Thanks! (and an In Death question)

Thanks to everyone who visited, lurked and/or commented on our very first blog post yesterday!  It was so much fun to read all the stories about how readers found Nora’s books whether they were written as Nora Roberts or JD Robb.

I was a reader before I ever even thought about working with Nora.  The first book for me was The Law is a Lady — when it was abridged for Good Housekeeping Magazine ages and ages ago.  I don’t have the original, but I do have a Language of Love edition that I still pick up for a re-read every once in a while.

In the middle of all the comments yesterday Becky posted: “I have not read JD Robb. Are they as good as all the rest?”

It’s a question that deserves an answer from all of the In Death readers so I thought I’d repost it.

I’ve read the In Deaths since the first book came out in June 1995.  I actually anticipated it greatly,  because even though her name wasn’t on it I knew Naked in Death was by Nora Roberts.  For me, the visuals of the book were nearly overwhelming — I could see that New York of the not too far future and I loved it.  And when I met Nora at the RWA conference that summer, I believe I stammered that out in a nervous rush.

I keep reading the series for Eve, first and foremost.  But the beauty of the In Deaths is watching her change from an aloof loner to a woman who (to her regular amazement and periodic dismay) has a family that starts with Roarke, Summerset and Galahad and encompasses an amazing cast of characters.

So Becky, my answer is yes — they are as good as all the rest.

What are your thoughts about the In Death books?  And how do you describe them to people who haven’t read them yet?  ~Laura


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  1. The In Death books are not just my favorite Nora books, but my favorites of all time. I’ve always been a HUGE reader, I have five bookshelves crammed with books and hundreds of eBooks on my Nook. Nora is by far my favorite author and the In Death books my absolute favorites.

    1. As much as I love all if my Nora books (just ask my family who knows better than to touch them) the In Death series is my favorite ever bar none. I have read since the beginning and was anxiously awaiting the first one as well. I love them for the characters , who after all these years are friends and I love them because Eve not only kicks butt while doing her job but also grows in such a way that I learn and grow.

    2. I actually started reading both Nora Roberts and JD Robb around the same time – coincidentally. I’m from Belgium, where English isn’t the main language, so our library wasn’t too extensive when it came to English literature. Which meant that -happy coincidence- Nora Roberts and JD Robb were situated pretty much next to each other. I always took several books at once with me and I believe I started off with Key of Light and Naked in Death. I loved both of them immediately, because of their huge difference.

      Nora Roberts as Nora Roberts is fun combined with love with the occasional evil thrown in. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, but that’s pretty much the formula. Nora Roberts as JD Robb is a pretty dark series, where we follow this lieutenant who balances on her own limitations, her own feeling of right versus wrong, and whose evolution (both personal and professional) we are allowed to follow throughout the entire series. I must admit I think this is one of the best written series out there.

      I love them both, Robb and Roberts, and can’t stop re-reading them. I hope it will be the same for you!

    3. Read the In-Death stories by accident. Wasn’t sure I wanted to but got hold of a copy of Remember When (yes I know – spoiler alert!) but I was hooked on both parts and wanted to read the series that led up to it. Have been a fan ever since. Now we have a book club whre I work and end up swapping copies of both Nora’s and the JD Robb ones.

  2. reading any nora roberts book is a joy. reading the j d robb “in death” series is an experience like no other. from the first page, you are drawn into the family that dallas slowly builds for herself, book by book. you count the moments until the new one comes out, anxious to catch up with your new family, and to see what adventures they are experiencing now. you find yourself going back and re-reading the older volumes, just as you would page through your family photo albums, just to be reminded of good times shared together.

  3. I love Nora Roberts books but her in Death series is fantastic! I have read the in Death series over and over, got my husband reading them and he is hooked also.

  4. I have just started reading the In Death books they are fantastic enjoyed every one so far love all the different story lines x

  5. I, too, love watching the expansion of the complex and interwoven tapestry of her characters in the In Death series. And the dialogue is fantastic!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the In Death series. I read them over and over!!!

  7. The In Death series is awesome. It is not the Nora a lot of readers come to expect. It is a world in and of itself and can not compare to other Nora’s. I have every book she has ever written, including the JD Robb books. The best about the In Death series is that you get to revisit the same people and the same world with every book and see the characters as they grow. They are very special and very good!

  8. I tell people the “In Death” books are awesome. Set in the future but not far enough away that the reader can’t relate. It would be nice to have some of the cool gadgets that Eve and Roarke have, like the flying cars, the holo rooms (I would love to run/walk on the beach any time), the drying tubes after the shower. Oh, and I can’t forget the most important thing from that series I would love to have, ROARKE!!!!!

    1. Who would not LOVE having THAT guy? Sorry all husbands, but I am not sure if a guy like that has been born already? Thanks again Nora for such wonderful dreams I have with him!!!!!! ( we can dream, right? it is not a sin!!!)

