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  1. My copy should be delivered by this evening, can’t wait to get started.

    1. Being the greedy reader I am, I read the book already. I absolutely love it. The storyline was very satisfying. I just completely enjoy the development of each and every character in the series. Thanks and best wishes to the author for a truly enjoyable birthday present. I am just sorry I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to read it on my actual birthday.

        1. I love this book have also read it twice and can and will again. This has become my all time favorite reads.

          1. Was it an error 3/4 of the way in when Eve said he’d already sliced up 2 girls? Because I thought he beat the lounge singer with his fists and strangled her?

            I LOVED the book, I’m so glad Nora writes as fast as she does!!!

      1. I loved this book, too. There have been some comments that the writing was so different. I admire an author who goes off a familiar path and does something different. Just re-read Shadow in Death for the 3rd time. Always find something new!!

  2. Yes, Laura. I found all the teasers. I won’t mention them so the other readers will enjoy finding them for themselves. I don’t want to ruin their fun of reading Shadows by giving out spoiler alerts. But i will say that i enjoyed every minute of this story. Thanks to Nora and thanks to you for keeping us fans updated.

  3. Since I pre-ordered it I started reading it yesterday. It grabbed me from the first three pages. Love when Nora brings in Roarke’s past. I intend to finish it today. So, so, good.

    1. Just finished it. And loved it!!!! Tomorrow I will start in again and and saver every page.

  4. I enjoy all of these books, but Shadows is now in my top 10 favorites and probably in the top 5. It was just so good on so many levels:
    – The glimpses into Roarke’s past and his deeper understanding of those events (i.e., why his father beat him before Summerset found him)
    – The evolution of Eve and Roarke’s relationship, and how they handled this threat, especially in contrast to the way they reacted to similar threats early in their marriage.
    – The reaction of Eve’s superiors and bullpen to the situation, their wholehearted acceptance of Roarke and their determination to protect him
    – Dennis and Charlotte Mira and their wonderful conversation with Roarke
    – The opening of An Didean
    – The improbable (but perfect) ending to the story

    I could go on and on…but just have to say that this was a wonderful escape to the InDeath world in a very difficult year. I’m so appreciative of Nora’s talents and her ability to create this whole world.

    I’ll look forward as always to the next one, but Shadows will be hard to beat.

    1. Have to agree with you on every point. Brilliant book, excellent storyline, perfect pick me up whilst it lasted and did we ever need it.

    2. I totally agree. Too add to this, I have read every single In Death book via audiobook. Susan Ericksen’s narration is always wonderful. The second another In Death character is brought into a new book, it’s like hearing an old friend’s voice. I look forward to every new release because of this…each character is like family now.

    3. I got teary when all the cops stood for Roarke and Eve telling him to wear the tracker and that everyone one of her cops would stand /die for him. Also loved the back story!

  5. Definitely a top 5! Maybe even a top 3 of the whole series! For some reason, this line resonated with me: “I’m not your weakness, Roarke. I’m your goddamn weapon.” I’ve never thought of her like that before and I know there’s always thoughts of her being his tool/cover (Indulgence in Death) but never his weapon. I like it! And when it was discovered Cobbe’s true destination, I was just like, “Oh, no, he didn’t!” I honestly got a bit choked up every time someone mentioned how everyone is in on this as Roarke is one of theirs. Maybe even shed a happy tear the first couple of times. I have no shame in admitting it. Goodness, how am I going to get through until February?!?!? Thanks, Nora, for this wonderful treasure of a read!

  6. I just finished Shadows and all I can say is this book is FANTASTIC!!! This has to be one of my top 2 In Death books
    I will wait a couple days and re-read it as is my way. Then I will begin re-reading the whole series which I do every year. This book is spellbinding. Thanks Nora

  7. Just finished it. I loved it. Can’t get enough. It was really great. Like catching up with old friends around a great plot. Thanks Nora.

