Day Seventeen: Sorrento

A misty morning over the sea with skies that range from broody to blue. The blue wins as the morning spreads.

Kat and I decide on another Shaun T, one we haven’t tried yet as it’s on the last disk in the set. Whoa!

40 minutes of fast, fancy footwork. I would love to conquer this one–and that’ll take some time. Still, it keeps us moving, moving, sweating, sweating and laughing. I’ve decided laughing burns more fat and calories. I’m sure of it.

BW joins us–and was warned!–for the 8 Minute Abs. Now we are three groaning our way through it.

From there Kat and I want some upper body. Rather than bands, Kat’s idea is to use our jumbo water bottles. They may only be a little more than three pounds, but it adds a challenge. 30 minutes of this! I can’t remember the DVD. It’s part of Kat’s Beach Body collection, but when it shifts to the push-ups section, Kat drops down on the mat, and I stay up, with bottles doing tri and shoulder work. My weak right wrist won’t handle the push ups. This turns out to my advantage as Kat gasps and moans through them.

A biting fly is hounding Kat, just won’t stop nipping at her. Our Kat is one who’ll capture a bug in the house, gently, gently release it outside. So when she finally smacks, smacks, smacks, the fly into the patio with her water bottle, snarling: Die! Die! Die! It’s a moment.

We emerge, once more, sweaty, righteous girls. The fly was toast.

By the time I’m out of the shower, dressed and set up for the day, my gang’s left to find the post office in a town between here and Sorrento. Just me and the cat for awhile, and my holiday workstation with the view of the sea.

Wall o'pasta in Sant' Agnello. Photo by BW.
Wall o’pasta in Sant’ Agnello. Photo by BW.

Shortly after the gang returns I surprise myself by finishing the book. I’d hoped to make some good progress, but hadn’t counted on finishing. Go, me! But in not counting on finishing, I hadn’t done the usual spell check document by document as I went, thinking it would be simpler to do all that at home on my desktop rather than the Surface I only use a few times a year.

No problem, I think, and start.

Let me explain I use an ancient DOS WP program–I will never give it up! And my favorite geek–Jason–has found a way to install this on all my comps. I write in three chapter documents, so run spell check on the first three chapters. However the internet won’t reach my pretty station, so when I hit a word the program doesn’t recognize, and I don’t know how the hell to spell, I need to come into the kitchen, do a search for the word on my iPad. Not much of a deal, and this routine continues up to doc 6 out of 8 while the rest are watching–and commenting–on a triathlon on TV inside.

Moving along here, very happily. And suddenly, on my misspelling of barracuda, it all freezes. Can’t correct (I KNOW how the spell the damn word!), can’t escape, can’t nothing.

Call my beloved geek. Even he is puzzled by this, fiddles and fools, finally finds a way for me to escape and start the doc over. I do so with him hanging out in case. The in case happens, again on barracuda. Well, jeez, what’s with this? He thinks perhaps the program’s caught a bug, but he runs it on his device, no problem. I’m able to zip through spell check on the remaining docs, no problem.

So baffled, all around, we’ll deal with it all later. And I manually spell check the wacky doc. Apologies in advance to my editor. 

But finally, involving a lot more time and frustration than it should have, it’s done. I find the quotes I want, move into the kitchen, and through the magic of the interwebs, send the book from our holiday villa in Italy to my editor and agent in New York.   [Note from Laura:  I forget the title, but it’s an In Death. Since it won’t be out for a year, we’ll wait on that a bit.] 

Satisfying, and let’s have a bellini!

Hell, let’s have two!

I’m in time to watch the final leg of the tri–two Brit brothers well into the lead on the last grueling section. It makes it sweet to think about these brothers training together, making the Olympic team together, running now almost side-by-side on that last leg. In the last couple miles (MILES!) one bro pulls away into a clear lead, but second bro is holding firm onto second. In the last, nearly to the finish line, first bro takes a Brit flag from one of the cheering onlookers, and carries it with him across. It’s pretty great. He slows down, actually looks behind him–I like to think he’s looking for his brother–before he crosses that finish.

