Dear FITS family,

Did you even doubt I’d miss the FUN (!?!) of spa week?  I ended up trading my view of this:

View on Wednesday’s walk. Photo by LMR

and choice of activities like this:

Meet my new friend Sonora. Photo by LMR

For this:

About 24 hours after getting home, I walked into tea time at the spa and stories of the first 48 hours without me.

Nora bestowed a welcome-to-the-spa boon: a competition free first night.  I know the real reason: Kat (the most beloved person in her world) wouldn’t arrive until Saturday so we would do the first round together.   But I’ll take the stay of competition.

Spa flowers. Photo by LMR

(Random flowers to celebrate.)

Saturday dawned busy with a workout, conversation, whiskey in my oatmeal (a thing I saw at Ashford), conversation and treatments.  Kat arrived, bearing with her the hat she made to wear for the Derby in two weeks.

Yes, she made it.  We knew she’s clever, but this hat outdid every expectation.  So much so, I made everyone try it on.

Formal yoga wear. Photo by LMR
Elaine, in a hat. Photo by LMR
Top: Kat, Nicole, Jeannette
Middle: Pat, Mary, Kat in a hat
Bottom: Sarah, Laura, JoAnne

And then. And then.

I WON a round of Just Dance.  And a prize.  The magic of Ireland may carry me through.

Then a round of Scrabble brought me right back to Earth.

Once I conquer the jet lag, I’ll fill you in a bit more. But a good start, don’t you think?


17 thoughts on “Spaaa-tica”

  1. Congratulations, Laura! I saw that on the chart. The Irish luck must have followed you. 🙂

    What a gorgeous hat! Kat really is one of the most creative people I’ve ever seen. I say one of because one of my good friends and her husband made me a fairly large dollhouse – starting from a kit but improving on it – which they then packed very creatively to send it FedEx from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada.

    Good luck with the rest of the competition, Laura. Those are beautiful pictures, especially the one of the castle.

  2. Good for you Laura! You hang in there! Beautiful hat, or fascinator, Kat. Good luck and much fun to all the lovely ladies. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

  3. Laura! This is great! You go girl!! (Fist pumping). This is your trip ?. My money is on you. And love the hat, Kat is the bomb. Pretty please, maybe some random Kat-ness? Love those too. We all hope each and every one of you ladies have a blast!

  4. What a loyal friend you are, to leave magical castles, for a round of silly games. But when you win, they aren’t silly. I’m in awe of kat. That hat even looks like it has LED lights in it. Is that possible?

  5. Congratulations ? on the win! Take them where you get them! I’m going to try the whiskey in the oatmeal, as I like both. A wee drop of the Irish (which I have), will only make it better.

    Kat is truly creative. All of you look great in the fascinator, it’s not really a hat.

    Keep us apprised of the scores. Even if you don’t win the whole event, you know you’ll have a good time trying.

  6. Beautiful flowers, perfect Irish castle and a well-behaved falcon! Kat’s hat is to die for! Love it! Congrats on winning a round of Just Dance – may the magic continue.

  7. Congrats on the win!!! Love the pic of you with the hawk!! Made me think of Connor.

    Nice to see the scoreboard, for some reason I thought it would have horns coming out of the top of it since it is not your favorite item for the trip.

    Seriously, thanks for this Laura, I have been looking forward to a report.

  8. I also thought of Connor when I saw the picture of you with the falcon. The castle looks fantastic. It had to be hard to tear yourself away from it to go to the spa. You have the best of both worlds. Ireland and the spa.

  9. I think I would have missed my flight….about 7 times, at least. What great pictures! After reading the latest Coulter, I might not have been as easy around the falcon, but I’d still have done it out of curiosity. Congrats on winning at dancing! Good luck and keep going!

  10. Congratulations Laura on your win! I would much rather be in Ireland than playing games also lol.
    And THE HAT! Oh my I just love Kat’s Hat!! I never, I repeat never wear hats. None look good on me so why bother?
    BUT, I will make an exception in the case of Kat’s hat! Lol

  11. It just struck me and will be stuck in my head that these are pictures of Kat in the Hat. I can tell I’m tired and should go to bed right now.

  12. Oh wow what fantastic photos and Kat’s hat looks great on all of you
    Congratulations on Ireland and have a great time with the games and winning Just Dance!
    Lots of fun with hearing of your adventures. I will look forward to more posts after the jet lag wears off.
    Never tried whiskey in my oatmeal. It sounds interesting, but I think that I will pass lol.
    Have fun. Xxx Beth

  13. Wonderful Fun! I really wish I would be able to be included in something like this. Everyone’s dream. Also really great ?.

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