The final day: Sorrento

We have a fine day for our last, and natch, we start it off with a workout. BW surprises me by wanting to repeat his Cize experience, so we are three. But only two–down to me and Kat for the 8 Minute abs. Ugh! We top that off with a long, challenging yoga session with Jennifer Kries.

Feels good!

A little lunch, going through our leftovers, adding some cheese and bread and salami. And hey, last day of vacation, so let’s have a drink with that. And oh yeah, we still have gelato!

We have silly family fun setting up panoramas. Our first is in the villa’s bathrobes which Kat dubbed Obi-Wan-Bathrobie due the hood. So we pose here, change there, ham it up as Jedis in our OWBs. Then do another set as just us.

Obi-Wan Bathrobis. Photo by j a-b.
This family has too much time on their hands. Photo by j a-b.
Their civilian personas. Photo by j a-b.

This family tradition takes some staging, some plotting out, and is always fun with results that make us happy.

A little lounging time, a little Olympics, a little more walk-arounds and basks. Then I have to face it. I should start packing.

We’re all actually pretty organized by the time we head down to dinner. Not many in the restaurant tonight–the one we’ve used for take-out up until now. Wine and pasta, as it should be for our last meal in Italy.

Pizza. It's what's for dinner. Photo by Kat.
Pizza. It’s what’s for dinner. Photo by Kat.


It’s busier down on the street with people in reflective pants directing actual traffic. Lots of cars, scooters, pedestrians. There’s a festival just on the other side of the village. We can see the lights–big, glittery flowers– hear announcements over a loud speaker.

Men in reflective wear. And flowers. Photo by Kat.
Men in reflective wear. And flowers. Photo by Kat.

I wander down to the street for a few minutes. I see one of our waiters, still in his work apron, cross the street. (Side note: It’s clear all local pedestrians simply assume cars will stop for them.) He goes to a scooter, opens the back and takes out a helmet–he’s already carrying one. He puts this helmet into the scooter, dons the other, and zips out and away. I wonder where he’s going in his work apron with two helmets.

Across the street two couples are playing cards at the dining room table. Lots of open windows and lights. A restaurant delivery guy comes out with a couple pizzas, gets into his car–(Second side note: Locals also assume cars and scooters will evade the car door casually opened onto the street side.)

Lots of people walking, and we join them. It’s a pretty night, and those big flowers are festive. But boy, this annual town festival was more than I imagined.

The walk to the park. Photo by Kat.
The walk to the park. Photo by Kat.

Music’s pumping as we walk up a hill flanked with decorations. Flowers, plants, lemon trees, displays of vegetables, all colorful and artistic. And this large park–how did we miss this–is full of people, stalls with colorful candies, jars of honey, crafts and food, food, food. The music’s coming from a stage where girls dance. Ballet, modern dance, duets, groups, a lot of operatic music–much of it dark and dramatic as, hey, Italian. And really well-done. Some sit in chairs to watch, some stand, all applaud. I see a couple of little girls in white tutus who must have been part of an earlier, lighter performance.

There are fluffy little chicks in a cage, and bunnies. Stalls with clever displays of really impressive vegetables and fruit. Things that smell glorious are smoking in stalls. No wonder the restaurant wasn’t crowded. If we hadn’t already eaten (and very well) we would have done just fine with festival food. I buy some candy, because.

Rabbits and chicks. Photo by Kat.
Rabbits and chicks. Photo by Kat.
Vegetables as art. Photo by Kat.
Vegetables as art. Photo by Kat.
Festival cheese. Photo by BW.
Festival cheese. Photo by BW.

We walk back, more mindful I think of the traffic than the locals. The moon’s just started to wane, but remains gorgeous for our last walk home from the village.

La Luna. Photo by j a-b.
La Luna. Photo by j a-b.

A little more packing, organizing, then bed.

One last view. Photo by Kat.
One last view. Photo by Kat.
As requested, a look down from the pool. Photo by the accommodating Kat.
As requested, a look down from the pool. Photo by the accommodating Kat.

We’re set to leave soon for the drive into the airport, then the long flight home. It’s been a picture perfect interlude for us, full of fun and beauty and flavors and adventures. Lots of memories in the book.

Packed up and ready to head home. Photo by Kat.
Packed up and ready to head home. Photo by Kat.
The family and Bruno. Photo by Kat.
The family and Bruno. Photo by Kat.

Ciao, Italia.


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  1. So enjoyed your vacation and traveling trough you eyes! Ciao, Bella !

  2. Had a great vacation with u and your family, I went to Italy a few years ago but only to Rome, we did cruise and land vaca, we also went to Turkey, Greece, Milan, we were in Rome for 4 days, the country’s 2 days each. It was great.

  3. Wonderful blogs of your vacation….so beautiful and reading makes you feel you are right there….thanks for sharing with your fans…..

