she is your altera ego you can do so much more with them and the friends like deli peabody and ian her eguy and the lot of of cop central you make me want to sit up all night just to read as much as i can cause you keep us on your seats so don’t stop or i’ll be sad you have a big fan in me maybe some day i could meet you or have a book signed by you .you rock nora and j.d.robb your friendly reader cynthia

  112. Nora Roberts tops my list of authors. I have read almost every book she has published. I just recieved the latest in the mail today. I love everything she writes. Especially the ones of Ireland. Keep those excellent stories coming and I will keep buying them to make my reading time enjoyable. Thanks for all of the stories you share with us.

  113. I’m from Durban, South Africa, and a HUGE fan of Nora Roberts and JD Robb. I make sure that I don’t miss an “episode” of In Death. I stumbled upon the First O’Dwyer book by accident and couldn’t put it down. It was absolutely awesome. I’ve read the second one and have to now wait until the third one is released in SA. May Nora’s pen never run dry of ink and may she be inspired to write for years to come.

  114. Just returned from my first stay at Inn Boonsboro and my first signing. It took two years in the planning but was a weekend that will not soon be forgotten! My only regret? Not having a single minute to crack open a book!!! But I brought plenty home with me~God bless, Nora!

  115. My first Nora Roberts book was The Search, and then The Witness. I LOVE them!!! I actually listen to them on Audible while I’m commuting to and from work. I have a long commute and it makes me look forward to commuting. I’ve also bought some usb speakers for my phone so now I can listen while doing chores. Nell, Mia and the Todds got me through painting and tiling my bathroom. My most recent is The Collector and I love that one!!! I bought The Villa to read curled up on my couch while it snows in my new house. LOVE your books, Nora!!!

  116. Nora Roberts is my all time favorite author. She is the only author that I will pay full price for to get her newest book the second it’s available. I cannot imagine the blood, sweat and tears she puts into each book, but I do know that from the very first word I am completely oblivious to anyone or anything else around me. i try to read slowly because I want it to last, but it never works. I am so thankful that Ms. Roberts has chosen to share her God given talent with us. I rarely post, but given the most recent FB post that I read from both Laura and Ms. Roberts, I just wanted to say that making yourself available to the public must be incredibly hard but I, for one, am humbled that you would take the time to share even a small piece of your life with us. Thank you!

  117. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the In Death series, my two sons used to tease me because of the titles! Still enjoying them today, and love your web-site. It is neat to see other people that enjoy the series as much as I do! Thank you!

  118. Hi Nora,
    I´m a hugh fan of your stories and for me you stands out to be the best storyteller in modern time. I found my first NR bok when my children were small an they are nearly 40 now. And I´m still longing for each and every new bok you write. The caracters in the old ones have become good friends and I love to visit them now and again. Specially do I love Rozalind Harper because her faith reminds me of my own and she struggles with her problems just like I did. So the book Black rose has always been a comfort for me to read when I´m a little bit down and I always feel much better after afterwards.
    If you want to know a little about me so let me tell you I´m from Sweden, born in Gothenburg but lives now in Värmland with my husband and a beautiful olderly dog called Humpy. And I´m a very gentle and happy soul.
    Wish you well and best regards to Laura.

  119. Dear Nora
    I love your books. You’ve brought romance, friendship and magic into my life. Each book I savor and enjoy the passion, mystery and fantastical only you can imagine. I have found a charming, thoughtful and heartwarming friend in you. You enhance my life with such talented tales that are visually stunning and relevant. I treasure our literary friendship. Thank you for being You

  120. I have been a reader of both Nora Roberts and J D Robb stories for many years and I enjoy rereading them as much as he first time. I feel like I am visiting a fend I haven’t seen for a while. Since I have been on the disabled list, I have a lot of time to read.

  121. I have ready many of Nora’s books which I always enjoy. BUT….. I am frustrated with my latest reading. I am just finishing an older paper back publication, Reunion in Death, when I got to page 344 – very near the end of the book and the exciting finish which is about to happen. I turn to the next page and what’s there? Pages 313 to page 344 repeated over again. No where in this paperback are pages 345 to the end of the story. This is a really a cliff hangar but ……. I am sure, not intended. How to I get the final pages of the book without buying another one. This has been in my library a while so I am not even sure where to return it.

  122. I’m an avid reader. I’ve read all of the In Death series and just finished Blood Magick not 10 minutes ago. I was so sorry too see the trilogy end.

  123. About fifteen years ago, I had lost a couple of my favorite authors and was looking for new stories to touch me. A friend handed me a book, and said “I think you’ll like this”. It was the third book of the Chesapeake Bay trilogy. (My friend has no respect for trilogy order.) I was hooked. I started the trilogy from the beginning, and have read everything Nora has written since. A couple years ago, I printed out the complete list of Nora/J.D. books, and am in the process of “catching up”. It’s gonna take a while. I resisted reading the In Death novels until Remember When. Once again, I was hooked. I started reading Eve’s stories from the beginning, and am up to date. I remain eager for every new release.

    1. This sounds like my story! I “found” Nora with the Remember When story and it was hooked immediately. They are now all proudly displayed on my bookshelf & loaned out to interested friends. I’m glad to hear the old paperback issues are being reissued in hardcover-that will make everything much tidier! 🙂

  124. Nora,
    Your are the most incredible writer. I love your work and am constantly amazed at your skill.
    I believe you are my favorite author of all the wonderful choices; you are just the best.
    If I’m not designing a new magnetic eyeglass holder, I’m probably reading one of your books….
    Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson Gallery

  125. I love your books. The first one I read was Midnight Bayou and I have read everything you have written except for Promise Me Tomorrow. Someday I will read that one too, but I have to find it cheaper than $60.00 used! I hope someday you will re-release it.
    I am retired now and read a lot. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to the new stories from you and JD Robb.

    1. It took me a few years and lots of searching used book stores to find all Roberts/Robb books…and ditto on the Promise Me Tomorrow.

  126. Nora or Laura,

    Each year recently I have enjoyed printing & hanging by my computer the list of new books coming out that year. Will there be a list published for 2015?

    Mary Lee Olson

  127. It took me a while to find a place to comment since the message board closed down. Ike Eve, technology is not my friend. I began reading Nora Roberts when I was in my 20’s. I am now the very shady side of 60. JD Robb is my all time favorite story teller. I am a school teacher and need an escape from the classroom (160 students every day for social studies)Dallas world is my place of sanity. My family is going to the British Isles this July.I had a crazy thought, are ther any places there that I could go to that have appeared in the stories? Is ther a real Penny Pig? Things like that? While I know I will not see Roarke on the streets of Dublin(rats!) maybe someplace for a daydream or two…

  128. Check if you can download it digitally, I’m currently re-reading reunion now! And I have it from my library and I’m reading it on my kindle app on my smart phone.

  129. I have always enjoyed your books written under Nora Roberts & have only recently discovered J.D.Robb. I started with the 1st one & am now reading “Imitation in Death”. I had to laugh when I read your ‘Bite me” Blog. I had a feeling you were closer to Eve Dallas than most of the other characters. You know everyone who thinks they have a right to give “Constructive Criticism” should also be able to do the job they are be critical about. I would say that the number of books you have sold & still sell is proof that you are doing a Fabulous job. These people are probably bottom feeders in their own lives & it thrill them to pick on someone as successful as you are.
    Having served time in the USMC & also as an owner of my own business for almost 35 years I have learned that not everyone’s opinions matter.
    Thanks for all the hours of imagination & freedom I have gotten from your books. I’m glad you are as prolific as you are.

  130. I have no idea how much Nora I own…I love your books and have for many many years. My favorite remains the Bridal Quartet. I have old ones, new ones and everything in between and those just keep popping up. =D
    I have lurked on this blog (and FB and such) for a long time but wanted to comment today after reading the “Bite Me” post. People are ridiculous and firmly believe they can sound off wherever.
    Thanks for all your work, I know I enjoy it several times a week.

  131. I started reading Nora with “Irish Thoroughbred” in the early 80’s and I don’t think I’ve missed a book since.

  132. I work in at the reader’s advisory desk at a public library. Knowing where all the Nora Roberts books are shelved is a vital part of my job. When a reader gets hooked on one of your series, she wants all the books, in order, right now. Some authors older titles get discarded because they are no longer checked out. Not Nora Roberts titles. We keep every novel until our patrons have loved the book to death and it can no longer be repaired.

  133. Nora Roberts has been an inspiration to me true every moment of my life since I found her books. I don’t remember a time without them now, and considering I’m 17 that’s saying something. You may think I am too young to under stand “real life” but I think going through 2 divorces and being homeless for a while, going through neglect issues and phobias add paranoia and commitment issues and well as trust issues you have yourself a screwed up childhood. That all happened before my 15th birthday

  134. Hi I am your biggest fan from Macedonia and I love all of your books and i am almost done with reading all of them i have some of the stories and 5 more books left. I am reading In Death series right now, and i have a question Is there a chance we can see Nadine Furst and Detective David Baxter get involved i think they would be great together

    1. Hi Desanka,

      If you check the Page O’Answers, you’ll find the answer to you question in the top 9 things you’ll never see in an In Death.


  135. Constructive criticism is something EXPERTLY SUPPORTIVE that a student or amateur SOLICITS from an acknowledged authority.

    Ms. Roberts’ negative commenters are NOBODIES offering something BRAINLESSLY HOSTILE (not to mention UNSOLICITED) to a LIVING LEGEND.

    This is not constructive criticism. It’s juvenile reaction mongering by folks who feel voiceless and powerless and deeply resentful of anyone others admire. These people should try Prozac, or maybe a support group. They should definitely be kept off the internet until their personality problems come under the care of trained psychiatric personnel.

    To suggest that their behavior is a right… that anyone has the right to go on a professional author’s fan page or blog to discuss said author’s presumed inadequacies… is patently absurd. Ms. Roberts needs writing advice like Barbra Streisand needs voice lessons.

  136. Hi, I have been a fan of Nora Roberts sense 1998. I have gone for books to eBook. I how have all her eBooks and love forward to her new one. I love the In-death series.

  137. I can’t remember what my first Nora book was, but I have no room left in my bookcase for all of the books I have that she has written! I actually got my mum started on reading Nora’s books, and she is now as addicted to them as I am! We are now working on getting my older sister hooked. If I have one complaint, it would be that I can’t find a man like the ones in her books.Still, I live in hope! Her books are definitely all “keepers”, so my next order of business is to get a new bookcase for them.

  138. This is my heartfelt thank you. Your writing has been my inspiration, as I’m sure it has been for so many others for so long.

    This is my journey:
    I’ve come to realize in the past couple of weeks that I want (not need) a man. I guess it’s due to the books I’ve been reading of late written by Nora Roberts/JD Robb.
    I want the passion, the desire, the want, the need, the physical, the love and the adventure for myself that I read about in her books – the good with the bad, the fairy tale with the reality, the beautiful and pretty with the ugly. I find myself envying her characters – damn are they beautiful, exciting and interesting?! I want to know them personally, even want to be apart of their lives.

    I guess I closed myself off for too long. I want to know more, do more and be free to do it. I want to cut my hair, change my wardrobe and be a woman. I want to wear turquoise – my birthstone – in any shape or form of jewelry. I want a garden, a huge one with everything I can possibly manage in it. Hmmm, all that color and the lovely smells. I want children, my quota has always been four and I want to call my daughter Kenny.

    I want to learn French, go to Ireland, take up yoga, join a gardening club, meet Nora Roberts (or at least try and get a book signed by her) one day. Hoping that maybe in another life we could be great friends.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you for opening up a whole world of possibilities for me. I’m eternally grateful as I became an instant fan. You are pretty awesome.

    One last thing: Laura, you too are pretty awesome. Thank you for the work that you do, and keeping us in touch with all things Nora.

    1. Nicolene, I’m with you in spirit – except for the yoga part. Go, girl! Wishing you a life of laughter and love. Be your own adventure. 🙂

  139. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books. I can’t remember which one I read first, but I have so many of them now that my husband builds bookcases just for them. My mother and I are thrilled to learn of your new books! Can’t wait to add them to those bookcases. Thanks for the hours of laughter and tears.

  140. First let me say I love your stuff.
    Then as to the negative visitors, I’m up for the body disposal committee. Just sayin’……….

  141. Absolutely love Nora’s work. Have 75 of her books including her work as J D Robb. Love her in Death series.. I can’t wait for any and all new work

  142. Just to let everyone know, I am an avid reader. I have books by almost every author .Nora is my favorite and I have every book I can find by her. She creates a world where I can be part of the story without ever leaving home.

  143. Hi I am Olga. I love Roberts books and read them over and over again. I would like to find a book about Laura Templeton ext husband’s mistress. I remember reading long time ago. She had a son that no one knew about. If any one remember please let me know.

    1. Hi Olga,

      I’m afraid you’re confusing the Templetons with the Calhoun sisters. The book you’re looking for is Megan’s Mate. Megan’s son is half brother to Suzanna Calhoun’s children.


  144. Hi Nora!
    I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 15, when I saw ‘Heart of the Sea’ in my cousin’s bag and I took it out and read it overnight. Since then, I’ve collected nearly all of your books. I would scour old bookstores and look through the sale bins at libraries. Once your books started releasing electronically, I started buying them (some even duplicates!) on my nook. I love your stories, the characters and especially your obvious love of animals. It takes an incredibly elastic mind to write about love and yearning and at the same time put yourself in the mind of a killer.

    I hope this part doesn’t go into the ‘Bite me’ section, but I’ve always wished that there were more ethnic characters (I’m Indian!) . For that reason, one my favourite stories is Sweet Revenge as it has a more ethnic feel (and lets not forget An from Blue Smoke!). Anyway, just my little wish as a long time fan.

    Thank you for giving me a lifetime of escape-worthy books!

  145. Hi all,

    I am a newer NR reader. My favourite books are also the first of hers that I have read (so far), which I see that is a common thread here (what is it about the first book? nostalgia?). I first fell for the Bride Quartet series; I have to say that I found Mac to be my favourite, followed closely by Emma and Laurel.

