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It’s so interesting to see how readers react to spoilers — even the idea of them.  Some people actively search them out, avidly piecing together a book before they have it in their hands.  Some people don’t even read jacket copy on a book in order to preserve the surprise and let the book open up to them naturally.

It appears to me that readers seek spoilers more when they deal with a series like the In Deaths, rather than stand alone books like Whiskey Beach.  Is that because a reader is more familiar with the In Death world and wants to know what’s going on as soon as possible?  And I noticed that a lot of people were avid for details of the last book in The Bride Quartet and The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy because they wanted to know about the last happy ending. Whereas nobody really knows Eli and Abra in Whiskey Beach and therefore they may be more willing to let the book surprise them.  I’m not sure. 

A small perk in this job is that I read the books a little early so I already know the spoilers.  And I don’t normally share them because it seems a little like teasing, but I do have a little insider information about Thankless in Death (September) that will please a lot of people.  

As we figure out the ins and and outs of a blog about Nora’s books it seems to me that there can be a place for spoilers, carefully concealed from easy view.  But I thought I’d gather some opinions and then see where we go.

Thoughts?  ~Laura




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  1. I search for spoilers on InDeath because I’m invested in the series. Always interested in stuff like does the candy thief make an appearance, etc. that thread the series together. While I didn’t know more than the basic plot about Whiskey Beach, I just let that one go. I’m the type that actively seeks spoilers to books, and once in a poll one of the options was “print the whole damn book” and I picked that one.

    If you want to print the spoiler to Thankless, go ahead, especially if its about Roarke’s family, or the candy thief, lol

    1. I don’t mind spoilers but only if I want to know. It’s no good if someone spills the beans when you don’t want to know. And I want ot know who the candy thief is! Also any details of ‘Thankless’ You should always give out a warning if you’re going to put spoilers anywhere in case someone doesn’t want to know. I read Remember When first before the rest of the series and found the spoiler about Roarke but I wouldn’t dream of broadcasting it in case someone hadn’t got to that point.

  2. I m not sure, I have never really talked to others about books, until this year. So I probably don’t really care, I would still read the book.

    I’m one of those that doesn’t read the jacket flap before reading the book. I usually try to re-read at least the last book (or the last 2 books if I have time) before a new one comes out, just to refresh myself of the last case and the nuances of the current not-case-related story line.

    1. I’m with you- No spoilers! Give me a warning so I can avoid it… but you might tease me, because enjoy the anticipation about my favorites!

    2. I guess I should clarify – I don’t mind teasers, like the newest tidbit that was posted today. I fully agree with Laura on that – things that would basically ruin the story, or give it away are not for me (I don’t go hunting for spoilers on TV shows I watch, either, but I have a friend who does and it drives me BONKERS). Teasers? Yes. Plot revealers? No. 🙂

  4. I’ve always been a fan of small spoilers for the In Death series. I don’t usually search them out…but if I know someone has read it before me I might beg LOL

  5. If I’m waiting for the book to come to me from the library (as I am with Whiskey Beach; my budget does not run to hardcovers except for In Death books), then I want absolutely no spoilers at all. I’ll completely avoid conversations about a book that I’m waiting for. If I’m hoarding 2-3 In Deaths for a mini-marathon of new Eve and Roarke, then I don’t mind a (minor) spoiler or two.

    To the same end, I really hate book reviews (particularly from readers on Goodreads) that are essentially book reports and give away important plot points. I don’t write book report reviews and I don’t like to read them, either. They’re simply full of spoilers and in many cases have prevented me from reading a book that I might have otherwise picked up.

  6. I watched Nora’s movies, and then bought up most of her books. So far, the Innsboro has been my favorite. I hated letting go of my characters. Really became quite fond of them all! You ask if “Spoilers” ruin, or if we like them. I read the jackets of each book, and then decide whether the story interests me or not. As far as knowing what is going to happen way ahead of time…no…I don’t want to know. I enjoy reading each guided word that brings me to a much anticipated ending. Sure, I can try to find out from someone else as to how a book finishes, but what’s the fun in that. And if I am going to spend hard-earned money for a novel, I prefer to get my money’s worth. Nora gives us that with each book she writes. I am pleased to become one of her newest members of her fan club.