  8. I preorder the book on amazon and than I found out I’m not getting it until the 14th , crazy , can’t wait to read it , but I want to bring up something: I would love for Eve and Roarke to have kids , Roberts said when she has kids the series would end , why ? She can become captain and Roberts can write into Jamie , Sean , nixie and Eve will still be there , I like to fallow her friends , family stories don’t see why it has to end !

      1. Laura, maybe you have answered this somewhere. I appreciate this blog and the work you do to create interest in NR books. But I am more interested in what my favorite authors have to say directly. I find Nora’s blog confusing because you post her pictures/comments etc under your name. I have learned to read to the end to see if you sign it, but my question is why not just post under her name when she is writing even if you are managing the accounts?I

        Enjoyed the latest Death. It was fun!

        1. Honestly, if I didn’t post the blogs for Nora, you’d never hear from her. She’s very happy to create the content. Figuring out how to post it it here? Not so much. ~Laura

          1. Thank you, Laura. You and Nora make a great duo. Keep up the good work.

            Stay safe and healthy.

      2. Thank you. I just don’t get why fans want to tell Nora, or any author, what to write. We all love these books and they are *her* creation, not ours. Did anyone tell Aaron Copeland his symphony should have a catchy little tune at the end of a movement. Or did anyone tell DaVinci how much they would have enjoyed seeing some of Mona’s family painted into the background? NO! Yes, DaVinci and Copeland may be pretty high falutin’, but a creator is a creator and deserves respect for their choices. In this book I was happy to see the opening of An Didion in the story, because I happen really like this side story. But I would never presume to “decide” for Nora when and how it should appear. Only Nora decides. Respect that.

          1. So. I had managed to just listen a few hours a day and stretch this book several.days. then I got to the shuttles. Couldn’t stop. It’s all over now and I want more……..
            Excellent as always. How long till the next????

        1. I don’t think asking a question is the same as telling Nora what to write. In my case, sometimes I get so into the story that I wonder about this and that. Knowing that Nora doesn’t like it, I don’t ask her, but I still wonder and ponder about things.

    1. I think it would totally change the dynamic between them if they had children. Eve already feels guilty for spending so much time working so if she had children it would be even worse. Not only that but you put her in the Captain’s seat, which she totally deserves, she will lose her fire and her drive that she has being outbon the streets first hand..

      1. Except once she gets bars or has kids the books would be over. I believe Nora herself has said that. I’m very happy with the way the books are going and do not want them to end anytime soon.

        1. I agree if eve got pregnant there is no way Roarke would let her put their child in danger on a day to day basis. Eve is a cop! That’s what she does. Even if she tried to stay out of it she would find herself slipping back in. So yeah maybe later but not now. Because yes it would bring a halt to everything. With that being said, enjoying the book but yes the writing is different? A little more choppy? Peabody the soother? No offense but Eve would not have thought this. She would have just slid her eyes at Peabody and Peabody would have stepped in, no explanations needed. I will definitely enjoy the book! Live for them but not the same writing we are used to.

  9. Could not put it down! Definitely top 5 of the series. Choking up and dam rights! every time someone said “it’s family”. Perfect example of how with teamwork, hard work and heart, anything is possible! Thank you Nora. Please keep up the amazing work!

  10. I think this one could be my very favorite one!!! No big drama fights just everyone working together to protect each other. Just what is needed now. 👍❤😀

    1. Major errors so far in the audio book. Chapter 14 @1534 The narrator states that Harvo raises “his” shoulders. Pretty sure she is female. Other errors, missing parts of chapter 9.

      Not the high standard of the audiobooks previously released in this series.

      Book itself? Awesome and really enjoyed learning more about our mystery man, Rourke.

      1. I did notice an error when they had the husband in the box in the beginning of the book. ADA Rio was there and the narrator said “Leo” instead of Rio. I thought I misheard and went back but I was right. I don’t mind it – I thought it was a cute mistake. 🙂

  11. Loved it. I think it is the best book in the series. Love how everyone stands with them. Eve grew so much in this book and knew just how to handle the cop/wife balance. Wonderful job Nora!