    I was shocked and pleased when I first started reading NR. I have never really read “romance” novels before, so having gotten this book, I have to admit that I had preconceived notions of what it would be like. I was very wrong. Nora’s characters are hard-working independent women; they are inspiring and powerful. I am a NR fan.

  146. Circle trilogy was the first NR novels that i’ve read. I fell in love with Cian (Valley of Silence) instantly. Since then, it is my most favorite book (and series) among the rest. I really feel there is magic in every words of her novels because whenever I started reading one, I cannot stop myself anymore unless I finished it. Ms. Nora Roberts also opened my mind, soul and heart in appreciating and falling in love in romance novels. She has a very unique way of telling a love story beautifully. It’s as if every story of love has its own book that should be proud of and should be shared to others. That’s why, every time I finished reading one of her novels, I end up being inspired of how really beautiful a love is. By the way, I’m from the Philippines and a pure Filipina. Someday, I will visit Ireland and met some romantic Irishmen. Hahaha. Nice to meet you, everyone.

  147. The other night I had an Eve Dallas dream. It starred Eve, Roarke and Peabody. Eve had been injured during investigating a case and Roarke was understandably upset and was talking to Peabody. When I woke, I could remember the dream but I couldn’t remember what they all looked like. Does anyone else dream of Eve and Roarke and if so, can you remember what they looked like when you woke?

    1. I’ve daydreamed about them on occasion and I have a very clear vision of what they all look like. Roarke especially (sigh)! I’ve been reading the series since about 2004 so there is a good decade of visualizing going on in my head 😉

  148. Nora Roberts is an amazing writer. She has inspired me to do great things. Not too long ago I got the paper to which I had to choose the career path I wanted to take for high school next year. She has inspired me to become a writer.

    Mrs. Nora i will promise not only to myself but i promise you. I will strive to be my all i can be and just hope i can be as good as a writer as you. which i doubt will happen but hey a girl can try can’t she? Well Mrs. Nora i look up to you and you are my mentor now and always.

    – your beloved reader and student Bayli Lowery

  149. I’m relatively new to the world of Nora Roberts. I knew the name but not the works, then one day there was a copy of Angel’s Falls at work and I picked it up and was hooked before the first chapter. Since then I have read everything I could find (except of course promise me tomorrow).
    It’s amazing how each story is so unique but so Nora Roberts.
    I loved reading the older stories and whenever a character would exclaim “blast” I’d love it! I was pregnant last winter and NY was hit with a lot of snow. One of the storms I was home from work and I read ‘Gabriel’s Angels’ and when Laura went into labor in the cabin I was like “oh man! I couldn’t imagine giving birth not in a hospital!”
    Well fast forward a few months and I made it as far as the ambulance when my baby girl decided she wanted to make her appearance!
    It’s a blizzard again in NY and my baby girl
    Is napping and I keep thinking about Laura and Gabe… Maybe time for a re-read!

    Just wanted to say how much I love your writing and am looking forward to 2015’s new releases!

  150. I was recommended Nora Roberts as an author to read by a friend, and the first book that I read was Hidden Riches. My favorites were the books from the Bridal Quartett, absolutely falling in love with Parker’s character. Most of what I have are the digital copies because our bookstore tends to only sell the books I’ve already read.

    Reading the Nora Roberts books inspired me to pick up an old hobby. Still inspires me to write as I’ve always used/use her books as a reward for finishing a story. So when I read the recent blogs about the negativity shared on her pages, I knew exactly how she felt. I applaud her response and was glad to see her take a stand. It means something to all of us that she did.

    Nora, you are the perfect role model for those of us who are still trying to make it.

    Truly Inspired in PG, NC
    D. A. Price

    1. I believe I have read every book you have written, I would be surprised if I’ve missed one. I absolutely adore your characters, and your writing style. You are an inspirational story teller. As a recently published author, I hope to captivate and charm readers as well as you do. Thank you for all the wonderful stories! I anxiously await The Liar.

  151. Looking forward to reading this blog….

    I’ve been a fan of Nora’s since I met her at a 1988 RT conference in Phoenix. She just keeps getting better and better. And as JD Robb….she’s fantastic.

    Thanks for many enjoyable hours – relaxing with some truly great books.

  152. I had to respond to your comment in your recent newsletter about readers following along with you on you Eve Dallas journry. I am currently sitting on ‘Fantasy in Death’ on my kobo…anticipating…and almost not wanting to start it, ’cause then it will be over. I just got my kobo and told my husband I would give away all my books now…EXCEPT my “Nora” books! May your fertile mind live a long, long life. THANKS!

  153. I had to respond to your comment in your recent newsletter about readers following along with you on your Eve Dallas journey. I am currently sitting on ‘Fantasy in Death’ on my kobo…anticipating…and almost not wanting to start it, ’cause then it will be over. I just got my kobo and told my husband I would give away all my books now…EXCEPT my “Nora” books! May your fertile mind live a long, long life. THANKS!

  154. I don’t remember how I found the first “In Death” book on cassette tapes, but after the first one I was hooked. I don’t read, have to listen. I can finally say that I now have every book in the series on CDs or MP3s.

    I have gone through the entire series probably 4-5 times now. I am on #19 this time while I wait for any of my favorite authors (3? 4?) to come out with a new book. I am amazed that I never get bored re-listening to the adventures of Eve and Roarke.

    Thank you so much for not stopping with the trilogy. I have plenty of room in my tub for all of the characters while I soak every day and listen the wonderful books. (I just hope Trina doesn’t decide to work her magic on me while my eyes are closed!)

  155. Hi Nora,

    I’ve been reading your books since I was 20 (after snitching them from next to my mother’s bedside.) Now I still find titles in her bookshelves and read them and enjoy them. From your trilogies, to stories to the first Harlequins—you have kept my attention.

    Now I’m retired so I’m saving my pennies to come and participate in the workshop at Hagerstown Community College because—I’ve always been told, “You’re a good writer.” I want to see if I can write if only for the pleasure reading has brought to me.

    So, I look forward to returning to my hometown of Hagerstown this coming summer, 2015 and I hope I’ll have the funds to secure a spot in the workshop there. If I get to meet you–that’s icing. If I write something and meet others who like to read and write…that’ll be a win-win for me.

    I like your blog, I like how you write, evolve and I like that you’ve kept me focused on Maryland for the last 40 years—I’ve enjoyed all your books and I hope to keep enjoying them until I die.

    Thanks for the stories Nora,
    Kim G

  156. Hi Nora

    I am a huge fan, and read every book of yours I can get my hands on. My favorite by far has been the Born In trilogy;(Born In Fire, Born In Ice, Born In Shame) for those who may not know the titles. I love the Concannon family. You made them come alive so well that I would love to go to Ireland to find them! LOL! I wonder if you are planning to return to this series in the future. I am anxious to know what happens with Maggie’s second baby. Anyway, love your books! Please keep writing!

  157. the first book I read was Survivor in Death…. I was totally blown away. Now the JDRobb books are scattered all over my house. My twin 2 year old grandaughters even ‘read’ them, upside down, but they have great taste in authors.

  158. I am listening to “Survivor” right now for the 4th or 5th time as I go through the series again. Very, very good book – “Nixie Pixie.” How could you not be hooked after reading that? Your grandchildren do have great taste in authors. 🙂

    Since I’ve never read a printed book in this series, it’s always interesting for me to see how some names are spelled. I was totally wrong with Nadine’s last name (I’d imagined “First,” which made sense for a reporter,) and I had Summerset’s spelling wrong in my head. Seeing those written somewhere reminded me that a different part of the brain is used when you listen vs. when you read. I’m just happy I found audio books, esp. the unabridged ones!

  159. Nora just love your books, the latest one that I’ve read is The perfect Hope. I just love the interactions between Hope and Ryder. I’m writing my first contemporary series, Love rush series, based in Ireland. What would be the one tip you would give to someone writing their first series???

  160. Hi there,
    I’m an absolute Book addict. And about 3 years ago i started reading Nora Roberts books and oh my god , i just fell in love immediately. I love the way how the relationships between the characters are growing and changing. But my absolut favourite is “The macgregor Saga” i just absolutely love Daniel macgregors character, always makes me laughe and makes me wanna want a granddad like him

  161. Hello Nora;

    I have been reading your books for years. I fell in love with your characters and your ability to make someone vulnerable without being whiny and weak. I loved how the men are strong, beautiful, and respectful of the women they love.

    When I read Eve and Roark’s first book I was so excited and just loved them so much. I have read everyone that I could and I look forward to each new book you give us to read.

    Thank you for characters that are flawed, amazing, but not abuse written as romance.


    1. Jennifer, I think you captured all of the great qualities that many of us love in these books. 🙂

  162. I am new to this blog. Have found all the comments really interesting. I’ve been reading Nora Roberts books since the first one was published and have enjoyed each and every story. Of course there are favorites that have been read over quite a few times. It’s like visiting old friends.

    Thanks Nora for many hours of enjoyment and for telling a story with what I call CLASS.

  163. I am reading the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy for the third time! I just love all the people and you feel like you are part of the entire community!

  164. I’m a voracious reader and a huge fan of Nora Roberts. I just read again a series I really enjoyed the first time I read it. That would be the Stanislaski Family books. I was most interested in Convincing Alex from 1994, because I remembered it when I saw Castle on ABC. I have become convinced that Nora Roberts writes the Richard Castle books. I realize they want to continue the myth and let everyone keep guessing so I know you won’t confirm or deny.

  165. Nora, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are by far my favorite author. I have read all of your published books; and I’ve fallen in love over and over again. I’ve had my heart rate skip a beat in more than one novel of yours. The love stories have taken me through my young mother stage. The strong survivors have given me the Extra boost of courage to get me through my 2 teenage daughters highs and lows. The sexy scenes have given me hope through my pre-menopausal years. And comforted me through these empty nest years with your newer books and trilogies.
    When a new book of yours comes out I hurry through what I’m reading to get to your book that I’ve waited for. If I ever counted up the dollars I’ve spent over the years reading you books, my enjoyment would make it worth triple the amount!
    Thank you Nora. I wait anxiously for your next Novel. I am a true fan.

  166. I just wanted to thank you for many years of reading pleasure. i devoured books on a regular basis 10 books a week years ago and would run out of new reading material fairly quickly my mother talked me into reading Rising Tides , i was hesitant i am a guy and always kinda shied away from romance novels( my loss), and to this day the Chesapeake Bay saga is my favorite. The thing that really hooked me is you have such variety as in the mixture of mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and so on; along with characters that can easily be identified with. i reread the whole In Death series like others do, every time a book comes out, but i average 5 books a week so still get a variety of other authors when i am not ready yours, but i will say you are one of my top 3 favorites (you, James Patterson, and Lee Child)thank you again and look forward to all of you books in the future.

  167. Just finished reading the excerpt from the Liar. Cannot wait for it to come out. I have read just about all of Nora Roberts books and have enjoyed each and everyone especially those based in Ireland. Each of the books have been read over and over again, and each time the magic returns. It is like sitting with an old friend. Keep up the good work.

  168. Love Nora Roberts! Just wondering why the excerpt is starting on Chapter 2 instead of 1 for Nora’s new book “The Liar”?

  169. Hi Nora,
    Would love to see you out here in Dubai but as you are not a fan of flying (don’t blame you) then I will have to settle with leaving you a “Fan Girl” message. I really appreciate your books, all of them, but especially the In Death. I devour them when they come out and have taken to buying the Audio’s as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed out loud while sitting in traffic! Thank you for the hours and hours of wonderful reading material and I hope it continues for eons! haha.

  170. First time reading Nora Roberts. Reading “Northern Lights” and enjoying it, 600+ page easy-to-read and carry paperback! Watched several YouTube interviews of Nora and am very inspired by how prolific she is. Enjoy the strong female character(s). Look forward to more!

  171. I really enjoy N.R.’s books especially, In The Garden & The O’Dwyer Cousins I know they are Triologies. \but I was wondering IF there was ANY chance of the story lines continuing at the end of the 3rd book there seemed to be a possibility of MORE….

  172. For ten years I’ve had a grueling commute. Long work weeks left little time for reading just for pleasure. I have art books, how-to books, and am certainly not illiterate but am embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t actually read for entertainment in years. One day I decided to re-visit my local library to see if they still had any record of me and to maybe check into audio books. “Dark Witch” was there on a shelf, had a pretty cover and sounded interesting. Oh my gosh! Have I been living under a rock? I finished the trilogy in record time. It will always have a special place in my heart. I now can’t get enough. I look so forward each day to getting into my car! That’s something I never thought I would hear myself say. Some days I drive around and eat lunch in the car just to escape to the wonderful places Nora’s writing takes me. A co-worker teases me that I will have to actually pick up some books and physically learn to read again, especially since not everything has an audio edition. So, I’ve done just that! Most of them Nora Roberts books, of course!
    In reading the bio today, I see that not only does Nora live near Boonsboro, MD, but there is a book with that theme. I have family there who I haven’t seen in years. Sounds like we need to put a road trip on the calendar! What a small world!
    Thank you, Nora, for turning me on to reading (or listening) again! It has brightened my life!

  173. Just read ‘THE LIAR’ and it is a winner! I could not put it down. You start with a strong story and add in cute children and pets ….what could be better? I think it is one of her best.

  174. My bookclub likes to read really dark stuff, so when I’m done reading the latest tome I pull out a Nora Roberts and have a blast. Love the JD Robb series, even got hubby to listen to it on our driving vacation last year. He really likes Roarke, but then, so do I! I love reading and discovering new authors, but it’s nice to come home to a good NR novel. I’m a fairly new author (of 15 years) and have only published two books because I work full time, too. I so wish I could be as prolific as you, Nora. You are a ROCKSTAR! I like to write about families and feisty women, so I love that Nora’s women are strong and self reliant. We feisty ladies have to stick together, and Nora I think you’re in the club! Thanks for the opportunity to say “Hi.”

