Shadows in Death cover reveal

There still so much of 2020 to enjoy before September. But I have to admit this video makes me want Shadows in Death in my hands a little sooner.

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21 thoughts on “Shadows in Death cover reveal”

  1. Of course, knowing the thrust of the story, we didn’t need this video to whet our appetites. It just makes the waiting more difficult. I hope when we’re closer to September you will have mercy and begin posting snippets a bit earlier than normal.

  2. Now I want it to be September! Cant wait. I just finished Golden in Death

  3. OMGD – September can’t come soon enough! Looking toward May for excerpt.

  4. Excellent trailer! The hook was nicely baited – I’ve pre-ordered!

  5. I pre-ordered in January!
    Cannot wait for May, to tingle my taste buds!

  6. I just finished Golden in Death and can’t wait to read this one!

  7. What, again? Wasn’t that little psycho in VENGEANCE…, or Max Ricker, bad enough?

    Be interesting if he’s a screwed-over business rival, rather than Yet Another Reminder of Roarke’s Shady Past….

  8. Oh, my… This is a great way to start the next 50. Thanks. Looking forward to your hints and the excerpt. Love how you take care of us, Laura.

  9. Already pre-ordered. I certainly don’t want to wish spring and summer away, but really looking forward to this one. Love reading about things in Roarke and Eve’s pasts.

  10. I did my first ever countdown post on the one you had for Golden in Death on Instagram. Such fun finding pictures & I loved seeing everyone’s posts. Looking forward to September’s release.

  11. When I saw the line about it being someone who wanted to get the people Roarke loves, I thought it was a good thing he’s married to Eve.

  12. Excited about these books, but also interested in an update! What has she been up to since New Years? 🙂

  13. I look forward to all the books, and this is no exception. I was sad by some earlier comments about Golden In Death. I thought it was written like JD Robb has written all her In Death stories. Not every character has to be in every book, and Eve and Roark are evolving in their life together, even if Roark knows Eve better than she knows herself. I love the writing and look forward to all her books, either written by Nora or JD. Cheers to another two books to look forward to reading!

  14. Staying home due to this crisis, & clearing up emails. I just came across this. Nora never repeats herself, but we got this plot in Vengeance- how many past enemies does Roarke have? But who cares- i’m gonna snap it up the day it comes out anyway.

    1. Just finished it. Nothing like Vengeance which was so early in Eve and Roarke’s relationship. This one reflects them now.


      1. Thanks for the tip, Laura. Just a little jealous that you’re that far ahead of us. But I can wait (she lied). I’m a little surprised at Chevy, though, as there are references in several stories where Eve asks Roark if he will check to see if someone could be after him or out to foul up one of his deals. Just saying. She usually has a great memory of these adventures.

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