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  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how much I enjoyed reading this book…it had such a great flow and it was a great procedural, too. Eve and Roarke have such camaraderie these days…and yet I loved seeing those sparks fly when they have to decide which side of the line they are on when it comes to the law and get pissed off with each other and that hot sex scene that followed. I am thinking, although this may change, that the scene between Summerset and Eve about Patrick Roarke’s murder might have been the best closure scene ever…followed by the Academy Awards. Hanging Bella’s drawing on the friggie was a great moment, too. Loved reading the hard cover…but now will listen to audio for fun. Such a great addition to the series…thanks JDR.

    1. Sorry to be out of sequence but I’m reading leverage for the 4th or 5th time.
      Im reading it on Kindle but own them all.
      My confusion is I thought early in the book Eve and roarke decided to pay for Peabody and Mcnabe to go to the awards with Leonardo doing outfits and roarke providing Transpo. He would loan Peabody jewelry of Eve’s. Mavis and Bella gifted Eve and company a finger painting of Bella’s. I just read where Fenney told Eve about p and m having invites to it and they should give them the time. Did I missomething that will be cleared up? Can’t wait until tuesday

      1. Sorry I went back to earlier part of book, and reversed the parts. I get it now.
        My apologies to the group and Laura.

  2. I inhale the Kindle version and then listen to the audio immediately. I am very fast but in no way can compete with my 87 year old mother, who will have finished it before evening.

  3. I don’t dare open it; otherwise I’ll not make it to work! But I did check to make sure it was downloaded this morning! Sometimes I can’t open it until the weekend, but when I do; inhale the whole thing, and then go back, reread & savor all the little bits that make these books the ones that I will buy before food if the budget ever gets that bad!

  4. Haven’t bought it yet. But will this weekend. Re-reading Ceremony right now. It’s been over 20 years since I started the series so re-reading is like reading them for the first time. Love them all.

    1. I found one of these books when I retired eight years ago and have bought every book from the beginning now on edge every year waiting for the release, I am at leverage in death and cant wait until its release. Real amazing books love them all.

  5. Haven’t bought it yet. But will this weekend. Re-reading Ceremony right now. It’s been over 20 years since I started the series so re-reading is like reading them for the first time. Love them all.Btw can someone remind me in which book and where in the book, Roarke gave Eve the diamond. Guess I missed it in the re-read. Thanks

    1. Book 2 Glory in Death. Near the beginning when Roarke returns from Australia, and it causes them to break up,…… temporarily.

  6. Btw can someone remind me in which book and where in the book, Roarke gave Eve the diamond. Guess I missed it in the re-read. Thanks

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      You asked this on the teaser thread and several people replied with the answer — Glory in Death about 1/3 of the way through. If you ask questions, please monitor the comments so you can see the answers.

      Thank you.

  7. Carolyn, I’m thinking it’s #2: Glory in Death. Rather early in the book, in her apt., after he gets back from a long trip. I love it later in the book when she storms into his home office, trying to act like she’s there re the investigation, but starts to storm out, he’s actually moving to stop her & she whirls around & pulls it out; shows that she’s wearing it. What a moment! Also, in another book, where she & Peabody are discussing a gal wearing a necklace & what it means; he pulls the diamond out & says something to the effect of you must still be my gal. Then the old friend attacks, pins him (takes him by surprise) and then is taken by surprise by Eve & her stunner! Love it!

  8. UPS doesn’t come by my street until late afternoon. Have fun reading today, everyone!

  9. As Mavis would say, it was magalicious! USPS delivered my copy on Saturday! Hoorah for me! I loved, loved, loved the scene with Eve and Bella – soooo beautiful and a genuine ahhh moment. Looking forward to the next step in the Candy Thief thread – the alfalfa smoothie was priceless. The crimes were horrific, but Eve, Peabody, Roarke, Feeney, Baxter, Trueheart, Callendar, etc always were their usual competent, dedicated, funny detectives on the case. Adding the Oscars and Nadine’s nomination was icing on the cake. Thank you for another fabulous read in the “In Death” series. Looking forward to more. I’m doing my happy dance.

    1. Don’t you love the way JDR has developed her characters. The growth in all of them is priceless. I can hardly wait for the next one either.

  10. Its not fair, but work & life interfered. When i ordered w/amazon last time, i didn’t get it till 2 days later, so hoping to pick it later today. First i gobble it down, then savor & reread

  11. I gobble and then slowly devour each book except for Nora’s trilogies. The trilogies, I wait until I have all three, then I can binge read and not worry about being on pins and needles for a year for the next book.

