Montana – Day 14

A late start (what will be Day 15), at least for me. Waking up just past eight is like the middle of the day! Part of the reason was processing Infinity Wars, but that’s for later.

Artful pano selfie —  please note sign by NR.
Photo by j a-b’s phone.

Kat and I decided to hit the Outpost to finish off a little shopping in the morning. A nice day, a bit hazy so the far mountains rise under a thin curtain. We walk over—or mosey at that’s our girl’s speed right now. Only more pleasant. BW heads over to work out, Jason finishes up some stuff at the cabin—and we’ll all meet up.

We pass the horses—and a rooster crows. Hey, a little late today, pal. Gorgeous black horse, sweet, sleepy dog, strutting rooster. An entertaining stop on our walk.

They have new stuff in the shop, so we must see everything! Kat’s mission is boots, but alas, swollen pregnancy feet cause a serious issue. Even with short boots, zippered boots, larger size boots, though the  girl who helped us tried really hard. Best to wait on these until after baby. Which is a shame as several pair were pretty terrific.

I’m not after boots. I have a pair of cowboy boots I’ve had for years that serve very well for those rare occasions I want them, and are wonderfully comfortable.

But…..When there is a pair of cowboy boots in a color billed as Old Gringo Lavender—and the display pair is MY size, what can I do? It’s almost an obligation, really.  So what I can do is buy a pair of Farm To Feet socks (adorable and warm and comfy) to check them out.

Old Gringo Lavender/NR

They soon become mine. [See note from Laura.]

I also find (or Kat finds for me) a cute little dress, with pockets! Too short for a dress for me, but as a tunic over leggings, wonderful.

We have a good time looking at the leather cuff bracelets, and Kat finds one that fabulous for her. Search for a couple of gifts, and find those.

Then the guys show up, so it’s time for lunch.

Lunch this time out means a Huckleberry margarita, which is every bit as delicious as it sounds. So I have two before lunch is over. Another grilled cheese for me. Nice and sunny and warm on the porch.

#Food-a-rama time!

Jason gets his walk back, but I’ve hit my goal and ride.

Now there’s porch sitting time, and puzzle (evil puzzle) time. A lot of doing not much of anything for the rest of the afternoon.

BW shows off his pictures of a doe and her fawn who came right up to the glass walls of the gym while he worked out. We spot a few more just grazing in the high grass beyond the cabin. Then I see one bounding—God, so pretty—just bounding along too fast for me to fumble out my phone for a shot. 


I hear a hawk call—something else we hear off and on during the days here.

It’s dinner and a movie night at the cabin. Lots of left-overs to be heated up, dished up for a nice meal on the back porch. 

Our tech guys (J&K) are hooking up a laptop to the loft TV to stream Infinity Wars. J&K have already seen, but Kat is anxious for my reaction and take once I have.

We have big chairs, big sofa up there, so it’s really comfortable.

I don’t want to do spoilers, but I thought the movie rocked (huge Avenger’s fan, and comic book reader since childhood here), and the ending was WHAT??? But actually not only made sense (there was definite foreshadowing) but made a really brilliant story arc from the very first Avengers movie.

I’m very anxious to see where they go (I think I know) from here. Have to wait till next summer.

Due to processing the movie, it took me awhile to fall asleep. Probably why I slept late.

Got a solid, slightly shorter workout in as Kat and I had an Apothecary class over in Spa town.

I’ll detail in the next blog, but will say we had a great time.

Cold and rainy today so writing this (after lunch) in front of the living room fire.



In today’s #randomkatness

S’mores personality test
Caption by Laura/Photo by Kat

Note: Was there any doubt on this??? ~Laura

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  1. Ah, proper boots. I walked into Space Cowboys in New York just to try on a proper pair of boots. Ended up getting a pair of hand made Stallions where the seller gave me a bigger discount than I ever intended to spend… They were red though, and just melted onto my feet?

  2. LOL! Have to start with the S’mores! Kat’s is so cute! And two for Nora? Not sure one qualifies as a S’more, but it’s vacation, right?

    You always make the shopping sound fun. And the deer look sweet.

    I’m living in a sauna, but sitting close to the fire sounds nice.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks.

  3. Dying laughing here at the s’more personality test. That is ART kids! Thanks to all of you for sharing this vaca with us. Laura, sounds like you are doing well, and I am very grateful for this as well as you keeping us updated on the fun these Montana adventurers are having. Huckleberries have now populated my bucket list!

  4. Boots in Old Gringo Lavender? Oh hell yeah..

    ps. am I the only one experiencing pictures covering the text?

    1. I have that problem when I view on my Ipad, but not when I view on phone.

    2. I get that when I read the posts from my computer but not on my phone.

    3. The new editing platform has captions inside photos in the galleries, like #food-a-rama. Otherwise they are traditional captions. Is that what you mean?


