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  1. My first book by Nora Roberts was Montana Sky and yes, I still have that copy. I wandered into a beach shop in Ocean City one morning, in need of a book to read while sitting on the beach. I fell into the story by the first chapter and I sat on the beach all day and read it to the very end.

    I have been hooked on Nora ever since!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Your first Nora book – is my main love when it comes to books. I adore Montana Sky.


      1. Yes, it was a lovely story and one that I have read many times. Well, I read a lot of her stories many times over, it’s so hard not to!

      2. Hi Lisa & Jennifer–SANCTUARY was my first NR book, but MONTANA SKY confirmed me as one of Nora’s readers. I still have those copies on my shelves.

    2. My first Nora book was Born in Fire. I was on vacation in California and needed a book to read for the trip home back to NY back in 1995. I had seen Nora Roberts name around my bookstore but never picked up a title. So in the small book store in California i thought i would give her a try. Glad i did! Its still one of my favorite Trilogy’s. One of the good things about discovering Nora at that time was i had all of her older books to read and catch up to the newer ones. I still have that first book and lend it out whenever i need to convert another person to give Nora a try. They are never disappointed! Thank you Nora for all your fine stories!!

    3. My first NR books were the ‘In the garden’ trilogy and I loved them which made me buy lots and lots of Noras books. Everyone I read is my favourite and I get so engrossed in the story. I have all of the trilogy books and the In Death books and am currently re reading Sanctuary. Have just re read The Witness and The Search and cant wait for Whiskey Beach 🙂 Have to have all the trilogy books before I start reading them as just can’t wait for the next book. Just love ALL THE MEN 😉

    4. My first book was Immortal in Death checked out from the library in 2006. Before I knew it, I’d read them all, and started buying paperbacks of all of them. I was in a bad place, and this was a pleasant world to retreat to.

    5. My first Nora book was HEART’S VICTORY ( a SSE ) back in 1982. Immediately after reading it, I found all her previously published books and haven’t missed one since (including JD Robb). I’m currently reading WHISKEY BEACH.

    6. Can’t remember what was first, but have read everything, and I also now buy Audible and listen to the books in car when driving.

    7. Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m a 30-something stay at home mama to two little boys (Ben, 12/2009 & Matthew, 07/2013). I first started reading Nora Roberts by accident. 😉 I was not at ALL into romance novels and I thought they were a trashy waste of time. Then I got stranded in the lunchroom at work with no one to talk to and nothing to read – except a copy of Inner Harbor and a copy of People I’d read at least 3 times cover to cover already. I picked it up, fully expecting to never touch it again after my lunch break was over. I had no idea it was the last in a series (well, at the time) and I got hooked. I quickly borrowed the rest of the series from the library and was soon hooked. I spent a lot of money at Barnes & Noble that year, pretty much buying every single Nora Roberts book they had in print. It didn’t take me too long to catch up on her work and now I count off the months, weeks, days before a new one is released. 😉
      I actually picked up a JD Robb book much the same way. I was looking for something to read at the library while waiting for a new Nora Roberts book to be released and I stumbled upon Witness In Death. No longer deterred by romance books 😉 I jumped right in. And then had to play catch up on the series again.


    9. I have been reading Nora Roberts for so long I can not begin to tell you what the first book of hers was that I read. I just love all her books and when the In Death Series came out I didn’t know it was her I read Remember When and knew I had to read the series. I have read and reread the series in order out of order so many times. I have gotten my mom hooked on the series and some people at work have started reading it as well.

    10. Montana Sky was watched as a movie, and haven’t bought the book yet, as I have a bunch of Nora’s still to read…Once I read a couple of her books, I went to Amazon and bought all that I could. Holding on to Whiskey Beach until the others have been read. I cannot begin to tell you how these books have gotten me thru some of the worst days of my life. Our son-in-law, Karl, was one of the DeepWater Horizon 11 who died on April 20th, 3 years ago, when the oil rig exploded. I can’t even begin to tell you what our daughter, our grandson and the rest of our family have gone thru with that event that will one day be in history books, but for now, escape literature and games on my computer keep my mind occupied, and Nora has helped me more than she can ever imagine with her great works of fiction. By this time next year, I am sure I will have finished all of her books, including J.D. Robb ones. Wish me luck..lol

    11. My first Nora Roberts book that I read (and bought myself) was Dance Upon the Air. I was 18, and since then I have absorbed every Nora Roberts book I could find. Between my Kindle and my bookshelf, I now own every single one of her books. Three Sisters Island trilogy still remains my favorite, and my go to read every fall. The Villa is my book of choice during the dog days of summer when it’s too hot to breathe. The key series usually follows Three sisters, and then the vampire set, and then the hollow set. And I reread the entire In Death series about once a year, picking up books here and there as I choose. I spend a lot of time reading, obviously.

    12. Jennifer,
      Ocean City, Maryland? I used to go into a little used book store near Love’s Lemonade to buy books to read on the beach.

    13. My first books were the In the Garden trilogy. I have reread them so many times they are falling apart. I was instantly hooked on Nora’s books and ran out to find as many as I could. Years ago I was very ill and her books helped me through a lot of rough times. I still read at least one Nora book a week. I reread her books all the time. They are like visiting an old friend.

  2. Night Shift! I remember taking it off my mom’s TBR pile and reading it in a day. I don’t have the same copy but I do have a reprint!

  3. Homeport. I picked it up, fell in, and couldn’t get out. I don’t have my old copy because I keep giving my copies away to other people. I’m a pusher. 🙂

    Great site, guys!

  4. Wow, I need to go way back to May, 1981 and Silhouette Romance #81 … Irish Thoroughbred. That little white-covered book, with its worn brown pages and broken spine, still sits on my bookshelf.

    I had Nora sign it in July, 1997 – it’s inscribed: My first baby! Nora Roberts.

    Her first book; my first treasure.

    1. I am still hoping for an oportunity to go to Maryland and have nora sign one book for me. Oh, why do I live in Brazil.??????? So far away

      1. Cristiane,

        Turn the Page posts all their events pretty far in advance, so maybe one day you can arrange a vacation around a signing. On Friday we met sisters from Ireland, friends from London and a couple from Iceland who all planned their trips around their visit to TTP. And two weeks ago, two sisters from Brazil joined us. So we’d love to see you!

  5. The Hearts Victory! I still have my original copy…love Foxy and Lance 🙂

  6. My first Nora was Irish Thoroughbred; my mom and I were signed up for Harlequins books of the month, we loved getting her books as part of the package. I wish I still had my original copy, I do have one but not the one we shared.

  7. My first Nora was Sweet Revenge. I was in college and fell in love with the stepback cover and the back copy intrigued me. Within the month, I had purchased every current book and was lucky that most of Nora’s books were being reissued as “Language of Love” editions. So I soon had a complete collection. I do still have the book and now I should probably reread it.

  8. I picked up Homeport in the supermarket. The lighthouse on the cover caught my eye – I love lighthouses (guess I’ll have to grab Whiskey Beach for the same reason ;-D ) The story was great, and yes, I still have that first copy, along with a hardcover that I grabbed off eBay a few years later.

    My first JD was Naked in Death. I think there were 5 books out at the time I discovered the series. Imagine my “shock” after I read those first few books, then realized I needed to wait six months for the next one lol

  9. I don’t think I could point to one book and say that was my first. One if the first books of hers I remember reading and recognizing it was her was probably Partners. Way back in 1985.

  10. My first Nora was Born in Ice. At the time, I didn’t know it was the 2nd book in a trilogy. Yes, I still have my copy; Grayson is still one of my all-time favorite Nora heroes.

  11. Like Wymzee and Susan, my first Nora was Nora’s first book, Irish Thoroughbred. The signs of greatness were present even then. :o)

  12. I can’t remember the first one, but she got me through college (late ’80s), early motherhood (early ’90s), a couple of divorces and has been my vice of choice for years. A Nora Roberts book was and still is something to be look forward to, savored and then treasured. They never fail to take me to another time and place.

  13. I can’t remember which book I started with, but I have every one that I’ve bought still, and that’s a lot! 😀

  14. I don’t remember my first but I do remember there was no going back after reading it! I devoured every Nora Roberts book I could get my hands on. Then when I discovered the JD Robb series it was even worse. Now I am an addict 🙂

  15. Night Shift. I still have it. And since then, have read almost all of them! I started traveling for work about 7 years back and always do my best reading on the plane or during free time in the hotel room. I love taking Nora with me!

  16. My first Nora Roberts book was ‘The last Honest Woman’ – However I really got hooked on Nora when I read The Three Fates – I sent that copy to a friend so they could see how awesome the story was and I brought another copy. Although my all time favourite Nora Roberts book would have to be Montana Sky – I have read it copious amounts of times and no matter what it’s always my go to book when I need to just sit and read. At least twice I have read it, finished it and just started to read it again… I just love the story and the characters, Willa is so strong and vibrant.

  17. I was given a book on tape by a family member that had my first novel by Nora Roberts; it was a novel from the “in Death” series ” Vengeance In Death”; I was driving a tractor trailer across country and enjoyed the story line so much; that when I could stop at a store I begun to buy the other editions of the “In Death” series there were.
    Now I can say I have read each novel more than one time and love each one every time I reread them.

  18. My first book, or should I say books, by Nora Roberts were the “Key Books”. I feel so instantly in love I could not put them down. Then I went to the “Three Sisters Island” trilogy, and was hooked for good. It wasn’t long before I traveled on to her J.D. Robb books and with Eve and Roarke I found my home. I waited so impatiently for a new “In Death” book to come out and to walk the path with those two amazing characters.

    1. I’m a huge fan of both Nora Roberts and JD Robb, and love her strong female characters. I wait in anticipation for her next set of books, and read them all many times over. .. and laugh out loud in the same spots!! I think my first book was also the “Key” set, and have kept every book, to re read again, and again.. Thanks for wonderful stories to lose ourselves in xx

  19. I’ve only read the In Death books- so I’ve some big piles ahead of me for the summer. I think Glory was my first which was lent to me, in paperback, by a co-worker at the time. I’ve since purchased the entire series and won’t lend them (with the exception of Lil who understands the value of a good read). I’ve made some wonderful friends from reading this series. Amazing people I’d not have met otherwise. My favorite thing in the books has to be the bathroom in the master suite. I have major bathroom envy. You had me at dual shower heads. So cheers to hot showers, great friends and escapism!

  20. It was only last year, was going away on vacation & was looking for something to read on the plane. I downloaded the Three Sisters Island Trilogy. I was instantly hooked and read nothing but Nora since!!! On a bit of a break now, ( reading, just not anything by Nora at the moment) but have several other Nora books already downloaded and will be resuming soon.

    And since I’m reading from a Kindle, yes, I have all of my Nora books still. M

  21. My first book was Daring to Dream and i don’t have the book as i pass all of my books on to other people.

    1. My first book wa s Daring to Dream, too! I fell in love with Nora’s letter to the readers in the very beginning, so I kept reading. Possibly my favorite book so far and definitely my most re-read NR book! (So yeah, my UK copy is still on my shelves. I’m too greedy for it to be anywhere else!)