Then he just lies down on the track. His brother crosses about 12 seconds after, I think it was, drops down with him. They clasp hands, pat shoulders. Yeah, it’s sweet.

It’s time to change for dinner and the short drive back to the first panorama restaurant we enjoyed. Even that short drive involves hairpins and on-coming scooters. The view, the food, the happy service make it all worthwhile. Some local red, pasta and pizza, salads so fresh they deserve to be slapped. And the moon peeks round and red over the horizon. That red wash adds the exotic even as it fades on the climb. La Luna is just as striking tonight as it was last.

La luna sul mare. Photo by Kat.
La luna sul mare. Photo by Kat.

A short ride home–we have gelato at home. Mmmm. A fat white moon sailing starry skies, a bowl of gelato. A perfect way to cap the day.

Night sky full of moon. Photo by Kat.
Night sky full of moon. Photo by Kat.

Today’s our last day in Italy. I’m going to appreciate every moment–even if we do 8 Minute Abs!

We have plans for some fun family pictures around our holiday home. But for now my gang’s still sleeping. I think I’ll take a little walk around, rub some rosemary on my hands and enjoy the view. 

BW on the edge. Photo by BW.
BW on the edge. Photo by BW.
Because it's there. Photo by BW.
Because it’s there. Photo by BW.


36 thoughts on “Day Seventeen: Sorrento”

  1. Thanks for all these posts. Makes me feel like I’ve had a vacation. You deserved this .

  2. I SO enjoyed your holiday – really generous of you take the time to write these – I loved last year’s but this tops that:) Safe trip back. MC

  3. Sounds like a simply beautiful day- except for the tech snafu! Hearing you have finished another book us music to my ears- such a spoiled reader. Safe travels to your next destination!

  4. Beautiful photos, funny stories and delicious food. I will miss “our vacation”. Have a safe trip home. JH

  5. Sorry to see this vacation end, even if it was, for me, vicariously! Glad to see another book is done, and we’ll get to reap the benefits of it next year. Thanks for sharing and safe journey home!

  6. Thanks for taking me along on your vacation! Just reading the blogs and seeing the pictures makes it feel as though I went along with you! Thanks for sharing. Have a safe trip home, and I can’t wait for Apprentice! Won’t be long now whoo hoo!

  7. Highly recommend pouring some Lemoncella over lemon gelato or lemon ice!!!

  8. Before you leave, please take a photo of the view hanging over the edge of the pool looking down.

    Something about the moonlight shining over a body of water is one of my favorite sites. Breathtaking and is one of the most relaxing images I’ve seen.

    Wow – I’ve so enjoyed your posts and pictures.

  9. I hope your last day there is BRILLIANT!! Thanks for letting us share – and vacate vicariously – your wonderful holiday.

  10. Your discipline of finishing a book while on such a beautiful vacation is inspiring. Your travel writing in itself is a novel that takes us on even more romantic adventures. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacay with us. I feel as I have been with you every step of the way (although I did not do the workouts). Naughty me. Have a safe trip home.

  11. I have been on many holidays this year-virtual holidays. Thank you for these wonderful posts. Safe flight home!

  12. I look forward to your adventures every morning, I’m really going to miss them when you go home.

  13. Baracuuda, wonder what the context is in the InDeath world? I’ll wait a year to find out.

    Thanks for another wonderful travelouge. This one was special as I was recovering from foot surgery and needed a vicarious vacation this year.

  14. This has truly been a working vacation for you. Did the panoramic views and wonderful food inspire you to finish your latest book earlier than anticipated or were they just a bonus and part of the master plan? At any rate, it seems everyone who has read your travelogues has enjoyed your trip. Maybe we didn’t sweat along with your workouts, but I surely sympathized on every car ride through those hairpin turns and narrow roads. Safe travels home. Nothing feels more welcoming than your own bed at the end of a vacation.