  12. Got mine just a few min ago. Can’t wait to start reading it. I am working on getting all in the in deaths in book form i have all but the last one and this one in nook form. I need just 18 more to complete my in book form collectionI get a lot from thrift stores and my library has a used book store so i can get some there.

  13. I pre-ordered my copy…just arrived today….I just want to savor the moment! Thank You to my favorite author for providing me with a wonderful “escape” !

  14. You guys are torturing me. I can’t get it until a used copy shows up at a special bookstore here in Auburn where everything is $1.00. Being disabled sucks when I want to get a Nora Roberts or J. D. Robb book hot off the press, but I can’t afford the price for either the hard copy or the e-book because I get $910 a month.

    1. Have you checked with your local library? Then you can maybe read it now and purchase it later.

    2. Our local library delivers free to elderly and disabled. Check your local library system.

    3. I got a hard copy from the library and a Kindle copy within 48 hours of the release.

  15. The kids were in school and I flew through my weekly grocery trip so I could sit and read. First time in a long time that I’ve had the luxury of t-i-m-e to devour a book in a day!!!
    The alarm on the candy had me giggling out loud with glee and part of me hopes it’s Eve who wears the blue dye when she forgets her trap. The Oscars bit at the end was so sweet!! Love getting to watch these characters grow. ?

    1. Continued references to Red Horse case…HELP. In which of the 48 _books in my possession?

  16. LOVED IT!!!! Peabody on boosters and espresso had me hysterical . Read it in one day, now wishing it was February for the next one!

  17. Great book, one of my favorites. Eve’s reactions to the Oscars was precious and she was like a proud Momma over Mavis singing at the Oscars. One of my favorite parts of the books.

  18. Thank you, J.D./NR!!!! There were so many great moments in this book! I feel Roarke is so much more Irish than usual! I’m not exactly sure how, I just felt that he was. Lol. I love all the insight into his past “adventures” and all the “how would you do it” scenarios. Spidey Roarke was pretty cool. And OMG! Finally a trap for the candy thief!!!! I cannot wait to see what comes out of it! And the Nebraska property. The Oscar sweep (go, Nadine!) and Dallas’s reaction. Question: did mavis win? I hope she won! Until Feb!!!!

    1. Totally forgot about Bella. I LOVE every scene with this sweet child! And I love how each time, Eve becomes just a bit more comfortable(?) with her. I feel that’s not the correct word cause she’s never comfy with Bella. But I love that Bella could snuggle right in and Eve will hold her. I love Bella!!! And Das, and Ork, and Somshit, and Gah-ad!!!

      1. She has come a long way since the crawling baby from Ireland had her backed up against the front door! I laughed so very hard at that scene; our kick-a** cop!

  19. I managed to drag it out to two days. There are so many feel good moments that help cover the murders. It was a good mix of police procedural and action. I like to think that August will have the image of the ninja woman saving him more than the crazy guy hurting him and his family. Mavis has turned into the ult. She now seamlessly manages her family and her nervous friends, then brings down the house with her performance. JDand Nora thank you for helping to take me away from difficult times.

  20. Sleep deprived today…gulped down the book as soon as dinner was over last night…and finished at 01:00 am this morning. As I’m guzzling the coffee today – I’m still snickering over buzzed Peabody, with Whitney eyeballing her, “That will do it.” LOL and “Wheee, puppies!” It’s a wonder Peabody survived that car ride with her LT! Now who has the time machine to get us to “Of Blood and Bones?” And thank you Nora/JD for another wonderful, awesome, roller coaster of a book!

  21. I read the 1st chapter then go to the end, then come back enjoy reading the rest of the book .
    Haven’t bought the book yet , so enjoying reading all your comments . Looking forward to reading this weekend .

  22. Great addition to the series! The procedural flowed through such natural channels to a satisfying conclusion. Cop work is hard work. No figuring out who the bad guys were because we didn’t meet them until they were almost caught! As always, enjoyed the dynamics between the characters, especially Eve and Roarke and their ever-changing line in the sand. Can’t help but wonder what the clones think about all the Icove attention. I hope Eve runs into one of them in a future book.

  23. Great addition to the series! The procedural flowed through a natural progression – cop work is hard work. As always, enjoyed the dynamics between the characters, especially Eve and Roarke and their ever-changing line in the sand. Can’t help but wonder what the clones think of all the Icove attention. I hope Eve runs into one in a future book.

  24. Warning warning to my fellow fans who listen on audio: do not, I repeat, DO NOT, listen to chapter 18, ( Peabody in a really really REALLY good mood) in public—- train, subway, bus, walking. You WILL have people looking at you like you are crazy nuts as you laugh, giggle, snort, grin, smile, out loud a lot! BEST PEABODY/EVE INTERACTION LIFE EVER!!!!!