  22. I am unsure which book, I read a lot of books and get most books from the library. I have to say the one that grabbed my attention was the In Death series, LOVE, LOVE, Eve and Roarke. Then I found out who wrote it and that she went by another name! So I read most of those also, I typically don’t purchase books, I wouldn’t have enough space for me to live if I did that. 🙂 Now that I have ereaders, I have started to purchase more books.

  23. My very first book was “Song of the West”! And I still have it, although it’s falling apart after all these years!

  24. I can’t remember my first Nora–my mom read them all the time, and I began reading from her stash. But reading Nora got me into the In Death series through Remember When. I wasn’t sure that I liked Eve at first, but I was intrigued enough to go back and seek a couple more out. Then I had to start the whole series from the beginning. I’m now on my third or fourth read through, and anxiously awaiting Thankless in September.

  25. The Calhoun Women and The Stanislaski Sisters were my first 2, well 6 Nora books. I can’t remember which I read first. But I do remember falling for Zack. I still have my copies. Will require new ones soon, as falling apart from multiple readings.

  26. My first Nora read was Midnight Bayou and I was hooked. I still have it and many others in my collection.

  27. Northern Lights was my first book. I loved it from the beginning and yes i still have it. If i’m lucky enough to make it to the USA, i’d love to have Nora sign it for me.

  28. my actual first Nora Roberts book was Sanctuary, but unfortunately do not have it anymore.

  29. The book that captured me was Naked in Death. I’ve been a devoted reader ever since.

  30. Irish Thoroughbred….Loved that book and almost all of the ones from their on…Don’t have the original copy anymore ….because of living in an RV Motorhome most of my books are on either Kindle or Audible ….and many of Nora’s /J.d.robb’s are on both …

  31. My first Nora book was Private Scandals and yes I still have the book which I have re-read a few times and my first J.D. Robb book was Rapture in Death which i didn’t realise at the time that it was the 4th book in the series and it took me 3mths to track down the first 3 books in the series and still have the first copy.

  32. I can honestly say i cant remember which was my first Nora Roberts book but i do still have it i have never got rid of a Nora Roberts book or J D Robb book in fact i think they are only a few Nora Roberts books i don’t own god help me if i ever try and go through them and see what is missing lol

  33. My first book was Born in Fire. I did not have the to buy it, so I rented it from the library. Now I want to find the series again and reread them 🙂

  34. The first was, Dunkle Herzen (Divine Evil), and most of all I like the books of J.D.Robb. I like almost every book of them!!

  35. My first was Irish Thoroughbred. My sister and I used to trade Silhouettes, and we always looked forward to Nora’s because we loved the funny dialog and great characters. I don’t have the actual copy I first read, I’m sure that got passed around. But I do have a copy. 🙂

  36. I first read “Northern Lights” from the library, then found many more of the single sagas to read, and loved them alll. I’m an avid J.D. Robb fan, and buy each new “In Death” book as it comes out. I can’t bear to wait for the library to save it for me. “Whiskey Beach” will be great, I’m sure.

  37. My first Nora book was Cordina’s Crown Jewel. I read that book to pieces! I have a reprint since the first book didn’t survive the multiple readings.

  38. My first Nora book was Montana Sky. I was a new librarian, so it was a library book. Since, I’ve collected lots and lots, with one of my favorite trilogies being the Born In trilogy. Sadly, I had 2 boxes of signed Nora books in my closet, which were all destroyed by water damage about two years ago. Luckily, I was able to save my signed copies of the original Irish Thoroughbred (rescued from a library book sale) and Naked in Death. I love taking road trips to TTP and now have a signed set of the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. I just love the stories and seeing the bits of Boonsboro in them!

    1. Stacey–How TERRIBLE about the water damaged books! Were you able to replace those books?

      1. Thanks, Ann. Sadly, no. I wasn’t able to replace them. At the time, we didn’t have renters’ insurance, so it was a complete loss. Most were Silhouette category romances (signed), like the McKade brothers and Night tales, etc. Some were original hardbacks. Most were signed. Back in the day, when TTP was first opened, you could bring in a lot of books to be signed, so I did. For a signed copy, it just isn’t the same with a reprint. Eventually, I’d like to get copies for my Nook, so I have them….

  39. To be honest I cannot remember my first Nora Roberts book, however on the flip side I cannot remember not reading her!! I just turned 30 last year, and have been reading her since I was a teenager!!! I have lost quite a few of my books over the years and through moves, but my In Death Series is always with me and I know I started that series about 10ish years ago and I am only 6 short of completing my collection!

  40. Captivated… I stole it from my Mum, I was 12 and had run out of books yet again. I stole all 3 of the Donovan stories from her and Nora became my favourite author… and still is 21 years later.

    1. My first was Enchanted… read it in one day!! I love all of her books, but especially the ones with a little magic!

  41. I think Purity In Death was the first one. I don’t remember how I got from JD Robb to Nora Roberts. I do remember it was when I was laid off. It helped me get through it.

  42. My first book was “The Last Honest Woman” – I was a subscriber to the Harlequin Books. It was love at first read 🙂 I have gotten every book since then, all on paperback. I have what my husband calls my Nora Bookshelf in my home office. I have strict rules – No Touching!!!

  43. My first was also Irish Thoroughbred which I stole from my mother. So I don’t have that but I have almost everything that came after that and i own every single one of the JD Robb books and themajority of my books up until about 8 years ago are all autographed by Nora at Turn the Page. I like to believe I am the reason the signing rules changed to books bought at the store are what are autographed after I brought more then 40 books to be signed…

  44. My first books were the Key Trilogy. My daughter bought them for me because she new my love for reading. I was so hooked that I than went to the library to see how many of the other books I could read, even though I read from the library I still went out and bought the books. If I could not find a Nora Roberts while searching I would buy a JD Robb. I just want to say “Thank You” for the joy and for helping me through the difficult times and the good times.

  45. My first Nora Roberts book that i owned is HOMEPORT, but the first one that i’ve read is THE REEF.

  46. The first Nora book I ever read was “Nightshift”. I do still have it and still revisit the story just like most of Nora’s books

  47. My first J.D. Robb book was Naked In Death…. then I read the following 19 in order of publication. I have all the copies and some duplicates… My first Nora Roberts books were the Three Sisters Triology…. I have all the copies. I buy every book upon publication and have quite a collection.

  48. My first book in the JD Robb series was Glory in Death and I’ve been hooked since then. I like to read some of my favorites over and over. I love how much Eve has grown.

  49. My first book was “Irish Thoroughbred” and yes, I still have it and all subsequent books she’s written as herself and as J.D. Robb since then. I love her books and can’t wait until the next one comes out. Just finished the last “In Death” book and currently reading “Whiskey Beach”.

  50. I only discovered Nora Roberts last year (yes i must of been hiding under a rock) . I was given a bag of books from my mum and in the pile was black hills i was hooked from start to finish and since then i have not stopped buying Nora Roberts books. I was so excited when i discovered how many books (and really impressed) she has written and i haven’t read a book i haven’t liked yet! I have since discovered J.d Robb in death series and i love love love them! I am currently working my way through them and i’m up to creation in death. Nora Roberts has given me back my passion for reading which i had lost over the years with work kids ect. My book shelves are piling up with Nora Roberts books and i will keep each and every one of them 🙂

  51. it was her first in death book and no i don’t have it- i’d have a million books and need a library if i had all the books of hers i’ve read! i have read them all!! and am looking forward to Whiskey Beach 🙂

  52. Cannot remember my first but I’ve read them all. Cannot pick a favorite , but have favorite series..Chesapeake Bay Series(especially Chesapeake Blue, The MacKade Brothers and of course the Inn Series…am looking forward to the next series.

  53. Like several others have posted I can’t remember the first Nora book I read; only that it was loaned to me by a friend. I do however have all the copies of the books I’ve bought since reading that first one! When in search of something to read from my multiple bookshelves I invariably default to The Sisters Trilogy, then the Key Trilogy, and move right on down the shelves till I arrive at the Innsboro Inn….

  54. My first Nora book was “Night Tales”, then went into the “Born” series, followed by “The Irish Trilogy”. I am completely hooked. Both Nora and JD Robb are on automatic download on Kindle now. I have ALL Nora’s books on my prize shelf. I’ll never get rid of them.

  55. My first Nora book was Montana Sky. I still love that book. I don’t think I own it anymore. Due to a lack of room, many of my physical books have been replaced with e-books.

    I loved how she was able to describe the entire Montana scene and I felt like I was there even though I had never visited Montana before.

  56. I read the mckade brothers first. That was about 2 1/2 yrs ago. Imagine my delight when I found out how many other books Nora had written!!

  57. I can’t remember my first Nora Roberts book, I have read them all starting when I was in high school. I do remember my first J.D. Robb book, it was “Immortal in Death” and from the very first one I read, my life changed (such a cliche, I know!) Nora’s books got me through my teenage depression. She gave me a place to escape to. That’s the greatest thing about books. I own almost every Nora Robert books, and I do own all of the J.D. Robb books, and now I have started double buying them, one for my collection and one for my iPad 🙂 Someday I will get to Maryland to meet you, that would be my dream vacation! Until then, Thank you for being my escape when I needed it and now my entertainment 🙂 and please never stop making the “In Death” books!

    1. Totally agree with you, she is a prolific writer and I LOVE her books too!! I would love to visit her, and hope to one day travel to the US and visit Boonsboro. You will be there before me haha..

  58. First one I remember was Born in Fire. I loved it and never looked back.

  59. My first was “Black Hill”. Yes, I still have it with me. I love all of Nora’s books n the in-death series, too. Best time of the day is to put my feet up, sit back n read a Nora’s book….cheers!!

  60. My first Nora book was Irish Thoroughbred, which I had checked out of the local library. I fell in love with Nora and have read every single book she has written since. I do have a copy of Irish Thoroughbred, but obviously not the one I originally read.

    I accidently came across J.D. Robb’s Naked in Death in a Barnes and Noble bookstore while on vacation in Chicago back in 1995. Yes, I still have that copy, too, and every other In Death book Nora has written.

  61. My first Nora Roberts book was Montana Sky. And I do believe I have the copy in a box in the attic somewhere (my house is tiny, and with three kids, there just isn’t enough room for all my books). It was sometime around my freshman year of college, and I was searching for a book to read on my mom’s bookshelves (which happened to be in my room!), and Montana Sky paperback caught my attention. It was buried on the top shelf. I read it, fell in love with it, and asked my mom if I could keep the book. She said yes, because she didn’t care for it. I’ve been reading Nora ever since.

  62. I have been a fan of Nora since she first starting writing. I have a shelf of of her early works that are now being re-released in book and e-book form.
    As for JD Robb, I purchased the first one that came out on a whim….walking through Barnes and Noble… was hooked on Eve and Roarke from the very first. I have every book in the series and MP3 Discs that I play in my car. Have to listen to Eve and Roarke while driving. The reader does an excellent job interpreting the characters.
    I believe the development of the characters is what has kept this series going so strongly. I hope Nora keeps going with the series for a very long time.

    1. Susan Erickson is the most talented reader I have ever come across. I too have all the MP3 discs and listen to them daily. Susan’s voices make all the characters come to life so vividly sometimes I get the chills.

  63. My first book was Naked in Death. I now have all the “In Death” series on my Kindle and I read the books over and over again! Wonderful series!!!