  175. I have read Nora’s books for many years (have read the whole In Death series at least 4 times). Every book she writes is about people and life situations so real you expect to meet the folks on the street or in your own neighborhood. But honestly, with every word she writes her stories just get better! Just finished The Liar and as usual it brought me to tears and laughter all at the same time. When I reread her books it’s like visiting old friends.
    Way to go , Nora! Keep up the good work, though I don’t know how you manage to write so much so well and still have the busy life you lead with family. friends and travel.
    Martha Rogers,
    Charleston SC

  176. I have been reading Nora Roberts since I was a teenager; Silhouette Romance, I believe. I didn’t know about J D Robb until reading “Remember When” several years ago and still didn’t realize it was an ongoing series. I have know read the In Death series twice; including the anthologies. I can’t get enough of these wonderful adventures.

  177. The first Nora Roberts book I ever read was “The MacGregor Brides”. I quickly fell in love with her writing and have been a loyal follower.

    I was fortunate enough to have picked up the very first in her “death” series: “Naked In Death” and have every copy of the entire series; some in print and some on my Kindle.

    In fact, she is one of my inspirations in my own quest as a novelist. I completed the NANOWRIMO( National Novel Writing Month) this past November and published my first novel: “Can’t take back yesterday.”

    What I’m struggling with now is promotion. It’s very hard to get my book the attention that I believe it needs especially since those who have read it, really enjoy it. But I still love writing and will continue on my quest. Wish me luck!

  178. Nora Roberts is a class act. Not only is she one of the best storytellers of all time, she connects with her fans in a way few authors do. As a devoted reader, I look forward to each and every book.

  179. Two years ago my sister sent me a JD Robb audio book for Christmas. It wasn’t Naked In Death, but something from the middle of the series. Now I have collected 25 audios and half a dozen books as well as four on my Kindle. I spend lot of time in my car overseeing summer programs at a variety of county sites. Eve and Roarke usually ride along. And every day, I wish my RAV had the option to go vertical.

  180. I bought The Liar yesterday and started reading immediately. This morning my 6 month old French Bulldog puppy decided the book was fantastic and promptly ate some of it. Luckily I am past page 35, as this is now the new official first page.
    Love the writing!

  181. Hello Nora,

    I hope you get around to reading this comment of mine. I just finished the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. My mother gave them to me as a gift the summer before I started my first year of college. Since I had just separated from a terrible three year long relationship I think she wanted to use your books to paint a beautiful picture of love and self-worth in my head. But since I am a stubborn and lazy girl I didn’t get around to reading them until half way through my sophomore year. As soon as I got the ball rolling on the first one I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a couple days while on my break for Thanksgiving, but then school started up again and I didn’t make time to pick up the next one until this past Friday, I think it was the 22nd, yeah. Well I had been out of school for a couple weeks and that morning we had to put my dog down, she lived to fifteen, so I was a tad depressed and needed a big distraction. So I picked up The Last Boyfriend and laid out in the sun and I had finished it in four days. And tonight I finished The Perfect Hope in three days. Well the reason I am telling you all of this is because your books really lifted my spirits. I don’t think I have much to complain about in my life. I have a wonderful family, a pretty fantastic boyfriend, and a few great friends, but although I have all a girl could ever need, I have been feeling like absolute crap since I started college. I think I’ve been looking for happiness from other people to busy my time while I should have been self fulfilling my own needs. But the women you portray in this series really gave me something to aspire to be. (Not that my mother didn’t show that to me as a role model, because she does, but you know, she has a job so I wasn’t constantly having that picture in my head like you do when you read it, if that makes sense…) Clare, Avery, Hope, Carolee and Justine, especially Justine, all lived these fabulous lives and chased their desires whether or not they had a man, they all made their dreams a reality and at this stage in my life I think I really needed that confirmation that I too could make that happen for myself. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but I need to tell you thank you. Your writing is so powerful and I honestly wish that some men would pick up your books and read a few passages so they would know how to better treat their women and keep them happy. Your books were there when I needed them most. Don’t ever stop writing, please!



  182. I’ve read Nora Robert’s books for many years but for some unknown reason, rarely thought to comment on them.

    I’ve recently moved from Houston, TX to wonderful, peaceful, Lake Oswego, OR and decided to check Nora’s website to see what is coming out soon. It is wonderful that Nora is so prolific, isn’t it? Always a great story to curl up with and relax. Your gift is so appreciated, Nora.

  183. When I was younger I had some, well many, issues..I was in and out of therapy with multiple diagnoses, including PTSD, bi-polar/manic-depression, personality disorders etc, etc. When I was 15 I was struggling especially hard, and mom (with good intentions) was hovering. My current psychologist was attempting to urge me back into reading, something I developed a passion for when I was about 8, but I was swallowed in the darkness, and my mother hovering over my shoulder trying to pick every book I was allowed to read (fearing a trigger would set me off) hadn’t been helping. My doctor decided to talk my mom into giving me space to let a book pick me instead.
    So one day, I am in the lobby waiting for the elevator and a book catches my eye (take a book, leave a book bins). In big letters the top says J.D. ROBB writing as Nora Roberts (my first introduction into “pen names”). I had never heard of “either woman”. The cover had a big building on it and the windows had an eerie glow coming out of them. The title was Purity In Death (#15). I felt such a pull to this book (my mother wanted to grab the book from my hand!). I decided I had to read it then and there. I knew nothing about this book but it called to me (could be argued the title and the time in my life but who knows for sure?). By the time I got into my appointment I was two chapters in and hooked. I talked about the book my whole session. My doctor pulled my mother into the office and recommended she buy me books by this author and hoped my hook stuck.
    I felt light come into my life and Eve Dallas became my favorite hero. I found my voice to express myself again and within three years I was off all meds and my “personality disorder” diagnosis was revoked (the the PTSD stuck).
    I’m not saying the In Death series cured me, but I will say it gave me energy and a spark, and I used those to fight for my life and my health. For that much, I owe Nora/J.D.; for that and the countless hours of joy and excitement. Thank you for sharing your stories, your creativity and imagination. It reaches out to so many, in ways you may not even know..

    13 years later, I have every J.D. Robb paperback (except the two most recent and I feel I must buy them at TTP in July), and I have gotten my husband hooked as well.

    Oh, and my mother admitted she was wrong to judge a book by its cover! (literally!) =)

  184. I just want to say, I’ve followed Nora’s books, and the Eve Dallas books, ever since my mom brought the first one she bought home with her, probably in high school – so before 1992. I get so invested in the stories, that if my mood is right, when, for instance, in the Bride Quartet, the relationship inevitably had a big fight before the make up and let’s get married, I’d cry when I was reading about the fight, and when I was reading about Mac’s face off with her mother, I got righteously angry for her. I fell in love with Boonsboro, and was SO thrilled when I found out, through here, just before last year’s Derby, that they really own TTP and rehabbed and own Inn Boonsboro. As soon as I found out, I had to tell my Mom. And as much as I’d love to keep following the couples/families after the trilogies are over, I know it’s not to be, and I GET that with the In Death series, and like her other books, I snap up as soon as they are on sale (well, I generally have them pre-ordered for my Nook, so I get them same day as they are released without leaving the house or waiting on mail!). Like every woman, probably, I wish my husband was a little bit more Roarke-like, and I’m insanely jealous of Eve there. But Nora is so incredibly descriptive, you can picture everyone – which, at least the made for TV movies that have been done so far, I haven’t watched, because I was too afraid the actors and actresses wouldn’t live up to my expectations of how I think they look!

    1. Oh, I forgot to say, I’ve always found Irish accents sexy. And since I have quite a bit of Irish in me, it’s not a stretch for me to believe the magic in some of the trilogies, and of course, Lizzy in Boonsboro Trilogy.

  185. Hi!

    Just thought I would stop in and say that my husband and I and good friends just spent the weekend at Inn Boonsboro (5/29 – 6/1). It was wonderful. We especially had fun with Toto the toilets and I absolutely miss those wonderful showers!

    All your staff were very friendly and accommodating, and the Inn was spotless!

    My husband and I stayed in Eve & Roarke and our friends stayed in Nick & Nora.

    My friend Debbie and I read the Inn Boonsboro trilogy when they were first published but knowing that we were going to stay there for the weekend we just had to read the books again. Even though it was the second time I read the books, I still had a hard time saying good-bye to the characters when I finished.


  186. I’ve read every Nora Robert’s book, with the exception of the JD Robb books. I love them all but do have a few favorites that I’ve read multiple times; Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy, Chesapeake Bay Saga, Three Sister’s Island trilogy, In the Garden trilogy, and most recently the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. I love your ability to connect with me and make me laugh out loud or cry and I’ve lost more than a few nights of sleep because I have to finish the book!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
    BTW, we are neighbors and share a love for baseball. I live in VA and love the O’s!

  187. My first book by Nora Roberts was Fallen Angel, loved it so much I started buying and looking for all her books, then went into the JD books and am reading them from the start. I now have over 219 books of both Nora Roberts and JD Robb in my library and still I am not up to date on everything. These include some of her very very early books she wrote under the Silhoutte title books.
    Still looking to buy more.

  188. I want to thank you for publishing in both large text and e-book formats! I am blind, have a little field of vision left in one eye that allows me to read very large, dark or bolded text. I LOVE books – always have, and have been addicted to Nora Roberts and JD Robb for many years. Having a book in my hands is like a balm to my soul. I was an RN for nearly 30yrs and suddenly, 5yrs ago, I became the patient with an inoperable brain tumor. I made it through radiation and despair holding onto books – most of them, written by you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Believe me when I say, you saved me. I look forward to every book, every time. Now that I know about this blog, I will follow it also (my computer reads to me and I am a very good typist! It also tells me if I make a mistake – LOL, and I DO!) Thank you again.

  189. My first book was Montana Sky. I still remember the plot and the joy of reading the story.
    From that moment I became an addicted and faithful Nora Roberts reader.
    I am also a writer, working on my first trilogy and hoping for publication. Any advise or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you Nora for your amazing writing and stories. 🙂

  190. I’m a big Nora fan, *& a total In Death addict. I misplaced the date- when is Nora coming to my town,, new york, for the RWA affair? I’ve never seen her in person, & I can’t wait. Can you repost the details, please?

  191. My first book was when Homeport come out, I started late, and was fascinated by it. So, I started reading all her books. When I found the JD Robb books, I starting reading them from the beginning.

    It would be fun to read that Roarke’s coffee company profits have increased due to everyone reading about Eve’s love of coffee from Nadine’s book and movie about the Icoves.

  192. I was wearing my I ♥ Roarke t-shirt while getting labs drawn yesterday, and one of the assistants was reading the back of it with Peabody’s description on it. I told her all about the books and she was ready to run out to the library right then and there to get started on the series. Another fan is born!

  193. Let me start by saying, I can pick up a book and get completely lost until I have finished it. The first series that I read was the Chesapeake Bay series. I believe I started and finished that series within a week. That was back in 2000. I have since read every book by Nora Roberts. With that being said. I have not read any of the In Death series. Because I have this sickness that drives me to read until there is nothing left, I have been a little hesitant to pick them up and start.
    Reading is a passion of mine so finding an author that can touch my heart, make me laugh, and make me forget the ugliness of the world, can be challenging. Nora has been my one constant. Every now and again I stray and try to find something new, but they never live up. I just reread the Inn Boonsboro series this last week. My husband and boys were wondering if I was ever going to cook dinner for them again!!
    Thank you Nora for creating stories that mean something to so many people.

  194. I have your books in print, on cassette, CD and now MP3 and love to revisit over and over. thank your for your wonderful worlds. there is one thing I would ask you to think about when next you need evil to take “animal” form, wolves are an endangered species and it is an up hill battle daily to keep them listed and to protest the senseless killings. they are essential and portraying evil supports negativity. maybe you could consider a velocirapture [sp?], snake or a wild boar. thank you again for the wonderful stories and any thought you might give to my request.

  195. Nora I have got to say omg on the cousin O’Dwyer trilogy book. I’ve read them so many time. And still laugh. I can’t seem to put them down. I know it’s only a trilogy. But I wish there were more. You are brilliant written. Gifted. And thank you so much for the books. They take me out of my hectick days and to some where else. I love that they take place in Ireland a land I would love to be. Thank you

  196. I became a Nora fan thanks to a co-worker. We worked in a child care center. While our Toddlers were napping we would get lessons ready for the afternoon and the next day. Sometimes we would be caught up with lessons and cleaning. She would bring a Nora book or In Death with her. I have never been a big romance novel fan. But I started reading and I was hooked. I started looking at Goodwill and thrift stores finding a lot of Nora’s books.
    My husband is now a fan of J D Robb In Death. He is a truck driver and I ride with him. We have picked up some In Death audio books. Hubby really enjoys Eve and Roark’s banter and relationship.

  197. I started reading NR/JDR books about 16 or 17 years ago, give or take, and for the life of me I can’t remember which one I read first. It was definitely an NR since I started reading JDR much, much later, but the title eludes me. It was either one of the Stanislaskis or Carolina Moon. I am a hospice nurse in Indiana, and I recently have begun Beta Reading for an up-and-coming author who reminds me, vaguely, of NR’s style. Her stories are a little more racy, but they all have great and believable characters and are all connected from one book to the next.

  198. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not listening to those people wanting babies added to Eve’s life……As you said it would change the whole story line of the series……I don’t want family, other than what is already established, to come about in the books……I like the way you might add or bring forward an already established person in the book……So please keep it coming……When I read an “In Death” book, I can actually feel like I know each and every person, like I’m a part of the book…..I’ve read every book you’ve ever written, as JD Robb and Nora Roberts and as long as I can read and even after I can’t, I’ll have someone do it for me…….Don’t ever stop…….Just one more thing, I’m 69 years old and it’s been too many years since I’ve been with a man, but when you describe a love scene between Roarke and Eve, I can remember how it was, and to me that is MY little perk to being a Roberts/Robb fan……

  199. Hi there,

    My name is Theresa Twohig and I come from South Wales. I have loved Nora’s/JD Robb’s books for years.