      1. Laura – no, it’s the pictures clear to the left, then the captions to the right, as if they’re for another picture.

          1. A question that made me go “hmmmm”, so I tried it on everything I had – a desktop (Win 10), a laptop (Win7), phone (iPhone) and Kindle(Silk). Both desktop and laptop did as I described, but the iPhone lined up. So did the Kindle, so I could enlarge the pictures. I felt like I was back at my old research job – fun!

      2. Laura, for me the gray box/captions are showing up below and one photo width to the right of each photo so the last line of captions is over the top of the next paragraph of text, making it difficult to read.

    4. I am too. Using my iPad, but this Montana trip is the firstt time text is blocked by some photos.

    5. It is happening to me too. At first I thought it was just my iPad but same this going on when on my main computer. I enjoy the photos so still a win win for me. Also I have both my iPad and computer set large font and afraid if I ask my computer tech(son) he’ll just shake his head and think old lady problems. Smokey here in Oregon. I wish we had some rain to help with the forest fires. I would love to be there in a cabin with my kids. We will settle for our annual 3 days at Seaside Oregon.

  5. Hi Nora,
    Thank you so much for sharing your vacation – love all of the updates! Are you wearing the new lavender boots in the pano?

    Hi Laura,
    Glad you are doing well! I’d love it if you posted updates from your upcoming beach vacation 🙂 I can’t read the sign in the pano – too blurry when I enlarge the photo – can you please help me with what it says?

    Thank you both so much for including all of us in the fun!

    1. The sign says:
      Sharp Edges
      Do Not Touch

      I’ll make sure I share some beach time here.


    2. You could enlarge the pano?? Now I’m jealous. What did the note say?

  6. Those boots ?…i love them. Purple is my favourite colour. Sadly cowboy boots make by feet look huge (size 10 here). The fawn was so cute!! Was dying to hear your thoughts on Infinity War…I’m still reeling and avoiding at all cost all spoilers and theories of Avengers 4…
    Montana sounds absolute dreamy…thank you for sharing your journey!

  7. Okay, I am in for shopping and eating too. Love deer photo and s’mores are yummmy. Jason’s looks perfect. Life is great and vacations are a definite yes! Keep enjoying.

  8. Thank you for sharing. Such a nice, easy-going day. I’m an Avegers fan, too, and look forward to next year’s second half of Infinity War. Pictures are lovely; food looks good. Love the boots!

  9. I’m with Nora on the S’mores. Why mess with the perfect treat? That must be a fleet-footed rooster, sauntering in around the horses. I’m drooling over the grilled cheese – good thing I’ve already had dinner – lol. Seriously cute boots! Of course you had to have them. That’s the nice thing about summer in the Rockies. If it rains, it gets cool enough for a fire.

  10. Absolutely loving all the pictures and daily info. Haven’t seen any of the movies mentioned, but I’m not a big movie buff except for Lord of the Rings preferably the extended versions. Former coworker and friend hooked me on those movies by telling where they were in watching and how they had to stop to go on their newspaper route. I borrowed them and that was it. Hooked like a fish.

  11. That’s how I like my s’mores too! I like all of the ingredients- but separately! Those purple boots are just the thing! So sorry that Kat couldn’t shop for a pair- I well remember those swollen feet pregnancy days. It’s a good thing my kids were born in the summer as all I could wear in late pregnancy was flip flops. Which I now can’t stand for whatever reason. Love your vacation journal! I keep saying I want to send myself in a steamer trunk and tag along some day! Thank you for sharing your vacation with your avid readers!

  12. I’m an oct 8 baby, nora is oct. 10. we are the same age, both have 2 kids, same height, hair color. but we differ BIG time on our sleep schedules! If getting up past 8, is like the middle of the day! What’s wrong w/waking up later ofna vacay? I’m a nite owl, so getting up at 8 is way too early! At least we have the same tastes in boots- that color is divine!

  13. Possible Infinity War aftermath: systems that run with minimal manpower (like farming & transportation) will collapse immediately. Economy will fail worse than Great Depression. I figure 25% of pre-war population will die from famine, pestilence, & war. Not a good idea.

  14. I love reading these travelogues. I love to live vicariously through other people’s adventures.
    I’m also a huge puzzle fan and that one looks very hard. Am currently attempting one of a little boy playing with his train set in front of a fireplace. There’s a LOT of browns and blacks in it. (The Engineer by Anatolian puzzles – number 5 on this page

  15. Seriously…old gringo lavender? Absolutely a must have!!!
    Wear in good health!!!

    What I love best about your vacation is that everyone is free to wander off on their own to do things!!!

    This is just the best! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  16. So, I do learning & development work for a living and have worked with a fair number of assessments during my career. However, I’ve never seen the S’Mores assessment and I think I should add it to my repertoire! Just a guess, but in looking at the results, I’m thinking that the guys are more about following the rules, Kat enjoys adding her own spin to the rules and Nora just throws the rule book out the window…hence, lavender cowboy boots, which I completely dig!

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