  64. I honestly don’t remember which Nora book I read first. Probably one of her Harlequin’s way back in the day. However my first JD Robb was Rapture in Death. I picked it up at the book store desperate for something new to read. I went back and bought the previous one’s in the series. It as a year or so later that I discovered JD Robb was Nora. I must live under a rock or something. I still have some of the In Death books in hard back as I purchased signed copies of those. I have the entire JD Robb colleciton on my Kindle and am gradually picking up Nora’s back list on my Kindle also. Love, love her stories.

  65. I’ve only started reading Nora/J.D. a few years ago. My first Nora book was The Villa, and my first J.D. was Naked in Death. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  66. I believe I started with the Mcgregor books. I have most of Nora in hard cover, including ALL of the JD Robb “in Death” books I think one of my favs is “Witness”

  67. I remember my coworker asking me if I liked to read…the next day, she brought me a shopping bag with the ENTIRE In Death series (at that time)! I had never heard of J.D. Robb, but just after the first chapter in Naked in Death, I knew I was a fan for LIFE! I’ve been through the series at least 3 times now, & it just keeps getting BETTER!

  68. Can’t remember the first Nora Roberts book I read. I’ve been a fan for 30 years. Some I have read more than once. Am anxiously waiting for Whiskey Beach. Unfortunately I ordered a number of books and they will all ship together tomorrow when the other hits the market.

  69. My first Nora book was Montana Sky.
    It came free with a magazine and I haven’t stopped reading them ever since. I still have it on my bookshelf.

    I’m currently re-reading the in death series from the beginning and enjoying having a book in my hand again after so long. (My kindle goes everywhere with me!)

  70. Montana Sky, and I still have it. I started the “In Death” series around March 2011 on a strong recommendation from my Dad…yes you read that right, my Dad, by September of 2011 I had fully caught up on the entire series and have kept up with them…and re-read them all more times than I count! These are also the first books I have ever re-read, (now I’ve gone back to other Nora’s and re-read favorites) and I have been reading voraciously for the better part of 35 years! Nora is without question my favorite author.

  71. My first “Nora” was a little Christmas book, in a stack of books that a friend loaned me. I knew I wanted to read more of her work. I have read nearly everything she has written, and most of them several times. I have to admit that I have read ‘The Witness’ three times and it’s only been out about a year. Maybe her best ever! Love you, Nora!

  72. Homeport! I used to HATE to read until my friend encouraged me to try a novel by Nora. I reluctantly promised to give it a shot and I couldn’t put the book down! From page one she had me! Nora opened up a love and passion for reading and writing for me, so thanks, Nora! I own Homeport and almost every other book Nora has ever written. 🙂

  73. My first Nora Roberts was the ‘Key of Light”, the first from the key trilogy.. I just could not put the book down!! I still do have the copy. I begged to the librarian to buy it! Initially it was just a little difficult to find Nora in a small town India but I raided all most all bookshops and libraries in my town… even travelled for some! Now that I’m in the US I’m planning on visiting Boonsboro for a signing event..hopefully this summer..fingers crossed..

  74. Ilove her books! I only wish I could remember all the titles I have read because I will sometimes buy one I have read. I have not read JD Robb. Are they as good as all the rest?

    1. Becky,

      I certainly think the In Deaths are amazing. Anyone else?


      1. The In Death are just as amazing! I LOVE Eve & Roark and the ‘family’ they’ve created!

      2. Laura–While I thoroughly enjoy Nora’s books, I LOVE her IN DEATH books by J.D. Robb.

    2. They are absolutely amazing! I’ve been known to hand Naked in Death to friends to get them to come on over to the JDR side.

    3. Oh, Becky … They’re the best!

      Very different from Nora’s straight romances or romantic suspense stories, the In Death series are gritty, police procedurals set in the near future with my favorite hero and heroine of all time … Eve Dallas and Roarke.

      Nora created a believable world, with multi-dimensional characters you truly care about. Give Naked In Death (the first book) a try and let us know what you think!

  75. My first Nora Roberts books were given to me by a friend, and they were; Sea Swept, Rising Tides and Inner Harbour. Chesapeake Blue hadn’t been published yet. I read the three books over a week, and immedieately fell in love with Nora’s books. The following week I went hunting the book shops and I now have a copy of all of Nora’s books on my shelves and have never looked back !
    I first came across Eve and Roarke in Remember Me and of course I immediately went out and bought the other books in the series and have continued since. I love the fact that I can take out any of Nora’s or J.D’s books and re-read and I discover something new to love each time 🙂

  76. Irish Thoroughbred, then Hot Ice for the big books (I called them that when I was younger :0 ) and Glory In Death for JD Robb

  77. I “discovered” Nora 3 years ago when I picked up Savor The Moment at Costco for a vacation read. I didn’t know at the time it was 3rd in a series. So, as soon as I finished reading it, I bought the first two, read through them at lightning speed and had to wait for the fourth to be published. In the past three years I have collected (and read) ALL of Nora’s books and am now 2/3 of the way through JD Robbs. I lend them out, but have every single one still in my possession.

  78. My first book was the anthology “Out of This World” because I was reading the Laurell K. Hamilton’s series. After reading J. D. Robb’s “Interlude in Death”, I immediately went out and bought the “In Death” series from the beginning. I am no longer reading Laurell K Hamilton’s books, but I have J. D. Robb’s marked on my calendar and preorder them for my Nook.

  79. My first Nora Roberts book was Birthright and it was loaned to me. I really became a fan when I read the In The Garden series.

  80. I can’t remember the first book I read (been many years), but once I read a book from Nora Roberts I was hooked. I truly love all her books, in fact every book I every read I still have in my book collection. I even had the chance to meet Nora Roberts at one of her book signing at Turn the Page. I also have a picture of her and I as a remembrance of that day. Nora is such a sweet person and wanted to thank her for all she does in writing her books. It is so nice to read a book and relax and be drawn to a place outside your busy world. I am now reading the book “The Witness” and can’t wait to read “Whiskey Beach”.

  81. I don’t remember my first Nora, but like them all. Some I love and re-read. However, once I discovered In Death I became addicted!! I am so glad we get 3 new Eve/Roake stories a year!

  82. As Nora Roberts, my first was “The Pride of Jared McKade” in 1995. I was 15 years old and was riveted by the cover because I thought the cover model they used for Jared was pretty cute. I loved the story and read the rest of the books as they were released.

    My first J.D Robb book was “Naked in Death” in the spring of 2003. When I worked at Books-A-Million my senior year of college, one of my customers told me about the series and how it was a linked narrative spanning many books. I added it to my to-read list and finally got to it about six months later when I was on my own for the first time. I checked the first book out of the library, then went back for the rest. I was carrying wobbling stacks of paperbacks to the checkout desk, as many as I was allowed to have at one time. I tore through the series in a couple of weeks, reading every spare moment I could. Then I began buying the books to fill in the gaps.

  83. I first started reading Nora Roberts Aka J D Robb with imitation in death after that I haven’t been able to get enough 🙂

  84. Another one for “Irish Thoroughbred” – I picked it up at the drugstore in the small town where my grandparents lived to pass the time sitting by the lake and I was hooked! After that I always bought Nora whenever I saw one come out. I still have most of them – some have gone astray lent to friends. I found JD Robb through a local mystery bookstore that I visited a few times a year and happened to mention I loved Nora to the guy in the store and he said “so you must be reading the Eve Dallas books?” I was thrilled to find the series. He only had the third book so started with that and worked backwards. I now read those on my nook and have them preordered to I get them the first day!

  85. That is hard to say. I feel like I have been reading her books forever. I was in the Turn the page bookstore last weekend and was telling a friend that was with me about the JD Robb series. She bought the first one. Then I was looking to get the Garden Trilogy for my boss. I had a girl ask me which ones are good. I almost started laughing. ALL OF THEM!!! I ended up giving recommendations – I sometimes can’t believe when people have never read her books. They are so great. She has written so many different types over the years. Keep up the great work.

  86. my first book was naked in death and I haven’t looked back I have all the in death books and most of noras others, reading true betrayals at the moment

  87. My first was a J.D. Robb audiobook I checked out from the library. It was one of the early Eve Dallas stories, I’ve not been able to track down the name of the book, but (except for the long sex scenes, which I skip over as they have no bearing on the case) I have enjoyed listening to the Eve Dallas stories.

  88. Skin Deep. About fifteen years ago my teenaged daughter brought home a bag of used paperbacks, and Skin Deep was just one of many books she and I read. When we had read through the entire contents of the bag and were ready to pass it long to another reader, I just couldn’t let that one book go. So I dug through that bag, found the book and put it on the shelf. It fell apart long ago and has been replaced.

  89. Sea Swept, and yes, I do still have it. I picked it up while on vacation and finished within a day.

  90. My first Nora Roberts books were the Time Was/Time Change books. I read these as a teenager and didn’t have a clue who the author was. It wasn’t until a decade later that I even realized that two of my favorite books early in my adventures into romance books were from my now favorite author! Nora became my favorite author through the Stanislaski and MacGregor series a few years later. Books are an addiction for me, I feel like I can’t breathe when I go more than a day without reading something. In fact, over the last two months I have been out of work on disability due to a thumb injury and have re-read the entire In Death series! I just finished Treachery in Death last night and have begun New York to Dallas. There is nothing more perfect than having a cat on my lap, a Nora Roberts or JD Robb book in my hands and coffee at my elbow.

  91. My first Nora Roberts book was Irish Thoroughbred. I was 14 (1982) and I use to sneak and read all my mom’s romance books in school. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since. If nothing new has come out I will re-read any and all of her books. And about once a year I’ll re-read the whole In Death series again before the new book comes out.

  92. My first In Death was the novella Midnight in Death in the book Silent Night. Had no clue who Eve and Roarke were and was very confused. Didn’t bother filling in the blanks. Thankfully a co-worker gave me Naked in Death and fell in love with the series.

  93. Sweet Revenge. I was 14 or 15 and bored out of my mind because I was out of things to read. My mom had gotten a copy and it was hanging out on the bookcase, so I grabbed it as the least mushy thing there 🙂 Hooked ever since, I don’t have the same copy (as it was my moms) but I bought another one that was just as banged up as that one was once I moved out 🙂

  94. I don’t remember my first Nora, but I can guarantee you I still have it – I have all my Nora’s – though I keep my JD Robbs on a separate shelf. I love Eve & Roarke and their cohorts that i read them over and over. I’m in the process of buying the entire collection for my Kindle so I can have a good read wherever I go. I’m also hooked on the audiobooks and the voice talent for the JD Robb series so I’m also snapping them up – nothing like them for my long commute to work every day!

  95. I have been a fan FOREVER!! My first book was THE REEF! I have loaned it out a ton of times and always tell them, “I need that back- that was my first Nora!” So, it is still on my bookshelf! 🙂 I have an entire row dedicated to just my Nora books! 🙂

  96. My first book from Nora was Morrigan’s Cross. I was looking for something with Vampires that was more adult and interesting for my age group. I love the Circle trilogy! Then I started with the In Death Series and that was it….hooked.

  97. My first book by Nora was Sanctuary! I was hooked and now I have almost all of hers in my library. I got them at used bookstores or ordered from Amazon. I also have the full set of In Death…all in paperback. She is the best, hands down!!!

