Sunday in New York

We arrive on Tues, to summer in October weather. After unpacking, our initial group—me, BW, Jason, Laura—hit the streets and the shops. I have an agenda every October trip, and that’s to get as close as possible to finishing my Christmas shopping as I can.

Get a good start on that agenda before it’s time for drinks, and a room service night.

Up early Wednesday, get a good workout in. BW and Laura, too. We’re having an Employee Fitness Challenge through our Fit In BoonsBoro back home. Fun stuff! BW and Laura get points walking a mile together. More shopping, more checks on that Christmas list. Jason and I have our own little FitBit competition, and while he’s usually 20-30k steps ahead of me, when we travel, I catch up. And hah, am am now in the lead.


Lunch at a favorite pub, more shopping, and back home here where BW and Laura do their daily workout challenges together. Hysterical wall-sits (with alcohol) push-ups (and Laura’s wearing a dress for this one) squats, lunges. I get to watch as I did all that much earlier in the day.

Dinner’s a pleasant walk, then pizza.

Fall colors on the Helmsley Building. Photo by Laura

Laura’s husband’s coming up, so she moves out of our space and into her own. We have a girl shopping annual tradition with my agent and editor. Kat usually joins us, but she has stuff so won’t be up until late Thursday afternoon.

Where’s Nora? I posed for this one — was having great fun. Photo by Laura
Would you wear these? Photo by Laura

So good to see my NY pals—and my editor brings the finished cover for Year One. OMG!! It’s just fabulous.

More shopping, a fun, light lunch when the guys join us. Then a little more shopping. I am hitting my agenda, and hitting it hard!

Back to the hotel as we have an early dinner—and here’s Kat!! We’re eating early because we’re going to see Bette Midler in Hello, Dolly. The Divine Miss M. Bette. I’m thrilled at the idea of seeing one of my icons on stage.

We walk to the restaurant—just gorgeous weather—have a wonderful meal, then walk to the theater. I’m not surprised the performance is sold out. It’s Bette.

As much as I anticipated this, the reality exceeded. Aside from Bette (for the moment) the costumes, the lighting, the choreography, the chemistry, the voices, the whole works is just stupendous.

Now add Bette. And stupendous doesn’t cover it. When she first walks on stage, the house explodes. She’s tiny and glorious, and obviously having the time of her life. In turn she gives us the time of ours. Then there’s David Hyde Pierce, whom I adore. I’ve seen him on stage before, and he’s just as marvelous this time around.

The Hello Dolly number brings the house to its feet. The applause goes on and on for her solos. This is what’s meant by bringing down the house.

I’ve seen a lot of wonderful, memorable, fabulous shows on Broadway. Nothing beats this.

Playbills. Photo by Laura

Just wow.

Friday—after workout—Kat, Laura and I head out. Girl time, and more good shopping.

Stunners for Kat. Photo by Laura

Laura’s guy is off with some of his NY pals, BW’s having lunch with a couple of his, and Jason’s doing the same. Laura peels off so Kat and I walk downtown to meet our men for the new Blade Runner movie in IMAX.

Cool! Intense! Fun!

The long walk back, and room service. Laura and her guy have dinner and a show on their schedule.

Kat has to leave early Saturday morning so I say bye to my girl, get in my workout (still in the FitBit lead!). Jason has an errand, Laura and her guy have brunch with their daughter (Clare works in NY). BW’s arranged a photo shoot with a model in our triplex.

I have some specific type items on my agenda—and need to pick up the new glasses I got after my eye exam here on Wednesday. I promise to check my phone often so I can hook up with Jason and Laura.

On the street I see a gorgeous young woman wearing a man’s white dress shirt—mid-thigh—over-the-knee gray suede stiletto boots, a beret and big sunglasses. She looks amazing.

Jason’s errand’s done quick, so we text back and forth until we meet on the street. And he becomes my Sherpa. Head to hotel to dump bags, text Laura. Her guy’s meeting some of his old classmates, so she and Clare will hang with us while Jason and I have lunch.

