Really nothing much

Winter queen Nora as fashioned by the fabulous Turn the Page Staff. The real Nora is staying home.

I haven’t blogged in awhile mostly because I’ve had my nose to the grindstone both professionally and domestically. So it’s pretty much boring, as in:

Get up, go to work. Check the news on the world maybe. Realize the news in the world sucks a lot. Go back to work. Finish work, go work out. Sweat is good!

Talk to BW. Perhaps have a drink with BW because I’ve had a righteous day. Eat. Sign books or do galleys if necessary. Watch something on TV as brain is very tired. So is body. Go to bed.

Get up, repeat.

On weekends, continue the full house purge–no excuses!–until it’s finally, finally, FINALLY complete. Bake bread, make soup or whatever. Shovel out the rest of the house.

Oh, a couple of dentist appointments in there. My teeth are my bane.
A couple of family dinners–with at least some on the menu geared toward our vegetarian.

Oh, a nice visit from same over a weekend when she stayed with us. Movies, on-line shopping for (gulp!) a graduation dress. And it’s so pretty on her, too! Help with purging is always welcome. Much happy conversation about college. When Kayla leaves the end of August, I’ll miss that girl like a limb.

Kayla visited her college a couple of weeks ago. She’ll be able to visit Nana in the library!

A delightful family Sunday including the constantly happy Griffin. He definitely likes Nana’s spaghetti. I don’t know if Laura can grab the shot of him off FB–I have no clue how to–but it’s classic.

Guess what? Laura knew how. Classic.

Work, more work–my favorite routine is sticking well over this period. I love getting solid, uninterrupted writing days, then sweating it off, getting my house in order and spending time in the kitchen on weekends. It’s my perfect balance.

Tomorrow I plan to go out into the world (or at least Boonsboro) for the first time–excluding the dentist–since . . . jeez, I think the February signing. I believe that’s correct.

The inn’s having an art show with one of my very favorite artists, Claire Hardy. Since I’ve just redone our bedroom I believe I have a spot for a new painting.

Flowers by Claire Hardy.

Then, my hope is to continue to basic and boring right up to the girl spa in April.

Then spring happens. I’ll be ready for it!


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  1. I love when routines are followed. The occasional change is fun, but in the frigid winter, routines are golden!

  2. The spaghetti looked good! I’m so envious of your perfect routine.

    Oh, and the queen image was so fitting!

  3. It’s lways nice to catch up with you, Queen Nora! I envy your self-discipline and am working hard on mine. You’re an inspiration.

    I love that pic of you and Griffin. His smiling face always brings a smile to mine.

    And I love, love, love that painting of red flowers. It’s something I’d love to have in my house too. 🙂

    I’m totally ready for spring as well … as the snow swirls and wind howls outside my picture window.

  4. Have you tried Impossible Burgers for your vegetarian? Huge blast of protein…and OMG taste and texture of ground beef!!

    Love your winter routine…especially since I will reap the benefits with your latest book!!

    This winter’s save me from politics is rereading The Inn Boonsboro trilogy!!!

  5. Wow! You have been busy! Glad to hear about checking galleys, means there will be great books by Nora and JD for us to read next Spring.
    Your Kayla has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Fortunately, my granddaughter is only 12 and in 7th grade, but I’ve copied your routine of post-Christmas shopping with her and Saturday cooking. She has terrific knife skills, is learning the favorite family recipes. I just bought her her own set of knives (slightly smaller, as she’s petite and her hands are much smaller than mine). She already had her own apron and potholders here. I think she too is leaning towards becoming a vegetarian. I’m cooking more vegetarian dishes with separate meat sides for family gatherings. My Nona Beef and Nona’s Spaghetti Sauce are the 2 meat items she eats without complaint, sometimes even has seconds. I’ve taught her the recipes, but she claims mine is always better! So does my son-in-law! He requests both regularly!

    I have a question I’ve been wondering about the last 5 years and especially since Gokden in Death came out: Have you written or outlined the final In Death book, giving us conclusions of the various storylines, like Peabody & McNab, Mavus and her family, Nadine & Jake, Charles & Louise, Crack & the psychologist, the shelter and kids home, etc , and of course Eve Dallas & Roarke? The reason I ask is that I’ve been reading your work for over 30+ years and the ID books for the 25 years they’ve been published. I’m 72 now, hopefully I have 10 to 15 more years in me, but I don’t know how long you intend to keep writing, another 10 to 20 years? I’d hate to not know the ending of the ID books characters. They’ve become family & friends to me. I know several readers of the ID books who are in their early 80’s. They say the same thing! I promised them all, if they become too I’ll to read, I’ll read every ID book that comes out, to them. I’ve already done this 4 years ago for a friend who was in hospice. I read a chapter or two of the February releasethe to her on every visit. Unfortunately she died before I finished the entire book. Her family let me bury it, along with her Bible and rosary, with her!

    1. I never outline—not my process. And I couldn’t write the final book until I GET to the final book! How do I know what’s going to happen between now and then?

      I have no plans to stop writing the series or writing at all.

      1. I’m 84 and have been reading your books almost since you started. I have even re-read many of them. I always find something new in them or something I don’t quite remember. I’m just getting started on your Robb books. Shirley

      2. Thanks for the update. I purged too. Two more closet to go. I feel so righteous when I am done. Thank you for your talent. Absolutely love your books and have recommended them often.