  98. My first book was JD Robb, Creation in Death. It was a christmas present. I had never read a Nora Roberts story. I’m a historical romance girl. But after I finished Creation, I knew I had to know more about these people. Especially wanted to know how Eve and Roarke met. I went back and started with book 1, and now own them all and have read them all at least 3x each or more. Hands down, favorite book series, favorite author (JD Robb), favorite everything. I still read my historicals but wait (and it’s hard) for each new Eve Dallas story to be published.

  99. My first was Courting Catherine. I do not have that copy any more, but I do have 3 different covers of the book. My mom brought home a bag of books from work and that was one of them. Reading has always been my escape, it has seen me through many hard times. I own all but 2 of Nora’s books. 1 is the latest, I am waiting to get that in May because I will need an airplane book.

  100. Montana Sky was also my first Nora Roberts book. The first of many. I needed a book to read while sitting at the dentist office waiting on my husband, it looked interesting , I absolutely could not put it down. I have always been and avid reader and my father used to joke that a tornado could pick up the house and when they found it I would still be sitting there reading oblivious to all around me. I loved these girls! Her characters are always people you wish you knew or know somebody they remind you of.

    1. Oh and yes I still have the book and every one her books I have bought since. I loan them to friends who all sign the inside cover. I’m a little Nora Roberts library. 🙂

  101. I can’t remember, because I keep rereading them! know I don’t have the first one, as I gave away most of my books during a move when I was pregnant. I have replenished my stash though, and our local library has a lot, which makes my husband happy.

  102. My first was Irish Throughbred…. I was fifteen and bored on a vacation. Borrowed the book from my Aunt and have been addicted ever since! I loved it so much my Aunt let me keep it and I still have that copy along with another because the first is falling apart from re-reads. I own all of Noras books and annoy my husband by rereading them all a millions times 🙂

  103. Mine was “Tears of the Moon.” It’s still one of my favorites to this day. I credit Nora for bringing me back to reading. I was a huge reader as a child, but by high school, I was turned off of reading, mostly because of all the mandatory reading you have to do, and most of it I just wasn’t interested in. I found a copy of “Tears of the Moon” at my mom’s house just after it was released in 2000, and was hooked on Nora from then on. From there, I started finding all kinds of other authors that I loved, and now, I’m back to being the voracious reader I was as a kid. So, Thank You, Nora!

  104. My first Nora book was Finding the Dream. Started with the third, went back and read the first 2, and have all 3 books. Raided the library and bookstores and read all her books more than 3 times. Have a small collection. And vote her the best author ever! Same with JD books, read them more than 3 times. Somehow her books never stop entertaining.:)

  105. I don’t remember the first ones read but I have almost all of JD Robb and quite a few of Nora’s. I’m reading WB right now. Nora has a way with descriptive phrases that make me want to wallow in the words. Sometimes I read a particular paragraph several times because I can literally visualize what’s taking place and my minds camera is taking a photo so I can remember later. It’s wonderful.

  106. My very first Nora? Well, it was “A Man for Amanda” but I didn’t know it was Nora! My first Nora when I KNEW who she was, was “Carnal Innocence” and she scared the bejesus out of me with that one and my first Robb, was “Naked in Death” and yes, I still have the paperback of “Carnal” (A Man for Amanda was from a library) and YES, I have the Blue Lady Nekkid still!

  107. My first was the Born In trilogy, and I was seriously hooked. And of course I still have them! To this day, my favourite Nora books are the trilogies.

  108. My first Nora was The MacGregor Brides. I remember after reading it, all I could think was “I need more” and I set out to get all of Nora’s books!

  109. My first was Three Fates…way back when in high school…and to this day it remains one of my favorites by Ms. Nora…although I don’t have a copy of it since it was a book my mom had borrowed from our local library

  110. I don’t remember my very first Nora Roberts book, but I know it was back in the early 80’s. I still have all of the Nora Roberts (and JD Robb) books I ever purchased and read. I have a book case dedicated to them and it’s so full, I have to start another.

  111. I dont think I can remember what my first Nora book was I think it might have been The Stanislaski Sisters. The important part was it was not my last I loved that book and all the ones that I have read since.

  112. The first Nora I remember reading was Born in Fire and no I don’t have the copy because it belonged to my mother-in-law and I had to return it. I now have multiple copies of that book and the others of the trilogy because the stories are ones I must return to from time to time to revisit old friends.

    I found my first JD Robb title at a garage sale for a quarter. Fortunately for me it was Naked in Death and when I discovered there were more to the series I immediately found the rest and caught up in no time.

  113. I am not quite sure which one was my first book I have read them since I found her back in the early 80’s and I have all her books! Love her I recommend her to all my friends

  114. My first Nora was Sweet Revenge and I absolutely still have my copy! Once I realized Nora also wrote a ton of Silhouette novels I snapped up every single one I could from the shelves of my favorite used book store. After that, I snapped up every other novel she had written to date at that point, so I was caught up! I discovered her in 1992 or 93…..

  115. My first book was Lovers and Dreamers that has all 3 Dream Trilogy books in it. I fell in love with Nora’s writing and have collected all her books and still am getting them as some are being rereleased with different covers or now in trade size. I still have that first book. I have read many authors, but Nora is by far the best and my favorite.

  116. I don’t remember the first, shame on me! Too long ago (that’s my excuse) I had to give away most of my books when we downsized but have now built up a collection of audiobooks and am loving them. I do remember the first JD Robb though because it came with Remember When 😉

  117. I don’t remember which book I first read, but I was hooked!! I have everyone of Nora’s books. Imagine my surprise when I found out she was writing under the name J.D. Robb! I have all of those books as well. They are all my go to books when I need something to read that I know I will enjoy! Can’t wait for more!!!!

  118. I stayed with my sister while my mother was on her deathbed and hadn’t packed any books because I had to get on a flight so fast. My sister lent me Sea Swept to help me take my mind off things. So, no I don’t have that copy, but I did buy my own copy of that one and all the rest I could get my hands on. (I’m not trying to get Promise Me Forever, since I trust Nora’s judgment there.)

  119. I am not a 100 percent sure but I think my first Nora book was naked in death, since I am brazilian. When I finished reading, I realized that it was a serie and then I bought the ten first books that were already translated, thinking I have bought the entire serie. I read all of them very quickly and then I realized it was not finished. I became out of my mind. Then started looking for others Nora books to buy. Just after that I traveled to the States, then I bought all Nora books I could find (even all the JD Robb starting from Naked in detah). Today I have all Nora and JD Robb’s books but seven that I can not find a place that still sells it. I have all of them in a special place at my personal library. And I can not tell how many times I have read them, two at least! So, I am completed hooked. But my worse problem is that I am around six to ten months behind the new releases, because I have to wait until I travel to the States to buy it. That is why I have to re read the books. Nora, please keep going. Thanks a lot for the great moments I have when I am reading one of your books.

  120. I think Hot Ice was the first Nora Book and then I started looking for more. Found the In Death series at a used book store and bought like 6 of them and read them all In a week. I now have all of her books and I thnk I have 3 bookcases!

  121. I think Hot Ice was the first Nora Book and then I started looking for more. Found the In Death series at a used book store and bought like 6 of them and read them all In a week. I now have all of her books and I thInk I have 3 bookcases!

  122. I was loaned Conspiracy in Death on CD from a fellow driver…I was a long haul truck driver..from that point on I had to have a JD Robb in death series or my weekly trip was a disaster…I went to my local library and order everyone in the series..by the time I retired I think I listened to everyone at least 3-5 times…it didn’t matter if they were in order just that I had 2 or 3 stories to listen to each week..I have just started now reading Nora Roberts books so glad that will take me some time since she has quite a few.

  123. My first book was a JD Robb one borrowed from our local library. I can’t remember the title but it was the one where the girl who makes the cakes was being held captive. (She’s the one Eve managed to save). When I realised that this book was partway through a series, I hunted down Naked in Death and have read them all now. I have every book in the series, both in paperback and on audio.
    I don’t have the original copy which got me hooked as the library like getting their books back 🙂

  124. It,s been so long ago I don’t remember, but probably was the Irish trilogy. After the first one I was on a continuous search for anything else, and when I eventually stumbled on the ..in Death series, it was pure obsession. I adore Eve and route and they’re “family” of friends. I anxiously await each and every ..I Death book and am always torn between devouring it in one sitting or slowly dragging out the suspense.

    1. Eve and Rourke. *rolls eyes* guess auto correct doesn’t like the name Rourke.

  125. I don’t remember the name of the first book. I have a copy of every book she has written, including the entire “In Death” series. They are good friends and I re-read them frequently. I have read them so often that I have had to replace some of them. No matter the mood I can dive into one of her books.

  126. I have read all of your books and cannot remember the name of the first on. Needless to say I was hooked by that one and I have just finished Whiskey Beach. I read so fast that I am inpatient for your next one. It always amazes me how someone is capable of writing. Your mind must be full of stories all the time. I envy that ability. You keep me entertained and I thank you for that. I’ll be waiting for your next one.


  127. I now have several people hooked on her books. I no longer loan mine out as they come back damaged or people don’t return them at all.

  128. My first Nora book was “Montana Sky”…I was hooked from page one! Now, I am blessed to have a whole list of penned-by-Nora favorites, the comfort reads that I can turn to on a shelf right next to my bed.

  129. My first was also Irish Thoroughbred because my mother had the Harlequin romance of the month club going …I have read ever single book by Nora from both of her lines. I don’t actually have any copies because a lot of it was borrowed from the library or resold in a garage sale after I got my ebook but I now have the entire In Death series in e-print because I re read them all the time when money is low and I can’t afford to buy a new book. I love the books!

  130. The 1st book I read by Nora was Carolina Moon. I still have the original copy I bought. Loved it so I started collecting every one of her books I could find. Then I found out she also wrote as J.D. Robb so I checked out Naked in Death from the library so see if I’d like it. Wow, is all I can say. I love reading police procedurals anyway but the In Death series is so far above any other of that genre. Eve, Roarke, Peabody, Mavis, etc, are just awesome characters. Anxiously awaiting “Thankless” due out in September. I understand the novella “Mirror, Mirror” is due in October with “Taken in Death” included. Can’t wait!!

  131. My first book was J.D.Robb Naked In Dead given to me by a friend. Now I have all the in death books. I read them two a three time s and enjoy them each and every time. Now I am reading the Nora Roberts books, Just finished the Witness (love it so much.I have read it twice) I am now starting Whiskey Beach. These books provide me with so much pleasure and enjoyment, I just want to thank Nora Roberts for all this. DO NOT EVER STOP WRITING GREAT BOOKS.

  132. A few years ago my husband of 50 years became ill. I couldn’t leave the house without someone being there. I had an exercise bike but time passed to slow while I was using it. I started reading and the first book I read was one in our Senior Park’s library . It was “The Black Rose,” I was hooked. I started reading your books and someone told me about the J.D. Robb books. I didn’t read them in order because I had to find them in the used book store. Your books as well as some other authors helped get me through a very lonely and trying time. I still read and am thankful for the books, and your talent to tell wonderful stories.

  133. My first book was the Key of Light, I was so impressed with it I sent my copy of the series to my sister who fell in love with Nora Roberts too.