  9. I listened to my first In Death book borrowed from the library on cassette at work about 2005. That night I hit the used book store and started buying them all. Now have all the books and novellas and have about 2/3 of them on CD or MP3 to listen to in the car. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Even though I download the new releases on my Nook I still go out and buy the book for my shelves . A case of should we lose electronics I will still need my Dallas/Roarke fix.

  10. Yes they are. They are better than advertised. It will transport you into a world of fanciful things tucked into a reality that we all live daily. The crimes are as important as the lessons the characters learn from their every day dealings. And it gives me a great feeling knowing that I can aspire toward a final reality where thing really do work out.
    When her best friend is threatened the investigator puts her own career on the line to prove her friend’s innocence… or when that same investigator has to sit by her partner’s side after she’s been injured and cry because she couldn’t fathom life without her…..
    It is our life everyday combined with the lives that we wish we had…. Rich, full of friends, a job you love, the love of your life all wrapped up in to one great package…..
    Read “In Death” for all that and more!!

  11. I’m on the last book in the Death series and they are my favorite books! But I love all of Nora’s books! Can’t wait for the new book to come out in the fall!

    1. I started reading Nora Roberts as a teenager in the harlequin series. Found JD Robb a few years ago and I am hooked. All books Nora are preordered on my kindle. As I am in the nursing profession the JD Robb books have become my favorites. Although I have a particular fondness for anything Irish, which thankfully I can find in my library of Nora Roberts. I live for my list at the first of every year so I can preorder all books. After all these years,and I am not disclosing my age, I have every one of Nora’s books either in print or on kindle: excluding one that is no longer in print(promise me tomarrow). Have never been disappointed in any of her books.

  12. I resisted reading the In Death series for quite a while. When I first started reading Nora Roberts’ books, I wasn’t really interested in what I thought was science fiction. My husband bought one of the In Death books for me, and I read it, but it was smack dab in the middle of the series, so while I found it an okay read, it didn’t really click for me. Then, about three years ago, I was desperate for something to read. I’d read all the books on all the authors I enjoyed – except for the mysterious In Death series. I requested Naked In Death from my library, read it… and never looked back! I’ve since read the entire series at least twice, and several of the books more than twice that. I’d read them so much that I often had a hard time pulling my head out of the stories. So far, my favorite is Treachery, and I think Calculated is my least favorite. Regardless, they are wonderfully written, and I enjoy reading each and every one!

  13. The In Death series is the one of the best series that I have read!! And I read all the time! I look forward to each new one. Nora Roberts describes everything so well, it’s like being there in the books.

  14. Amo todos los libros de esta maravillosa autora intento tenerlos todos pero se hace imposible, la adoro, desde que he empezado a leer sus libros veo las cosas de otra manera, amo la serie de J.D ROBB “sola ante la muerte” lastima que solo pude leer hasta el libro 34 porque los demás aun no están traducidos al español!!! siempre recomiendo a Nora, me encanta su forma de narrar, tiene esa forma de trasladarte a la historia del libro que hace que sientas como los propios personajes, nunca dejes de escribir querida Nora!

  15. Eve and Roarke are the dream come true, a strong woman with a tortured past meets the (literally) riches man in the world and find a love that we all want. Lots of murder mysteries and the cast of supporting and returning characters are entertaining and well, you just want to be there with them!

  16. You can’t go wrong with reading the In Death Series. My first book was Immortal In Death. I found it by accident or fate maybe. Our first son was in the hospital a lot and they had a book cart program. Volunteers would bring a cart of books around so we could trade or just have a book. The thing I love most about Nora’s books is she pulls you in and makes you take part. I had to track them down to find out how Eve and Roarke came to be. Thank you Nora!!!

  17. I am addicted to the in death books. I hope they will be translated in Dutch soon so friends and family, who don’t read English, can enjoy them too. After getting “Purity in death” from my aunt, because she knew Nora is my favorite writer, I collected all the books. I can’t resist rereading them. They are romantic, fun, witty, exciting all at the same time. Absolutely worth reading!!!

  18. I love the In death series. I’mm currently reading Delusions In Death. 2 questions. Which is the book where Dallas and Roarke meet for the first time? And have you written a book about the Urban Wars?

    1. Naked In Death is the first. And while the urban wars are often mentioned, there isn’t a book specifically about them.

    2. The “In Death” series is better than the others. But then I am biased. I really enjoy crime novels especially when the heroen is a detective. It is made even more fun as it happens in the future. Most of the things are easy to imagine and some of the beginnings of them are happening now. I used to read a lot of science fiction, so it is the best of both worlds. These books have the romance included as an extra bonus. I like the continued character development. The people in the books become like friends and once you read one, you have to read more. It just works that way. The best place to start is at the beginning, with “Naked in Death” , but you can really read them out of order too, just to get the feel of the writing. If you like Nora Roberts, I can’t imagine you not liking JD Robb.

  19. My answer to both questions: simply awesome!

    I can’t find another book that combines fantasy/sci-fi, suspense, romance, comedy, drama, police procedural and makes it work every time in every In Death book. I always recommend JDR to my closest friends who are also book lovers.

