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It’s finally here: the conclusion of The Dragon Heart Legacy. And this is the space in which you can discuss all things The Choice freely.

The official description reads:

Breen Siobhan Kelly grew up in the world of Man and was once unaware of her true nature. Now she is in Talamh, trying to heal after a terrible battle and heartbreaking losses. Her grandfather, the dark god Odran, has been defeated in his attempt to rule over Talamh, and over Breen―for now.

With the enemy cast out and the portal sealed, this is a time to rest and to prepare. Breen spreads her wings and realizes a power she’s never experienced before. It’s also a time for celebrations―of her first Christmas in both Talamh and Ireland, of solstice and weddings and births―and daring to find joy again in the wake of sorrow. She rededicates herself to writing her stories, and when his duties as taoiseach permit, she is together with Keegan, who has trained her as a warrior and whom she has grown to love.

It’s Keegan who’s at her side when the enemy’s witches, traitorous and power-mad, appear to her in her sleep, practicing black magick, sacrificing the innocent, and plotting a brutal destruction for Breen. And soon, united with him and with all of Talamh, she will seek out those in desperate need of rescue, and confront the darkness with every weapon she has: her sword, her magicks―and her courage…

Share your thoughts on The Choice in the comments. As always, spoilers will happen, so read the comments at your own risk.


39 thoughts on “The Choice discussion thread”

  1. This book was sooooo good. I started at 5 am and read as much as I could all day and finished at 6 pm. Laughter. Tears. Omg so good!!!

  2. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this book since I first read the other two back in the spring. All of October & November, I’ve gone on this binge craze listening to the audiobooks over and over. Listening for clues, rethinking things, and honestly – wishing I could become a part of this land. I want a Marco!!! I think that I blew through the audiobook so fast on this new one that now I need to go back through. Did I miss the part where the explanation of how / when and why Breen showed up in the lake to Keegan happened? It was such an integral part of the story, and somehow I missed it… I love the book – and I think I’ll love it more as I relisten to it. But – the ending needed more. I needed more closure and I would give a lot for a 3.5. The written prologue was not what we needed!!!

    1. The prologue was needed as a bridge from book two to book three. Honestly, I don’t see how I could have given more closure. Every story has to end sometime!

      The explanation (in a magic world) was there, but subtle. It’s all how you read it, I think.

      1. You did, but we want more instead of closure. I know the story needs to end, but you did such an excellent job in creating these characters and this world, that we would love it if you might do a little more. I know that’s asking a lot as you have your work slated already. Buuuutttttt….. if you could please find a little time here and there to put a novella together to feature Marco’s weddings and Breen’s. We would be grateful. I have read every book you have published from the start and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your marvelous talent with us.

          1. Thank you for the honest response. I figured as much, but I thought I’d give it a try and ask you.
            Happy Holidays to you and yours.

          2. I am a long time reader as well. I just wanted to say that your books bring me a lot of joy, but more than that they are a reminder of the now. I mostly do audiobooks for the moment (18 month old in the house, so not so much time for sitting and reading) and I often find myself being thankful for my life because of the subtle reminders that I find in your books. Even if a book is an escape to a different world, I often stop and think…. yeah, I do enjoy cooking or light a candle or put music on, spend time playing with my daughter etc. So, thank you for the escape and the reminder to be thankful of the life I have.

      2. I held onto the the first two books, until the third was to be released, then I read them, in four days time, with the third book arriving on time to not miss a beat. I always hold on to the trilogies, even if it means a couple of years that way I don’t miss anything, I mean, I own all the books except one, so I can always reference. However, the last book left me wondering and asking more questions. Would there in fact be a fourth book? Songs are sung about her, she is in fact a Legend. Breen has so much power, and the Fey live so much longer than humans, could she cast a spell to grant Marco’s life longer until Brian’s death, as long as they stayed married and he stayed bound/faithful to defending Talamh in the future (fast forwarding of course), since humans don’t live as long? Dorcas was 150-200 years old, what would Breen’s life span be, since she is human as well? So many variables there. What of her and Keegan’s children? Not to mention her books and authorship.

        1. No, there won’t be a fourth book. None of the questions you posed are storylines. They’re just interesting questions—which could be posed about any book or series. As every book or series has to come to an end. One of the beauties of reading, imo, is the freedom to answer those questions for yourself any way that suits you after a book ends.

