Shadows in Death teasers

At the time of this writing there are four days, 18 hours until Shadows in Death is in stores. (Four days, 9 hours until it starts showing up on ereaders). How to make it through? A few teasers, of course.

First, the description:

While Eve examines a fresh body in Washington Square Park, her husband, Roarke, spots a man among the onlookers he knew in his younger days on the streets of Dublin. A man who claims to be his half brother. A man who kills for a living—and who burns with hatred for him.

Eve is quick to suspect that the victim’s spouse—resentful over his wife’s affair and poised to inherit her fortune—would have happily paid an assassin to do his dirty work. Roarke is just as quick to warn her that if Lorcan Cobbe is the hitman, she needs to be careful. Law enforcement agencies worldwide have pursued this cold-hearted killer for years, to no avail. And his lazy smirk when he looked Roarke’s way indicates that he will target anyone who matters to Roarke…and is confident he’ll get away with it.

Eve is desperate to protect Roarke. Roarke is desperate to protect Eve. And together, they’re determined to find Cobbe before he finds them—even if it takes them across the Atlantic, far outside Eve’s usual jurisdiction…

As usual, I’ll share some teasers — things to look out for along the course of the case. No real spoilers, just some fun. I’ll add for the next three days, so stay tuned.

Thursday, September 3
– We take trip in the Wayback Machine with Jack and Ryan
– There’s a firm read on one of the Marriage Rules
– Reo and Eve play their roles to perfection

Friday, September 4
– Feeney has a different approach (and name?) for the Marriage Rules
– Roarke + Dennis Mira = a great deal
– We learn what could scare Eve, Roarke and Summerset.

Saturday, September 5
– Precautions: necessary — if insulting.
– Sometimes other people dream and soothe
– What if Roarke hadn’t gone legit?
– NYPSD kicks the world’s investigative butt


66 thoughts on “Shadows in Death teasers”

  1. Yes please. Yes yes yes please please please! LOL The description and first chapter has had me salivating for months!

    1. Now I certainly cannot wait for this book, and the next trilogy, these spoilers are great, thanks Laura, I appreciate it. X

  2. Always fun to learn more about Jack and Ryan.. and no one gets people to confess better than Eve and Reo working in tandem. Keep those teasers coming…can’t wait for thisbook!!

          1. You really ARE mean today! LOL Thanks SO much for the teasers. Cannot wait to get my package from TTP!

  3. I will take anything anytime anyplace anyway I can get it!!! I read the new ones so fast then I have to wait, what seems like soooo long until the next one, that I’m desperate when a new one drops.

    1. Not going to happen, Mellisa. If you check the Index O’Answers page on the blog it may explain better.


  4. Love the Marriage Rules 😀 I always read the spoilers and intend to look for them but get into the story and forget. Some are more obvious than others. I think I’ll print them off this time ! Thanks for the spoilers, they help build anticipation. (As if I needed anything to increase anticipation, but they are fun!)

  5. If Jack is Whitney, I’m very happy. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I never get enough of him.

  6. OMG! Sounds fantastic! So very glad it’s less than a week to the release date. Thank you, Laura and Nora; you’re the Dynamic Duo!

  7. Oh my goodness I want to know if he really is roarkes half brother. I might even have to go to the back of the book when I get it and check.😉

  8. I’m so looking forward to this book! Unfortunately, shops aren’t open here in Melbourne, Australia during lockdown. The mail service is rubbish! Hopefully, I can buy it soon……

    1. I’m also in Melbourne but l purchased from TTP. Am awaiting it’s delivery..Ahhhh

    2. You can buy the book on line from Amazon Australia or the Book Depository. They are both good and book arrives by mail.

  9. Reading on Facebook about the books made me start the series from the beginning again. I am on “Betrayal in Death” and still going. Will have to read the new one then jump back to whichever book I am on when it comes out. In love with the series and can’t stop.

    1. I am on a reread too .. on Connections in Death now.. but will put my reread on hold when the new one comes out! Definite excitement in the air!!

  10. Oooo I’m so excited for this book. I’m loving the teaser. Roll on release day

  11. Can’t wait to buy it and sink into Eve and Roark world again. May need to reread one of the past books to tide me over 😉

  12. I’m excited beyond words and I love these little teasers. This looks like it’s going to be another excellent story.

  13. i ordered it from Amazon, can’t wait. Here in NYC, we are lucky. most stores are open. I’m like Roarke, i’m old fashioned. I read the hardcovers. Last time i walked 25 minutes in a snowstorm, to my local Target. I couldn’t get my car out of the driveway, so i walked. The last straw was when they didn’t have the new ID book in stock!! Now i just order it w/prime- but it usually comes a day or two later- which is a nail biter. This one sounds like a suspenseful one, and I can’t wait.