  12. OMG!!!! I love all of the ID books but this one OUTSTANDING!!!Just the story line and everyone involved just WOW!!!!

  13. Pre ordered from Amazon they changed my delivery from 09/08 to 09/15. Don’t know what happenned. So I’m on the edge of my seat till it arrives.

  14. It’s been awhile since we had a case that centers on Roarke. I like it when the characters’ backstories are flesh out. It seems to be a companion piece to Portrait in Death which is one of my favorites in the series.

  15. Hi, all! Stayed up all night to read this great story! Nora, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. As always, I ordered it for my EReader (they send it right at midnight of the release date), then ordered the actual book from my favourite bookstore. This one seemed to enrich the Eve/Roarke marriage so delightfully.
    By the way, just to remind those who want Nora to introduce a child to the family, she already has…….Galahad! He plays the roll superbly.
    I adored this book (10/10), second only to Brotherhood because Dennis Mira played such an important role. Thanks Nora!!!

  16. Just finished my second read of Shadows! It’s going to be one of my favorites. Loved the more detailed look into Roarke’s past, his childhood, and, of course, anything with Sinead & the family is always welcomed!

    1. I absolutely loved this book.

      The way the bullpen pulled together to protect and support Eve and Roarke, the ending and the whole idea of them all going to Ireland and Seeing back into Whitney’s and Feeney past slightly.

      Definitely one of my top 10 and definitely a re read.

  17. This book was really my cup of tea. It had all the things that are my favorite things about the series. Some of them are Dennis Mira, the family, the support that Roarke gets from Eve’s co-workers, and An Didean and Quilla. The most pow worthy thing in the book is that Eve realized what Roarke must go through when she leaves for work.

  18. I wasn’t going to read this book. A first for me when it comes to this series because the blurb made it sound too emotionally challenging for my taste. Thank you, all those of you who introduced spoilers. Now I can buy the book without fear of a stroke or heart attack!

  19. This will be a huge favorite of mine. I have a few, but I really enjoyed this one. (Reread commences this weekend! 😉) All the comments about how touching it was when all of Eve’s team insisted on being a part of things because Roarke was theirs too are spot on. Shed a tear or two myself. But I have to say I loved the “make up” scene with Eve and Galahad.

  20. Loved it. Eve and Roark working together, no fighting with each other. Just the love they have fled each other. The way the way everyone stood up for Roark. The only thing I didn’t like was the cat. I really wished Eve had kicked him in the balls for that.

    1. If you are a cat person Galahad’s reaction was the way most cat’s would have reacted, well at least mine. They are very territorial. It was a perfect description.

      1. this one and when he was pissed about the dog. My absolute favorite scenes! haha

    2. Hi all,

      I think Bridget here is referring to Lorcan’s second victim in the book, not Galahad.


    3. THAT part with the cat is what keeps this out of my “best of” list of the “In Death” books. I was devastated and just emotionally put off by it. I had a hard time getting past that and into the rest of the story.

  21. Excellent. Well done Nora! I take the day off from work with every new release. You never disappoint, it’s like my own holiday.

  22. On the bottom right side of the poster behind the jacket there is a website address WWW,CLAIMYOURBADGE.COM Tried to go there with no success. Has anyone else been luckier than me?

      1. I am a huge In Death fan and have read all the books twice and listened to them all at least 3 times! I really feel like these characters are real! I love Eve Dallas so much! And Roarke is so perfect for her!

  23. Just wanted to let potential fellow listeners know that there is an issue with the Audible UK version of the book. Chapters 9 and 13 are incomplete and stop after 2 mins 11 secs and 6 mins and 33 secs respectively. On the US site the book length is 11 hours and 59 mins but the UK running time is only 10 hours 59 mins. I suggest waiting until this issue is resolved before spending your credit/cash. Very disappointing.