      3. I agree…I would have loved it to include Sally and Derrick going to the other side, their reaction to the magic, Brian and Marcos wedding, ( both) Breen’s wedding. The book and writing were awesome, but I find myself wishing for more.

    2. I meant epilogue not prologue, lol. I totally understood the need for the prologue!! It just felt like the epilogue was more of the last chapter and then the epilogue could have killed off our yearning for some tidbits of weddings and intros and the future. I’m still searching for the subtlety of how she appeared under water when he first dove… I may have to buy the physical books and reread instead of going by audiobook. Sigh, now I need to find my next read.

  3. I pulled a rookie move. Life got in the way on the 22nd and I didn’t get the audiobook started until 9pm. I knew, I knew! DON’T start the book so late in the day!! But, I did. I’m much too old anymore to be up all night for a story, but that’s exactly what happened. I know I’ll have to listen to it again, that I must have missed things, but that won’t be a hardship. This was a rich and intense ending to an amazing trilogy. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a book that I both laughed and cried over, but this was one. I’ll only mention the one that was my ‘awww’ moment – Bollux leaving Breen his toy. Excellent story! Thank you, Nora, this rocked.

    1. Lol, just so you know, you aren’t alone. I know better, but ended up going to work with maybe three hours of sleep in me! It was an ugly day but so well worth it. I haven’t been this vested in characters and a series since Harry Potter!

  4. I absolutely LOVED this book.
    I would so love to have at least one more book set in this world.
    I need to experience all the things planned and to involve Sally and Derrick.
    Please, please, please Nora, we need a happiness only book to read in these times.
    You have other four book series.
    I kinda hoped that these characters are clambering in your mind for more………

    1. Yes! I was hoping the same thing! I have completely fallen in love with all the characters. I would love a book with Marco’s wedding. Sally seemed to have an inclination of what Breen was, I’d love to see what he knows and how.

    1. I’m sorry to disappoint, but the trilogy is over. I’m not going to write a follow up—as all has been resolved—or a short story. There’s no actual plot or storyline. I do understand some readers want it to go on, but it has to end. And it did!

      1. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Just wishing for more! I’m hoping to catch what I’ve missed as I listen to it again! Thank you for the responses and the vivid world and characters you created for us to fall in love with!

      2. I’m not sorry at all, and I knew full well you were a universe away by this time, so I’ve been imaging the fun. I’ve enjoyed (in my head) thoughts of Sally hitting Talamh. Since it’s such a open community, Sally would be embraced like she’d never been before, but that wouldn’t stop her! She’d be headlining at the Speckled Duck (I probably got that wrong). This is definitely one of my most favorite of the trilogies. Thanks again, Nora, for this beautiful world you’ve created.

    1. Sorry for the delay, I was away from my books.

      It’s his name in the world of Man — he introduces himself as Keegan Byrne when he meets Sally near the end of The Awakening.


  5. I thought these books were the best of all of Nora’s trilogies. My only disappointment was that the cat did not have 9 lives. I too would love a short story when Sally & Derrick come for Marco & Brian’s wedding. I wonder what their lives will be like without the constant threat of evil.

  6. Loved it! My favorite series of Nora’s (to date!) and thought it was wrapped up beautifully. We know what most of the characters intended to do going forward as they told us of their plans and dreams for the future. Can’t wait to see what’s next from the mighty pen of Nora Roberts.

  7. It was a wonderful trilogy…reread the first two…actually relistened..and as I have followed Nora from her first romance novel in the 80’s…she continues to impress with not just her stories, or her amazing characters…but with the detail she brings to all of her books. The way she weaves in the issues of the everyday person…dealing with parents and accepting people for who they are along with the fact that everyday we get to make choices that affect who and what we become. Two favorite things that I know I will remember about this book are (1) the most amazing Christmas wedding EVER and (2) the whole first scene and then the follow up with the sapphire earrings…which still make me laugh even after a second read. I have also listened to this audiobook and Barrie Kreinik does a great job. No one does Irish magic better than Nora.

  8. Sooooooo Goooood! I loved every minute, laughed and cried and cheered them on. I got the book at 11 pm pacific time Tuesday and I started it, knew better but started it anyway and a little over 24 hours later I had finished .. who needs sleep! I’m going back to the beginning and reread the whole trilogy now since I’m stuck at home with pressure dressings on both legs, toes to hip. Thank you Nora for all the years of pleasure you’ve given me and so many others.