    1. Warning received! I can only imagine!!!! I mean, just reading the book, I laughed and cackled pretty hard during that scene. If I was out in public, that will definitely warrant some strange looks!

    2. That is so funny. Just reading it, I can imagine what it would be like to be in public and listen to it. I have never used an audio book, but this would be one I would love to hear.

  25. I read through it in one day. I just couldn’t put it down . This is one of the best in Death books. Now I have to go purchase the audio so I can savor the story without the mad rush to find out whodunit. ? Thanks again for the fabulous story. Now I am anxiously waiting for Of Blood and Bone. Nora, you never disappoint!

  26. Excellent book and narration. Susan Erickson does such a great job with bringing JD’s characters to life! The frustration felt by Eve in not being able to work fast enough, have enough thinking time, be in multiple places at once, was palpable. The understanding she and Summerset came to regarding Patrick Roarke felt more mature and a natural progression of their relationship. Peabody’s accidental overdose of caffeine was a hilarious dose of humor, at which JD excels. The fight, as well as the nightmare, was intense. Both demonstrated a good amount of growth for Eve and Roarke, while still keeping true to the In Death style of storytelling. It was interesting how the nightmare played out a scene that I felt might be the final crisis, which is something we haven’t seen yet: Roarke in real trouble, and yet the finale was very similar to many of the other endings we’ve seen, most recently in Apprentice. Overall, this is definitely JD on her A game, and will be on my favorites list.

  27. Sorry, but……”She covered her hands with her face…”
    Double take, looked again, LOL’d.

  28. I get confused in Chapter 12 (I think) when they refer to the condo building as a hotel.

    Other than that, I love the book. On my third time through.

  29. My heart was in my throat for that last few chapters and I almost went straight to the end. I was so afraid the last family was going to be Leonardo, Mavis and Bella and he absolutely fit the profile to a “T”. So glad I was wrong, but I was shouting in my head, “stop trying to put the pieces of the ruined equipment together and check in on your best friend!”. Another great read with so many twists and turns that it doesn’t get old!

    1. I finally plowed my way through it (friend bought me a copy as a reward), and I have to take a minute to disagree with you about Leonardo, Mavis and Bella being in the line of fire. These guys were after easy money. How could they have profited by Leonardo’s death? He’s a fasion designer, and I can’t quite remember what happened to Versacci (sp?) after Giovanni was murdered, but I don’t think there was anything that could be construed as being profitable to others as the firm is family owned and they have no shareholders.
      Just my $.02.

      1. I don’t think that’ll ever happen. Mavis is known to be besties with Dallas, and with the hoopla surrounding “The Icove Agenda”, nobody would be crazy enough to go after Mavis and her family for fear of the Wrath of Dallas not to mention the Wrath of Roarke. If anybody was stupid enough to go after Mavis, Leonardo or Bella, their remains would have to be picked up with sponges and tweezers after Dallas and Roarke were finished with them.
        Just my $.02.

  30. Wonderful! Laughed out loud with a Peabody on department approved stimulant and espresso! The narrator is great. Also, adding narration is a bargain when you own the e-book. If you ever wanted to try an e-book this is a great choice to start. Thank you Nora/JD for hours of great fun.

  31. Did anybody else get serious Karate Kid vibes from the positions Eve took during the last fight scene with the military trained Baddie?

    She later put it all down to her dojo training, with all the animal forms and when she said Crane I was like, yes!!!!
    That’s totally what I pictured, giggle giggle.
    Too many 80’s vids as Eve would say.
    Roarke would say there was no such thing 🙂

  32. I love reading the comments. As I wait for my book from the library, I am rereading my way in between all the other books I am reading from the library. About to start “Fantasy in Death” the gaming one. Happy reading.

  33. Thank you for an awesome read. I gobbled this book in one go. Can Feb. come early please ? Peabody was hilarious. Rhoda rocked. Scary thought .. Summerset and Eve might stop snarking at each other … just no.
    When I buy your books hubby knows I do not exist that day til I finish reading it ( coming up on 51 yrs married ) so he KNOWS this . While I was showering and getting into pjs to get comfy for the duration , he took all my JD Robb books and changed all the jackets .. this one was hidden in Born in Death. What a mess sorting them out . He thought it was funny . So today I locked out all the sports channels on the TV and changed the password . NFL starts tomorrow and he wants those channels back .. uh No . I am still pipped. He is going to our sons ( one and a half hrs drive away ) to watch and will be gone til Monday .
    I can now savor my reread.