  7. Laura,

    I’m the fangirl that cries no spoilers while reading them with one eye closed. I dont seek them out, but if I stumble across them, I’ll read them. I believe you hit the nail on the head with the why. Of course the more invested I am as a fan, the more anxious and excited I become about the next book. With the In Death series I have many subplots I envision in my head that I think would be awesome additions to the series, and I’d love to know if Nora even has these ideas floating about, but I don’t actively seek spoilers because half the joy of reading is the discovery of new facets to the world the characters live in. That all being said… I would not be sad to “accidentally” stumble upon a spoiler on this blog. 🙂

  8. I like spoilers. I spent 6 years working in a bookstore and my favorite perk was being able to check out books in advance. If its an author I like a lot I will read the book anyway. With In Death there are a lot of things that even a book report review wont cover. IE candy thief, magic coats (Peabody needs one!) moments between Eve and Feeney. Those are the things that make the series special.

  9. I live for the spoilers. The first thing I do with any book is to read the jacket. Since joining the list with Nora’s News I have also enjoyed the small pieces she gives us about her up coming books. Knowing the story line gives me the anticipation that makes me devour a book, especially Nora’s, in a matter of hours. After reading a spoiler i am inclined to much more enthusiastic about the release of each new book. There’s also the fact that a spoiler lets you know if the story will be dark and twisted or light and fun, which allows you to choose a book that fits your mood when you choose to read. Some of Nora’s books are darker and definitely more intense, such as Carnal Innocence and Carolina Moon, and pull deeper emotions from the reader. Some days I am too exhausted to go through those emotions with the characters and will choose lighter reads, like the MacGregor’s , Irish Thoroughbred, or Daring to Dream. When it comes to the In Death novels I simply want to know what Eve is up against each time. I have never read a spoiler or jacket cover that gave away too much about the story or ending.

  10. I don’t like spoilers as far as the plot goes. However, when I am in a bookstore and none of my favorite authors have anything that I haven’ read, I do check out the final page of unknown authors’ books for HEA (happy ever after) endings. My favorite authors can be relied on to always provide an HEA. I once read a dust cover on a Linda Howard book that said someone was killing everyone the heroine took care of as a caregiver. Talk about a spoiler, it ruined the entire book knowing that each of those sweet people was soon going to be dead. I started skipping over the descriptions of the soon-to-be victims because I was crying through the entire book. I even wrote to the author to complain. As long as the story continues to build and moves along quickly, I don’t want any spoilers. The “In Death” stories read so fast that I am always upset when I finish them in hours. I want them to last for days so that I have timeo really enjoy them

  11. Every once in a while, I’m tempted to search for spoilers and, in that case, it’s okay because I actively sought them out. And, in those cases, it’s usually because I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters I’m already invested in (like Parker from the Bride Quartet or Hope from Inn Boonsboro).

    If there are to be spoilers on this blog, maybe if they were hidden behind a mouse-click, that would be preferred for those of us who don’t want to be inadvertently spoiled. I have a friend who always thinks she’s being clever with her “subtle” comments about things but, really, she almost always ruins the end of whatever it was she got to before me.

    1. Agreed! I have people in my life who think they are being “subtle” as well and they always ruin whatever it is that I was about to read/watch.

  12. I definitely don’t like spoilers on a series I’m already reading. But I never buy a new book, especially by a new author without reading the dust cover. I would hate to buy a book and not like it. Getting a little preview helps me decide if I would like it or not.

  13. I don’t like spoilers. I do not read the synopsis for a book or the blurb on the back of a book or dust jacket. I want the story to unfold very organically so I can get an entire feeling and not be looking for “that thing I heard about” the whole time. I have no problem with people who like them, just don’t spoil it for me. 🙂

  14. I hate spoilers lol. I hate even more when people are giving subtle little plot points and they think they aren’t spoiling anything and they are. It makes me mad, I am honest with people who have read a book, seen a movie or new TV show episode, etc., that I do NOT want anything spoiled.

    I do read the dust jacket or the synopsis on the back of the book, but that’s it. I get frustrated when I read just that little bit though and something in the book ends up being spoiled. I won’t read the book after that, unless it’s a fav author. I want to enjoy the books at my own pace and I want the story to unfold for me. If I know something major is going to happen, then I’m less interested in the story because I’m waiting for it to happen.

  15. Hi! I’m from Hungary, so sorry for my grammar mistakes. 🙂 I love Nora and her books. I always read the jacket copy, then I decide whether I buy the book or not. And I also love spoilers, when I see one, I always get excited about the book/film and I feel ” I can’t wait for it”. I really would like to read the Innsboro trilogy, but they will be on salein Hungary in 2016 or later.D

    1. That’s too bad that you have to wait that long. I think InnBoonsboro trilogy is my favorite.

  16. I’d like a HINT on what to expect in an upcoming book – like a hint that Charles & Louise would marry. Hints make me more anxious to finish a book which is why I can sometimes be up until 4 AM with a newly published Nora Novel. But I rush so much I usually have to turn back to page 1 and start again because I may have missed too much. I mean a HINT when Eve is being considered for Captain’s bars would be SO cool.