  20. I am going to agree with everyone who says the In Death books are their favorite Nora books. For me, they were the gateway drug into other Nora Roberts books. I always preorder the In Death series because they are like coming home – Eve, Roarke (best hero ever BTW), Peabody and all the other characters are like family at this point. I highly, highly recommend them.

  21. Love, love LOVE the ‘In Death’ series. I ‘found’ Nora Roberts through my husband. On an anniversary of my mom’s death, my husband had a book sitting on our bed with a note in it saying that he knew that day was sometimes hard and he wanted to get me a book from my favorite author. lol. Thing is, I had never heard of Nora. He must have confused my authors. So I read it anyways and, ironically, she then became my favorite. Through that I discovered ‘JD Robb’. And since I love mysteries, I loved these. And last summer I went on an ‘Eve’ journey and started from the first book in the series and read/re-read every one of them in order. It took me 4 months. {Ya know, having kids to take care of and all. 😉 } Now I understand every reference to former stories and I am fully plugged into the ‘In Death’ series. And for the person wondering if they are just as good…well, ummm…hello. It’s Nora Roberts. Need we say more? 😀

  22. I picked up Naked in Death as something to read, and immediately fell into the story. As I was reading, some part of my brain kept badgering me about the similar writing style of J.D. Robb and Nora Roberts. No other author that I have read has such realistic character interactions. I was so happy (and just slightly surprised) when it came out that J.D. Robb was in fact Nora Roberts. The In Death series is fabulous, as we follow the characters that she has created. Personally, I love the fact that I can continue to read about characters that I have come to love. I think that is why I have always been drawn to Nora’s trilogies. There is depth, perception, and gritty honesty in the In Death series, and I encourage anyone who has not read them to give it a chance.

  23. I came to the In Death series of books after reading all of Nora’s books first. I am reading them in order and am currently on Creation In Death. I was at first very intrigued at how different her formula was for the In Death Books in comparison to her other writing. I was then sucked in by Eve and then Roarke. My most favorite parts are how Eve doesn’t realize she is building a base of family and friends, because she never let herself get close enough to do that before Roarke entered her life. Wonderful stories, and a whole lot of heart breaking ones too.

  24. I always stumble through my explanations of the In Death series. It is a world so complex, so richly built, described, and lived-in, that it is hard to convey to someone who hasn’t read it exactly what these books are. Most importantly, it follows a set of characters that become a family through everything. The mysteries, the growth of Eve and Roarke, the urban futuristic setting, the tangled plots that weave into exciting stories, these are all reasons to dive into New York in 2058. I always ask other In Death fans who their favorite character outside of Eve and Roarke is. Mine is Peabody for the snarky counterpoint she provides to Eve’s brashness, and the little sister vibe that is only felt with her and Mavis.

  25. I always stumble through my explanations of the In Death series. It is a world so complex, so richly built, described, and lived-in, that it is hard to convey to someone who hasn’t read it exactly what these books are. Most importantly, it follows a set of characters that become a family through everything. The mysteries, the growth of Eve and Roarke, the urban futuristic setting, the tangled plots that weave into exciting stories, these are all reasons to dive into New York in 2058. I always ask other In Death fans who their favorite character outside of Eve and Roarke is. Mine is Peabody for the snarky counterpoint she provides to Eve’s brashness, and the little sister vibe that is only felt with her and Mavis.

  26. The In Death Series is habit forming! You’ll be waiting for the next book before you even finish the current one 🙂

  27. Nora is one of my absolute favorite authors. Never a bad read. The In Death series is my all time favorite. I own every single book and I will NOT loan them to anyone. If you haven’t read one I suggest you start at the beginning so you don’t miss a thing. I find that Nora can’t write them fast enough to suit me! Lol
    Love her!!!!!!

  28. The In Death series is wonderful and a must read. I have them all (to date) and have the read the whole series through twice and will start it again in the summer. If you want a taste of what it is like, try “Remember When” which is a Nora & JD double feature, with a common thread tying them together. If you like that, then start with the first book, Naked In Death, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. You get to know Eve, Roarke & Summerset, then meet the rest of the gang as the books progress and will make more sense, when sometimes they refer back to earlier cases. Nora/JD is an amazing writer, and her sense of humour is a delight.

  29. I randomly picked up an in death book at Target one day and was hooked. I ended up going to the library to check out and read all the prior books in the series-they got me through my second pregnancy! They are fantastic and I love that you don’t have to wait quite so long for a new one to be published. I also enjoy the fact that only a couple of days or weeks passes in the storyline of the books.

  30. I discovered the “in death”books via remember then, which is the one where Nora writes the first part and J.D. Robb the second 😉 I fell for the view of the future and the characters. And they get better as they progress as it is getting hard to guess “who dun it”
    I got my first Nora books via Silhuette, the first were Playing the odds and Summer Desserts, I still have them, and i then started to look for the name of the writer. Now I live in Denmark again and have a bunch in Danish, some some of them has lost a some in translation. I have now gone to buy the new ones for Kindle. Nora ought to visit Denmark some day.

