The Awakening

Life as we know it is a bit upended right now. I thought it would be fun to bring a little excitement of the book kind into this St. Patrick’s Day 2020 so I’m pleased to share the cover reveal video for The Awakening, the first book in the Dragon Heart Legacy.

My favorite cover – ever. ~Laura

Right now, all I can tell you is the Awakening is the first book in Nora’s latest trilogy where parallel worlds clash over the struggle between good and evil.

You can pre-order The Awakening at your favorite retailer now:

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23 thoughts on “The Awakening”

  1. Am I the only one to notice the parallels with current happenings in the world and the ‘In Death’ series re ‘Urban Wars’! Has NR the ability to foretell the future! This, of course, is tongue in cheek, but its scarily accurate as to what’s happening. Happy Paddy’s Day to you all from a Paddy isolated in rural France, happily rereading Reflections about Lindsay and Ruth!

    1. I thought about Year One that way. There was a mini hand sanitizer bottle with Year One’s cover in a giveaway a couple of years ago. Nora possibly having the power to see into the future has crossed my mind. I think it was after I started reading the In Death books, written back in the late 90s I think, when I started to wonder…

      1. Oh man, I find myself thinking about that book all the time now. Now we know that toilet paper should have been the first problem they had! I’m planting my colder weather spring crops and wondering if I need to plant more because of the economic affects of all of this!

  2. Maybe order at your local bookstore, not a big online shop. They‘ll have much more trouble in the coming weeks.

  3. Can’t wait! As with all of her books. I’m sure it will be Amazing!

  4. I really love the cover for ” The Awakening ” … gorgeous as well as interesting, considering what the book is about. I pre- ordered the book back in February and can’t wait to start the new trilogy.
    Already know it’s another winner … straight out of the ballpark! Thanks, Nora, for such outstanding story lines and books. The countdown is on … about 9 weeks until ” Hideaway “, about 5 1/2 months until ” Shadows in Death “, and about 8 months for ” The Awakening ” . Thanks again, for all of your intriguing and wonderful books.

  5. I have a terrible urge to see if I can work that dragon logo up for my stitching. I like dragons…a LOT!

    Went to check that I’d ordered this? Yep, last November! Never get behind on ordering the NR’s & JDR’s!

  6. Excellent video! I like the forest overhead above the city. The music help builds the drama and anticipation.

    Happy St. Patrick’s 🍀 Day

    Everyone be safe and well.

    We are in a three week shelter in place except for grocery shopping and other necessities.

  7. Something to look forward to which is in itself a gift during these difficult times. What would do without Nora’s wonderful industry? Love the cover as well, Laura.

  8. Yowza! Looks like a winner already! That one will be on the pre-order for sure! Thanks, Laura!

  9. I am so excited!!!! I always happily await Nora’s book releases.

  10. Seems like Year One is happening outside right now. Minus the Raiders, etc. Shelter in Place indeed. I’m on the lookout for Max Fallon.

    1. I’m worried that that will happen if we have to stay in isolation and people have trouble getting food. We already have seen how some people acted who thought they could make money off the fear of others! Authors and artists seem to predict the future but Nora Roberts seems particularly tuned in, doesn’t she?? Stay safe and Brightest Blessings!

  11. Brought home all my office necessities this evening and set everything up at home. Started rereading The Liar at lunch today. Can’t wait for the new book, but am using the old to get by. We start shelter in place Saturday at 5. Kept thinking about Nora’s book whenever I hear that phrase. I think without Nora I’d go stir crazy. Stay safe and health everyone.

  12. I love Nora Roberts books have everyone ever written but my all time favorite by any author is Witness I have reread it a hundred times I have backups of it so I will never wear it out I recommended to my friend who loved it just as much (a follow up story on them is my dream wish)so thank you so much for all the books you have entertained me with over the years (it’s always hard to wait for the next book by you but I know you try your best) Wishing you and your family Good Health
    And Happiness stay safe

  13. I’ve never written but just wanted you to know that I’ve listened to the In Death books on Audible from beginning to end at least 7 times. I prefer listening to watching TV. I just found Laura on the Saturday face book page and commend you for your patience. Some just don’t get the concept of a baby for Eve. She can hardly hold Bella. I enjoy all of Nora’s books and have read every one from her early Harlequins and Silouettes all the way through to # 50. JD’s. Thank You for all you both do. Keep safe. This too shall pass.

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