  17. I love spoilers. I am the type of person who will read the first chapter then flip to the end of the book. This in no way deminishes my enjoyment of a book. In fact I think I enjoy the story more knowing where it is all going!

    1. This is me to a T. Mostly mysteries will get read first few chapters first then the last few chapters and then from the end of the first chapters to the end of the book. Sometimes I don’t if I want to see if I can figure out what’s going on for myself.

      1. Thank you ladies! I’ve thought I’m the only one (at least that’s what my friends and spouse think) that reads the last chapter before getting to it :). I like hints and spoilers to get me in the mood for a book. I think if the end is good the whole book has to be, if the end don’t work is spoil’s the whole book 🙂

  18. I only like spoilers on books where the second book continues from the first book left off on a cliffhanger and the wait between books are long I just have to know what happens next

  19. I don’t read jackets; I don’t watch movie trailers; I don’t do ANYTHING that may tell me something before the story; however it is presented, reveals it to me. I have been like that forever; even with new authors; I never read jackets; I open and start reading and hope to fall in love; with the words, the writing, the story, and the characters. And with Eve and her group I know I’m already in love. I want to dive into the story as soon as possible but I don’t want to know if Eve is getting promoted, or if someone is pregnant, or the like until they find out; I want to experience it with them. If that makes sense.
    But the man I live with LIVES for spoilers so I am familiar with the other side of the coin. So for those that love them I say go for it; just make,sure, we that don’t, wont accidentally read them. =)

  20. For the folks that dislike spoilers, I’m all for them being hidden behind a mouseclick. That’s fair. I, for one, will click on that puppy the minute it shows up. A spoiler, the first chapter, whatever – it’s not going to stop me from reading the next In Death. Saying that, I agree with Lynette:

    Spoilers?? ppppfffftttt!! I want the deets on Thankless In Death!

  21. I don’t mind spoilers if there’s an alert at the beginning so I can skip it if I want. I try to be considerate of those who don’t want spoilers when I comment about a book especially when it’s brand new. I agree with what Laura says about spoilers being more accepted for characters we’re invested in. I tend to be more forgiving with In Death spoilers than Nora’s stand alone books.

  22. con respecto a los libros de Nora no necesito spoiler los voy a comprar y a leer de todas maneras, siempre estoy a la expectativa del siguiente libro ya sea de la serie in death o cualquier otro libro de ella, con saber que son libros de Nora se que me van a encantar

  23. I don’t mind them. But then I don’t read books the right way 😀 (I start a book and get to know the characters – as in what’s their names, who is who – then I jump to the middle of the book and read, then I go to the end and try to find out how it ends… I know, shame on me 😉
    Don’t mind bad critics also. Because if t’s a Nora I won’t resist buying and reading. I might agree or not. But I think nothing puts me off a NR 😉

  24. I’m fairly certain the spoiler in Thankless is Eve getting her long awaited promotion to captain as I have read that earlier on JDs site! I hope this is not just a rumor as I will be HUGELY disappointed if she does not make captain soon!!!

  25. Laura asked:

    Laura dear sweet Laura, you are a dream. I would absofreakingly love a thread of spoilers. Love them, seek them out and do not feel they ruin my enjoyment of the book when I get to read it. Please, do made a spoiler thread.

    And honey, you have a spectacular job, good for you. How did you get it and when? DO tell us about you.
    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * Annie*

  26. I don’t get the concept of spoilers. How can one bit of info spoil a whole book? Of course, I’ve been known to read favorite books as many as 4 or 5 times over. I used to reread the whole In Death series before the new one came out–a little unwieldy now, but I’ll still reread the last one or two. So keep the excerpts coming, the more the merrier, while I’m waiting for my next Eve and Rourke fix!

  27. I like to be spoiled just enough. I don’t want to know the whole she-bang, but I want to know enough so that I still feel invested in the characters while I’m waiting for the next book.

  28. It depends on the type of book it is. I am currently reading the Jason Bourne series and for the last couple of books I’ve had the urge to read the last page. However, with Nora’s books, I read the jacket but don’t ever read the last page.