    2. I have so many books that I’ve not read yet, & many, many books that I love rereading, so I firmly believe that anything that important we don’t leave behind when we die. My idea of heaven is going to include a LOT of reading. So in my world, she got to finish the book later, and has been reading the others as they released. But it was so good of you to be reading the book to her.

    3. I have vision issues so I use Audible or any other audiobooks available. You might tell your friends about them an the library usually has them too.

    4. I am also 72 and dread the day ID books come to an end. I love all of NR books but must admit ID is my favorite series. With all the advances in voice recognition, I foresee Nora writing as long as she is willing.

    5. I am also 72 and dread the day ID books come to an end; but I don’t believe it will happen anytime soon. I love all of NR books but must admit ID is my favorite series. With all the advances in voice recognition, I foresee Nora writing as long as she is willing.

  6. She eats the veggie burgers, but when she’s coming to dinner, I like to make her something that’s she wouldn’t necessarily get just hitting fast food.

    I have several veggie dishes, so far, she really likes. They’re really not hard to make, so I’m pleased to do it for her.

    1. Be careful of the veggie burgers you buy.
      The “Impossible Burgers” have 18× the amount of female hormones that you get from a regular hamburger made of 80/20 beef!

  7. Excellent routine and discipline! Kayla off to college – learning new things and having new experiences. Griffin and spaghetti – great and precious combination. Looking forward to the results of your hard work.

  8. I dearly love these updates and insights into your life! You are one of my heroes for sure! I live for your writing and your wonderful stories!

    Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment and enchantment!

  9. I love your routine in which you always make time to spend with family. Kayla of to college this year, how amazing is that. I have 2 granddaughters in college and one getting ready to start this fall….am anxiously awaiting her decision on which one she will pick.

    Love the picture of Griffin, he certainly is getting to be quite the young man…

    Enjoy Life!!!

  10. I actually started to ask which college; curious because I worked as an academic librarian for almost 40 years. But reminded myself; not a good thing to be putting out there! But I know she’ll enjoy the experiences; she’s been encouraged to enjoy & seek out new experiences which is great. I also figure you’ll enjoy the “Parent’s” weekends, etc & visiting her!

    I am always in awe of your “whole house purge” every year! It takes me forever & I rarely get a whole room purged, let alone the house. Your discipline is amazing. A bit intimidating, but amazing!

    Thanks for the writing! I really enjoyed Golden & about due for the reread (which means another day accomplishing little else, including purges ;( ) I inhaled it the day it released, now to go back & reread/savor the fine touches!

  11. Beautiful painting!! Hang it where you see it every day!! So if you day turns south looking at the painting will brighten your day!!

  12. You have a great routine! I admire it. I’m a sloth. I know you’ll miss Kayla.
    I have a great-niece who graduates this spring and then she heads to college in the fall. I keep trying to figure out where the last 18 years flew to. Evelyn will be 19 in October. Her mother and I would talk on Yahoo instant messenger when she was pregnant with her because she was off work due to blood pressure issues.

  13. Love that Griffin. He seems to be such a happy child. Kudos to his parents and Nana of course! The painting is one I would buy. Love it, I have orange poppies on my wall. I enjoy all your books and plan to read and reread til I can’t anymore.

  14. I love your routines. I have certain ones too and I did the purge at the beginning of the year also. It felt so good to get rid of “stuff”. I cannot believe Kayla is now ready for college. I remember when she was born! My goodness time flies. I’m re-reading Remember When this weekend. Have a great week Nora!

  15. What a great routine laced with good family times.
    What? Just one dress? I’m thinking there might be some college wardrobe in the future.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. That painting is FABULOUS!! I love the colors.
    Griffen is adorable as ever.. and wow, K is graduating! Congratulations to her!
    As a fellow vegetarian – I refuse to eat those impossible burgers (and yes, I did try it – but I gave up meat for a reason, I don’t like to eat products that resemble the texture and taste of meat) For me, and more and more, my very patient husband, it is veggies and grains and good homemade organic ingredients!
    Enjoy your routine, spring will be here before we all know (please please, I am tired of a cold NY)

  17. I laughed when i saw the last line- you continuing w/basic and boring!? There’s nothing basic or boring about your life. As if writing is not enough, but working out and household chores, etc. doesn’t strike me as boring. Exhausting yes, but here’s hoping that you have the strength to continue- i’m looking forward to #100 at least in the In Death books.

  18. Thank you for the post. Your “routine” means more fab books for me. Thank you, and happy pre-Spring!💜


  19. Oh my gosh, I remember when you were just getting Kayla interested in cooking! I feel old – lol. My grandmothers were 20 years apart in age, and I learned different things about cooking and baking from both of them. Wonderful memories. As always, many thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh, what a wonderful life you must live! I really am glad you have such a routine as it gives us so many more books to read! ( I love your writing). I, unfortunately, only have one grand close to me. He is three (3). All my others are either in California (5), one is in the Army , or Arkansas (3) and 2 of them are in college.
    I too am doing a purge. Trying to get rid of stuff that should have been gone for at least 10 years.
    Thanks for sharing! Take care!

  21. Considering another author I follow lives in Nashville and went through the tornadoes (they were in her area but she was ok), boring and routine sounds good.

  22. Oooooooo…..I LOVE dark red. Use a good bit in my kitchen/dining room. That painting is gorgeous.

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