  134. My first NR was Sea Swept. I had picked up a bunch of books, back in ’99, at my local used bookstore with my credits. We were moving. Thank Goodness I became engrossed, after a false start, due to inability to sleep in our rental. I say Thank Goodness because dh was away quite a bit and I had a new ‘friend’ to occupy my time ;D I’ve read most of the older novels, not all, but enough 😀

  135. Black Rose from In the Garden trilogy and I’ve been hooked every since.

  136. Like many others, my first Nora book was Irish Thoroughbred. My mom was a rabid romance reader and had many Harlequin and Sillhouette books. That was the first one she let me read, I think I was probably about ten years old, and I was completely hooked. I have read almost every single book Nora has ever written, with the exception of some of the very early category books that I just haven’t been able to find. As an adult with two active little ones now I don’t find as much time to read as I’d like, but I never miss a book by Nora! I have always admired the way she writes about unusual and original characters, like pyschics, magicians, athletes, rock stars, witches, jewel thieves – people out of the ordinary and with special gifts. I also love the trilogies and series she writes. OK, I just love everything about her books!

  137. My first book was The Reef. I bought it to have something to read on my flight to Florida for work. I almost couldn’t keep my mind on the classes I was to attend for work because I wanted to get back to The Reef.

  138. I first started reading Nora Roberts in the Harlequin books my mother had read. When she handed me Naked in Death I was skeptical because of the step into the future. Eve and Roarke are now part of my family that visit once every year. I mark the calendar for their visit. I follow several authors but no one match Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb. Yes, I have bookshelves devoted to copies of he books. My daughters are now reading Nora Roberts and we make dates to watch the movies when they come on TV.

  139. My first was Naked in Death. Still have it, and just reread the series for the 3rd or 4th time. I can’t get enough of Eve and Roarke!

  140. I can’t remember my first Nora book but that may be because I have read and reread her books so many times. I have read all of her books to date. LOVE LOVE LOVE the In Death series. Live all the way in Trinidad so Idk when I will get a chance to come to a signing ) :

  141. My first JD Robb book was Portrait in Death – and then I learned it was a series and went out and got every book, starting with Naked in Death – and still own everyone of them. My first Nora Roberts was the McGregor Brides – and from then to now – wow – I’ve gotten every book Nora has written (but one) and have read them all – Nora’s and JD’s – countless times. Every read is just as good as the first.

  142. My first book was Divided in Death (an audio copy my husband had received). I was immediately hooked on Eve Dallas and Roarke. After devouring the full series (I have all on Audible and ink print) and enjoying both parts of Remember When, I decided to try one of her romance books and have now read 17, including the Inn BoonsBoro and Chesapeake series. Nora/J.D. is my favorite author!

  143. My first J.D. Robb book was Naked In Death. I was just browsing titles in a local bookstore and the cover caught my attention. I finished it within two days and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t even know it was a series back then, so you can imagine how happy I was when, after a little web-research, I discovered so many other titles existed, not to mention the wonderful books Nora has written besides the InDeath series. Needless to say I kept on buying 🙂

  144. I can’t really remember what the first book I read, but I think it was one of the MacGregors. It might have been the MacGregor Brides. I have all of the books I have ever read in my Nora Roberts collection. Then a few years after that, I was in a second hand bookstore that I used to frequent and talking to the clerk and she was telling me that Nora also wrote books as JD Robb, so naturally I had to check that out and bought Naked in Death and totally loved it and have all of them except for Calculated in Death, which I want to get at my earliest opportunity.

  145. My first JD Robb book was Naked in Death, yep started from the beginning. I friend loaned me her copy and said I would enjoy it and was she ever right! My first Nora Roberts book was Tribute and I wish she would do a sequel!

  146. It’s been so long and there have been so many, I can’t remember. Maybe the McGregors? I keep every one of my Nora books and love to reread them 🙂

  147. My first Nora Roberts book was Northern Lights and yes I still have my copy. I have a whole book case dedicated to all of her books. I just absolute love reading her books. She is one of the authors that inspire me to model my writing after. I just love her.

  148. I can’t remember my first Nora book. I have purchased a lot of Nora’s books and have all of In Death books on my Sony e-reader. I keep rereading her books over and over. I just love all of Nora’s books. I’m another addict! And I don’t want to be cured!!

  149. My first JD book was Naked In Death, suggested to me by a book seller when I went in looking for a new Nora book and she didn’t have any. I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and had a grand time catching up. I have that book and all the other In Deaths as well. Later I started collecting the audio In Deaths – Susan Ericksen is an amazing narrator!

    I don’t even remember what was my first Nora book. I started reading them when she was still with Silhouette. I wandered away for a while, but came back with a vengeance when Jewels of the Sun came out and yes, I still have that trilogy along with most of the stories since then. Finding copies of the older books is a great pastime.

  150. I’m not sure which Nora book was my first, but it was one of her early Silhouette™ books. And it was before any of the MacGregors came out. No idea if I still have it, my library is in storage.

  151. My first Nora Roberts books were inherited from my mother after her death. Once I read Dance Upon the Air, I never looked back. And yes, I still have that book, as well as all the rest I could obtain. I must confess that I actually read J. D. Robb’s first Eve story long before finding Nora’s books. I have all of those too!

  152. I could not even begin to gess what my first Nora Roberts book was because I read so much. I can assure you that I still have thoe boks since I keep all of the books I like. I own all the J D Robb books and re-read all to-date when I retired in June of 2007. I have to re-read them since, when I originally read them, I do so non-stop and can’t take the time to really enjoy all of the nuances. I also have at least 10 of the Ln Death books in Audible so that I can listen to them in the car while driving. Sometimes, I get back into them so deep, that I have to bring the disks into the house and listen to the end. This happens even though I have already read the book at least once. I had pre-ordered Whiskey Beach, received it on on 4/16, and will begin reading it today.

  153. First Nora book(s)
    The Calhoun sisters: Courting Catherine, A Man for Amanda, For the Love of Lilah, and Suzanna’s Surrender, because my DD’s future mil gave it to her to read while the now sil was driving around the golf course playing in a tournament and the DD was asked to go along for a date. She was having back problems and just couldn’t concentrate on a book so I said, “give it to me and I’ll read it”. At the time I didn’t read. Because of Nora and that series I now read a book a day and have ever since. Its been more than 15 years. Thanks Nora!!!

    ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨)).· ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ·´
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Annie -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* -:¦:- ´* -:¦:- ´*

    1. Yes, I do still have it along with every other Nora book ever written except the last two years of her new books.

      ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´ * Annie*

  154. I actually got a free voucher for an online book shop and got a three pack of J. D. Robb books that were actually halfway through the series! I had no idea until I started reading one of them and realised it was the middle of a storyline, so I rushed out and found Naked in Death and haven’t looked back since! All my J. D. Robb books are lined up in order in my bookshelf 🙂

  155. First Nora book:
    I honestly do not remember, I have been reading Harlequin books since 1957 the first one would of been whatever was first published by them. All I know that her McGregor series was a lifesaver for me. From than on I read everything she has written for sure.

  156. My first complete read was a J.D. Robb – Naked in Death. I grabbed a signed copy of New York to Dallas from the ‘borrow basket’ at a Panera Bread restaurant. After the first couple of paragraphs I was hooked!! But, I realized two things. First, it was obvious I had stumbled into the middle of the ‘story’ and second, I wanted MORE. I googled the author and discovered a whole new world of reading. I ordered a Kindle edition of Naked in Death … and fell into the series! That was a little over 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve read all the In Deaths. Twice. The MacGregors, the Three Sisters, the Keys, the Donovans, the Circles, the McKades, the Brides, the Gallaghers, and the IBBs. Whiskey Beach (love!). Homeport. The Partner. The Witness and several others.

    In other words, I’m working my way through the entire NR/Robb repertoire and wondering why I didn’t discover NR years ago! I’ve even passed my NR addiction to my daughter.

    My first hard-copy was a signed Calculated in Death. My daughter and I took a road trip to DC after her summer classes last August. On a whim, we decided to swing through Boonsboro on the way home. “It’s only 60 miles or so out of our way and it’s in the general direction of home”, I rationalized. LOL

    We lunched at Vesta and browsed through Turn the Page where I bought my one and only souvenir of the trip. We spent the afternoon at Antietam, then meandered our way back to Texas. Good times. Great memories. Treasured keepsake. Yes, I still have it.

    1. Ok, I’m a moron. The treasured keepsake is Delusion in Death. Man, I’m embarrassed!

  157. River’s End when I was fifteen. Never saw that twist coming. The book was given too me by a great aunt who knew that I loved to read, and suggested I pick up Nora’s books because I had so many murder mysteries sitting on my own bookshelf. I’ve read the first two In Deaths, and they were good, but I have SO much catching up to do, and I’m too anal to read books out of order.

  158. My first book was Witness in Death. I was working the graveyard shift and happened across a copy and picked it up to read one night. I was immediately hooked. I found myself finishing the book that night. And wondering if there were others. I jumped on the Internet to find that it was part of an on going series. I found the book list and immediately set out reading the full series. And have been following it since

  159. Irish Thoroughbred, yes I have 3 copies, yellow and dog eared. I read it once a year and have I think since I received it in the Silhouette Book Club I once belonged to.

  160. I couldn’t remember, so had to look it up in my book file that I’ve maintained for a long time. Song of the West was first, but I don’t have it and honestly can’t remember anything about it. The very next Nora book was Tempting Fate, then All the Possibilities, then Playing the Odds, then One Man’s Art. Yes, I read the MacGregor’s out of order, but that series is what hooked me on Nora Roberts.

  161. My first book by Nora was Homeport. Loved it couldn’t put it down which is the case with all her books and now I am hooked. I don’t think I have the copy as it actually belonged to my mother in-law.

  162. My first book was the MacGregor Brides, which I still have. My first stand alone novel was Carolina Moon and I have TWO copies of it now – the hard cover and one of my wonderful friends bought me a copy from TTP and had it autographed for me.

  163. Wow! As I sit here trying to remember the first NR book I read, I am like so many others, I honestly can not remember the title. I can tell you that Nora is a favorite author for me , and I have read most if not all that she has written. I trully enjoyed the “Boonsboro” trilogy. And if I was to choose favorite character, I think it has to be Daniel Macgregor and his loving schemes to setup his sons!! lol. God bless Nora for sharing your gift with us and allowing us to escape to the worlds your numerous characters have taken us to over the years!!

  164. My first book was Sanctuary; however, it never stopped from there! I have all her books, mostly hardcovers, and, yes, I keep them all!

  165. My first Nora book/s was the Born in trilogy. I bought the set and have managed to buy every one of her books I can get my hands on since then. I have a two big 30 gallon totes full of her books! (I need a big book shelf to hold them all!)

  166. My first Nora Roberts book was Montana Sky. I have all of her books (hard and softcover) and now download them to my kindle fire through the beauty of amazon!

  167. The Last Honest Woman – it got me through one of the toughest times in my life and have been reading Nora ever since. Sadly I don’t have it anymore but I passed it on to brighten someone else’s life.