  29. IMO, spoilers should be a personal thing. For me, I don’t want to know the end of the story or any part within until I have read it for myself. I feel if Nora/JD takes the time and effort to weave the story for me to read and to be surprised, angry, delighted, or just to laugh out loud, then I don’t want to know in advance any part of it. Seems like knowing what you got on Christmas morning, before you opened the gifts. Just saying…..

  30. Posting “secret” spoilers is easy. Just type them in white. Anyone who wants to read them will be able to highlight the text and see it. Anyone who’s not interested won’t be “spoiled.”

  31. I don’t like spoiler alerts. The mystery of the book is gone. They seem to take the excite out of finding out what is going to happen next.

  32. I am one of the readers who does not want spoilers for the mystery series I read. I am already anxious for “the next book” in the in Death series and will buy it either way, but I would be happier without those book reviews that give away who, what, where, and when. Come to think of it, I have pretty much quit reading reviews for books I intend to read. This could be from envy for those who get to read it before I do.

  33. Sometimes I’ll cut to the back to find out something, but I don’t care to have a spoiler tossed in someplace I can’t avoid it. This can happen in conversation, on the dust jacket, in a website promo and in one spectacularly bad incident it was the title of the book.
    Made me want to get out my voodoo gear and start sticking pins in something.

  34. No spoilers for me. I don’t seek them out and avoid them at all cost. I don’t want to know the ending before I get there. I read the jacket cover to see if the interest is there then I read and enjoy right to the end. It really disappoints me if I hear the ending before I read it so no on spoilers for me.

  35. Ok, you say ‘This info will please a lot of people’. I went back to the FB fan club comments. Most of the ladies are looking forward to Eve becoming pregnant. If this is it, don’t spoil it. I don’t like spoiler alerts, but I like to keep guessing what it can be:
    Finding the candy thief will be interesting.
    If Peabody and Mcnab get engaged, that will be a happy event.
    To see Trueheart becomes a Detective will be…….see, I told you.

    1. NO NO Eve must not become pregnant! That is just not her. It would totally change her life and that would be the end of the series. So that is definitely a no-no!!

  36. I don’t like spoilers and go to great lengths to avoid reading them. I read jacket flaps or the back of books to see if I really want to invest time in a book. But spoilers, nope. Just post a warning that they’re coming…..

  37. I like to read the jacket cover to see what the book is about. I like spoilers like The Candy Thief will finally be revealed. Then I’ll want to read it to find out who it turns out to be. Or something like that. The spoiler in generality I guess you’d call it. Some books at the as a special preview they include the chapter 1 of another book, no offence against the authors, but I don’t read them because I am a slow reader and when I finally get the book I have to re-read that chapter when I get the book. If a summary of the next one is at the back or what you would read on the jacket cover, then I’ll read it. I also would like to see Eve become pregnant and how her and Rourke deal with it. I was funny how when Mavis was pregnant and after Belle was born, how Eve and Rourke dealt with and the fact that Mavis wanted them to be the god parents to Belle.

  38. I don’t really mind them. In fact, I’m probably one of those weird cases where I can hear a spoiler and it just makes me want to read even more.

  39. Because for me, it’s not what happens. But how it happens. And you can hear all the spoilers someone has but you’ll never the gist of exactly how things went down unless you see it for yourself. And in my experience, when people give out spoilers, they don’t give deets as to how.

    Sure, we know Snape kills Dumbledore. But we don’t know that he was only able to do it because Dumbledore made himself vulnerable to protect Harry.

    You know, stuff like that.

  40. I like spoilers in books (not in movies for some reason). If there is a really sad part – I usually have to check the last couple of pages just to see if the characters seem happy 🙂
    I don’t like too much info – for example, I really don’t like reading books in a series out of order as they often give too much info about the last book, but some inside hints or secrets make it seem fun.

  41. I like the Spoilers – especially with the In Death series because I definitely want to know what happens with the characters and I’m going to buy the book and read it…multiple times…anyway. For the last few years now, I pretty much start a few weeks out and then re-read the whole series as part of the build up to the next release… (I always manage to miss place where to read the short stories…and end up catching them up slightly out of sequence… ) I agree – you don’t want them TOO obvious and easy so those that do NOT wish to know some of the details can avoid them…but the loyal fans are going to want to read the books anyway. It is true – totally new characters, I am not as interested in the spoilers. However, with the Bride books – we knew “who” the players were going to be for the last two books before she got to the stories, and we could certainly guess that it would all work out…but it was the “getting there” that mattered! So please – SPOIL AWAY!!!