  31. These books are some of Nora’s BEST !! What a great TV series they would make !! My friend and I are always deciding who should be cast as the main characters !!

  32. This is my all time favorite, absolutely go into another world series!!! I had my husband build a book case just for them. It was his first time and not perfect, but he said he would try again!! I love how you get to watch the characters grow, the suspense of the murder, the cool gadgets, and most of all I love to watch the relationships grow stronger and stronger! Peabody is by far my favorite side kick of all time!!! If you are like me, before the release of a new book in the series, I like to go back and reread them all, esp Naked in Death!!

  33. I was an avid Nora fan, getting every book out of the library that I could find. When I ran out, I started look at other books in that area and noticed the JD Robb In Death series. I picked one up and noticed that Nora was on the back. I was thrilled, a new addiction for me. I read them so fast that I was very disappointed when I caught up and had to wait for the newest book. Now I reread the entire series at least yearly. It is so comforting to be able to pick up a book and “know” the characters and get to find out more about them.

  34. I can always count on a good read with a Nora Roberts /J D Robb book. The in death books are a good read . I have been hooked on them from the very beginning. I reread them constantly and am always amazed at some insight I missed before. I recommend any Nora Roberts book. Keep up the great writing.

  35. When i first read Naked in Death I had no idea that it was written by Nora Roberts in fact I never knew until she announced it. But from the first chapter I was hooked. I have loved every book since. The inter action between Eve and Roarke is great. But what I really like is watching Eve grow from book to book how she opened herself up to friends and the mother daughter thing she has with Dr Mira is great! So I have to agree yes each book is great!

  36. I really love the In Death books, primarily for the character development and the dialogue. Watching the relationships change and grow over the course of the series has been wonderful.

    I don’t actually describe the series to potential readers; I just hand over Naked in Death and ask them to tell me if they enjoy it. I’ve had one who didn’t like it (she thought it was well written but does not like anything futuristic and couldn’t get past that), and I’ve had one who texted me requesting the reading order for the rest of the series so she could get them on her Kindle.

    My big secret is that sometimes, I hoard ID books. I buy them all in hardcover as they are released, but sometimes I’ll just let them sit on the shelf, unread, until I have 2 or 3 new ones; then I can have a little In Death marathon, which frequently triggers me to re-read the whole series, but there are worse ways to spend my time, right?

  37. I love JD Robb and I am now collecting all the books so I can read right from the beginning to the present ones.

  38. I love the In Death books I think because it always has the same base characters. I always miss the characters when a Nora Roberts book or series ends. This keeps my characters going but they are two very different types of books but still have lots of key things that keep the story going.

  39. When I talk about the in death series I always describe them using Eve as a person who has a dark shadow on her past but has used it to make her self a better person and not letting it keep her down like many of us would in reality. And that she stands for the dead when many people would write it off as an accident and that would be that and she gets to know her victims no matter what it personally costs her.

  40. As one of the MOD’s for the I’d have to say, “well, yeah I like the In Deaths”. They are amazing! Afraid to first try them due to the graphic violence and when I did was a bit put off, but reread the first ones again and after being neutralized by the violence I became an avid In Deaths fan. Naked remains my favorite as this is where we meet the extraordinary character we know as the one word name of Roarke our Roarke-o-luscious. I look forward to each and every one.

  41. Love the ID’s. Can’t remember the first one I read, might’ve been 3rd in the series. My library had them in the Blue Lady covers. I almost had to stop reading due to the excellent and graphic writing. My active imagination could clearly see, through Nora’s awesome description, and feel for Eve. Wow. I’m glad I kept reading. I especially love when Eve and Roarke first meet. Just love the firsts.

  42. I love the In Death series, the violence is very graphic which takes getting used to, but nevertheless I was drawn in from the first book. Following the characters, the way they grow and interact is so absorbing. I always look forward to the next story.

  43. I love the characters in the Death books. Love the interaction, the growth, the way they evolve and interact over time. So emotional, often so funny. And so real.

    It’s that reality that is problematic for me, tho. Nora/JD writes a bit too accurately for my peace of mind. I worked in a crime lab for too long, and saw more than my share of crime scenes. Her writing is so real, it trips all my trauma triggers and I can see, smell and often taste everything she is describing. Since I want to sleep at night, I have to severely limit my In Death reading. :o(

    I own them all, just like I own all the Nora books. I still read them. I’m just miles behind the rest of you! LOL I read one or two every couple of years, so I have about 20+ to go before I’m current. I’ll catch up … eventually. 😉

  44. If someone had said to me “here’s a book about crime in New York in the future”, I doubt if I would have even read it. But I picked up an In Death at the library without really looking at the plot-line and I loved it!
    Although set in the future they are not too far in the future to be believable. A lot of the technology is not very far removed from things we have now.
    Every story is different but we have follow-ups on our favourite characters and their lives which keeps the interest going.
    Every book sucks me in, I become part of it. I see and feel the emotion. What a fantastic talent JD Robb has.
    Long may she continue to write about my favourite couple (with some murder thrown in for good measure) lol

  45. The ‘in Death’ is as good as the rest of Nora Roberts books but in a different way. Where in her other books you only get to experience the love story for that book. However in the ‘ in Death’ you get to see the love grow between Eve and Roake but also as other characters fall in love and see it grow and yet again we get to see a couple who have been married for years and experience not only their love as a couple but also their love for their family. You get all of this and a really good mystery in each book.