Back to our favorite pub.

Clare heads off, and we head to The Gap—Laura and I both have specific wants here, and pretty much satisfy them. Then there’s the UGG store. I wasn’t looking for myself there—Kayla likes the classic tall UGGS—but found a pair of boots I couldn’t live without.

Annual photo of St. Pat’s. Photo by Laura

Oh, and sneakers in a deep orchid color—so light, so comfortable!

When we get back, BW’s about finished with his shoot, so we rest our busy feet and have a drink. We’re walking over to 9th for Italian for dinner. (Laura’s dh is having a fine time with his classmates.)

Long walk, but this weather! Good wine, great food, fun companions, and good service.

We meet up with Laura’s Mark after dinner, hang out in our suite awhile. I want to watch SNL, but conk.

Up early today, solid, cross-training workout. Then rest of our group is off to the Jets game (Laura and Mark are major Jets fans.) I bid them goodbye, clean myself up, and decide to walk uptown to Bloomie’s to hit that agenda again.

Do just fine, walk back, hit another shop. The housekeeper’s still dealing with our space when I get back. I see her once or twice a year, so we chat a little.

I show her a picture of Kayla on FB—who had her FIRST DATE last night. Homecoming. Oh, so beautiful, my girl. And she’s going with Handsome Henry. The housekeeper and I talk about how she’s just so grown up.

It’s lovely to come back to this same place year after year, because it adds such comfort to know the people who work here. I tell her I’ll see her in June when Kayla has her NY trip (just weeks before her SIXTEENTH!!!! Birthday).

Now on this Sunday in NY, I’ll finish this blog, which Laura will post after they get back. I hope the Jets are kicking it (not a football girl myself). I’m going to pour a drink, get my book and kick back instead of kicking it, for a bit.

We plan to head downtown tomorrow—have pizza, shop. Then we’ll see what we do for our last night in the city.

I love New York, I really do. The things you see, hear, the way it feels and moves. It’s so opposite where I make my home. So it’s nice to spend some time here, knowing my dogs, my quiet, my routine waits for me. 


Notes from Laura: very sad to report that the Jets lost, but my photo of me and my husband was on the huge scoreboard, so that was fun.

We saw War Paint with Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole which was marvelous starting with this curtain in front of the stage. We’ll stay an extra day and see Donna Murphy play Dolly on Tuesday night.

Amazing curtain at War Paint. Photo by Laura

Oh and I have some #randomkatness for you:

Randomly, cats. #randomkatness
The mystery of Kat, halfway revealed. Selfie by Kat. #randomkatness


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  1. So glad you all had a great time in the City. We don’t get there as often as we used to. Love these blogs, it’s like catching up with family. Thank you for sharing & providing pictures. Looking forward to Year One release.

  2. I’ve never been to NYC it’s on my bucket list since I was a child. Can’t wait for Year One to be out been impatiently waiting.

  3. Just lovely that you’ve all got your shopping done and I haven’t even begun to think on that. Glad you had your wonderful trip, we used to live in NY in the 90’s, for about 2 years, loved it. Sad to leave it but work calls out to us in Philly. Love all you write, books, blogs, whatever.

  4. The cats WANT you to think they’re meeting randomly. In truth, they’re planning taking over the world. Kat walked all that in those heels? Ahhh, youth. My ankles twinged in sympathy at the thought – lol. Also looking forward to the Year One release. Do we get a peek at the cover? Glad you had such good weather for your trip. I remember Bette Midler singing to Johnny Carson on his last night on The Tonight Show, it was perfect.

  5. I’m glad u love my town-I was born in NYC, never left. Re: shopping there, I do mine online- prices are insane, unless it’s the gap, or forever 21. If u want high end , & normal prices, only place to go midtown is Lord & Taylor, on 5th ave. Their sale prices are great- so is their selection.