    My aim is to one day visit Inn Boonsboro and stay in Nick and Nora as I adore The Thin Man Films also.

  200. I am now on the second book of The Inn Boonsboro trilogy. I would love to visit and stay in Elizabeth and Darcy. Thst is one of my favorite love stories.

    1. It’s a great trilogy! I just took a tour of the Inn today, it’s so beautiful! 🙂
      Apparently the ghost is sorta based on real events! It was so cool to be there!

  201. Wow, you are so lucky. I am so jealous right now! lol! Maybe next year hubby and I will take a little trip up there.

  202. gotta get the grandparents’ story…wow, can’t believe I actually missed a macgregor!!!…in a way this is great, like visiting an old family friend!

  203. Just a quickie. Rereading The Liar. Brilliant story, really liked it. Just a request to do a story on Forrest, he comes across as a really strong character, one you would really like to have at your back.

    Totally different request now. Leave Eve as she is in the In Death Series. The dynamics work as they are, bringing in a long lost relative would completely alter what I see as two people growing together in what they currently have.

  204. I have been loving Nora Roberts books and JD Robb books for years. It is hard for me to pick favorites. I read and reread! I listen to the books on tape. I have shared my love of these books with my daughter and mom who is 84. She is loving the JD Robb books on tape. You can never be without a good read if you have access to NR!

  205. I travel for work, each week, on Monday morning I drive for 2.5 hours, stay the week then back again Friday afternoon. I got tired of listening to music and all the noise that came with the radio.
    A friend suggested tapes and lent me Naked in Death. I was hooked. One day as I was listening intently, I saw flashing red lights in the mirror. I found a good spot and pulled over.
    I lowered the volume on my book and rolled down my window. The female officer ask for my license and asked me if I was alright. I replied I was fine and was just driving home. I asked why I was pulled over and she stated that she had been following for a while and noticed that I’d been driving slower and slower for the last few miles. Becoming concerned she thought it best to see if I was alright.
    I told her I was listening to a book on tape and I guess I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t realize I was driving so slow. The officer laughed and inqured the name of the book that had me so transfixed. I related that it was a J.D. Robb book and told her about the story. She pulled out her tablet, I thought oh no I was going to get a ticket but no all she wanted was to write down the title of the book .
    She did give me verbal warning to pay better attention to the road and thanked me for an interesting afernoon.
    Thank you Nora, for all the amazing hours you’ve given me and my friends with your words.

  206. I’m not sure if I’m going about this correctly…but here we go…I’ve had the feeling for the past few books that he has been in….is Dr. Mira’s husband loosely based on Nora’s own husband……

  207. My name is Lyndsi. I am 25 and I have two boys. Matthew is 5 and Xander will be 3 in October. I read my very first Nora/JD Robb book in high school. It was Remember When. One of my friends let me borrow it and a few other In Death books. I have been hooked ever since. I am in the process of collecting all or as many Nora/JD Robb books as I possible can. Mostly from secondhand stores, Library sales, etc.
    I am absolutely amazed that Nora is able to manage her time so well. I have started to look at her as a role model. I hope she never stops writing. I love reading her novels.

  208. I was introduced to your books about 4 years ago… by a friend..

    The indeath books have been my life line while suffering from depression, I have them all on audible and never get tired of listening to them.
    When I read the first book, I nearly put it down as I do not like in the future books, but I have to say you got me hook like and sinker and I can not wait for this years second book.

    Recently my latest litter of kittens were named after some of the characters in the books.. Eve Dallas is staying, I have to say…
    I have read many of your other books but none have me hooked like these 🙂

  209. Hi everyone! Thank you Nora for writing such compelling characters! I love them all! (sorry to be overly enthusiastic :))
    I have to say, it took me a minute to cave and start reading (and listening – love the audiobooks and Susan Erickson’s “voice” on these characters) because this genre was not necessarily what I enjoyed. Holy Mama!!!! A couple of years later and I AM OBSESSED!!!

    I re-read these stories over and over and have addicted so many to these fantastic books, hehe.

    I’m not going to ask “what happens to…” or “could you…” questions because you’re the expert not me! and these are YOUR characters! But, I have to ask – some of these crimes are gruesome! Where and how do you come up with these deaths and how have you been able to not duplicate yourself?

    It’s amazing to me! Thank you for always giving us more!

  210. I agree about Susan Erickson’s voices. She makes the characters.

    Is it my imagination, or did some other reader do one or more of the first “In Death” books? Back when I first started listening to those, I was getting them from the library. I could swear another reader did at least one of the early books and it was almost unbearable. It may be that she just hadn’t found her voices yet for the characters.

    I had listened to the first few books out of order because the library either had a wait list or didn’t have the books. I don’t remember which I listened to first that got me hooked on the series.

    I’ve purchased all of them for my own library and I’m one happy camper to have all of the unabridged books – just listening to the last one and will start over again from the beginning after wandering to other books for a bit. Some J.D. Robb books I purchased from the publishers and one from ebay and most from Amazon. The publishers do have decent prices if you are looking for unabridged versions.

    I am venturing out into the world of Nora Roberts books next. I do hope I enjoy them as much as my favorite J.D. Robb books. I have Montana Sky and Sanctuary, then I will listen to the 3 Inn Boonsboro books. I hope I have these in order. Wish me luck.

    1. The first 3 books were originally read by a different voice actor.
      I believe Susan did go back and record those as well. I agree with you ~ I didn’t care for the first narrator at all.

  211. I have been reading Nora Roberts/JD Robb’s books for many years and LOVED them. My summer reading the last few years has been The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy and The Bride Quartet. They are perfect for those long, hot days. But now I need more! How is Vows going to work with all the marriages ( and maybe babies)? Will Lizzy still be a part of the Inn in Boonsboro? Ms. Roberts can you consider another visit to theses wonderful places for all of us fans?

  212. So, I am an avid reader of the “in Death” series and started re-reading the series after finishing Obsession (which only took me a few hours). I had a dream that Eve and Roarke faked his death to help her close a case. With the technical advances in these books it would be possible to make a drone look like Roarke (just would have make sure no one got up close and personal). I believe that this is something that Roarke would do, as she is “his one” and although, she would be very hesitant and unwilling, she would see the logic in his thinking. Just a thought.

  213. I’m a late starter to reading novels and my first Nora Roberts was Northern Lights. I was standing in one of our local book stores perusing the shelves when a lady standing close by said, if your looking for a real treat read this (handing me Northern Lights), I asked her what is was about as I’m very partial to a bit of romance in my novels, and she just said, you’ll be hooked from the first page!
    Well, that was the start of my journey with Nora and I have so many more still to chose from, but I’m enjoying my voyage of discovery! I haven’t read any of the ‘In Death’ series yet!
    Now that I’ve found your blog I hope to drop in from time to time too…

  214. I stumbled onto the “In Death” series and have hooked ever since…I love these books and wait anxiously for the new ones to come out and read them in a couple hours as soon as I get them!!! I’ve also re-read many of them. I didn’t realize who J.D. Robb was at first and was surprised that she was the romance novelist Nora Roberts…..I soooo don’t do romance novels or chick flicks lol!!! I love the characters in these books…although Eve does frustrate me at times….she’s so linear and unending….her way is just the way things should be….but I like that she irritates me sometimes….it keeps things interesting 🙂
    And as a native Montanan I’m enjoying your blog on your stay here. I’m so glad you’re having fun and enjoying your stay here!!

  215. I have been reading Nora Roberts for almost 15 years now and have enjoyed every minute. I love the strong characters and connections you build with your stories. You are a great author, thank you for all that you do.

  216. I started reading again, when i found one of your books in bag of books that my Aunt Ruth had in her room.The blue Dahlia,from your in the garden series. As i started to read this one book,i got hooked on it.I could not put the book down,because i had and wanted to find out what was going to happen.This book capitvated me with the history of the Harper House and its family that lived in this house.I have now read the second book and right now i’m almost finish the last book in this series. Nora Roberts you are a genius with your writings.I was at my Library, to pick up the Black Rose and the Red Lily and i found the Inn Boonsboro, OMG the same thing happen with this series too,and then i find that it’s a real Inn that you and your husband own.Nora, it’s my dream to one day stay at your Inn and i want to stay in the Elizabeth and Darcy room.Jane Austin is now my second favorite writer, you being my #1 favorite writer.I can’t wait to read something else by you. thank you Nora for the way you write your stories.I HOPE TO ONE DAY MEET YOU IN PERSON, TO TELL YOU MYSELF HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOUR BOOKS.PLEASE KEEP IN WRITING.

  217. I readed every book, I love each one of them. I love Eve Dallas.
    She’s my favorite character. After are Morris and Dr. Charlotte Mira.
    I thinks you should write a book about how started the relationship of Eve, Feeney, Mavis and Mira. I’m sorry about it.
    this Eve’s book when she was a child. I really buy this book and it would be one of my favorites. Because We would see a Eve over time past and how she became an extraordinary lieutenant.
    Well, I like seeing Roarke jealous. Eve has definitely shown her insecure side a time or two, but I’ve never really seen any similar behavior from Roarke. Yeah I know, there was a scene about Roarke and Webster. but Roarke wasn’t really jealous or insecure about Eve’s feelings for him. I like this fact that Roarke trusts Eve, but I would kind of enjoy him being tortured like Eve was over Maggie. So, I’m curious, what would make Roarke jealous.

  218. I was reading where people were complaining about the story lines….please ignore them….I’ve read you forever….you saved my sanity as we were raising four children….now retired and always waiting at that mailbox for your next book…when the J.D.s started coming out… I would start at the beginning and read up to the new book….well now that there’s more (thank you so much) ….I put my hand out and read whatever five I touch… you are wonderful…in fact we had our two daughters and granddaughter move in…we’re making our room into a studio apt. I only have room for three bookcases….I got rid of hundreds but kept four authors Vince Flynn…Nelson Demille…ALL OF Nora Roberts and ALL of J.D. Robb….I ‘ve never been disappointed in your books…please ignore the fussy brats…Congratulations on your movie….I’ll be first in line to see it!!! ?

      1. In her In Death June 2014 column she talks about a movie….the column is entitled..let’s all take a deep breath….

  219. My first In Death was the 5th in the series given to me by a friend back in mid 90’s. Got hooked and searched the 2nd hand book shops for the first 4 as well as those published after. I have read the entire series from 1st to last at least 3 times. Love this series and agree with Nora…no kindly relatives coming out of the woodwork for Eve…she has her family now and definitely no kids yet…She’s not ready. Still waiting for a Movie or T.V. Series. What do you think of AIDAN TURNER to play Roarke? He’s 6′ of tones muscle, looks great with longer hair and…..He’s Irish. Only needs blue contacts to play Roarke. Look him up, check out his images and let me know what you think.

  220. You say that ‘Dance upon the Air’ is available for $1.99 on Kindle -Where ??? – I cannot find it anywhere for that price .
    I am a computer novice , so am perhaps not looking in correct place .


    1. Anne, you have to go to or and put Dance Upon the Air in the search box. In other words, you need to go directly to the retailer.

  221. I own all of the In Death books and I probably own or at least have read almost all of the NR books. They are a favorite of mine, especially the trilogies. I am always amazed and impressed at the amount of research done to write these storylines so fantastically. When I get an In Death book, it’s read within a few days. (Though Devoted in Death took me weeks as it was a bit too gruesome and upsetting for me. ) Thank you for entertaining our world. I look forward to the next book.

  222. I’ve been buying NR books for years and they are the only ones I keep. Have re-read many of them, enjoyed each of them. Montana Sky remains my top favorite ~ have not seen the movie.

    I’ve been an avid reader all of my 50 plus years. Nora is the only author I recommend to friends. Her stories move along through entertaining engagement and dialog between characters. Scenes are masterly descriptive: with just a few choice words she puts you right into it.

    If I could do it only half as well as Nora does, I’d write a story myself.
    So glad hers are there in print for me to read whenever I want!

  223. I am bereft. I decided to read the whole In Death series from beginning to end. I started last year November when I was a few months pregnant and needed a distraction from all the puking. My baby is now four months old and I finished Devoted in Death today. What am I going to do with myself until Nora writes another In Death? Where’s Summerset? I need a drink.

  224. I have been a Nora Roberts fan for many many years. And have enjoyed every book of her’s I have had the pleasure of reading. I just finished reading The Collector. It was wonderful. It had the perfect blend of romance and suspense. I loved it!! Thank you Nora for a great book.

  225. Julie that was very well said. I also have enjoyed Nora for years and hope to continue enjoying her stories. I am very excited about her writings as JD Robb; can’t get enough of the gang.

  226. I saved THE LIAR for a nice long read at the hospital after my daughter Debi was out of surgery. It occurred to me to read it to her, as we are both adults and are or have been married. Over a period of about 9 days, I read it all to her, She will tell you that I acted out many conversations, laughed can cried appropriately, and never appreciated your absolute writing genius more than before. Having read most of your books over the last 10 years, I must say this one is definitely among your top 10. I continually marvel at the verbal comedic interchanges, and I always know your strong female characters will be resiliant and triumphant in the end. We were truly disappointed that we had finished it and had no more book to read together. Guess I shall have to finish the last half of DEVOTED IN DEATH on my own and she will have to read her own books to herself. It was a nice time of sharing with her. Thank you.

  227. Maybe off topic: How do I get my picture to show up instead of the general gravatar? I have my picture in my profile. I’ve been around and around in circles trying to make it happen. Thanks.

  228. I have been reading your books for nearly as long as you’ve been writing them and have yet to be disappointed or “let down” by any of them. Thank you for giving me years of absolute reading pleasure. Just being selfish here…stay healthy…live a very long life! I truly admire your dedication and envy the discipline you have for being such a prolific writer. I downloaded your chronological booklist to see what books I have missed and just sat in awe as I read the titles and dates they were published. Remarkable! To simply say, thank you for sharing your talent seems too banal. But thank you just the same.