  46. I love love Eve and Roarke and can get enough of the series. I’ve all the In Death series (except for the new one Calculated in Death) at least twice. I have fallen in love not only with Roarke and Eve but also with Peabody, Galahad, McNab, Somerset and the rest of the gang. When waiting for another installment of this series, I always made this remark to my friends: “I am missing Eve and Roarke and they immediately know what I mean!”

  47. My enjoyment of Nora Robert’s books started so long ago I can’t remember which book was the first I read. But I will never forget which J.D. Robb book was my first. I was retired from teaching and owned my own little bookstore by then, and ordered Origin in Death for the store when it came out because the series was highly recommended by my book rep, who informed me that Robb was actually Nora Roberts. was completely fascinated! The characters and the plot were very complex, intriguing, unique, and richly developed. I could not put that book down. As soon as I finished it, I read it again!. Then I immediately ordered all the preceding In Death books for the store and for me and began recommending them to my customers. I LOVE the way Eve’s character has slowly developed and changed throughout the series in a very believable way. Her relationship with Roarke is the anchor that allows her to outgrow her past, but Eve herself is the core of all the stories. She is absolutely the strongest female character in any series I have ever read. And she is surrounded with several other strong females who make their own contributions to the whole of the stories. The ensemble cast, the futuristic setting, and the classic good versus evil conflict make each one of these books a winner. They have all been excellent, entertaining reads.

  48. The In Deaths are as good as the rest! The difference, a major difference, is that you get to come back to the same characters over and over again. You don’t have to wonder what happened to the characters after the ending, as I have for the Circle and Ardmore trilogies, or even with the singles such as The Search or Birthright. You get to see the characters grow. Eve, as Laura describes, finds out its not always painful to let others in. Roarke finds love and finds friends that he doesn’t have to guard himself against because all they want is his friendship, which is a wondrous thing to him. The list goes on to all the secondary characters – how they affected Eve’s and Roarke’s lives and how each were affected by them. And they do become a family, intertwined and constantly changing. There’s always a death (of course!) and there’s the miracle of seeing a possible world not too far into our future.

    I envy you a little, Becky, for having the discovery of Eve & Roarke’s world ahead of you, but not too much. Every time I re-read, or re-listen to the In Deaths, I’m enchanted all over again. Enjoy!

  49. The reader who instigated this branch of discussion, said she only likes Romances and therefore doesn’t read the “In Death” series. In my opinion, Eve and Roarke are one of the greatest Romances in print, and we get to visit them every 6 months if we are lucky. If the reader read “The Inn at Boonesboro”, she must have missed the importance of the Eve and Roarke room, which is where I would love to stay (although Jane and Rochester would be a close second). The “In Death” series makes you feel like you are part of the investigations, and all of the regular characters are your family. I would love to see them made into a movie series like the James Bond stories have been, but not so dramatized. Imagine looking forward to a new movie every year or so, knowing that there are 36 ready to film right now. A TV series would be too limiting since they would have to cut most of the character interaction to solve the murders in an hour. At this point I can only dream and hope some intelligent producer reaizes the potential fortune to be made. Obviously, I recommend these books to any and everyone who adores Love Stories.

  50. Even though I was already a fan of Nora’s other books, I was reluctant to read the In Death series because I generally don’t care for futuristic anything, but I gave “Naked in Death” a try and was hooked. The writing just pulls you in, and you’re right there in the moment. I read a big chunk of the series (in order) one summer and was always glad to explain in great detail when my son’s girlfriend (now fiancee) would ask, “What’s this one about?”

  51. I’d say any one who loves Nora Roberts books will also love JD Robb books. I’ll be honest and say I don’t ever read the jacket flaps of the books – the few times I have, I always roll my eyes a little and say “oh my gosh, that sounds so cheesy” or whatever but end up loving the book. So, don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or by what you perceive it to be).

    For any one that’s fallen in love with Nora’s characters and are sad at the conclusion of the story (I always am, I want to read more and more about these characters, which is why I just love the trilogies, I get to be “friends” with them just a little longer) – this is an amazing series that let’s you revisit old friends in each new book. The relationship between Eve & Roarke (and other recurring characters that become favorite friends as well) is constantly evolving and refreshing and solidifying into something fun to read.

    Of course, I’ve always been drawn to sci-fi, but I would hope that theme wouldn’t put off a potential reader. She writes about the future in such a way, you can easily see yourself doing what the character is doing or using (or dreaming of the day we have an autochef in our own kitchens). Nothing is far fetched or out of the scope of possibility.

