A Cranky Publicist note.

Dear FITS family,

I’m sure you all wonder about the truest harbinger of Spring in these parts: Girls Spa Week.  When does it take place? When will all that girl energy flood the posts?

When will Laura have to play games??? (It’s ok to admit that’s what you really want to know.)

The timing is a bit different this year and the fun (is It? Really?) starts this Wednesday. From all reports Nora spent the weekend in the garden and packing.  But what of our lovable 2-time Biggest Loser?

Well, I’ve run away. I put an ocean between us and have been in Ireland since just after Easter.  I’m scheduled to get home Thursday, do a ton of laundry and then join in the fun (definition – noun: enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure. Really????) on Friday. Do you realize how far behind I’ll be?

I went to Donegal for a photo workshop. I visited family in Sligo and Galway. I lifted pints of Smithwicks – more than one. And did the same with Jameson.  Now why would I ever want to leave?

Farnham estates
Donegal sunset
Enniscrone cows

Since I trust you all to keep a secret, I’ll just say that Ashford Castle will be the testing ground . It’s our last stop and considering the FUN (definition – adj:  amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable) activities that await, I may never leave.

Unless I do. Just don’t tell Nora. Ok?


An Port, Donegal
Donegal sheep
Kylemore Abbey

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  1. Love all these posts. Your pictures are exquisite. Would love to go there someday. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I’m with you, why waste time on pesky games when you have sights like these to feast on? Oh well, just go to your happy place during the competition, it will be over soon.

  3. Love the pictures! Have “fun” at Girls Spa Week. See you at GNO. Safe Travels!

  4. Have a great time ! Wish we were ther?. Went last year and stayed at the Ashford Old Schoolhouse, outside the rear gate. Loved the castle grounds and the hawk walk. Enjoy !

  5. If you stay we will lose you and that would be tragic. Sorry about that fun thing. Your photos are lovely. It looks like your weather there is better than Maryland and Virginia has been getting. Hopefully your return will mark the exit of winter. May your return bring more happiness than you imagine.

  6. Oh my Laura, the Donegal sunset is beautiful – would be so difficult to leave. Perhaps your flight could be delayed and the games could continue without you. Have a safe flight home.

  7. I hope you return because we would miss you but I understand why it will be tough to jump into the (fun) . You will be tired and these games are not your thing. Take these lovely pictures with you and dream of Ireland between the (fun). Looking forward to pictures from Ashford area.

  8. Your secret is safe with me…. I think that I would just stay in Ireland than try to play those games. If I was there I would be the biggest loser!
    Your photos are just awesome. Enjoy what ever the future holds for you!!! Hugs, Beth

  9. Hmmmm. Smithwicks. And pints of Jameson. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be leaving yet either, no matter what “fun” may be waiting at home!

  10. I adore your photos! They are stupendous! If you don’t participate in Girls Spa Week, who will chronicle the event and post pictures? You’re needed. . . by us, at least. Please don’t worry about losing, some of us suck on tests and in interviews, but that doesn’t define who we are. You are a fabulous photographer and a marvelous chronicler. Smile, laugh and keep on doing what you do best. Besides, the company of friends is priceless.

  11. Beautiful photos and sounds like you are having fun. Will be hard to get back to normal after this.

  12. Dear Laura, I’m a newbie here. Just wasted to rmark on your beautiful photos of your holiday/escape. Especially the most lovely, Kylemore Abbey. Would you give me permission to have a go at painting this Abbey in oils, usuing your photo? I am a self taught artist, so I won’t be able to do it jutice. However, I love it so much and would love to visit that area … but am unable to do so. Painting my favourite places and novel writing, is my escape when all else fails. Please reply when you have the time.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Dale. xx

  13. Och, I miss Ireland! It’s been far too long since my last visit. But I’m off to the Shetland Folk Festival in a few weeks so I guess I’ll survive 😉

  14. Laura, I would have a hard time leaving, too. Don’t suppose you would share that picture of Kylemore Abbey with me? Would love to be able to save that on my computer as a screen saver. It’s so beautiful! And chin up, cranky publicist! They may beat you at the games, but with all that girl energy, you all win in the end. Have a great last few days in Ireland, and good luck with the crazies when you join spa week.