  4. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Love how you are able to enjoy vacation together. Wonderful family memories. Didn’t realize Kat was so ingenious. Have a safe trip home and see you next month!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking us along on your beautiful vacation! The pictures, descriptions, your insight were the best! Made me feel like I was there seeing it all with you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your vacation. I am of Italian lineage & have always wanted to take a trip over. So now I have thru your great narration & beautiful pictures. To share your experience with family makes the vacation even more enjoyable. Safe trip home. Looking forward to your next release. Thank you again.

  7. What a great vacation! Thank you for sharing a parts of it with us. And congratulations on finishing your latest book. Kudos to Kat for being such an amazing innovative woman. Safe travels and God bless. ?

  8. I read every single day of your journal…and it reminded me of all I my visits there. My family came from the Amalfi Coast and actually some of them still live there in Atrani, next door to Amalfi. All of BW’s photos were just wonderful…but the food…Oh can never say enough good things about how amazing everything tastes there. I so appreciated all of your detailed descriptions. Time to make another trip back:) Safe travels home…

  9. I wish your vacation had been longer. My family and I went to all the places you mentioned and your narrative brought back all those wonderful memories. The Amalfi Coast was our favorite. What is the title of your new book, I will definitely read it. You have been blessed with a wonderful talent. Be safe.

  10. Your trip was awesome, sorry to see it end, as I’m sure you are as well. You’ve brought so many things to life on this trip for so many people as you do in your books .You should be commended. Thank you all for sharing your pictures And you’re lives with all of us. Have a safe trip home.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful vacation with your fans. You have a beautiful family and they are fun. I enjoyed the pictures and your daily adventures. Safe travels.

  12. You must have wanted to take all those beautiful veggies home! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful visit. As a pizza devotee, I’ve loved all the pizza pictures – lol. So glad you had such a beautiful, happy vacation. Safe trip home!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful blog with pictures! I have wanted to go to Italy but this may be as close as I get. I am so glad you have a wonderful family to share your adventure. Safe journey.

  14. Will miss waking up to your travel blog each morning. So enjoy your travels. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  15. Thanks again so much for thinking of your readers during your vacation and taking us along for the ride! It was a blast!

  16. Bummed – you are leaving Italy, the Olympics are over, and as of today our town library is no longer opened on Saturdays, so no more books to check out, I’m devastated (hoping everyone will pass the library tax this April since they failed to do so this past April ).
    Thank you for showing what it looks like looking down from the pool – wow, just what I was hoping it looked like. The stall with all the vegetables – oh my gosh – that was amazing.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Freddie Ann

  17. Oh Nora,
    So sad to see that your vacation has come to an end but I know that the memories that you take with you back home will be treasured for many years.
    So fun that you got to go to the Festival. I know about Festival Food. No matter if I have just eaten I have to have something from the festival. I loved the photos. The one Vegetable’s As Art is amazing. I am wanting to do my patio in a autumn theme this year, and something like that photo would look really pretty.
    Have a safe trip home. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I will be looking forward to your next blog post. Beth

  18. Thanks from me too for sharing your vacation thoughts with all of us. Your wonderful words and family pictures (you all are great photogs) brought back so many happy memories of travel in beautiful, warm Italy. This was my first experience of one of your travel blogs. You are an amazingly open and sharing person. Congratulations on your wonderful career. You deserve every day with your creative and clever family. Best wishes for a productive and festive fall.

  19. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation. Enjoyed every minute of your time in Sorrento . Just finished reading your last days after a stroll around Little Italy in Soho NYC this morning. A trip to see granddaughter dance in a festival at Battery Park last night with the same moon and Lady Liberty as a backdrop. Wonderful! Safe trip home!

  20. I went to Italy for 21 days in 1988. From the moment we left, I have dreamed of returning. Thank you so much for making this possible through sharing so beautifully with all of us. Safe travels, dear Nora/J.D.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing! The photos were amazing and really inspire me to add Italy to my must do list.

  22. I’m sorry to see your vacation end, as I’m sure you all are as well. I really enjoyed the blog- it’s the first email I opened daily. It’s always nice to return home-after a vacation, we usually spread out all our gifts on the dining room table, & take a photo of them. Now all you have to do is decide where you are going next. Planning and deciding is such fun.

  23. Leaving on a Mediterranean cruise in about a month. First time in Europe, and have read every word about your trip with great anticipation. Can’t wait to see the Amalfi coast, as well as the other stops we have planned. Thanks for the thoroughly enjoyable insights!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us. You made us feel like we were there with you. The highlight of my day was reading your blog each day. Love the pictures . Love all your books! Have a safe trip home.

  25. Seems as though you had a most wonderful holiday! And what a way to end it with a festival! And some more delicious pizza and gelato!!

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