    1. I ordered from Amazon Prime this time and all I know is they have my order and will email the delivery date when they know it! Target was out of stock on the previous book’s release from day 1!!! Drove to B&N and paid for a curbside delivery. Was my only adventure out during lockdown.

  14. I go back to the beginning and read all your books again until another one comes out! 😁

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious to read a In Death book as I am to reading Shadows in Death. It sounds so intriguing especially when Roarke or Eve are in danger and want to protect each other.

  16. So happy that release is getting closer, re-reading Seduction In Death at moment trying to distract myself from wait but my secret second mind is counting down the hours till “POOF” it will magically appear in my Kindle ❤️

  17. I’m really excited can’t wait for it! Love the teasers

  18. Oh my gosh I so love the In Death Books Have just started but have all the latest ones ..Have read all Nora Roberts books ..absolutely love them …Cant wait to get my teeth into the latest and I dont mind teasers..Im a terrible person but I always read the back of my books first …and ….it never deters me from the ending wen I get there …love love ..xx

  19. I cannot wait for this book, the teasers you give us Laura are very much appreciated, the only low point is, I live in Australia and they don’t arrive here till a couple of weeks after the USA. but it’s all the more gratifying when the books arrive. X❤

  20. Thank you! I needed that!

    I know it takes time for Nora to write the various books, for them to be edited, set up, printed, preview copies go out, etc., but it seems like it’s 12 months between books, not 7 months! Especially this year, with everything going on in the world, with COVID-19, people Safe-in-Place, children doing school, dance classes, gymnastics, yoga, etc., from home, along with parents 24/7! I actually caught up on over40+ books I had on my “To Read” shelves, plus re-read classics, plus my favorite ID books!
    Thank you, Nora and Laura

  21. I can tell I just stopped vegging. It took me forever to figure out who you were talking about when you said Jack and Ryan. I remembered Jack is Commander Whitney but JD doesn’t use Feeney’s first name enough for me to remember. At least it’s not Monday.

  22. Laura-

    I love getting neat articles on my phone – but I never expected to see an article with tea sees about J. D. Robb’s newest, Shadows in Death. If I wasn’t already an “In Death” addict, this article would have driven me to it. .Great fun! I’ve already pre-ordered Shadows in Death as well as the next book in the series, Faithless in Death. Hope to read more articles like this one. Stay safe!

  23. Thanks Laura 😊 I don’t know how, but I am even more excited! 😁

  24. Can’t wait! Like, the ONLY good thing about this quarantine is I was able to finally finish the books I hadn’t read (though I didn’t read them in order). I also got my dad hooked on the series 🙂

    Question: Is Whitney the second in command (behind Tibble) of the entire NYPSD? It seems that way.

    Also, Reo appearing early on? Huh.

  25. Thanks Laura – can’t wait to learn what can scare Eve, Roarke and Summerset!!!

    1. For Summerset: Losing Roarke (and vice verse).

      For Eve and Roarke: Losing each other.

  26. I LOVE TTP! They are so efficient and on the ball. I just got my copy of Shadows in Death! 🎉🎊🎊🎉🍾🥂 I have to finish the book I am currently reading before I start, but I shall persevere!

  27. Thank you once again Nora for another great In Death story. All actions and adventures from beginning to end.
    Laura, i now understand what you meant by Jack’s and Ryan’s ‘¨Wayback Machine¨ .

  28. After reading New York to Dallas, I can’t wait to read Shadows in Death as I think of it as Roarke’s story.

    1. I have not had to wait for the 4 days I got it on Kindle, and my copy of the actual book is in the bookstore, my grandson said he can pick it up for me, cannot wait for the book though. X

  29. I have finished reading Shadows in Death. Another great addition to the continuing story of Eve Dallas and Roarke . Sigh. It has a murder (of course), a visitor from Roarke’s past, a fascinating investigation and …

    Loved it!

  30. Powered through the book after I got it yesterday (yes I ran to the book store the second it opened haha) and it was awesome!!! I loved every minute of it! 🙂

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