The Register, 11/18/16

A quiet-ish week in Nora world.  She’s revisiting a certain couple of someones in 2061 NYC, I hear.  But whispers of a new book are all we get, considering there’s months to go until she shares with the rest of us.  Let’s leave the writer alone and focus focus on finishing 2016 well, ok?


The Obsession and Brotherhood In Death are finalists in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016.  The Obsession is in the Romance category while Brotherhood in Death is in Mystery/Thriller.  Click the category name for your chance to vote.

Last night was Girls’ Night Out at Turn the Page and the turnout was nearly that of a signing.  Gone are the days that Nora and I could wander through stores, check in at TTP so she could sign books, and then head out again.  So many happy faces, so many celebrations, so much good energy showed up at Nora’s table.   We had a very nice evening.

Post signing selfie.

I decided to camp out at Nora’s for the evening and when I left this morning, I had to stop my car and take this photo of the drive.  A color combination of fall and Christmas, no?


And I posted a couple of quotes on social media — what do you think?  (Belated congratulations to all the Cubs fans out there — and sympathies to the Cleveland faithful).

but-if-we-go-out-again-im-wearing-my-cubs-hat stay-warm-take-2

Much more news next week (though I may play with the timing since I’ve got some travel for the holiday).


10 thoughts on “The Register, 11/18/16”

  1. I’m a Cubs fan so I would have been ok either way. I’m better because the Cubs won but Cleveland hadn’t won for 68 years so they would have been ok, too.

      1. Ahhh, did a nice job, its a different look for her. Darker red too isn’t it? I remember fondly those early Bunch (& raffles) with Nora at his gorgeous establishment with amazing food.
        Still think about that yellow squash we had there, yummy.

  2. WOW what a show stopper photo you captured. I would have stopped my car too and probably would still be sitting there looking at that gorgeous scenery.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone at Camp Nora. It will be a quiet celebration here at the Reed house. A trip to the Library to see what I can scavenge up of Nora’s to read.
    Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving week ahead.

  3. One of her/Roarkes best lines ever. But then, when does he say anything that isn’t awesome, 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing the social media notes here! I have to get Private Scandals out of the bookshelf for a reread. That was really prophetic of Nora. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. Loving the hair Laura, looks good on you. Nora’s looks more and more like Eve this Fall. Hope both you lovely ladies enjoy your Thanksgiving Season with family and friends. I am thankful for the both of you!

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