  15. Georgous pictures! I noticed some cows and sheep, yikes Eve would be freaking out! Save travels Laura.

  16. Beautiful photos! I’m glad you’re having a wonderful trip; it sounds just amazing. During the coming games (yuck – I hate them too) just go back to Ireland in your mind and heart. I lift my glass to you, Laura ???

  17. When I read this post from you, Laura, my very first thought was: “Yay! She shares Ireland with Nora.” I bet it’s a blast when the two of you compare notes. Come home to us safely, dear girl. We need you. Big hugs! To you, too, Nora.

  18. Well I’m a lucky girl who lives in Donegal and it is indeed beautiful, and even better in summer when the sun shines on the miles of golden sandy beaches and magestic mountains. Great that you enjoyed your visit Laura

  19. Those are absolutely stunning photos. I’m assuming they are taken with a slr camera, not with your cell phone. As for the games, who cares?

    1. Thanks! Actually those are all on my Samsung Galaxy. I take amazing photos with it. Will go through the photos on my big camera once I’m home.


  20. Laura – I’m heading to Ireland in June. Can you share info on your photo workshop in Donegal? Would love to take it if I can. Ireland is such a magical place, isn’t it?

  21. Oh wow Laura! What gorgeous pictures you shared. It looks gorgeous over there. Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. Laura, your pictures are just breathtaking! Time well spent, I’d think, with the conference, but you already had the knack. I’ve got an idea about the game ‘issue’. I’d say, since you’ll be late, you should automatically get maximum points for whatever’s been already done. Who knows if you’d have actually taken first place, but I’d call it assumed. Extra points, in fact, for jet lag. Worth a try, right?

  23. Laura,

    Would you be willing to let me put your Donegal Sunset photo on one of my Pinterest boards? I’m looking for inspiration for repainting my master bathroom and I love the colors in your photo.

  24. I thought the picture of the sunset was beautiful, then I saw the picture of the Abbey. Just gorgeous.

  25. Love your pictures of Ireland. I’ve never been but my sister absolutely loves it there. She has been several times. I can see why you might not want to leave!!

  26. Lovely work Laura. I really liked the Donegal seascape with the waves crashing on the rocks. I’m disabled so me getting anywhere that’s not in day trip distance is not going to happen anytime soon. That does leave me a lot of really nice places to go though. I consider going to Lake Tahoe or the SF Bay Area day trips.

  27. Love all the photos, you take such beautiful shots. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!

    I can’t wait for Friday though! I look forward to the Girls Spa weekend blogs each year (and Nora’s summer vacation blogs). I like to imagine myself as part of the group. Although I’ve never been to a spa or even had a massage. The way Nora (and you Laura) write about it, it’s easy to imagine. I have a good feeling about this year for you Laura. You will come back from being behind. They wont see it coming and you will show them what an under dog can do with their games! Go Laura go!!!!!?

  28. Hi Laura. Thank’s for the go-ahead to paint the Abby. I will send a photo when I finish. Please excuse the typos last time, I blame the cat! She is deaf and must always be within touching distance it seems. At the moment she is laying across both my arms, very hard to type but I haven’t the heart to shift her. She is so jealous of the laptop.

    1. What a wonderful cat you have! We have two charmers who love to drive my husband crazy with their demands for pets and attention.

  29. At the Lodge at Ashford Castle now- we just missed you 😉 Hawking in the morning & had afternoon tea today. Lovely to share this with the girls & do face masks while we watched Quiet Man… last time I came on my own & it was fabulous as a respite as well! 🙂 have fun at spa weekend!

  30. Now you’ve got me grumpy that I’m not in Ireland! Such beautiful pictures, bringing back wonderful memories of my trips there. Glad you had a fun time. And wishing you more fun on the spa trip – despite game-playing… limitations. Thanks so much, Laura…

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