      1. Thank you. Very tempted to finish the book as-is but don’t know how significant what I’ve missed is. Not particularly patient 😊

    1. Hi Trina, I have the same problem with my audiobook too here in Australia. Same problem with those 2 chapters. I have contacted Audible and they are working on a resolution.

      1. Little Brown hopes that retailers have the corrected files and let readers know this weekend.


      2. Great news! I just got to that part and wondered what on earth happened to make 2 chapters significantly shorter than the others. Was trying to work out if it was an intentional jump ahead to then cover in a flash back, but didn’t feel right. I’ll contact Audible Australia and check on when it’s expected to be fixed.

  24. Kept waiting for Abernathy to be some kind of twist. Still it didn’t disappoint. Great wrap up.

  25. Brilliant story! Almost hit the ground running, and kept me spellbound all the way through. It was good, and perfectly logical, to see how things in the marriage department have calmed down, become less volatile, and with more understanding for each other. For a moment there I didn’t think Roarke would put that … let’s call it the ‘thing’ … on, but there you are, he’s calmed down in that department as well. Anyway … I can’t wait for the next story!

  26. This is one of the best book in the series. Really loved how Eve’s squad, the commander, and Feeney all rallied around her and Roarke. And what Eve gave to Roarke – nice!

  27. did anyone else take their cover off? and look at the onside of it under the sunlight??

  28. So i devoured this book in 7 hrs! Gripping story told ever so brilliantly! Love each and every installment of Eve and Roarke. It feels like I’m reading about friends now. How they all rallied around made me smile and Roarke getting cuffed by Aunt Sinead made me chuckle out loud. Xx

  29. For Bridget, who didn’t like Galahad’s reaction to Eve.

    Cats have ways of punishing their owners when said owner does something of which they disapprove. I’ve had cats all my life and have been treated to numerous displays of punishment for some preceived slight. I thought Eve handled Galahad’s miff excellently.

  30. Great as always. Great to see Quilla again.

    Is it February yet 🙁

  31. This was the best book in the series! It kept you going from page one to the end. I couldn’t put the book down. It was great to see everyone rally behind Eve and Rourke from the beginning to the end. Thanks for another great book.

  32. So what is the deal with the “www.claimyourbadge.com” on the inside of the book jacket?

  33. Thank you, Nora, for the ongoing enjoyment of this series. Shadows ID was an excellent police procedural and one of the great on-going additions to the series. I’m finally able to spread out the reading to 25% per day for a new record nearly four day read. Such control.

    Several authors have long running book series, but none do the excellent job you do giving your characters the freedom to grow and develop. It makes me always willing to open the next story to see how everyone is growing and solving the next mystery or crime that’s not such a mystery. Who knew that following such a group for 16 years would be so mesmerizing that rereading becomes an art form.

  34. Just wanted to Thank You ! Great book in the series. Like a few others said, it hit the spot during COVID, good good story, and not too much stress.

    Thank you again for the great book! I am so happy you keep writing.

  35. I loved this book, it is a favorite now, with Conspiracy, Innocent and Indulgence.
    The way Eve’s department came together to support Roarke and back him up, they claimed him as one of their’s.
    I shed a few tears in this book, some very emotional moments

  36. Really liked this one. My heart stopped with Eve’s for a second when she found the cat. But the scenes near the end with the chase – I think this is the first time in the series I could SEE it as a movie in my head. Action was so well described and so exciting

  37. I really enjoyed the book. Read it too fast probably but I couldn’t put it down. I kept waiting for something to happen with Nadine and Quilla and the video giving Cobbe more insight on Roarke so that keep me on pins and needles and through me off.

    Another enjoyable read, can’t wait for the next one!

  38. So I saw the site address for the claim your badge website. However, when putting it in, nothing happens? My system can’t find a working website?