  229. Hello Ms. Roberts, My name is Skye Clyde and I’m a fan of your books. I am also some what of a writer. I am in the process of writer a romance cop story called “Mind Waves”, an Adeline Mind Story. I was hoping you might be able to give me some tips.

  230. I first fell in love with your books when I was 19. My grandmother had visited us for Christmas and left Tears of the Moon in my bedroom. So I picked it up, read it, and realized it was the middle of a trilogy and I NEEDED to get the other two books. I’d never really read anything like it before. My Nora Roberts collection is now staggering, and I’ve converted several people to be as addicted as I am 🙂 Thank you for hours of entertainment!

  231. Death books are the best by far…glad to hear Nora say no to Eve and Rourke becoming parents…Have been reading J D Robb since the beginning…love…love these books…my friend Sandra and I look so forward to each one….keep up the wonderful work you do Nora…a fan forever

  232. In my opinion, Ms. Roberts’ books themselves are about the best “tip” an aspiring writer of romance fiction could hope to find! I always enjoy “rediscovering” her early novels — her ability to pull you in right away, and to make you care about the characters, were signature strengths from her first book on, while the distinctive “voice” that tells you “it’s a Nora Roberts (or J.D. Robb) book” took some time to develop.

  233. My first book was Fantasy in Death I bought it because it looked interesting. I’m an avid reader and was looking for a new author to read. I was hooked by the end of the first chapter, of course I then had to read every single In Death in the series. Which brought me to Nora Roberts since I’m a fan of sci-fi/fantasy of course I started out with her books that had some of that element. Let’s just say I’m a fan! Although Eve and Roarke will always be my favorites.

  234. I love Eve Dallas & Roark. I reread the books to find what I missed the first time through.

    1. After I read all of them, I also went through and reread them all in order again. I also just love Eve and Roarke.

  235. I have been a Nora Roberts fan from her very first book! I loved JD Robb long before I knew that is was Nora writing. I love both of her ways of writing. She always tells just a good story. I tell everyone about her and recommend her all the time. Cant wait to start the new JD Robb and Nora Roberts (in April).

  236. In any book I read if the language isn’t me I just skip that word. It’s like it’s not even there

  237. I bought my first JD Robb book almost 16 years ago and have been hooked on Eve and Roarke ever since. I can’t remember which book I bought then but I remember staring to read and was about 2 chapters into the book when it became apparent to me that this definitely was NOT the first book in the series. So back to the book store I went to get all the ones that came before, since I have a thing about reading books of a series in order. I could only get the first 2 and had to order the 3rd. Then I could get the next 6 before I Had to order the next. I was love with these characters from the very beginning of Naked. I reread the series at least once a year and always reread the first 4 books prior to the release of the newest. These characters have become my friends and I look forward to spending time with each and every one of them. I am so anxious for Brotherhood because I think it is impossible not to fall in love with Dennis Mira.

    I had never read Nora Roberts until about 2 years ago and decided that since I am so in love with the “In Death” series I should try out Nora’s other books. I began with the cousins O’Dwyer and am working my way through all the trilogys.

    Thank you Nora for all the hours of enjoyment and all the new friends.

  238. The very first Nora Roberts book I ever read was “Montana Sky”, in a Readers’ Digest Condensed edition. I absolutely loved it, and had to buy the full version — which started an obsession that has lasted for a very long time now.

    I now have every NR book, except for one old one “Promise Me Tomorrow”, which I have never been able to find anywhere.

    One of the things that sets Nora apart from every other romance writer out there is her realistic characters — even the old, straight ‘romance’ novels were never typical ‘formula’ romances with cardboard characters — Nora has the gift of making her characters into real people, who have real relationships, and who speak real words.

    I especially love the series/trilogy/quartets, because it means that I can spend more time with my favourite people!

    Now that I have collected nearly all of the NR novels, I will have to start on the J.D. Robb “In Death” series, I think!

    Nora, thank you so much for all the pleasure you have brought me with your wonderful talent — I always eagerly anticipate each new release!

    1. I believe you will love the JD Robb books as well. I actually like them better than the Nora ones.

  239. I’ve long enjoyed Roberts’ category romance…complete with the knowledge that the venues in which they’re set are pretty well equally fictional or even fantastic. (I’ve worked in some, am involved in others, so I know whereof I speak.) But they’re great fun. The MacGregors, the Calhouns, the O’Hurleys, and all their kith and kin. Fun. But category romance, although it saved this speed-reader’s sanity on a back-up telephone answering job long ago, is not my first love. That’s murder mysteries…cut my eyeteeth on Erle Stanley Gardner, graduated to Christie and Tey, Sayers and Stout, and never looked back.

    Science fiction of the older school was my next leap, Heinlein and Asimov, Schmitz and more. But high-grade murder mysteries remained a primary love. (The time I sussed out a chunk of a Marple plot from the dialogue *while* first reading A Murder Is Announced stands out in my mind thirty years later. Kudos to me.)

    Imagine my surprise when—a decade or so ago—I discovered the JD Robb titles: NR’s talent for character and plot woven into a futuristic and hopeful world we can all recognize…and see from here!…together with a fabulous cast of characters. I owned the paperbacks when, in 2009, I was laid up with a busted leg (no weight-bearing) for a couple of months, and a friend gave me a Kindle and a gift card to load it up with. Nowadays I pre-order my Kindle copy and wait for the midnight deadline (9pm Pacific, huzzah!) when it releases.

  240. I wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing! Both of your pen names! But the In Death series is my favorite. I need to confide that you are an inspiration to me! I’m also an author, and I have 2 books in a crime/paranormal series out now. One of my readers compared my writing style to yours. I said, “No way, I’ll never be as good as she is!” Nonetheless, I was honored. Keep up the good work doll!

  241. Doll orgies? Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee as I read that. It’s amazing, sometimes you make me laugh out loud other times you make me cry. What a writer!

  242. Nora,
    I have a question about “Summer Desserts”. I’m not sure this is where I should post it to you or not…but here goes anyway .
    In chapter two, you have Summer making a bombe with sliced cake, chocolate/cream mousse in the center, then covered with crushed berries under a layer of French cream and finished it off with a coating of rich chocolate. Yep…I’m still drooling. I love to cook and bake but my online search of recipes returned zilch. If you’re going to make your readers mouth water, the least you could do it offer the recipe.

    So how about it? Will you share? Pretty please?
    Ida Mae

    1. Hi Ida Mae,

      I know that dessert was a product of Nora’s imagination so she doesn’t have anything to share. But I googled “Bombe chocolate mousse berries” and a ton of recipes showed up.


  243. First I would like to say that I thought this was a very good story. It showed the growth of the series that started way back in the early 90’s. All of the characters have grown, matured and contributed to all the ID books.
    That being said I do have one little problem with the end story line-When Eve says she would have stood for the victims/killers, she is very naive in that at the time that these crimes were committed she had no power-her career would have been over because of the power that the six held. Even if the women had come to her in her present position, she would have been handicapped by the lawyers/social pressure that the men held. As Eve never got the justice that she deserved, as those who sat back and allowed her rape and abuse where never brought to justice, so would these women have been denied justice. It happens-it is not right-but it happens. I do not condone what they did but can understand why they did it.
    Other than that small difference of opinion, I loved the book and look forward to many more.

  244. In which book did Eve get her ears pierced? They were pierced in before betrayal and the novella before it. I remember, I thought, that she fainted, and want to reread it but can’t find it.

  245. I’m so pathetic. I don’t want to start Brotherhood in Death because I’ll finish it too quickly. I promised myself I’d start on Saturday but my resolve is weakening. I don’t think I’ll make it.

  246. Same!
    I started to reread from NY to Dallas (again) to catch me up and to savor brotherhood!!

  247. I really enjoyed the early in death books, but the last several are cooling off my interest. I am tired of revisiting Eve’s victimization, and want her moving forward. I would like a personal twist; why can’t she or Peabody get pregnant? The morning sickness and cravings and effects on sex life could be very funny. How about a murder that ISN’T a serial killer? A whole book of “easy” crimes to solve? Lots of different choices. I think the series is stuck in a rut.

      1. I am delving into the trilogies now, which aren’t at all like the “In Death” books. I wouldn’t know it was the same author…except I really like them and I’m hard to please.

    1. How many times are we going to have people wanting a pregnancy?! How many times will Nora and Laura have to explain why that’s not going to happen!! And Just because we’ve been given the gift of 20 years of amazing stories it’s ONLY like 3 years f
      Of Eve’s life? And her victimization is such a huge part of who she is and why she does what she does.

    2. Jane Deppe: “Eve’s victimization.” It’s easy for me to tell you’ve never had anything horribly traumatic happen to you -especially as a child- and your post was very offensive to me as a survivor. Things like that don’t go away, and if you don’t care for it or so many other things I agree it’s time for you to step away. Lots of books out there. Try writing one.

  248. Sorry you feel that way I feel like every book gets better. As far as Eve’s victimization for as horrific as it was the progression is spot on, like Katie says it’s only been like three years. I love that Nora is progressing through the characters lifes in almost real time. Every murder is fascinating, and I personally don’t want to see a pregnancy yet it would change the dynamics too much.

  249. I first started reading Nora Roberts book Sweet Revenge was hooked on all of the books. Then in 1997 a co-worker gave me a book titled Glory in death by JD Robb, loved the book so much had to find Naked in death and started my collection of JD Robb books. I had already had a good collection of Norm’s books, but became obsessed with JD Robb. I even other Co-workers reading both collections, we shared books a lot. I read the in death books right away when they come out. Sometimes I will wait until some are signed by Nora (JD Robb). So I’m waiting for brotherhood in death because Mr. Mira is featured love him. Then my eyes will hurt because I will stay up reading until the page blurs then start again the next day until finished. The reread more slower to re-enjoy the book.

  250. I have always been a Nora Roberts book reader. In 2009 my mother, also an avid reader became obsessed with JD Robb. She had always read your Nora Roberts books avidly. She encouraged me to try one. I was hooked, and when I saw it was a series I went back and started with the first one. While I was reading the first book my mother commented something on the order of how sweet she thought Somerset was. I was shocked and told her my perception of him at the time. She then went back and started the series from the beginning. We lost our mother, Lottie in 2010 to cancer. She was a wonderful mother and friend. I loved seeing her name in one of the stories. She would’ve loved that. My sister is now hooked on the books also. When I read these books I feel close to her and love knowing the joy she got from reading these books when she was unable to enjoy the more physical things she always loved doing. Thank you Nora Roberts for the blessing you have been in our lives. The Brotherhood was amazing! I hope you know how much you become a part of our lives when we pick up your books. I hope you continue to write as long as you love it and that you love it for the rest of mine. Thank you, Cheryl D.B.

  251. My first Nora Roberts book was Hidden Riches. Then I lent it to my mother, big mistake I spent the next couple of years buying the books then we’d fight as to who read them first. So it ended up I had to buy two copies so I could keep mine. My mum passed away just when The Villa came out so I bought her a copy and sent it with her to read
    I wish I had found the In Death books because I think she would have liked them too –
    Now my next door neighbor who is in her 70’s ish loves the In Death series she’s like me has the paperbacks and the kindle edition
    Love the books, I hope we have many more in death books to go – Can’t wait for Apprentice In Death
    Oh loved Nora’s Stars of fortune I really look forward to Bay of Sighs

  252. I posted in the wrong place-no brain. I have red and loved Roberts for a long time. When I lived in Australia, the Romance Book store in Sydney was a favourite place to shop. The lady there tried forever to get me to read Robb. I would not do it. Finally she got desperate and gave me the first book and told me to red it on the plane to the US the next day. If I liked it I could buy it and the rest of the series. When you are 40,000 feet in the air, on a 14-16 hours flight, you read-anything and everything-so I packed the current book I was reading and the Robb book, figuring that if I finished the one I would have a back up. Books are heavy, so limited space and weight were a consideration-this was before kindle, by the way. I fell in love, finished it on the plane and got the next one in the series at the LA airport. When I got Back home, I went in and bought all of the books up to that point and haven’t missed on since. Turned my BFF on to them and she is hooked s well.
    Thank you for a great series and a unique look at what makes and shapes people-both the strong and the weak.

  253. I thought I read in the teaser area something about Will Banner and broken furniture. I do not remember coming across this in the book. Where did I miss it?

    1. No, the teaser reminded readers of Roarke’s reaction to coming upon Will Banner unexpectedly in Devoted. The tables are turned referred to Eve coming upon the decorator unexpectedly.


  254. I started reading NR as a teenager, had about 14 years at the time, and I really fell in love with it. My mom had bought a book of the In Death series, Loyalty In Death, and it was just sitting on a shelf, untouched for some time. So, one day, I got the book that scared the hell of me (the Brazilian versions have black covers) and started reading. I read it during school time and until late hours, trying to catch up with that wonderful world. My school was near several used bookstores, so, during lunch hours, I went there once a week to see if there was a new book I could buy or if I could find any of the ones I wanted for a low price.
    Until now, six or seven years after I started my collection, I’m amazed that I still have 78!!! books to buy. I already have 161 stories, most of the works translated into Brazilian Portuguese (having read not half of that), but there’s still A LOT to read and buy. I think it’s amazing that Nora can write so fast, even if I can’t read in that speed and I usually take breaks between books, but WOW. Dream was accomplished. I have books of Nora for the rest of my life.
    Maybe next year I can travel to the States and meet her in person, ’cause I’d like to congratulate her for the amazing work and writing speed (Really!!!).
    Kinda silly, but I guest that’s it =)

  255. Dear Miss Roberts,

    I am an avid fan of all your books – “a mysteryholic”, too.
    I just finished reading The Witness – wonderful.

    I have a library background and am an English teacher, so I read more carefully.