  168. It was The Villa. I was very pregnant with my now ten-year-old son. My feet were the size of Fred Flintstone’s. I had just moved to Southern California from Spain, my hubby worked long hours, my family was far away, & I was lonely. My mother-in-law took pity on my hot, swollen self & brought me a stack of books — all Nora’s. I. FELL. IN. LOVE! I read The Villa & Three Fates in days.
    Since then, my husband refers to Ms. Roberts as the “third person in our marriage.” Lol! He has volleyball. I have books. It’s all good!

  169. my mother had been a fan since the first J.D. Robb book, In Death, but I refused to read anything futuristic. one day my Dad was in the hospital and my mom needed me to stay with him while she ran home. Dad was sleeping and I had nothing to do. Mom’s book “Silent Night” with the short story “Midnight In Death” was laying there and out of boredom I picked it up. Best thing I ever did, I fell in love immediately. Mom had all of the books to that point, so I took them all home and finished them off in record time. Now both my Mom and I wait anxiously for the next book, I buy, read it and then send it to her and she keeps them. We have a full library. We have also read and kept all of the Nora Roberts since the book “Birthright”. We love Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. only problem, she can’t write fast enough to keep up with our voracious appetite for her books.

  170. Playing the Odds … and Justin still ranks as one of my fav heroes!

    Don’t have the original book but I do have the Language of Love copy and have read it so many times the book is in danger of falling apart!

  171. My first Nora book was Born In Fire. yes, I still have it too. It got me hooked on Nora and I’ve re-read most of her books several times. Its just a great time to ‘get away’ when you’re reading either Nora Roberts or JD Robb. 🙂

  172. Oops. I forgot to add that yes, I still have that copy of HEART’S VICTORY and copies of every other Roberts/Robb book that I have read. Have to have the books to reread then over and over. 🙂

  173. Our first Nora book was Hidden Riches. What drew us to this particular book was that it took place in Philadelphia, our home town. That was the beginning of an addiction we NEVER want to kick LOL

  174. I love Nora Roberts. I don’t remember my first book but I have to say my personal favorite (although I love them all) is Public Secrets. I have everyone I ever bought an reread them all the time. 🙂

  175. Our first Nora book was Hidden Riches. What drew us to this particular book is that is was based in Philadelphia, our home town! Ever since, we’ve been hooked on Nora and it’s an addiction we NEVER want to kick LOL

  176. I started reading mysteries with Nancy Drew and moved on from there. I found J.D. Robb with Vengeance in Death in the late 1990s. From that point I accumulated the back list and bought each new one as it came out. On a trip to the local bookstore the pick up my newest Death, one of the clerks asked me if I read Nora Roberts, too. I told her, no, I don’t read romance. You can imagine my surprise! So, of course, I picked up a couple of Nora’s latest Jewel’s of the Sun and Tears of the Moon. I have bought every new Nora book since then and am still working on the back list. As an added attraction, I now read romance and mystery!

  177. My first Nora Roberts was Vision in White. It was a library copy, but I have since bought my own, and yes, I still have it 🙂

  178. Irish Thoroughbred. I have been with her from the very start. Unfortunately I don’t have that original book but have a huge collection of most of the others.

  179. My first was Dance Upon the Air — first in a series, so of course I had to read all three…and have just kept reading! 🙂

  180. My first book was Born in Shame. A friend lent it to me to read. As soon as I was finished headed out to a book store and bought all three. Still have them and reread all the time. I know have every book she has ever wrote as Nora or as J.D. I love her! One day I will get to Turn the Page!

  181. My first Nora Roberts book was SANCTUARY, followed quickly by MONTANA SKY, which confirmed me as an NR reader. Soon after that, I tried JD. Robb’s first book (NAKED IN DEATH), and I’ve read all her current IN DEATH books (iother than a possible novella or two).

  182. Hey Dawn, Sweet Revenge was my first book too.
    I’ve read almost all of her books (don’t do vampires). Problem is that I read them so fast, then have to wait for the next one.

  183. Well compared to most of you I’m a latecomer to Nora Roberts/J D Robb. My first book was Judgement In Death and yes I still own it along with the rest of the “In Death” series. I’ve now got my husband reading them and considering before this he only read science fiction this is a major achievement. 🙂 I think he is currently up to Creation in Death and is very happy that I have all of them. I’m going to try and get him to read some of Nora’s stuff next. I have to admit my favourites are the whole “In Death” series…..can’t wait for the next one and I love the whole character development from book to book. If I every make it to the States I’m booking the Eve and Roarke suite……hopefully around the time of a signing…..in the meantime I’ll buy anything she writes under either name. Cheers from Wellington, New Zealand

  184. Carnal Innocence was my first Nora. I still have that copy and got a copy signed at TTp as well.

  185. I guess that my first Nora Roberts book would have to be Spellbound,that was the first book that I have ever read of Nora Roberts,before that I had never heard of her before (when I had first had gotten started to know about her was when I watched just about all of her Lifetime movies….all of them except for Sanctuary) since then I have watched all of her movies includin’ Carnal Innocence… her sorta latest movie release. I wouldn’t say that I have read all of her books (there are some of her books that I just really couldn’t get into and some of them that I just didn’t ”get”,if ya know what I mean). I don’t read any of her JD Robb series,I can’t seem to get ”into” those, to me there all about the murder/mystery and absolutely no romance is involved…so I just stick to her romance section. But anyways, I have read quiet a few of her books,they are pretty good, some of them are better than others, I especially love her trilogies,sagas and even her quartets. I also love her stand alone books but that’s about all of her books that I’ll read of when it comes to her books. And by the way, I do still have a copy of Spellbound that I have added to my collection of her books… Happy readin’ ya’ll!

  186. My very first book was actually at J.D. Robb one. Born in Death.

    I was in my community college library, just taking a look at everything when I spotted it and read the premise. It looked interesting. But I knew nothing about it during that time. By the time I finished, I naturally discovered it was part of a series, set upon hunting down every book in said series and fell for the characters.

    As it was a library book, I do not currently have it anymore. I’ve got other books of hers though.

  187. My first Nora Roberts book was “Irish Thoroughbred.”. My first JD Robb was, “Naked in Death”. Since that time I have every Nora/JD book ever written. I have them both in hardcopy and e-book. I have several signed copies of different books. When my mother was alive and in a Nursing Home, I brought her a JD Robb book..(she would never have read a “Romance” book..so I didn’t tell her who JD Robb was until after she was hooked. Then I introduced her to the Joy of reading Nora/JD. When she passed in 2002, she had a complete set (of her own).
    My favorite JD Robb is “Origin in Death” or maybe ” New York to Dallas”
    My favorite Nora Roberts is “Three Sister Island” Trilogy or maybe “Donovan Family” books. I’m really sure..I love everything she writes….

  188. The first NR book I read was The Calhoun Woman: Lilah & Suzannah which initially I didn’t like (I was more into other authors during that time). The second book, I did like. It was Opposites Atttract (it made me cry!). However, I accidentally consigned both books so it would be years before I’d get my hands on another copy and read NR books.

    Years later, I saw Glory in Death, Conspiracy in Death, and Purity in Death by JDR in a bookshop and out of curiosity bought all three to “try”. Read all three in 36 hours and got so addicted that I was hunting local bookstores and second-hand bookshops to get copies of the other books in the series. The first just-published JDR book I bought was Divided in Death and I’ve been buying them fresh on the shelf as soon as they get released ever since (hardcovers), pre-ordering them at local bookstores at first, then @ Amazon, and now I get the e-books so it’s faster and more convenient (and my bookshelf’s full of her books that I don’t have space anymore). When I got an email handle it was (of course!) everoarke. 😉

    Sometime during the middle of my JDR craze, I wanted to try and read another NR book so I purchased the first three books of The Chesapeake Bay saga and that was the start of another craze.

    I love how she can write varied stuff and that I would love all those genres that got mashed up. Some of the plot got kind of familiar with the newer books, but the characters were always unique and the romance has always been fun and engaging so I’m still a fan.

  189. My first Nora Roberts book was ‘Born in Ice’. I was in college in Boston and browsing the mall bookstore for a new book. I loved the premise of ‘Born in Ice’ and read it very quickly. Of course, I then had to read ‘Born in Fire’ and wait for ‘Born in Shame’. I still have this trilogy and remains one of my favorites to this day.

    My first ‘In Death’ book was actually ‘Remember When’. Up to that point I had been afraid to read the books because I feared they’d be a bit too gruesome for my taste. While I admit that some of the books in this amazing series are harder for me to read than others (Creation in Death, oh lord) I am hooked on Eve, Roarke and the rest of the characters.

    I just finished ‘Whiskey Beach’ and I am thankful, as always, for the magical story telling Nora/J.D. continues to share with us. Thank you.

  190. It was Holding the Dream…. with the totally dreamy Byron De Witt… i still have it; though the pages are starting to fall off thanks to the sheer number of times i’ve re read it!!

  191. My first was Portraits in Death and boy was I hooked. Now I have my entire family swooping up any Nora or JDs they come across

  192. The first of Nora’s books I read was when she was being published by Harlequin. The O’Hurley sisters trilogy and their brother Trace’s story was the turn of her books to a really deeper plot line and linking characters through out the 4 books.
    I also read all of the McGregor books, even the prequel about how MacGregor and Anna met, fell in love and started their dynasty.
    I read ‘Naked in Death’ when it first came out because it was a Nora book and I like police procedurals. That was about 20? yrs ago and I was instantly hooked! The combo of Eve and Roarke is like Bogie & McCall! I can’t get enough of them. I have read EVERY book. Had bought Naked in Death and Portrait in Death again, as re-read so often, the pages started falling out! The last 3 books I bought hard copy and for my NOOK (pre-ordered of course). I also bought 9 of the older books for my NOOK, incl Naked in Death and Portrait in Death.

  193. My first book by Nora was Naked In Death. I was maybe fourteen. I have always been a book junky, from the minute I picked up Call of the Wild when I was 7. I had an aunt who loved the Harlequinn Romances, and someone had given her a huge collection of them. There were a few of Nora’s Harlequinns in there, and like a wolf among the sheep, there was Naked In Death. In retrospect, it was probably not the most appropriate book to give to a 14 year old, but I was going through a murder/mystery faze at the time, so she thought I’d like it. Thus began my love affair with all things Nora/J.D. My husband actually bought me a Kindle in self-defense, because when we moved he nearly gave himself a hernia moving all the boxes of books, lol.

  194. My first book by Nora Roberts was the Cordina Family it was multiple books in one, and is still on my shelf. The cover is torn and the pages are about ready to fall out. I’m sure I will replace it because the stories are amazing and I do re-read it from time to time.

  195. My first Nora Roberts book was Sea Swept and I just loved the character of Cameron Quinn. In fact I just love all the four Quinn Brothers books and have been reading books by Nora Roberts since then.

  196. My first Nora Book was Born in fire…. It was a library book that my cousin had borrowed and I wasn’t supposed to read. ( I was thirteen at the time) I love it so much that i convinced my cousin to get a few more Nora Roberts from the Library.
    The first book I bought was Sea Swept. It was the year I graduated from High School and it was my present to myself. I loved it and still own it, though I do most of my reading on my computer these days I still break out the paperbacks from time to time.
    I bought the first ten In Death books in bulk, the first 10 of them, read them all in a week and been hooked ever since.
    Never missed a publishing date since!
    I Adore Nora/JD. Even though I read other books, I always return to these stories of love, life and laughter, mixed in with a good mystery/murder.