  15. I am not sure that I have ever seen a moon that round, fat or bright ever! It must be because it is overlooking Italy at the time.
    So sorry to hear that your vacation is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed waking up in the mornings, having my coffee and reading your vacation blog. I know that I have said it before but Thank You for taking the time to share your adventures and experiences with us.
    I am sure that your about ready to see those grandkids too. I bet Kayla has grown another 3 inches taller since you have been gone!
    Have a safe trip home…. Beth

  16. I loved reading about your trip. The Amalfi Coast has been hovering near the top of the bucket list with me no closer to checkmarking it. So, thank you for sharing and so wonderfully articulated!

    Anyone else think BW looks a bit like Donald Sutherland in the On the Edge photo???

  17. I’m kind of bummed that your vacation is over. I looked forward to the posts and pictures from them. Thank you very much for sharing them.

  18. I’m not ready for your vacation to end. Why not prolong it for a few more days. After all, you did work and finish a book, so you deserve some more play. Speaking of work, a billion thanks for creating eve and roarke, and the entire ID series.Nothing in literature can hold a candle to it.

    1. I’m with you on this one – The In Death series is – in my humble opinion – one of the GREATEST series out there. Kudos to our prolific JD Robb!

  19. Oh my the vacation coming to the end, and what a vacation it’s been . It’s been as though I’ve been with y ou all the way. You have such a wonderful way of describing each step of the way.The pictures have been great, the food just everything’s perfect. Thanks for sharing all of it. And i can’t wait to read the book you just finished. Your the greatest!!!!!

  20. I have been enjoying reading of your Italian holiday. It reminds me of a great meal I had in Sorremto years ago. Best gnocchi ever and limoncello at the end of the meal. I can still taste it! I am currently holidaying in Ireland and every time I see the words ‘full Irish’, I think of Roarke:-)

  21. Like Kat, I always escort bugs back out to their own terrain. Except spiders. I leave them alone if they’re out in the garden, doing their job. Indoors they’re dead – no discussion, no plea bargaining. It was a bitter day when my office decreed we were leaving WordPerfect for Word. I’m retired and I’m still irritated about it . Barracuda immediately made me think of Magdalena – lol. Thanks again for sharing your vacation with us! The pictures are awesome and I think I could see BW trying to figure out how to put in an infinity pool at home. Safe trip home!

    1. I only switched from WordPerfect to Word at work a few months ago because my new computer couldn’t handle the old version we had and, being a nonprofit, we couldn’t but an update for just one person. I get so frustrated with Word.

      On a happier note, it’s been such a privilege to be an onlooker into this family vacation. Thank you, Nora, for sharing with us. And thank you for more Eve and Rodale.

  22. Your vacation blogs are as great as your books..they always leave me wanting more and I feel like I’m right there with you and your lovely family. You are so generous to take the time to writing and include pictures so all of us fans can see what you’re enjoying (although your words do a wonderful job without the photographs so they’re a much appreciated bonus).. thanks again for taking us all with you and for the new book!

  23. I have loved following the stories of your vacation! I only recently started following your posts but have been a fan for a long time! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  24. As a housebound elderly person who loves your books, I am so appreciative of your writing about your vaca. I especially enjoy the pix. you send. After wondering how you can eat french fries and still stay so slender, I understand now after hearing about your workouts! ; )
    You have a lovely family, too.
    Your fan, Jan Warren

  25. What a lovely gesture , having us enjoy your holiday with you, although I can do with less excercising , don’t mind the walking though. You must be so disciplined with your work having finished your book too , I am looking forward to reading your next “In Death” book, it’s like waiting for a Christmas present …
    Glad you all had a great time, be safe going home. Love from Wales in the UK. xx

  26. Thank you for sharing this vacation with us, in particular your stop in Pompeii which for some reason has always held great fascination for me. That you share these things make us a very lucky fan club.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation – and your family with us – I feel like I was there – enjoying each meal, workout, sunrise and sunset! Safe travels home!

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