    In The Witness you wrote about giving dogs as people food as some people do. Giving dogs people food can harm them – I speak as the owner of an Emotional Support labradoodle, named Cosmo. I gave him ham, potatoes and a small cookie. The result was Cosmo throwing up the next day.
    Cosmo and I are very lucky. He could just as easily been in the ER room and/or poisoned.

  256. Love the books,under both names! I just wish she could write faster,lol! My goal now is to get all of my paper books in digital format so I can keep the paper ones in good condition! I’m currently working on getting my daughter interested in reading along with the 4 or 5 of us at work!

  257. Barbara, welcome. Thank you for reminding me to check into getting an Emotional Support dog and for naming another book I haven’t read yet.

  258. I love all the In Death books. It seems as Eve’s personal world gets “lighter” or she at least becomes more comfortable with friends, family, holidays etc, the murders and murderers she deals with become more heinous. The last two books in the series have had extremely dark scenes and killers. Every book is a great read and I love the scenes with Peabody and those with the adorable Dennis Mira.

  259. I just wanted to post to let Nora know she helped me during a very hard time in my life. I had some vision problems and went blind for several years. As reading was always a love of mine my husband got me audio books. I fell in love with stories you told. The good news is I can see again thanks to surgery, and have read almost everything you have written, more than once. I drive my husband crazy waiting for the new books. Then crazy when I get the because I can’t put them down. What can I say it’s his fault! Thanks for telling the stories that took me away when I couldn’t go anywhere on my own, or read a book, and for the ones after I could again.

  260. Annie, that’s exactly what I do with the new trilogies, too! I also buy them as they come out, then wait until I have all 3 before I read them.

    1. I do the same thing wait for all 3 books before I reads them . Love Nora have read everything she has written. My dream is to go to Maryland and stay at her bed and breakfast. My 45th anniversary is coming up soon and hoping I’ll be able to make the trip.

      1. Oh, Denise, what a wonderful idea, to go to Maryland and stay at Nora’s inn! I hope you get there for your wedding anniversary!

  261. You are by far my favorite author. I have almost every book you have written. I have a nook and every month I keep adding to my library. I have every in Death book and LOVE them. I love that I can take one of your books and be taken to another place, another time and get so into the book that before I know it, I have read 100 pages. Please keep doing what you are doing. And I will keep buying!!

  262. I adore both sides of you when you put pen to paper. Nora Roberts for the love wins and JD Robb for Eve Dallas. I don’t think I have ever connected to a woman on so many levels ever in my life, you have given a voice to those of us for whom the struggle is real and right there and may never go away. I wish you much happiness at the new house and I look forward to the rooms you are going to build. Trust me I will be by for a visit.

  263. I met Nora almost 15 years ago on one of her book tours in Spokane, Washington. An insecure obsessive writer I managed to stand up and ask what advice she had for a teenager – “no sex” – who wanted to be a writer. “Oh, read. And no sex.” 15 years later I’ve got two of my own books published and have read thousands of others. Can’t say I followed her first rule, but at least I was out of my teen years before that one went out the window! Now I’m a lover of wine, world travel, my four legged children and my soon-to-be husband who is by far the biggest fan of my work. Cheers Nora.

  264. Nora Roberts/JD Robb is my absolute favorite author I read her constantly. There’s always a book that I may have missed first time around. Just please keep writing, you help make my day, thanks again for all you’ve written.

  265. I was given “The Collector” as my first Robert’s book and absolutely Loved it! I have since read 8 more of her works and enjoy each, but really would like to read more about Ash and Lila. They are great characters. Any chance for a sequel?

  266. Lifelong Nora Roberts reader, I actually got clued into JD Robb by my sister-in-law and have not stopped reading them. Happy to be here

  267. I discovered Nora at my public library in New York many years ago. I would take the kids to the library about once a week back then. Irish Thoroughbred was my first. Then I discovered Eve & Rourke. I have read everything but Promise Me Tomorrow, which I know won’t be reprinted.

    I eagerly await the rest of Guardians and Apprentice in Death.

    I have of course downloaded the free pdf lists.
    I just want to note that the Jack Trilogy and The Stars of Mithra Trilogy are missing from the Series and Connected List.

    Just love your books.

  268. Have been Reading all Nora/Robb books since High School. I am in the process of downloaded all the in death to my kindle (have them in paperback up to the time I got my Kindle) Love all her books under either name! Thank you is all I can say for all of the years of enjoyment

  269. My Mother was a huge fan of all Nora/Robb books and eagerly bought NRs as soon as they came out. My adoration for Nora/Robb works came naturally from my mother. Unfortunately, my Mother passed away a month ago from cancer. The weekend following her passing my brother drew the short straw and was put in charge of going through her library of books. Thousands of books were gone through, sorted, cataloged and where needed, donated to our local community library. In the beginning I would hear my brother mutter, “another one….one more….geez….” and as the day trudged forward my bother started walking around with books in his hand, muttering and scratching his head as he moved from room to room. Finally he came to where I was and with a frustrated expression looked me straight in the eye and said, “Who is this Nora Roberts person and how many books did she write?”. I laughed out loud for the first time since the night my mother died and told him, “A Lot. By the way, did you notice J.D. Robb is also Nora Roberts?”. The look on his face was priceless. Needless to say, as a long time collector of Nora Roberts books she had duplicates plus some and a signed copy she got when we visited, Turn the Page, together last year. My collection and my mother’s collection of Nora/Robb books have now been joined. As I pull a book off the shelf to read I can’t help but think that in heaven she will be reading it with me. Thank you for the years of pleasure your writing have brought us both and I look forward to many more.

  270. I just read a new interview with Nora Roberts on Goodreads and it mentioned the Inn Boonsboro as a real place. I was electrified! I loved the trilogy and I have since spent half the day reading the website and descriptions of each room, checking out the related shops, and wishing I could afford to visit! I’ll be rereading the series as soon as possible!

    I first heard about Nora Roberts in the winter of 1989-90. My mom had given me some Women’s Day magazines and one of them had a book excerpt from The Last Honest Woman bound into it as a sort of pamphlet. I read it, LOVED it, and went to the library, where I checked out as many of her books as I could. I started collecting second hand NR’s wherever I could and reading everything single thing she wrote, including the In Death series. Over time, I have owned an entire collection, lost it, started collecting again, lost that collection, also, and am now collecting just my favorites (still second hand!), but buying new releases on my Kindle. Nora is a truly gifted author who has enriched my life many, many times over the years. Thank you for years of pleasure. I’m looking forward to many more!

  271. I have been reading Nora Roberts for years and I came across Naked in Death in the back of one of her novels and I read it and was hooked instantly and I found one at B&N and I then found them on CDs and then I joined Audible and I have listened to almost every in Death and I have read every in Death. I am fascinated with every development, I don’t wan’t Nora to change her story development, the fun thing is to find out what happens next.

  272. I was reading the comments and so related to Robin Cook. I lost my mom last fall. She always joked that I’d be the one to deal with her books. I donated 24 plus boookxes to the library. Most of the books were never read, brand spankin new. My mom gave me her love of books and reading. I’ve read Nora Roberts from her first book. One of my fav authors. I have a large collection 🙂 I’ve turned into my mother. I love books. I so look forward to going to Turn the Page Bookstore. Thank you for all the great hours of reading.

  273. I would be lost without my Nora Roberts books. I have a large collection (which I am adding to constantly) all of which I have read more than once. I have read all of the In Death series and have enjoyed watching Eve and Rourke, Peabody and McNab grow. As soon as a new book comes out I can’t wait to get it home to start reading, usually late into the night because they are so hard to put down. Thank you for giving me hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

  274. I remember finding Nora Roberts at the age of 15 with the book of either Red Lily or Dance Upon the Air. I was always a big reader especially when I was in foster care. Reading always help me escape from my problems in my home. After I came back home I slowly stopped reading, and then I found a Nora Roberts book in a sale that I was at, and I slowly have started reading more. Thank you for the wonderful and breath taking stories of magic and of Ireland… Big fan of Ireland as well.

  275. Having had a some trouble with my eyes, I’d been collecting but not reading NR books for a few years now. I finally hit upon listening to her books on CD as I commuted. I was surprised to find that she’d wrote in these themes and genres, and sorry that I hadn’t come to it sooner, since I was enjoying them so much and she’d so recently passed (don’t panic). Come to realize that I was reading NR and ‘thinking’ Nora Ephrom! Did a little research and realized I had a LOT to catch up on. I am late to the game in terms of the In Death series, but Eve and Roarke and their dance having me smiling, laughing, tearing up and heating up. I’ve tried a few other authors, it’s just not the same. Luckily there is quite a library available before I have to contemplate any other authors again. Looking forward to many more. Thank you.

  276. Lee, welcome to the world of the best NR. (I’m so glad she is alive and kicking!) I, too, must listen instead of read her books due to something unknown going wonky in my brain. I finally have all of the In Death Unabridged series (why would anyone want an abridged verson??) on CDs and on MP3s. These free me up to do other things while listening. My CD player is in my bathroom and I mostly listen while soaking in the tub. I keep waiting for my husband to come running in due to the occasional belly laugh coming from me seemingly out of nowhere. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through the series more than once – I’m on my 5th or 6th time, and I enjoy them just as much each time through. Again, welcome!

  277. I’m trying to think back to when I read my first book by Nora. It was Montana Sky. It had to be sometime shortly after it came out in paperback. Anyway, I’ve read and own almost everything she’s written. It’s difficult to keep up! I’m a non-published author myself, inspired by Nora to fulfill my lifelong dream to have that best selling romance published! I have 5 of them to date. I’m hoping once my first is polished up the rest will be history!

  278. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post, or even if I should post, this offer.

    Does anyone who can’t afford The Circle Trilogy want my copies of the books? I have all 3 unabridged in MP3. I finally finished the first of the three and can’t make myself read the other two. Not my style – listening to a guy try to sound like a girl, vampires, etc. – painful to get through for me.

    If you click on my picture or name, it should send you to my blog where you can post your need for the books. I don’t know if my e-mail is there, but I will try to work something out so we can correspond. -JA

  279. my favourite author !! it was Daniel Macgregor who worked his magic to me via nora !. i love her trilogies and have read almost all. Nora’s characters are real people to me and i really wish she would write more books and the publishers publish them faster. The wait is trying. Keep going Nora. you paint sublime pics with words….

  280. Hello. It’s me. I never really know what to say in these introduction posts. How much is too much? Is someone really reading this?? I am a fan among thousands who enjoys escaping into the world of Eve and Roarke. I have never read your books other than the In Death series and vow to try one this year. I feel like I would be cheating on ID if I pick up a different series – don’t ask. I also enjoy this blog and getting to “hear” from you and Laura once in a while. Thanks for creating this platform so we can get to know you better! PS: Brotherhood In Death was the ULT! I love Mr. Mira!!!

  281. I am new a blogging, so please be patient with me. I am a avid JD Robb audiobook fan. I am joing this to connect with other audiobook fans of the in death series.

    1. Welcome Jane! This is the place to be for JD Robb fans. You can read through all of the prior postings on different subjects and enjoy those.
      Are you by any chance related to some Campbells in southern Illinois? My grandmother married Tommy Campbell many years ago, and I know there are many branches on his family tree. *grin*

      1. P.S. I also listen to the books rather than read them. There are lots of us who do for different reasons – some prefer to listen, some need to because of conditions. I know I am thankful to be able to listen to the books because my brain decided several years ago that it couldn’t really read books and remember what was going on. I love books so much that my audiobooks on CDs and MP3s have brought back the joy I thought I had lost. Again, welcome to the group!

  282. I begin the first workday of every week by logging onto several different websites – ones I’ve checked on for years, just to check what’s what, and ones whose tabs will remain open for the entire day. I’ve now started to add “Fall Into The Story” to start my week. Fabulous.

    In your entry from yesterday (that I just now read this morning), you mentioned your “down” time to read. I’m curious: who do you like? I read somewhere that you read John Sanford, one of my faves, whose “Prey” and Virgil Flowers novels I gobble up almost as fast as I do yours. (I started “Extreme Prey” this morning and didn’t want to get out of the tub.) Are there other writers who inspire you? Motivate you? Leave you wanting more (as your books do to so many of us)?

    Just curious.

    Another thing: I wish my thumb was as green as yours. My husband does the veggies and I get stuck buying the pre-planted petunia pots to place around the yard, hoping I can keep them alive all summer. Your gardens look lovely.

    Anyway, have a lovely week. I’ll check in again next Monday. Peace.

  283. I am an attorney and a novelist who writes suspense and romantic suspense. I love action movies and romance novels so I like to read and write books that have elements of both. I love strong heroines who are also flawed and heroes who adore them and are equipped to handle them, so I love Eve and Roarke. I’ve read every book in the In Death series and have them in paperback, ebook and audio. I’ve also read several of your other books.

    I’ve heard you speak at Romance Writers of America conferences and found your speeches both informative and inspirational.

    Finally, I love the way you seem to have found a balance between the work, hobbies and family life. I’m still trying to find mine. Keep up the good work.

  284. I am an avid reader. I reader as many as a couple books a day at times! My list of authors, you I mcluded, is huge! When I read I feel as though I am a character in the book who acts as a bystander! I love serial books,expecially those with an historical slant! I love the way the families are created and developed into dynastic proportions! I love the watching the families grow, over come hardships, obstacles , and personal demos! The characters be one like family! I always look for something about a previous character in the next book in series!

  285. Thank you, Nora. You are a wonderful writer and I grew up reading your books. I still have the first one I read, Daring to Dream, what a wonderful trilogy. I still pull them out and reread them. I keep them all and just can’t bear to part with them. I reread a lot of your books. Thank you again for letting me come along on all your journeys.

  286. I’m so glad most of the JD Robb stories are on CD and carried at our local library. Listening to them in 2015 I managed to make 6 quilts while working full time, because the stories kept me listening as I sewed.

  287. I came across an “In Death” book that someone had abandoned at work. I read it through in 2 days and had to run out to my local Barnes and Nobles and purchased the first 10 books in the series. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have also loved reading Nora’s trilogy books – and have read so many that I’ve lost count of the series – but have never been disappointed in any of her books. They take me to places and times I have never been and the characters are lively and real.