  197. My first Nora book was The MacGreggor Brides. I was babysitting for a friend and forgot to bring a book. The child was asleep, so I picked it up and started reading. Needless to say I left with the book, finished it and just kept going. That was 19 years ago and I have not stopped reading Nora since. My favorite stand-alone has to be Montana Sky, but I love the trilogies most of all. My favorite couple is Cian and Moira from The Circle Trilogy.

  198. My first book was the Born In Trilogy and yes I still have the original book. I have read them many times that I am afraid that the books are going to fall apart.

  199. My first Nora Roberts book was Jewels of the Sun. I was in Old Forge, NY on vacation with my family in the summer of 2000 (I was 14 at the time). We were at a new and used bookstore house in a barn and I was just perusing the shelves. I came across Jewels of the Sun and the cover art caught my eye. I loved Ireland already, so the fact that it took place there made the book even more appealing. I bought the book and devoured it, finishing it before our vacation was over. From there I purchased Tears of the Moon and then had to painstakingly wait until December for Heart of the Sea to be published. After finishing that trilogy I kept wanting to read more. Luckily, my local library had many of Nora’s books. Unfortunately, my mother was under the impression that these books were a little too “much” for someone my age. I was not allowed to read them anymore. But my love for Nora’s books could not be stopped; for over a year I stealthily checked books out of the library and smuggled them home. I’m fairly certain my mother knew what I was doing (or eventually did), but it is the first time I can remember deliberately defying her–and not caring. I have been enraptured by Nora Roberts’ books since July of 2000. I still have my original copy of Jewels of the Sun…and every single Nora book I have ever read.

  200. My first Nora Robert’s book was ‘Tribute’ that my husband purchased for me on one of the anniversaries of my mother’s death. He had it sitting on the bed with a note that said he knew that day was sometimes rough and he thought it might help me to have a new book from my favorite author. Which was funny because I had never heard of Nora Roberts before. {He must have confused my authors.} But after I read it, I was hooked and she has been my favorite author since. I still have the book, and it’s tucked in between the other hard-cover copies I’ve been able to find of Nora/JD Robb’s other books. And if I can’t find any chocolate at the end of a bad day, all I need is a re-read of one of her books and I’m all good. 😉

    1. Susan–Maybe your husband was psychic…that Nora WOULD be your favorite author if you just tried one of her books. He sounds like a keeper.

  201. Skin Deep was my first Nora read and I still have the book along wth every other book she wrote.

  202. A will and a way was my first Nora book. I have been hooked ever since. Still have my original copy and pick it up every once and a while. I buy everything i can get my hands on. It is becoming a serious issue 🙂

  203. My first books were the “in the garden series” and loved them. I have listened to a lot of Nora Roberts books at work on audio and must say love them all. I have the trilogy of the Inn Boonsboro series and I also have the bride series as well. I love the in death series also and all the characters. Still trying to catch up to all the wonderful books that are out there.
    Thanks for all the wonderful books you have.
    Sandy V

  204. I bought my first in 84, I think it was Playing the odds, and I have it still, Last I counted I had 130 Nora/J D bokks, and have read even more. I printed bokk list, as publishe, and ordered from my local library the ones I don’t have and can’t afford to buy. One came from England… ( I live in Denmark)
    I have started to collect the “in death” series now, in cronological order….

  205. I started out reading Nora Roberts books was so crazy over them till my best friend introduce me to Naked in Death sometimes in 1996… since then I only read in Death series…. and so in love with Roake and Eve and the whole in Death family. I could never get enough of them… My best friend and I introduce it to another friend and she has not stop talking about the series since she started reading Naked a month or so ago… Write faster can’t wait for the next book… BTW I am reading Calculated in Death and yep I read them in Chronological Order every single one of them.. lol

  206. I can’t remember which Nora book I read first, all I know is it was one of the Silhoutte books from the 80’s. My college roommate and I shared books back then. It’s even hard for me to pick a favorite but I guess it would have to be Born in Fire, Three Fates and Naked in Death. I have been driving a lot lately so started listening to books on cd, enjoying the stores but having a hard time with some of the readers especially the guy who is voicing Morrigan’s Cross ( his female voices are horrible). But I am always waiting anxiously for the next set of books to come out.

  207. My very first was a compilation of Playing the Odds and Tempting Fate. I was looking through my mothers books to find sth interesting to read and stumbled over those too and since then i have been hooked. I think i was around 14 or so. I still have the copy and have reread it over the last few days. And my latest Nora Roberts book that I ve read is Whiskey Beach. I enjoyed that book very much! Can’t wait for the new series starting in November with Dark Witch!

  208. My very first NR book was the Sign of Seven Trilogy and it was recommended to me by my mother, who is a long time NR fan, and after just a couple chapters I knew I’d found my new favorite author. Since then, I buy and keep every NR book that I read and my collection consists of approximately 50 copies and is growing! I preorder everything each year and look so forward to each and every new one. What a talented writer!

  209. I remember the first Nora Roberts book I ever read, it was Skin Deep and I remember that I could not put it down. It was the first romance novel I had ever read, and it was the one to bring me into the genre itself. I now am working through her collection from the beginning and enjoying every minute of it!

  210. My first Nora book was Public Secrets. I think I was about 15. I stole it from my sister. 🙂 I’m not sure if I have that copy still, or if my sister does. But I know I have it in paperback, hardback, and kindle. A girl’s got to have a fallback copy, right? 😉

  211. JD Robb books have been my favorite for MANY years. My daily commute is approximately 80 miles round trip and I’ve listend to every single J.D. Robb audio book I can get from my local library. They are my favorites but Nora Roberts books in general run a very close second! Her writing does place you right in the action and it makes you truly get to know the whole cast of characters. I can SEE Roarke’s beautiful, silky, black hair, and feel like I know Peabody, right down to the cowboy boots that Roarke gave her. I’d very much like to see some of these books become movies but I’m afraid I’d be disappointed by them too. I don’t want to ruin the good thing I have with all of her books so maybe I’d better be content with being read to. Being read to by the same person with each and every book, (I’ve only ran across a couple that were not) keeps the continuity going with these stories. I LOVE the way Susan Ericksen does have a voice for EVERY character. She and Ms. Roberts are an unbeatable team for sure! Thank you for so many years, and miles of listening pleasure!!!! I look forward to SO many more!

  212. The very first book I read of Nora’s was The Last Honest Woman…I remember it clearly. I was feeding my son a bottle at the time (who is now 32), and I read an insert that was in Good Housekeeping Magazine. I went out and bought the book and cried my way through it. It was that good! Have loved reading Nora every since.

  213. My first Nora Roberts book was “Heaven and Earth.” I fell completely in love with the characters, their story, the writing. I devoured the Three Sisters Trilogy. What a wonderful place to have started. I have my good friend, and fellow book enthusiast, Gina, to thank for turning me on to an awesome writer who quickly became a favorite!

    I think I returned that copy to my friend, but ended up buying another for myself because I simply wanted it for my shelves to read over again, and to remember that’s where it all began for me.

  214. I picked up my first Nora Roberts in 1988, while my husband was hospitalized. It was Hot Ice. I still have my original copy. Once I read that I learned there were earlier books, and at the time they were republished. I purchased every one. I founds some at a yard sale once that had not been republished. So I think, I have every one. I prefer the tales in Nora’s pen than JD Robb. I find getting to know new characters, new friends, more rewarding. In that sense, trilogies and groupings are fulfilling as well; the friends are with me longer.

  215. Coming home from a camp parents weekend in 1996, I needed a plane book, so I bought a Nora. She’d been recommended to me by a bookseller, but I ignored her because I was deeply into historicals then. I still have the pb of True Betrayals that changed my reading habits and my life. Now I have all of Nora’s books in some form of pb and hard cover, all signed.

  216. i already wrote one comment but decide to add another my favorite book is Private Scandals it is my go to when I need something to read. it would also have been my first choice to be made into a movie…

  217. My first Nora books were the Bride Quartet, after reading one, then the set, I was hooked, I now have tons of Nora books, and will always read her books now.

  218. i see that Montana Sky is one of the selections for World Book Night give-aways. Cool! Go, Nora!

  219. I have no idea which book was my first although as I found a book I always checked to see if it was a series and always read them in order. I don’t have any of her books any more as I share them with my Daughter who lives 2 states away and then she shares them and so on…thanks for all the great reads!

  220. What a wonderful blog! It’s great to see so many fans who remember their first Nora/JD book. The first book I read was ‘Born in Ice’, given to me by a former co-worker. That one book did it. I was hooked and immediately went out and bought the rest of the series. I still have all of the books I’ve purchased or was gifted with over the years, which is handy since I live in the Netherlands now and don’t get all of the new books as often as when I was in the US. My personal collection is here to re-read if needed 😉

  221. My first Nora book was Homeport. I have enjoyed every one since. I also love the In Deaths as well!

  222. I was going to a medical appointement that promissed a long time at the waiting room and first floor of the building was a kind-of-messy bookstore. You know the kind: lots of books, piles everywhere, no order possible but covers calling your attention. So I spotted one by one Nora Roberts I didn’t know… yes, shame on me… it was the Portuguese version of “Dancing upon the air” and I bought it. What was the harm to get to know new writers, right? Wrong! Because once you start there’s no stopping the obsession, the love, the craving for the next volume. LOL Can’t say how long I waited for the doctor because when they called me I wanted to prentend not to listen ;). When I came down I decided to buy the second and the man promissed to find me the third book. An entire ordeal. They were about to reprint so that series was being replaced by more modern covers – I didn’t need it, I wanted MY book, wanted to finish the story LOL – so I wrote the publishers who said they just had one copy and it was not in good conditions. Did I care? No. Absolutely not. I’m going to take those books to Heaven when time comes LOL.
    Thank you Nora! And thank you Laura for creating this “place”. Wish you great times sharing and enjoying Nora.

  223. My first Nora Roberts was Irish Thoroughbred. I loved reading the NR books, but it wasn’t until the McGregor series that I became addicted. I think I have every Nora Roberts book and have probably reread them all at least once. They are great stories to go back and reread or just to revisit the wonderful characters. I just got Whiskey Beach and can’t wait to start reading it!

  224. I read my first ever Nora Roberts book just 2 months ago. I stumbled on it while browsing an ebook store, looking for something interesting to keep me company on my commute to and from work. I bought book 1 of the Boonsboro Inn trilogy, and was hooked! I loved the characters, loved the story and loved the Inn. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that the Boonsboro Inn really exists!! I’ve finished the Boonsboro Inn trilogy (I’ve added “visit the real Boonsboro Inn” to my bucket list!), and have since read Birthright and really enjoyed it. I somehow discovered that Nora also wrote as JD Robb, and have just completed the first and second “In Death” books! I feel so lucky – I’ve only now discovered Nora, so I have miles and miles of Nora/JD-filled bus and subway rides ahead of me!

    A friend of mine looked at me like I had 3 heads when I confessed that I just discovered Nora, so I asked her what her favorite book was – and she said it was the Bridal Quartet. What to do? What to do? Should I start on the Bridal Quartet or should I read a couple more In Death books first? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Lynda–By all means…read more IN DEATH books. I enjoy Nora’s books…but I LOVE the IN DEATHS.