    So, if you haven’t tried an In Death book yet – go for it! Maybe you’ll surprise yourself. Borrow it from a friend or the library and then if you end up hating it, at least you didn’t spend any money. 😉

  52. I have been a Nora fan since her first book for Harlequin was published. But when she started the In Death series, I did not think I would be interested as futuristic books or paranormal were never ones I read. When my mother died 6 years ago this July, I went into a really bad place. I stopped reading, which for me was a really big deal for me, since I usually can read 3 to 4 books a week!! So a friend of mine, who has been trying to get me to read the In Death series for years, came over with Naked in Death and said try it….I think it’s just what you need right now. After a few days, I decided to try it…and was hooked!!! She and my husband, between the local used book store and the internet, ordered me every In Death book to that point. I read them in order and enjoyed every minute. It was just what I needed to get me interested in something that took my mind off of losing my Mom. I’ve kept current reading all the new books since and always can’t wait for the next one to come out. Yep, this series sure was solice at a time that I needed it. Great series…..

  53. I was a lover of Nora before I found JD Robb. I don’t remember how I found her but I know I started from book 1 of the In Death. I think I saw the list in one of Nora’s books. I love following them from book to book and love Dallas and Roarke. Of course all women love Roarke. I love the futuristic part of things although I usually don’t go for “science fiction” type books. But now that we are in the same century as the books I can see how so much of it could happen and some has almost gotten there. YES they are that good and thank you Nora for all the fun hours of reading I have had with you…

  54. I own all of the In Death books, and I have 2 highlights in each year, Feb and Sept. For that is when The new books come out!! The thing I like most about this series is that it has Romance (Eve and Roarke), Action (Police chases, Fights…), Sci-fi ( Flying Cars, Medical Treatment, Weapons…), Comedy (Eve’s fear of Trina, Peabody’s Fear of Eve’s driving…) So Becky, If you want something that will make you laugh, scream, cry and yell this is just the series you would like. I recommend them to any one who will listen or likes to read. I hope you take the time to start it, You will be hooked!!!!!

  55. My first NR book was I think Hidden Riches, which my sister gave me one day and then my first In Death novel was Conspiracy in Death and I had no idea it was Nora Roberts writing as J.D Robb at the time. In fact I remember I was in Baltimore visiting my brother and his wife, when I strolled into a bookstore and bought the book.
    Since I live in Mexico and I do enjoy buying her books in paperback or hardcover rather than in an e version, I usually wait until I travel to the U.S to stock up on my NR books. Right now I’m in an In Death marathon, reading New York to Dallas.

  56. As much as I love Nora Roberts I have never read anything written by JD Robb. I know crazy right! I have been giving it a lot of thought lately and after reading this blog I am convinced that I need to start reading some In Death! I’d like to start from the beginning so Naked in Death is the first?

  57. I love the In Death series. I enjoy watching Eve evolve and watching all her relationships develop. I have all of the books in the In Death series on my Sony ereader and anxiously await the next book in the series.

  58. My husband is in the military, and we were stationed overseas in the time before e-readers. I am a HUGE reader and I was very unhappy because there weren’t any books I was interested in reading in the base exchange (BX) and ordering online from a store took too long – I wanted a new book NOW. So I went to the BX and saw Immortal in Death and thought to myself, “hey wait a minute, Nora Roberts actually writes those, I think I’ll try it”. I LOVED it and immediately ordered Naked and Glory online and proceeded to read them all as quickly as I could get my hands on them. My husband and I are back overseas and now I have a Nook, so I can keep up with my JD Robb and Nora Roberts addiction.

  59. The In Deaths are fabulous! The characters suck you in during the first book. I look forward to each one, and I haven’t been disappointed.

    When I describe the series to customers (I work at Books-A-Million), I say that it is set in the future, but in a future that is believable. It has gadgets and stuff, but nothing too crazy. Then I describe Eve and Roarke as “the” couple in fiction. That usually gets them every time!

  60. The only bad thing about the In Death series is the wait between books! And who doesn’t love Roarke?

  61. I think the beauty of the In Death books is the continuity of the characters. Eve and Roarke have a wonderful love between them, and it’s like visiting old friends every time I read another book.

  62. It is amazing to look into the future of 50 – 60 years. We have droids, drying tubes, air transits, and halo grams. Nice change from robots and aliens. Crimes never change. JDR has brought all the gore and destruction to the surface and put together a great team, who can bring justice. I love the way Eve stands for the dead. The dreams and stories of Eve’s and Roarke’s childhood were a heartbreak. To bring these two broken and lonely people together and make them the best fictional couple is amazing work, JDR. It might seem ridiculous, but I just become a grandmother for the first time. In my Will, I left my collection of Nora/JDR books to my new grand-daughter. So, thank you Nora/JDR, you are second to none.

  63. I never read a story more than once until the in death series. I read my first one from the library and then I had to buy the series. I have read them through 4 times and every time I find some item I either forgot or didn’t realize the first time. Every few years I’ll read them again a few months before a new one comes out so I’ll be up to date. Every Nora Roberts and J D Robb book has such depth of characters that I hate ending them, I want to keep reading and learn what happens to each character. Thats why I love the In Death books, the characters keep evolving.