  288. I’m posting this again in hopes that someone wants it. I will mail “The Circle Trilogy” to anyone that can’t afford it or find it. They are on MP3s. I managed to make my way through the first disc and gave up on it. Others seem to really like it. If you click on my picture, it should take you to a page where you can click on “My Blog” (loose term for what I have up) and my e-mail is there. Don’t let the big picture of my face scare you away. I need to do some work there!

  289. Dear Ms. Nora,

    I read my first Nora Roberts book “The Obsession” 4 days ago and just finished “The Liar”. I am hooked! Thank You soooo much for creating a world I can run to. I dream of such small towns depicted in your book. I feel like its where I should raise my family of 5. Shelby struck my heart at the end when she was so excited to have more children, its another dream of mine. When she returned home, I instantly thought of this song: Miranda Lambert’s “The house that built me” awesome song for an awesome book!

  290. The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is one of my all time favorites. Then any of the Irish Trilogies and especially the Irish magic trilogies. There are too many to list. Thank heaven for my Kindle! Now all I have to do is put the on my favorite bookshelf and I can read them over and over again.

  291. My first Nora Roberts book was the Inn Boonsboro trilogy and OMG I was hooked! My husband has actually said that he regrets having bought it for me as I have since been known to bring huge bags of NR books home from Value Village or garage sales and then hide in the bathroom with the shower on, pretending I don’t hear the kids fighting, while I read to my heart’s content. That trilogy is still my favourite, even though I’ve read pretty much every single other book.
    – I can’t find a few rare ones (Stars of Mithra series?) and several aren’t on her website list. Why is that?
    – and I haven’t quite been able to get into the JD Robb series though….must give it another shot!
    Keep writing Nora!
    hugs from Canada

    1. Because Silhouette reprints Nora’s back list constantly, we focus on the original titles. So we don’t have all the reprints listed. The Stars of Mithra series is strangely separated in the reprints. The first two are currently in a book titled Starlight. Secret Star is in a book titled Not Without You (there may be a newer book later this year, but I don’t have that information). It’s paired with a book that has no tie to the others, The Law is a Lady.


    2. The stars of Mithra was one I just picked up out of the blue at a library sale a while back. Was able to find the continuation of it on amazon. It was used, but that’s okay with me. I never will part with one of Nora’s books. You might try there. Hope it helps.

  292. You might try “Remember When” if you are interested in giving the JD Robb series a try. It is two books together; the first is a Nora Roberts love story and the second is a JD Robb story with one of the characters being the granddaugher of the characters from the first book.

  293. I love all of Nora’s books, especially the JD Robb series. When I was in high school back in the eighties, there were two stands full of paperback romance novels in the school library, and I read them all, some of them twice. The ones that Nora wrote, that I have reread in reprints thirty years later, I can remember clearly, so well were they written. Thank you so much Nora, your writing is a gift. In Death #1 and #2 are the best romance novels I have ever read and I must have read thousands by now.
    I have been working though my bucket list trying write educational games, songs, and so on and my next personal adventure is an attempt at a romance novel. I know I will never even come close to the quality of Nora’s work but perhaps trying to shoot for that impossible level of quality that I love will let me get 10% of the way and my attempt will “not suck” :).

  294. I travel by car for many hours during my work week. A few months ago I started listening to the “In Death” series CD’s that I check out at the library. Oh my goodness, now I am purchasing the ‘In Death” audio books from Audible. In other words, I love the series! I am new to Nora’s books and now I am a loyal fan!
    Thank you Nora – JD Robb

    1. Elisabeth – I do the exact same thing! Sadly I am near the end of the series. I have never listened to a series that makes the characters come to life like the In Death series!! Now, when I read the books, I have a reference for the characters and what they sound like. My all time favorite series!!

      1. Terry, you could do what I do and start over from the beginning. I have listened to the series 4 or 5 times and enjoy each new reading, actually listening. I can’t say that about any other books I have.

  295. Laaura –

    Just finished reading “Remember When” for the third time (and I NEVER reread books – too many on the TBR stack), and I became curious: will Ms. Roberts ever do another book like that – where she ties in a new NR story and hooks it with the existing JDR “In Death characters?” Such a delightful pairing . . . and highly original. (Which, of course, may be a reason NOT to do another, but a girl can dream . . . )

    Anyway, just wondered . . .

    (By the way – do you just ADORE your job? Most out there want to be Nora – me? I want to be you. You sell it, girlie! Thanks for all you do for us crazed NR/JDR fans. You’re the best.)

    1. Hi Julie,

      I think that was a one-off (a lot of fun, but just a one time thing) that ushered in the hardcover releases for the In Death series.

      Thanks for the compliments. I try hard to make NR/JDR info available to all. 🙂


  296. I been reading Nora Roberts books since I was 17 . I’m 50 now . I have collected all of books. I even copies of the story of the
    Gallaghner and the Quinns that you could only find on her wed site. I have reread all her books many times over. The Villa I think I’m on my third copy of it . I never get tired of reading her books. My one regret I only have a few of the J.D. Robbs books. Thanks for being awesome write.

  297. My name is Susan and I own every book you’ve written and yes, my shelves are overflowing. I share them with my sister, Kelly, but she always sends them back because I am the Keeper of the Nora Books (And the SEP Books and the JAK books. Yes. I am a bookaholic. and I re-read you a lot.)
    I write romance as Susan B. James and Children’s books as Susan J Berger. I act as Susan Berger. I am getting more work in my seventies than I have in the past 40 years. This year I dealt cards to Ray Donovan, robbed a Dollar King, axed Kathy Bates on American Horror Story, played dead Aunt Gerty on Disney’s Gamer’s Guide and a few more. I have two adult novels in revision (One of them because I adore your head-hop style and my editor said the style belonged to you and I was not allowed to play with it. Live and learn. I love Laura’s updates as well as yours. If you wuld be will ing to give a blog interview for your new trilogy, I would gladly buy an extra copy and give it away to my readers.
    Thank you for the immeasurable joy you have given me.

  298. I have always been an eclectic reader. Stick a book in my face and I’ll read it. But I drew the line at the romance genre. Then, my wife handed me a copy of “Blue Smoke” and I was off to the races. I’ve devoured everything my local library has to offer. I have a copy of every one of the ‘In Death’ series and wait for the newest with the anticipation of a child at Christmas. Given the sheer number of books, I’m just glad my wife tolerates my obsession with reading.

    1. I have been reading your books since 1995 when I became disabled. I immediately loved the first book of yours that I picked up to read. I don’t remember which book it was, but reading your books became my obsession. I was not into the JD series at first because I wasn’t a fan of futuristic type books . But one day I decided to try one and I loved it just as much as all the others. Now I can say that the JD books are my very favorite ones. I hope that you never stop writing them.

  299. I have been reading your books since I was 15 and I borrowed Montana Sky from my grandmother. For the 18 years following that I made it my goal to own every book you had written. I was a few short when I had a house fire last year and sadly my book collection was lost. It’s been a year and I’ve gotten all the In Death books back minus 2 and the novellas. Now I’ll work on the rest. I have read all of them so many times I cannot count. I absolutely love your books. The stories and characters are so rich and amazing. I often get weird eyes from my husband and kids when I smile and laugh when reading. They just dont understand! So thank you so much for all the amazing books and the love you put into them. I always have the calendar marked for new releases. I look forward to many more.

    PS You gave me my love for Ireland and I cannot wait until I’m able to visit on my own! 🙂

  300. I know exactly what you mean about the weird looks ..I get them from my grandkids when I have tears running down my face while reading …I get the “are you OK, Nana? ” …and then there’s the laughing out loud while reading in bed at night while my husband is fast asleep …definitely not appreciated, and yeah ..they just don’t get it. Their loss. I think it says a lot that I get so engrossed in the books and “fall right into the story” ..I don’t even realize it until I see the “weird looks” …
    Thank you, Nora, for all joy and involvement I get from your books.

  301. Hi I first picked a book up in the library which was remember when/big jack when I first read about eve dallas I was hooked aND started researching and found the in death series i could never put it down i was so into it my partner gave up trying to talk to me lol i am always going what was that babe haha.I’m such a big fan of Nora roberts but now I’m addicted to the in death series please don’t stop writing it !!!!I know people want roake and eve to have children but i don’t see that eve is nowhere ready for that.but anyways thankyou

  302. My first book was Naked in Death. I fell in love with it. The characters and the scenery. Just the reading it and being able to be taken to another place and time for a while just captured me. Took me away from day to day problems. My name is Brenda and I have every book written as Nora Roberts, ( after Naked in Death I found she wrote as Nora Roberts to so of course I had to read those), and as J.D. Robb. I’m so picky about my books by her I don’t let anyone borrow them because one time the spine was broken. I know it sounds stupid but it is what it is. I can’t wait for the 2017 books to come out.

  303. I just wanted to say what a surprise it was when I went to my mailbox today and opened a Card from Eve and Roarke wishing me a Happy and Peaceful New Year.
    Thank you for thinking of me.
    Hope everyone has a safe New Year and many blessings

  304. I was trilled to receive a Holiday card from Roarke and Eve. Looking forward to the new year and many more to share with them.

  305. My 1st book was Origin In Death. I was so intrigued that I hunted down all the books from beginning and consider myself a loyal fan. I am a audio book listener and love how it is performed by Susan Ericksen.

  306. Just another big fan of Nora/JD Robb books. I was fortunate to meet Nora at Sam’s Club in Vista, CA when Carolina Moon was released – lovely lady. At that time, I was so glad to hear she was continuing the Eve/Roark series. Also big surprise his year when my mail delivered a Christmas/New Years card – signed Eve & Roarke – so much fun.

  307. I checked out the In Death books on CD from my local library. It’s fun to listen to the series while I work!

  308. Love the In Death series. I’ve read the books several times. Love all of the characters. Love the interaction between Eve and Summerset. Shows that they really care for each other. Got the new one for Christmas and looking forward to the next one.

  309. I’ve been a huge Nora Roberts fan for years. I don’t know how long exactly! I think the first time I picked up one of her books it totally engulfed me. I see the images she paints so well with her words. Just finished Island of Glass! I have to agree with the posters who’ve said its hard to get to the last one in a trilogy, cuz it’s the end. I have to thank Nora for making my life richer and fuller from her work. It eases me. So thank you. One day I will visit Ireland, as she’s written so much about it.

  310. I started my ”Nora” books with The Calhouns,and have never looked back. That was the first book from Nora that I started collecting and now have all her and J,D.Robb books.The only ones I don’t have are the ones written under her penn name . Anyone with ideas as to where to find them would greatly appreciate . Waiting patiently for the next Trilogy : )

  311. I bought a lot of the older books in lots on eBay, I couldn’t find them new. But I now buy every book new and hardcover… much to my husbands dismay, but I love all of Nora/JD books and have them on shelves throughout my house.
    All my friends and family know I’m obsessed 🙂

  312. I think the first Nora book I read was Montana Sky. Needless to say I was hooked. Once I found out Nora also wrote as J.D. Robb then I was off on a new adventure in reading those books. Nora is a fantastic story weaver and I will never get tired of reading her books.

  313. I love the “IN DEATH” Books. Once I started reading them, I was hooked on them. I love the characters. I enjoy all of Nora’s books. She definitely knows how to capture your attention and keep you enthralled to the very end. I have been reading her books for a very long time and have loved every one of them!! Please keep them coming!!!

  314. I’ve only just started getting into reading Nora’s books a couple of months ago, as the first one I got was = Obsession which I really enjoyed so then I got Collector – which I enjoyed even more, SO now I’m totally hooked on her books & because of that I’ve just gotten three more of hers to read, since now I don’t want to read any other books but Nora’s!

  315. I have so many books. I can’t even remember the very first one I read. But I remember it is the first one I had ever read that you were able to get not only 1 persons thoughts but many different thoughts and feelings from the characters. I haven’t quite gotten through all of the JD Robb series, but I do have all the books. I just reread Captivated, Entranced, Charmed and Enchanted, for maybe the 4th or 5th time. I enjoy all of my Nora Roberts and JD Robb books. And refuse to let my husband touch them. He doesn’t really read a lot but he always tell me when I talk about what I am reading that he will wait for the movie. He and I agree that some of these wonderful books should have more movies made of them. We both love the suspense and thrill of them. Myself I enjoy the magics and wonder of the unknown. The books of Irish heritage and fairies and magic so intrigue me. Nora makes all things seem possible.

  316. I know just what you mean ..everyone’s feelings and viewpoints are written into the story. Everyone’s personality becomes an intricate part of the story. I’ve just finished rereading everyone of the “In Death” series and I never got tired of the story …it just goes on and on and I keep wondering what will happen “next week” . I am half Irish and am totally into the Donovan family (especially Liam ..he sounds so fantastic! ..turning into a wolf!!) All of the magic stories are special …heck ..who do I think I’m kidding …they are ALL amazing. I’m nuts about any of the stories with the animals as well ..horses ..dogs…wolves 🙂 The only downside is that I seem to have given up on all my other favourites authors ..I’m on a Nora “binge” ..and am loving every minute of it. Thanks, Nora, for all the magic moments.

  317. I have read all of Nora Robert’s books – cant remember for how long – I wait eagerly for her new release under this new publisher and hope to have the death series out soon. Whenever I am down and depressed – I will just take out any one of her books and reread them again; then I will be ok to face the world again. I am running out of space to store her books. I live in Malaysia and really would like to meet Nora Roberts in person one fine day b4 I leave this world – I am already 62 yrs old. I cant afford to buy her books now – it’s getting too expensive, so I resort to reading them on Kindle.
    Thank you so much Ms Nora for giving me so much reading pleasure – I have been an avid reader since school days.