  39. In thinking more about Shadows in Death, we see the strength of Eve’s family in the NYPSD and in Roarke’s family in Ireland. Both are loving, caring families who are there to support Eve and Roarke no matter what. And there is the home family in Galahad (spoiled child) and Summerset (father figure who keeps an eye on the “kids”). Everyone pulls together – including Reo and Nadine and Dennis and Dr. Mira. Family all the way.

  40. Five stars on this one from me. It had all the feels. I especially like that Eve is moving closer to appreciating Summerset as real family too. As usual, the action scenes were brilliantly written.

  41. Shadows of Death shows how much the characters have grown so much. I couldn’t put it down. J.D. Robb writes like a dream. I can visually see them in my head. One of the best In Death book in my top 10. Thank You for this one.

  42. This book was wonderful!!! I can’t wait to read it again. The way the they all stand with Roarke is just the best.

    I really loved the mention of the Chef at Didean. His name was Carlo and all I could wonder was if that was a shout out to Carlo Franconi from Nora’s book “Lessons Learned”. I smiled at that thought.

    I just can’t express how I loved this book. Got to be in my top 3.

    Nora gave us a wonderful gift, as always. Just loved spending time visiting with my In Death family.

  43. Just finished Shadows and it was excellent! Now I’m book angry – it’s finished but I want more. So good. The line that made me close the book and just smile was “ “Alone, Summerset sat another moment, stroking the cat. “Well, my friend, let’s do what we can do to keep our children safe.”

    Thanks for the pages of joy!

    1. I loved that line also. It is only the second time in all the books that I’ve heard him refer to Eve and Roark as “the children” and he was talking to the cat that time too. Summerset is just an old softie.

  44. This is the best In Death yet. I keeps you at the edge of your seat until the very end. Also love how all the relationships get stronger. I’ve read it twice already!!!

  45. Absolutely loved SHADOWS. My sister-in-law introduced me to the series after Christmas (’19) and I’ve been devouring them ever since! Now I have to wait for 4 whole months – perhaps I’ll finish reading the In betweens.
    Would introducing REGAL to GALAHAD be inconceivable ? A little competition / companion? Not a cat person , so not sure.

  46. Such a perfect story! Looking forward to listening to the audio book. Shadows ID is definitely been added to my favorites to be re-read annually. So many looks into the total love Eve and Roarke have for each other and the growing family they have been blessed with. Thank you Nora! You never fail us, your loyal readers!

  47. Such a great read. So many stand out moments in this story. I really liked the scene between Summerset and Eve after discovering the cat. “Oh, sit down girl, and quit pacing about.” Not many people would ever refer to Eve as ‘girl’ but she didn’t address it. Shows how much their relationship has evolved. I guess he does refer to Roarke as ‘boy’ sometimes too. His children to protect. It was nice to have Brian show up in the ending scenes as well. Always good to see him.

  48. Did anyone have a moment there where they thought it was Galahad? I almost jumped up out of my seat. Glad that didn’t happen. WHEW

  49. I came upon the In Death series by happenstance back in 2006 when I found Naked in Death in a marina exchange library. Since that time, I’ve been an avid follower (of Nora’s regular titles as well). Though Treachery In Death remains my favorite, this book has many of the same ‘elements’ that give it a similar feel to me.

    1. Treachery ID is close to my favorite as well. Shadows ID is right there with it. I like having the “family” have to overcome something really tough.

  50. One of Nora’s best. After my second read, I listen to the audio version. Just love Susan Erickson’s voice for every character.
    I think this is one of my top 5 favorites. The scene at the gates stopped my heart for a second or two. I think I love Galahad as much as Eve, Roarke and Sommerset do.

  51. Up there in my top 5. I bought this at the grocery store as I was number 732 out of 1,000+ on hold at the library. So glad I spent the money…worth it. And – maybe I will get to read the library’s copy right before the new release in February. Thank you … really loved this one and how it brought “both families” together.