  9. I loved every word of every page of every book of this series. Nora, you have a gift for character and story that is unmatched, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  10. Hi,
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! For the past 3 years I have scheduled my Thanksgiving meal around how fast I can finish this trilogy! What would be my excuse next year? LOL. I absolutely loved this final book. I can’t decide which one I like best, it’s a tossed up from Awakening and the Choice then again Becoming was when Marco met Brian and I loved that too.
    I can’t pick a favorite part in this book because I loved all of it. Memorable scenes that come to mind, when Breen kicked Odran sorry a** on his own turf, which is no less than he deserved, Shana finally getting her comeuppance to Marg kicking Yseult a**. My only regret is losing Sedric. But knowing him he wouldn’t have it any other way. I love when Breen called Keagan on his Bullsh** proposal. ROTFL!!! Oh, these moments are so precious, I will enjoy them more when I do the re-read in January. Thank God for my libraries they had the CHOICE ready on the release day both eBooks and prints.
    I thought the ending was great, I feel that everyone should have gotten a clear picture of what the future would hold for each character. That said of course we want more that’s the sign of a good book. Always leave them wanting more. I am very satisfied with this book and all the others. After the holidays (since this is the only time, I put my books down to watch Christmas movies) I plan on reading all 3 books. What a treat that will be! No wait in between, that’s my favorite part. As usual Nora, you knocked it out of the park! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  11. I picked up my copy on Thursday last week and started reading as soon as I got it home. Life got in the way as it often does and I didn’t finish it until 1am Monday morning.. My bad, as I had to be up again for work at 4am but I just couldn’t put it down! I love how the whole trilogy pulls you into Talamh and you
    can see it so clearly, almost smell it and feel like you’re actually there. I love how each character builds, layer upon layer and we form an understanding of who they truly are. I love that some things are not fully explained and others are subtly repeated throughout. But this book? This one had me in tears more than once and had my own heart flying high with a red and gold dragon beneath it. Sedric! I didn’t foresee that at all, not even slightly and my heart broke for Marg, for Breen and for Marco. I love how the final battle took place tight at the very end of the book and kind of left a ‘thank the gods that’s done now’ feeling, before the last pages closed the story for Keegan and Breen. Perfectly crafted as always, I was sucked right in from prologue to epilogue and enjoyed every thrilling second of it. A million thanks for the sheer pleasure of being able to enjoy your indescribable talent.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and like every body, I was sad when it ended.

    There were a couple of things I’m a little confused about.
    Once a rider loses his dragon he will never have another one? Widows/workers do remarry.

    It seems to me that Nan is the one who lost the most. She lost her son and now she lost Sedric. I thought that the one who took the stone and the pledge could lose someone. Breen loved Sedric but he was Man’s mate.

    1. A dragon has one bonded rider, a rider one bonded dragon. That’s simply part of the world I created.

      Marg did lose a great deal, yes. Again, that’s simply the way the story unfolded. Sedric gave his life for her, and trust me, it hurt my heart a bit to write that scene.

      1. This one hurt me, too, and honestly brought more to the story. This trilogy was just perfect (for me), magic, love, and family – at last – for Breen and Marco. He might have been a secondary character, but I cheered for his HEA.

  13. I loved this trilogy. Of course, I love them all, but this was really really great. I will admit, I didn’t get the significance of the sapphire earrings, especially since the 2 other proposals we “witnessed” didn’t have something like that, and Keegan should have known that Breen wouldn’t know. But, he said the words Breen needed and we have no doubt of the depths of his feelings for her. To those who commented we needed more: IMHO it’s provided, as the ” after” was laid out – with Marco’s cottage, with the discussions about Breen being able to live in both worlds, and of course what Keegan would do as taisoech in peace. So, there weren’t things left unresolved at all. Yes, NR didn’t write the words describing the weddings, and she describes things even better than I can imagine them, but I am afraid what we often mean as a compliment comes across more as a demand.

  14. It felt like a very long wait for book 3 but so worth the wait. Loved it. Never before has a book moved me to tears like this. When the dragons were being attacked was just heartbreaking and I wept along with the characters and Sedric – oh my :(. So glad to see that Breen and Marco both found love and will live happily ever after. One of those stories that stay with the reader for a long time. I have restarted the Trilogy and will spend many an afternoon curled up losing myself in the story all over again. Also have to say that Barrie Kreinik narrates the stories beautifully. Sad to see it all end but what a ride :).

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