  318. I am a devoted reader of the “In Death” series. I own all of the books except for the last few (which I still need to pick up) and read the series once every couple of years, “Naked in Death” to current book. The characters and story telling are fantastic. As a woman in law enforcement (22 years and counting), I can tell you that Nora is particularly sharp on law enforcement and criminal justice system details, without being weighed down in the mundane. Lt. Eve Dallas is one of my favorite literary characters and the growth displayed over the course of the series is really special. And of course, wouldn’t it be special to have my own “Roarke”. Well done Nora and although I would love to see the characters brought to life through a TV series (Netflix perhaps with Nora consulting), I would regret it if not done right.

    1. NO! Absolutely NOT! I have never seen a film adaptation of a beloved character that didn’t ruin it for me forever (think “One for the Money.” nuff said.) That said, it would be fun to start a thread to speculate on who would play Eve and Roarke, etc, if for no other reason than to see how we all picture them. I see Eve as Stana Katic with short messy hair, but I have trouble with Roarke, because I am in my 50s and thirty something men do not appeal to me, which excludes any actor they would cast now, but I most frequently think of Aidan Quinn in the 90’s (eyes, those EYES).

  319. I must say, I agreed with you about book to screen adaptation… until Matt b. Roberts got his hands and head on Outlander. Doing each book as a 16 or 12 episode television series really allows a lot of the books integrity to shine through.
    It also helps that Diana gabaldon is fairly involved, even writing an episode.
    With all that being said, I think the in death series could make an excellent series, ONLY in JD (Nora) was FULLY involved and like shows like castle they could have each book be a 2-3 episode story arch… since the 44 books only span 3 years and they’ve beaten so many foes it wouldn’t be realistic to take each book as a season, but maybe 5 or 6 a season.

    I also agree that when I started watching castle she def reminded me of a great choice for Eve.
    I don’t think there is a man alive that could fit the roll of Roarke!

    1. Reference to the previous posts about taking the “In Death” series to screen. Absolutely would be fantastic if done with Nora’s involvement – similar to Outlander. For casting, I’ve thought either Jessica Stroup or Cobie Smulders would be great for Eve and Henry Cavill (check him out with long hair in the Tudors) or Tom Ellis for Rourke. Now the casting of all of the supporting players would be really fun. Summerset and Peabody?

    2. Katie
      Google ‘Roarke’ & go to Images. You may not find your perfect image of the hottie but I guarantee you’ll have fun looking! There are tons of swoon-worthy pictures!

  320. Recently began reading your books and love them! You obviously share an appreciation for beauty and a love of gardening. I hope one day to be able to visit your beloved town and stay at your Inn. Until then, I very much enjoy living in North Florida (near the coast.)

  321. I just recently completed the Guardian Trilogy. It seems I can’t get enough. I am sure many that have read any of this series imagine the reunion as I do. I have created a story in my head that is mystical and dark with an unbelievable adventure for the 6. As they and their’s have the ability to return to the Island of Glass whenever they want, could there may be a need to? Noraza might be dead but no one knows what she might have been up to when conjuring her final move. Did she create other demons? Did she plan for her death? I would be disappointed if I missed their weddings, if I missed any part of their lives but most importantly, I already miss the individual and clan adventures. Can there be more? 🙂 The three stars shine but could there be more? For now I will try to indulge in more of the same.

  322. The first NR book that I read was “Jewels of the Sun” and I have been hooked ever since. And I have this ritual of re-reading certain books at least once a year. Since I am 4th generation Irish – I love the stories about Irish American families and the stories about families who stick together (The Quinns) no matter what happens. I also am hooked on all NR’s books since they are “romantic” novels and the heroine always finds the one man she is destined to be with. However, since I am still waiting on Prince Charming to arrive, is there any chance on a possible plot line involving a single mom – who raised an adult daughter – who has no idea what to do with herself, since said grown daughter is off doing what she does best – and single mom is looking for someone to share the rest of her life with. Just throwing that out there. But all in all, I love what Nora does and it makes be still believe that there is still someone out there for everyone!

  323. My first ever Nora book was ‘The Search’ & it still remains my absolute favourite book of all time mixing dogs, independent female role models, romance and suspense…what more could a girl ask for

    although the one thing I love in all of Noras books are her one liners / spots of humour / subtle but definite ways of getting points across. I’m Currently rereading ‘stars of fortune’ and a prime example is Sawyers response to Sasha’s rant towards the end of the book is fabulous…’Ass…consider yourself kicked’

  324. I really love the In Death series and have read them all on multiple occasions. I love the character of Eve Dallas, of Roarke, of Ian McNab, Delia Peabody, Ryan Feeney. Well since you know your own characters I won’t bother to repeat the whole list, but I love every single one of them, including Summerset who is not Eve’s favorite person I am looking forward to the next book Secrets in Death. Keep up the good work.

  325. Hell Nora, I am S Julia Suzette Lowe, I am 56 years young and I was visiting some family back in Greenfield Indaiana and my cousin, Maria sent me home with Dark Witch!!! I read it and now just finished Shadow Spell and now I am on the last of the 3 books, Blood Magick!!! I have not been reading for many, many years and my husband, Brad said I am turning into a Bookworm!!!! I think I am, all of your books are so enjoyable to read!!!! We got married in 1981 and now I am back to enjoying reading once again!!! Thank you so much!!!! Bay Springs, Mississippi

  326. I have read the whole of the In Death Series as well as many other stand alone and trilogy series, so I am a real fan! But this news letter however for me was the best writing EVER! I have a rescue Golden Retriever and our other rescue recently passed away from old age. We also have 2 rescue cats. Your story of Atticus was the first email I opened this morning. Thank you for sharing this.

  327. My first book was The Witness that the strong recommendation of my mother. Wow! I was blown away from the first chapter and it just got better and better. Next I read The Obsession, followed by Chasing Fire, and now I am on Come Sundown. Each book is so well written and does such a great job putting you right there with the characters. I love in Maryland and work in Frederick and Hagerstown which is just down the road from Nora! 🙂

  328. Ms. Roberts:
    I’ve never written a note on the Internet, but going through some of the Index O’Answers (for the first time) I couldn’t help myself. I own everyone one of your books (by Nora Roberts and JD Robb). You are my favorite author and am in awe of your talent. I calendar every new book release and rush out to get it the minute it hits the stores. I have read the entire In Death series at least 5 times over (and I’m sure I will do so again) and often revisit some of your other books. Wish there was more room here to tell you how much I enjoy spending time with your many characters. I just wanted to THANK YOU for the hard work you put in at your computer creating the lovely, strong, funny and great people that live in your books. Whether it’s 6 months or a year, whatever, I await your next story knowing that it will give me great pleasure and peace away from some of the struggles of our real world. Thank you!

  329. I love Nora Roberts books but would love to read some more basic ones like the Quinns, Mcgregors and the Hurleys I read and read these again they were such fun.
    There was a book which I purchased pertaining to be from Nora Roberts on her list but it was later removed I hope Nora is suing this person as it was definately pornographic I had decided not to purchase any more of Nora’s books before I realised it had been a mistake.
    Nevertheless Nora is an amazing writer and I pre book all her books.

  330. My first Nora Roberts book was *Irish Rebel* that I found by chance in my local library . Loved that ,from then on searched for Nora’s books & devoured whichever I could find. My first trilogy was Quinn brothers. Before that i had no idea that books can be in series. LOL. Soon just reading the books was not enough & i needed to own them. Slowly & steadily my collection started growing. Earlier I was totally dependent on bookstores but thank God for internet & amazon , now can get the kindle version as soon as it is released.

  331. Hello,my FB profile pic says that my best friends are Nora Roberts characters and that is 100% true. My first Nora Roberts book was ‘Sea Swept ‘ . I was staying at a friend’s house and I had finished my book. I can’t stand not having something to read (side note since this day I carry an emergency book in my purse, and will only purchase a purse big enough to hold a hardback). My friend had my car so I began snooping to find something to read. Her step mom had Sea Swept and I feel badly but I loved it so much I couldn’t give it back. So I still have and cherish my stolen little paper back.
    I now only mostly read NR books. I have had to set rules for myself or I would never pick up anything else. Each fall I reread the Key Trilogy, every two years I reread all the In Deaths in order, I allow myself to reread The Witness twice a year, and When not reading the In Deaths I reread all the trilogies, then the stand alones, I told myself I wouldn’t reread the Bride Quartet because not having the Seamen Wedding bothered me. I have broken that rule lol, and I’m over it. I’m sure the girls pulled it off flawlessly. Every few months I ground myself from MR and make myself read another author, but I miss your books in that time. The only set I never try to regulate for myself on is ‘Three Sisters Island ‘. I couldn’t stop myself if I tried. I read that trilogy over and over. I have worn out several copies. I even listen to the audio book of ‘ Dance Upon the Air ‘ while cooking or cleaning because I love it so.
    In fact one day I hope to get a tattoo of three books stacked on top of each other. The first being ‘The Boxcar Children’, then ‘Meet the Austins’ and the top book being ‘Dance Upon the Air ‘ as those books have been special to me as a child, teen, then adult. I want to get this tattoo when I someday take my dream vacation (fingers crossed). I have my whole trip planed out. I want to stay several nights at Inn Boonsboro . I want a couple nights in the Eve and Roark room, then a couple in Elizabeth and Darcy, followed by a few nights in Tatiana and Oberon. I know what I want to bring to read in each room and that I want to go to TTP for a book signing, too meet Nora, Laura and hopefully Kat too. I want to eat several nights at Vista’s to try out lots of their menu, get my book tattoo where Nora and Laura got theirs, go to TTP and browse for hours when they aren’t busy, as well as Gifts, then lastly drive to New York to visit Eve’s world.
    I’m eternally grateful for each and every page of Nora’s books. I love all your books! I’m so very glad that you don’t see an end to In Death in sight, and unlike some crazy people I’m thankful that Eve doesn’t have a baby. I have zero complants and am so so so thankful for your ability to write so well and quickly. I’m grateful for, I enjoy all the blogs especially the vacations and girls spa trip. I’m thankful for all the hard work Laura does on FB, I enjoy her posts and FB live chats. I’m thankful to BW for running TTP, and for the chance to get the first In Deaths in hardback. (Side note as a lover if photography I think BW does an amazing job) I’m thankful that Nora signs so many books and that even though I haven’t been able to travel to TTP I still get sign personal books. I’m over all gratefull for all the hard work that goes into creating these worlds that I can travel too. As a Mother of 3 (who also takes care of her two nieces and a nephew) with zero social life and a beloved husband who wont travel due to his turrets I’m obsessed as you can see, but what’s the harm in loving some AMAZING books?

  332. I have read everything you have written over all these years under Nora Roberts. My favorites are the books based on Irish history and folklore. You have given me many hours of sheer pleasure. Thank you.

  333. Hi
    Just a quick question – Would it be possible to restore the links to both your facebook pages please ?
    Being an OAPI find it much easier to use your links as I am not very good with navigating screens .

    Hopefully yours


      1. Thanks for replying – sorry it is still not showing as before .
        Thanks for trying for me .
        My daughter is going to add the links to my favourites for me this weekend – Oh to be a techno-phobe !!!


  334. Hi, it may not sound like it but I love the In Death series. I was’nt going to read it, becasue of the number of them but, I couldn’t resist. So, has there been a thread about changing names in the in death series? santiago to sanchez to santiago and back again. jenkinson to jacobson, oberman to oberon? Also, In the Garden, is it Cousin Clarissa or Clarise? Anyone have more? I guess it sounds like I’m nit picking but I really just.think it’s fun to find these little errors in continuity.

  335. Hi 🙂
    Bucket List – Go to a Nora Roberts signing and meet her!
    That number one on my list and has been for a few years. Time to put words into action I think.

  336. I just finished your new book, Year One…It was wonderful! I loved the story and the characters. I have read many of your books and love your writing style. Year One was another perfect example of your talent! I cannot wait to read the next one!!!

  337. Hi
    I was introduced to Nora’s books by my grandma several years ago. I really wish I could remember which of her books I read first. I have a tendency to read books by one author for months at a time. Beginning with Nora haha. My tendency to binge read one author is probably due to the fact I hated reading when I was in elementary school. Luckily the school librarian introduced me to Nancy Drew. After that, I no longer considered reading a form of academic torture. I am always asking my grandma if she has any new books by Nora that I can have. I’m a shameless book hoarder haha. Even if I’ve read a book several times, I can’t bear to part with it. Nora’s books occupy nearly 3 shelves of my bookcase haha. Kindle is a definite space saver in that regard but I still love opening a paperback book every so often. Plus, a paperback book hurts less when it smacks me in the face as I desperately try to finish “just one more page” despite my brain telling me to go to sleep. I’m just now reading Naked in Death. Why I waited so long is beyond me! I fell in love with Roarke soon after he was introduced & I love Eve’s personality! I was nearly in pain from laughter after what she said during a session with Dr. Mira!

    FYI Apprentice in Death was mentioned in a Jeopardy question on their December 1st episode as a $600 question. The category was “Thrillers & Mysteries.” The Question was: In “Apprentice in Death,” the NYPD’s Eve Dallas probes the sniper killings of 3 skaters at this area’s Wollman Rink…

  338. Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been introduced to the In Death series by a friend two years ago. I didn’t expect that I’ll like the series so much. Now, I have almost all of the In Death books and have read a handful of Nora’s trilogies and stand-alones. My fave In Death book so far is Naked, while my fave stand-alone is Blue Smoke.

  339. You’ve the gift that allows your reader to become immersed in the world you write about. I can’t remember the first book I read but I do know that I was a true believer when I’d finished and have followed you ever since. I love the trilogies. I love how you interlocked the Stanislaski’s with the O’Hurley clan in Freddie & Nick’s story. It feels like I’m visiting with old friends. I never wanted the Chesapeake Series to end. I felt the same about the Dream series, the Gallagher’s of Ardmore, the Three Sisters, the MacGregors, The Born series. Ooh I could go on and on… Then you write True Betrayals, Carolina Moon and so on.. I’m well and truly hooked. I hope you to continue to be captivated by your imagination. Thank you, thank you, thank you.