  52. I loved this book as well. I liked Roarke squirming doing things he is uncomfortable doing.

  53. This book is really good !! Love the look into Roarke’s past and him having a nightmare – so good.
    The bad- the cat. Holy moly that killed me. I have a ginger who is sweet and trusting and that just – it gutted me really did. I’m gonna skip that part next time I reread it I think. I know its rather ironic that I get more upset about a cat than people in these books but that was a doosie.
    Still, this book ranks as one of my faves !!!

  54. Absolutely loved it! Love that it focused on Roarke this time and loved the storyline, character development and different dynamics. As always pure gold from Nora! Thank you!! Such an enjoyable read, definitely in my top 3 too 😊

  55. I loved Shadows, as I do all her books! So good! Comment: I was a little surprised that after having the trackers put into Eve and Roarke, they weren’t put to use. After reading that, I anticipated an abduction of either party. Thoughts?

    1. You’re never going to see an abduction of Eve or Roarke. The trackers were put to use as needed. They were a precaution—and even if I had an inclination to have either one abducted, there really wouldn’t have been room for it in the storyline.

      Really glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Didn’t think there was going to be an abduction, I think it was needed in the story to show the lengths everyone was willing to go to to keep everyone safe. They have tried to tracker or monitor Roarke before and he always said no.

  56. Loved this story! How many other “…in Death” fans have read a new book and cannot wait to go back and reread/relisten again almost right away. I always pick up on things I missed the first go around, so I find it equally enjoyable. The characters are so fun and loving and interact famously kudos and hugs to all involved!

  57. Did anyone else think they’d get a DNA sample just to see? I know the description of Cobb was no where close to Roarke but would of been interesting 🤔 great book❣️ My top two❣️

  58. I purposely sought out this page to ask a question. I don’t often find mistakes so maybe the mistake is mine. At the beginning of the book it says that Cobbe was born in September 2000 and is claiming to be the son of Roarkes dad. Roarke said that Cobbe was 3-5 years older than him. Roarke was born in 2024. What gives??

  59. Was I the only one who spit their drink when Roarke’s aunt slapped him upside the head?

    1. No. I laughed so hard because I could just picture the look on his face and everyone else. What a hoot that was

  60. I loved shadows in death and am glad for the series. I love the way she connected his past and what might have been with the now ans i really like how his family in Ireland stands with him. I love how the cops support Roarke and Eve without question espically after rereading some of the first books where she is questioned for her personal life choices. And lastly I will always enjoy the connection that they seem to share as a couple and that never ending way that they know one cant be stopped any more than another. I even love the way they tied the Captian into it with a case lost its great and one of my favs for sure.

  61. I think this is my favorite ID book of all of them. I read it quickly and there were so many parts of the story that I loved. I enjoyed the way the whole squad stood up to help protect Roarke and take down Cobbe and the struggle Roarke had with that. will read this again before I take it back to the library

  62. As with everyone else, I agree, this book was one of the best. But I have to say, I’m falling in love with Jenkinson! I liked the fact that the whole department was involved in the search and take down. Eve’s reaction to them was classic!

  63. I loved it. An amzing read. Love the way the characters flow. Just amazing. Thank you once again.

  64. Love all the Dallas books. This one was delightful in the fact how all her squad was involved when the thought Roark was in danger. When it became apparent so was Eve it was”Katie bar the door”. No one was going to touch their Lt. It was great to read how they all worked together.
    Closer to the end it wasn’t funny but was fun, to see them all travel to Ireland together to stop this guy. I loved every minute of it and am going start rereading it tonight.

  65. (It really isn’t my business. Just got the book and love the In Death Series. Nora your books are so well written. They are a joy to read. Thank you!

  66. Oh, my goodness!! That was some ride! I loved the part where Summerset is talking to Galahad about keeping ‘the Children’ safe. I actually thought that Abernathy was going to be a prick, but, he ended up a really decent guy! The end was awesome!

    Another great read!!

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