    2. I have read my first Nora book just 3 years ago and now I have read all of her books with a few exceptions that I have not find out to buy and the new releases. I am brazilian so I have to wait until I travle to the States to buy books and I often do it one a year. So, to answer your question, the bridal quartet is awsome, I loved it. But JD Robbs, in my opinion, is something that I can not even describe, so good is the serie. But the bridal quartet is very small compared to the In Death serie, so I could advise you to start with it. At least you will finish faster, then you could start the In Death. If you are something like me you will be so hooked that you are not going to stop reading the In Death series, not until the very end. Good lucky.

  225. I stumbled upon Hot Rocks (Nora Roberts) / Big Jack (J.D. Robb) in the same book, which belonged to my aunt. After reading the book, I had to read more Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb books and have been hooked since. I do enjoy reading the In Death series very much. I have my own collection of the In Death series and several Nora Roberts books. I need a library!

  226. Oh my yes, it was Irish Thoroughbred — and no, I no longer have the original because I lent my copy to a cousin (argh!) and she lost it! I now have the 2 in 1 copy called Irish Hearts. It’s a keeper. I’m a long, long, long-term Nora Roberts reader and fan. with thanks.

  227. Hello, If I remember right, my first was Montana Sky. I still have it, along with every other Nora / J.D. book… including Promise Me Tomorrow. When I run out of new books to read, I always pick out one of my collection to re-read.

  228. My first Nora Roberts book was either High Noon or Sanctuary. I’m really not positive which one! I loved reading all through middle and high school and would steal my mom’s books. I just can’t remember which one of these I read first. I still have both copies though, and I know one was first and one was second. If I had to guess I’d say High Noon was first.

    My first JD Robb was Naked in Death and I actually started the series last fall. I really only fell in love with Nora’s books last year or late 2011. I own about half of her books and it’s not enough! I am always on the look out for her books that I don’t own and I carry a list with me in my purse of books I want (by all authors) in case I come across any.

  229. My first Nora Roberts book was Sanctuary, and yes, I still have it, along with many others. My first J D Robb book was Judgement in Death. Of course after reading it, I had to read and then buy the rest up to that point. I now have every book in the series.

  230. My first ever Nora Roberts book was Red Lily, I was browsing through a secondhand booksale and I saw the title. I opened it up and read a few paragraphs from the book and fell instantly in love with Nora’s amazing writing style. The plot was unique and I bought the book home.

    Been in love with her work ever since and now I have a growing collection of her books in my room. 🙂 I’m still saving up for more books.

  231. My first Nora book was “Blithe Images” and I still have it. Was immediately captured by her writing style and started looking for her books to be released. I only started reading JD Rpbb books about 2 years ago. I don’t read sci-fi and thought they would fall into that category. I inherited a box of books from my aunt and it included some ” In Death” books. Bad weather, stuck inside, nothing to read…. HOOKED! I buy the new ones as soon as they come out and am filing in my collection at Half-Price Books, library book sales and garage sales. Love Nora and her alter ego.

  232. My first book was Jewels of the Sun and was hooked from the first paragraph. I couldn’t wait to finish the series. I still have the book, even though I’m now have an e-reader (ran out of room to put my books) I still have all her books I bought before. Out of all the authors I love I re-read Nora’s the most.

  233. Like a lot of others on here I also cannot remember the first book of Nora’s that i read. Once I did, I had to get all of her books I spent a good amount of money buying them in lots on ebay. Even got a few signed by Nora. Then I found the JD Robb hooked again! I have bought all of them. My children decided that I needed a reader, so I am buying all of them them again for my reader! I have read all of the books more than once, and I also have all of the movies that were on lifetime. I am one of the lucky readers that receives a magnet every year with the months of the new titles coming out. I reread the In Death books in order just before the new book comes out. Doesn’t matter how many times I read them I always find something “new” that jumps out at me.

  234. My first Nora book was The MacGregor Brides; lent to me by a friend and fellow reader. I then scourged the book stores back before there was online shopping and found all of the MacGregor stories; this was my senior year of high school and I fell in love with that family so hard and so fast every spare cent went to Nora Roberts books all through college up to today; 15 years later.

    I don’t have the copy I originally read, I had to give it back and she still has it, but I have the one I bought to replace it and every other Nora/J.D. book I have ever read.

  235. Mi primer libro de Nora fue Deseo y venganza y desde que comence a leerla no he parado, y despues me enganche con la serie in death y espero ansiosa siempre sus últimos libros, los tengo casi todos
    My first book was nora “sweet revenge” and since I started I have not stopped reading it, and then I was hooked with the series in death and I look forward always his last books, I have almost all

  236. Gabriels Angel. Yes , I still have it. And any book Nora has ever written.

  237. I don’t remember my first Nora book, but my first JD book was her Nora/JD Remember When, I got it for $1.00 in hard back and was shocked at the time! I didn’t realize for several years after that that she was also writing as JD, as I’d been reading Nora forever. But as soon as I found the first JD, I was hooked. Eve and Friends have become a second home for me, and I love coming home to them when I re-read them or read a new book!!

  238. my first was the audible version of Born in Death. it made me laugh out loud! Eve and Roark at the child birth class…priceless! Susan Ericksen is such a wonderful narrator, she brings all the characters to life. I’ve been hooked ever since. Have listened to the whole series several times. I keep Naked in Death and Glory in Death along with Born in Death on my Ipod all the time…if I don’t have anything else to listen to I can always listen to these again and still enjoy them.

  239. I can’t remember my first, but definitely still have it along with 122 other titles lining three bookshelves! I particularly like the trilogies/sagas and am anxiously awaiting the new one this fall. I’m glad Nora is returning to Ireland and magicks as these are my genuine favorites. Just finished Whiskey Beach a couple of days ago and loved it. I’ve never ventured into any of the In Death, but may have to give them a try.

    1. If you love Nora Roberts, you definitely want to read the “In Death” series. Try the first 3 in order and in a row. The first time I tried Naked in Death, I stopped to read a new release by another favorite author. I didn’t get bake to it until about 10 years later. I read it with #2 ( unsure of title) and the continuity was superb. I found all of the ones up to date and read them addictively. In 2007 I retired and re-read all of the series in about 2 weeks. Now I pre-order all upcoming books and count down the months and then days until I receive the hard covered edition. I have to force myself to put them down at night so that I can spread them over 2 days. That is as long as I can stretch out the reading so that it is not over too fast. They are my favorite books of all time. I can honestly say this although I literally have a personal library of tens of thousands of books. You won’t be sorry if you start this series, but you will be sorry when you have finished and have to wait along with the rest of us for the next one. If you start now, you will have 36 full novels to read and 5 -10 novellas published in anthologies. Enjoy!

  240. My first Nora book was, I believe, Captivated. From that point I was hooked, and bought & begged her backlist and proceeded from there to read and re-read every book she’s written. I own them all, and read them over and over again when I’m between books. I just finished Whiskey Beach and have to say it’s probably one of her very best yet!

  241. I have been reading Nora and JD for so long, I am not sure I even remember my first book. Maybe Montana Sky (a book I have read over and over). I have all of the JD Robb books and novellas and have most of the hard copies of the single books by Nora. She is one of my favorites, presenting stories I can read over and over again.

  242. I do not know the title but the first NR book was one of the MacGregor’s books. Then I had to read all the books about the MacGregors, then the O’Hurleys and then all her other books. Someone gave me an In Death book this past Christmas but when she heard that I had not read this series, she suggested that I read the first one. Well, I got hooked and I now up to #18 in the In Death series. Maybe, I will read the book I got for Christmas by next Christmas.

  243. My first book was portrait in death. My aunt gave it to me & I am sad to say it sat on my self for nearly a year before I read it. I thought it was a silly romance & I wasn’t into those. Then one weekend I was laid up with the flu feeling very irritated and I searched through my books for something to read & came across portrait in death & thought why not. Well I was hooked luckily I also had the next 3 thanks to the same aunt. After reading them I was on the hunt for the first few in the series. It took me a good 6 months to track down glory in death. I now have all the series both as books and e books and have read them many times. I have also hooked many of my friends on the series.

  244. I am an over the road truckdriver was stranded in a truck stop for a weekend desperate for something to read I picked a book off the paperback rack. Interesting blurb on the back seemed like a good mystery, Bought it enjoyed it kept me guessing till nearly the end seemed a bit sappy in the romance area but worked very well with the Plot. Later I went to B & N looking for more of the same author. Imagine my shock when the clerk led me to the romance dept . I thought what the heck but tried another and was hooked been a big fan ever since. Fell even more in love when a friend turned me onto the In Death series KEEP WRITING NORA!

  245. My first book was Origin in Death followed by Angel Fall. Then I found Audio Books and have downloaded all of her books and listen to them constantly. Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb have been my lifesavers since my vision started going 15 years ago. Thank you very much.

  246. Although I have been a Nora Roberts fan for a long time, I had avoided her JD Robb books because I don’t like reading crime scene depictions – too gory in most cases. However, I chose the first JD Robb book, “Naked in Death,” as the item for my book club, Bookworms (going strong since 1997), to read during the month of March. Every one of us enjoyed it tremendously, and I am now making my way through the books chronologically. I love the repeating characters (Eve’s non-blood-related family), and of course Eve and Roarke. One thing we do in our book club is to “cast the movie.” Remembering that each of these persons would be age-appropriate in our version, we chose Jamie Lee Curtis for Eve and Pierce Brosnan for Roarke. Whaddyathink??!!

    1. Donna–Pierce Brosnan would have been an excellent choice for Roarke, but i believe he’s too old now. I don’t see Jamie Lee Curtis as Eve at all. I think there would have to be a search for unknowns to play this wonderful couple. I’ve read just about all of the current IN DEATH books…apart from a few novellas.

  247. When I am in a mood to just escape, I can read “The Villa” over and over. And of course, I have read through the JD Robbs twice!!!!!!

  248. My first Nora (that I remember) was Naked in Death. Though I am pretty sure I may have read some of her SIM titles before that.

    Kelly (jns from the ADWOFF board)

    1. Oops, forgot to say I do not have my original Blue Lady edition as I donated it once it came out in hardcover. I do own the bok though (in both hardcover and digital).

  249. My first Nora was the Three Sisters series. I was hooked immediately! I have been reading Nora books for over a decade now, I would imagine.

  250. My first Nora Roberts book was Once More With Feeling, and I still have it! I adored the cover (amazing artist that totally captured Raven), and it spoke to me as I was in music industry at that time. In later years, I stumbled across the JD Robb books, and not until I was fully addicted (read: the first chapter of the first book), did I realize that I was again reading a Nora Roberts novel. The voice of Eve Dallas was so different, I couldn’t believe it. The world; the characters were just so… engrossing. I lost myself in that world, and hope to never have to come out of it. Thank you for the decades of entertainment you’ve brought all of us, your loyal fans.

    1. The first Nora Roberts book I read was Irish Thoroughbred. Unfortunately, it was a library book so I could not keep it. But, I loved the book so much, I became obsessed with obtaining every NR book!

      I accidentally came across Naked in Death in a Barnes and Noble in Chicago, bought the book and fell in love with JDR too!

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