  42. I think spoilers will be there I do not look for them, but if I know someone is talking about a book I am waiting for then I might listen, but then I get the book and read it so I can decide for myself . I love reading these books they keep me excited for the next, spoilers or not…..

  43. I don’t mind the spoilers, I usually read them on the upcoming books so I have an idea of what it is about. Doesn’t change my mind at all that the In Death series is my all time favorite and has been for years!

  44. Let me put it this way. Every year at Christmastime, my husband begs me to open one or more of my presents early. I NEVER do. He could leave them out in plan view. I would never even peek in a bag or a box. ANTICIPATION is my middle name! I want to drag out the good for days & days!
    So spoilers… I shall look the other way. Every single time 🙂

  45. I don’t like reading reviews on books that I’m waiting for because inevitably … especially on sites like Good Reads … they tell you the whole darn book!

    I like when Nora releases the first chapter in her books. Those I will read as soon as I open the email.

    Spoilers I will only read for books like the In Death series (because as mentioned I’m so familiar with the characters).

  46. I always read the back of the book to see what the story is about. Especially if its a new author and the picture on the cover is a big decider if I will read a book. I always read the sample chapter that comes with Nora’s news. Reading a series like in death the reader is heavily invested in the series and the spoilers give you that little thrill about what you are about to read. Laura is the spoiler for the next in death about a baby ?

  47. No spoilers please. As someone who has read all of the books I know that the girl always gets the guy and that Eve and her team always save the day. That’s all I need to know. The only thing I ask is please don’t let Eve be pregnant! That would totally suck.

    1. Agree!! But I can envision a storyline where she THINKS she might be pregnant, but isn’t. That could make for some nail-biting for her and Roarke (but especially for her!)

  48. I definitely read jacket copy to see if I’m interested in a book, but spoilers? No thank you. I want to be surprised by all of the twist and turns.

  49. Spoilers, don’t like them. I always want to be surprise as i read the book.

  50. I like spoilers. Especially if the book is part of a series I have not read. It may interest me in the story and I’ll look for the book.

  51. I’m not seeking out spoilers for the In Death series or any of Nora’s books. I like to find it out on my own. And I’ve never read a Nora book that did NOT have a happy ending for the lead couple, so I am always confident that I can read her books without being disappointed. I do actively seek spoilers for some of my favorite TV shows, though. Once Upon a Time as Game of Thrones as current examples (and in the past, Buffy and Angel). I don’t know why, but I feel I *need* it more in a TV series.

  52. I think it should be on a different website where you have to log in for the spoilers, that way we can make up our own minds, it is just a thought. I love all her books I wish it was time for the next book already lol

  53. I don’t like spoilers usually. I do like the preview of the first chapter. Reading the first chapter gives me a taste of the direction the story will take. It helps build anticipation of the next book. But I don’t want to know the big events & the “who done it”. Once in a while when reading a new book, it’s getting late & I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open but I just can’t put it down, I will glance at the last few pages. Just enough to satisfy my curiosity and am able to put the book down to sleep.

  54. Spoilers..have to admit I am a fan…my sister on the other hand would not shed a spoiler if you held a gun to her head or if I begged and begged because believe me I have. We both Nora and J.D. fans and chances are she usually gets it read before I do and she never gives a secret away!
    I will say I want Eve to get Captain,
    I want Trueheart to become Detective
    I want McNab and Peabody to get engage
    and I need to know who the candy theif is!!

  55. Spoilers don’t bother me at all! I want to know MORE!! Since I read, re-read, re-re-read all the books multiple times and listen to the unabridged CD’s constantly (and I literally mean constantly–I listen to them all the time, even at night when I’m going to sleep) it doesn’t bother me a bit to know who the killer is, or what big event has happened. Knowing in advance does not spoil my enjoyment one little bit. But, since I know that it DOES spoil it for some people, I am very careful about what details I disclose when I discuss the books with others, especially “new recruits” to the series. I’ve recruited numerous people and if I know they haven’t read all the books, I don’t give them details until they are caught up! :o)

  56. I don’t like spoilers that give away major plot points. I like to discover those for myself as I read the book.

    That said, I do not consider the book’s blurb or who the hero & heroine of the book are to be spoilers. And so if an author is trying to keep that a secret I would seek out the info. I have been burned one too many times by authors in series pulling a bait-and-switch (laying groundwork and buildup for x and y to be together and then pairing x with d). [Okay, it was only once, but that was one time too many.]

    That’s one of the reasons Nora is still a fave and an auto-buy. Not only is she a great author, but she has never messed with reader trust.


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