  64. I recently printed off the chronological order of the In Death books and read every one of them AGAIN in order.. start to finish on my kindle… Do it, you won’t regret it… I am waiting for Eve to have her own little “Bella”. Eve and Roarke are my all time favorite love story couple. Once you read the first one you won’t put them down… My only problem is JD (Nora) doesn’t write them fast enough…. LOL

  65. I came late to The In Death series as well. Had been a huge Nora fan but wasn’t sure of the In Death series but reading the first book I’m hooked. Amazing stories and love getting to know the characters as they came along. Fun to have a contining cast but each book stands on its own. Great to catch myself off guard, cry or laugh out loud.

  66. I started reading the In Death series about six years ago. I own every single book & novella that has any connection to Eve. She’s the core for me. When asked about the series, the first thing I always say is that Eve Dallas is one of the most memorable characters I have ever read.
    I love the story line of each book. I love the futuristic aspect. I l

  67. … Continued from my messed up post! 😉
    And I love the characters. Roarke is wonderful. But the center of it all for me is Eve. As a matter of fact, I feel the most compelling trait Roarke has is his love & devotion for Eve.
    I am a rereading addict when it comes to the In Death series — and not the recovering kind!

  68. I have been a fan of the In Death series for a very long time. I saw the titles listed in the back of another book that I can’t remember the name of. I think there were one or two sentence descriptions. My first books have the blue people on the cover. I knew Nora wrote them from the beginning, but I do not remember how I found out.

    I spent many years trying to convice my best friend that she should try reading the first book. She knows that I read lots of romances and did not really want to try. I kept telling her that the series is futuristic murder mysteries with many funny parts. When we would wander through stores, I would stop in the book section and pickup the latest release and read a funny part to her. Finally convinced her to read the first story. She loved it. So I slowly started buying the series for her; not in order, but the books I could find at the bookstore as I could afford them. I finally got her caught up to current last year at Christmas. She protested me spending so much for her Christmas gift, so she got them at other times (Happy Memorial Day 2007, Happy Columbus Day 2009, etc) but she would not receive them until Christmas.

    Her sister has borrowed the books and read the whole series. I’m not sure who else in the family wants to read them. Her husband expressed an interest, but he had to wait until I finally gave her “Naked In Death” last year, they had misplaced my copy.

    1. I have been a huge fan of Nora Roberts for years, as soon as something of hers came out I would get it and read it. In 1999 while visiting my in laws for Christmas, my mother in law asked me if I had ever read the In Death series. When I said no she went and got the first one and told me I should try it, Well as I had just finished the book I had with me, I decided to give it a try. I loved the book !!! When I got back home I used my Christmas money to find and buy every book in the series out at the time. I also started preordering the In Death series as soon as they are available, I do not even wait for them in paperback. Even after I got my kindle I still pre order all of the in death series in Hardback, I have them all in physical form as well as most of them in eform. The In Death series is like reading about a family and you see how the evolved to were they are today, It is awesome!!!

  69. Its funny I don’t actually remember my first In Death book. I remember I didn’t know Nora wrote them because I swear to God when I finished it I thought how much JD Robb writes like Nora Roberts…

    I love them for the same reason I love the trilogies. Its the what happens “after” the book is done. The trilogies give a bit of a glimpse into the other characters lives. In Death gets to do that in spades.

    I actually got my husband to read/listen to most of them. I started out with Purity in Death because at the time it was the most “geeky” of them (way before Fantasy, which he also loved). He describes as real books with a little bit of sex 🙂

  70. I’m an In Death addict–can’t wait for the next one to come out, and I’m always rereading or re-listening to one. My grown daughters have, in the past, been rather smug about Mom’s obsession–and now the oldest one is hooked and listens to them on her way to work every day! She’s even tried to convince her younger sister to give them a try.
    I love the world, love the characters, love the mix of romance and mystery. And Roarke is …well, Roarke.

  71. If I was forced to read Nora Roberts books or In Death books, I would have to go with In Death, but thankfully I can enjoy both.

  72. I was very resistant to the Jd Robb series for along time. A coworker finally convinced me to try one and I was hooked. To me these stories are not like the rest of her novels but so much better. While I admit that at times I have a hard time imagining some of the futuristic aspects, I also enjoy reading them. It has been a pleasure to watch the journey Eve has made in her personal life and career. If you have not read the In Death series yet, I strongly urge you to pick one and just give it a try. I guarantee you will soon find yourself very invested in Eves life.

  73. The futuristic bent of the In Death books was too much for me. My mother is a fan of both Nora Roberts and JD Robb. I have read all of Nora’s books as well as all the In Death books. My first JD Robb was part two of Remember When. I really disliked that part of the story. One day I was desperate for a book and mother handed me Divided in Death. I groaned she said read it you’ll like it!. So I did. I couldn’t put the book down and a new fan was born. After I finished Divided I went back to the beginning and read the books in order. I have read and or listened to these stories so many times I have lost track!