    I’m a shoe nut, but no, I wouldn’t wear those platform ones, w/the pearls. Kat’s red strappy ones are wow, but unless u r home, doing the scene from Witness ID, w/the red dress, then those shoes work. For walking in the street, u r just asking for a broken ankle. I’ve broken both twice, so no , those shoes are not made for walking.

    I’d love to bump into you somewhere, but it’s a big city. If you’ve never been to the Metropolitan Museum, you must visit. There is also a Chihuly exhibit at the NY Botanical gardens, & it’s best to see it at night. It’s also nice to be able to go to Broadway anytime, but it’s old hat to me, if you live here, you just take it for granted. ENJOY your stay.

    1. Hello, so interesting reading your comments about living in New York. I live in England in a small town and visited your hometown a couple of years ago. I fell in love with everything, the architecture, noise, people, shops and yellow cabs!! Visited Broadway for 2 shows, bus trips all over etc. It was a magical few days and I even got to meet some friends from Illinois for the very first time.

  6. Oh God, Kayla dating and turning sweet 16 too!!! Lord have mercy, it seems that she’s grown up overnight!
    ❤️ love all the pics and laughed out loud with the random Katness pictures.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Can’t wait to get my signed copy of Year One! Thrill Thrill!!

  7. I LOVE reading about your adventures in New York! So much ch fun- so much ch shopping. Reminds me I better get busy soon!

  8. I must say that I thought of Mavis when I saw the pink shoes. My feet hurt looking at the picture.

  9. I’ve never been to NYC. Of course I grew up in Texas-lol. I have been through the JFK airport twice that’s as close as I have ever gotten. It would be fun to go with someone who knows about the city where to go and things like that.
    Looks like y’all had lots of fun.

  10. NOOOOO! Kayla having her first date! NOOOO! Can’t believe it! And she’s almost 16! Time goes too fast!

  11. I saw Bette in Hello Dolly in June, and agree that both she and the show were fabulous. If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing The Play That Goes Wrong. Non-stop laughing, even before the show starts. I’m not much of a football fan, but I am a true New Englander, so I am happy the Jets lost.

      1. I will stick up for you. The only time I won’t is if you tell me you like baseball and are a Yankees fan.

        1. Will never be a Yankee fan. My NYC slogan is “I♥️NY (but I hate their sports teams)”.

  12. My daughter and her husband manage a community theatre in our hometown, so New York visits involve LOTS of theatre – last time we went we saw 7 shows in 5 days. It was AMAZING!

  13. It’s always fun to read about your annual adventures especially when you visit NYC, my home town. I hope Kat bought those shoes! Waves hi from Brooklyn!

    Travel safely.

  14. I am sooo jealous that you got to see Bette in Hello Dolly. It sounds like a fabulous show. I saw Betty Grable in Hello Dolly almost 50 years ago (OMG, I’m getting old). The rest of your NYC trip sounds fun, too. Kayla’s first prom – memorable. The accompanying pictures are perfect, as usual. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and those shoes . . . no, I wouldn’t wear them.

  15. I love reading about your adventures no matter where they are. You go non-stop so no wonder you stay so slender, Nora. I love your books. They are keepers!

  16. Didn’t check the blog until today and had to let out a ‘oh my god!” I was just in NYC and was in the audience with Nora attending Warpaint-if only I had known would have been scoping out the other attendees much more closely!
    It was fabulous.
    getting the book from the library now to read more about the two women. It’s called “War Paint” as well.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Actually I was at War Paint on Friday night. First row mezzanine. Werent they amazing???


  17. I’m a 60+ South African and I have been a NR fan since the 1980’s and possess every book she has written… many in print and E copies.
    In May this year, my daughter and I did a “bucket List” trip to New York from Cape Town, RSA. We stayed in a wonderful hotel on Times Square/ Broadway and had a wonderful, memorable 2 weeks in NYC. We could not get tickets for Hello Dolly (very expensive on our ZAR budget and not available) but went to a Broadway show!
    Nora’s News has brought back these wonderful memories made with my daughter. Priceless!
    I will be reading as long as Nora goes on writing!

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