  74. Laura-I agree with you about the development of the character of Eve. You can see it from the beginning where she wouldn’t talk about her past at all to Visions In Death where she ends up telling Peabody about her past.

  75. Years ago there was a second hand bookstore that I would frequent and became quite friendly with a couple of the clerks who worked there. One of them had noticed that I was always picking up the Nora Roberts books, and while we were chatting, she said did you know she also writes a series of books as JD Robb, I said no and went to check out that section, they just happen to have a copy of naked in death, so I picked it up. I think I got hooked after the first page. I love the futuristic aspect, but it isn’t to far in the future that you can’t relate to it and the technology. I also love the relationship that develops between Eve and Rourke, also the relations between Eve and the other characters. An how they become friends and basically family. I also like the crime/mystery aspect of it. Also how Rourke finds a family he didn’t know he had and the interactions with them. Does anyone out there remember a TV Series from the 80’s called Remington Steele with Peirce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist? You may think I’m nuts, but to me Rourke reminds me of Remington Steele. Now I basically have them all the books.

  76. I started the In Death series from the very beginning! The character of Eve who struggled back from a dark past and re-invented herself makes for a compelling story! Her lack of social skills is always at odds with the people she seems to “collect” without trying! Love the connection between her and Feeney. Probaby my favorite is “Conspiracy in Death” where Eve gets thrown for a loop and Roarke has to pull her out of the depths of despair! Love all the characters and how they grow and intertwine from book to book. I usually finish a book and what to know what happens next – in this series I know I will always find that out!

  77. I’m pretty sure my first of the In Death books was Vision in Death where I met this amazing police detective, Lt. Eve Dallas, who was wearing a designer gown with insane shoes, set in New York a bit in the future…and had to deal with a crime scene… It was a total fluke, but I think I found it because I knew it had been written by Nora Roberts (I think it was around the time that was more publicly revealed) and I realized I wanted to know how the heck we’d gotten to that place. I tracked down all previous books, bought them and read them. I kept buying the books moving forward. (It had been book 19 of 35 now???) About two years ago I switched to e-books and bought the entire series AGAIN so I had them in electronic format…and have continued to collect them moving forward. It is not just Eve and Roarke, who are compelling, dynamic characters that you are just rooting for… it is ALL of the other amazing folks that make up the secondary characters and seeing what happens in their lives as we move forward. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the point where Nadine finds her match… I’m looking forward to seeing more of the SWAT guy (although I am still trying to figure out the physics of a non-lethal sharp shooter…LOL!), I’m rooting for Darcia and the Internal Affairs guy, etc… You can’t help but smile when Mavis walks onto the page… It is just an amazing group of folks and reading the books is like visiting with friends… I’m so, SO, thankful she did this… I recommend them to any and everybody!

  78. I have found that the people I know read sweet romance, women’s fiction or non-fiction. They don’t read Nora or JD. Which is okay with me – it’s like I have a very special secret! I love everyone’s comments – it’s a love fest.

  79. I have loaned out the entire In Death series several times and they are getting very worn! Fortunately, we have a large used book store nearby and I can replace the older ones that are just barely holding together! Love, Love, Love Nora Roberts – no matter whether she is writing as herself or JD Robb!

  80. The …In Death books are so good. I get so caught up in the world of Eve and Rourke that I hate to leave and anxiously await my next foray into their lives.

    I love that it’s set far enough in the future that it doesn’t become dated with time, but not so far ahead that the gadgets they have are unbelievable. I also love the family that Eve has managed to build for herself from the characters that come into her life. And most of all I adore Eve and Rourke, there friendship, their love and how they “get” each other so well, often surprising themselves with how far they’ve come.

    It may be telling as to just how much I love this series, in that 2 years ago we moved into a small apartment with limited space, forcing me to part with many of my books, however the …in Death series still remains on my shelf, I just couldn’t give it up.

  81. I started reading In Death because i wanted to read the second part of Remember When, and i wanted to know more about the characters i would be reading about!! But i was especially blown away by the storyline when i read Naked in Death…Now i read the In Death series because i feel like a part of the story whenever i read it. I also think that that is a specialty of all of Nora’s books.

  82. Just pre-ordered the next death got to go over to Audible and see if I can preorder it over there…have everyone of them both on audible and kindle version. but now got to go restart reading listening from beginning again before new one comes out. Love me my Nora and JD

  83. I have been reading Nora and J.D. for so long I honestly cannot remember how I started reading them. I love both series. I am trying to get my niece to name her new baby Roarke. No luck so far!

  84. BOOK CRACK! Not a polite tem but absolutely true!
    Book crack gives you a quick high on a tasty story that yanks you through to the end without a moment to breathe (or cook dinner). While I wouldn’t suggest a reading diet solely of crack, you can’t deny the occasional appeal.
    J.D. Robb- In Death book crack of ALL time!! Ijs

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