    1. Must be a slow learner. Coming up on 51 years he should have known revenge would be swift and sweet. Enjoy your quiet uninterrupted reading time.

  34. Savored every word and nuance! Finished last night after a busy week. Thoroughly enjoyed the story!!
    Don ‘t wait too long to leave the beach. Evacuations will be extreme with a potential Cat 4. We went on notice at the hospital last evening.

    1. We’re on watch for any change in the weather/evacuations! The real decision is whether to go early or late.


  35. I had been lamenting the lack of my favorite detective (David Baxter!) in the last few books. This one made up for it! This was honestly my favorite since Treachery In Death. Intriguing case, great interaction, some hilarious scenes (Peabody and the booster, and “Maybe I’ll marry Rhoda.). I’m finishing my second listen-through!

  36. Try to spread it out over a couple of days. Work and life always seem to intrude. This is a great addition to the series! So many awesome scenes, love the exchange between Eve and Bella, so sweet. Then Eve hanging the picture Bella did on the friggie.
    I am so glad I am not the only one who reads and then listens to the audio version! LOL Love the audio books but enjoy them more when I read the book first.

    1. I’m with you Janette on the audio books. I also read the book first(and can “hear”?the characters voices as I read). Just started reading Leverage…rat/squirrel soup???, oh my, almost a coffee spit-take! Just love every In Death story. Thank the Goddess for Nora!??

  37. That is so funny. Just reading it, I can imagine what it would be like to be in public and listen to it. I have never used an audio book, but this would be one I would love to hear.

  38. I have listened to all the “In Death Series” via audiobook and I can’t imagine going back to “reading” as I very well picture each character based on the tone of voice of the narrator. Great narrator for all the series!

  39. Can’t decide if “Christ on a tricycle” will replace “Jesus Christ in spandex” as my favorite Eve yell of frustration.
    I also like rat soup and lunatic squirrels. They really are. Thoroughly enjoyed as usual. Thanks.

  40. I’m with you Janette on the audio books. I also read the book first(and can “hear”?the characters voices as I read). Just started reading Leverage…rat/squirrel soup???, oh my, almost a coffee spit-take! Just love every In Death story. Thank the Goddess for Nora!??

  41. I think one thing that needs to be addressed, you didn’t really give Eve or Roarke any closure on their conflict, you instead had them settle it with angry sex. So are you planning to make their conflict a multi-part one or are they going to settle it in the next book?

    Also right up to the espresso scene with Peabody, I was really happy with the fact that she was actually acting like an adult for once. Was it really necessary to go and blow it with that scene?

    1. Needs to be addressed seems an odd way to put it.

      I wrote those scenes, those characters’ actions and reactions, the way the story took me–and feel the scenes reflect those characters as I’ve built them.

      Your mileage obviously varies, but I can’t possibly please every reader with every scene in every book.

  42. Not reading comments on here because I am nowhere near done but I have to say, I’m sitting in the den, all by myself and I had to laugh out loud at this: “In the garage, Peabody threw her arms in the air, tossed back her head, and screamed. The sound echoed, ping-ponged, and made Eve’s ears vibrate. “Okay. Whew.” Peabody huffed out another breath. “Now, head in the game.” “Every dog in this building is barking. Glass has shattered. Small children are hiding under their beds.””

    There are other awesome parts (Eve and Summerset re Patric Rourke), but I loved this.

  43. So many wonderful moments. Bella and her descriptions of her painting is priceless. I can just see her out there entertaining the murder cops while Mavis is in there with Eve. Peabody’s espresso overdose is just too much! Eve and Summerset’s discussion about Roarke’s father shows their true respect for each other. I love the personalities of her Eve’s cops and how she treats them. She has their complete loyalty. I love Baxter and Trueheart getting along as great partners. Trueheart totally knows Baxter’s love life. I still keep picturing him as a young rookie. Roarke’s devotion to Eve seems more evident the longer they are married. Although unsaid, he seems more available for her and willing to drop everything. Every book just gets better. I can’t wait to find out who steals the candy.

  44. somshit! That made me laugh so hard
    Took me a couple of days to read this one due to having to work and all. Did my best to read on breaks however that didn’t pan out
    It did however give me a chance to tell others about the In Death series. I’ve offered my copy on Naked to get them started lol

  45. I’m embarrassed to say that I teared up during Nadine’s acceptance speech but just wow. We feel like we’ve been through it with them, so why not?

  46. I started reading this series way back with the very first one. Before kindles I had a complete collection and read them more than once. The ones I love most are the ones that just keep to a police procedural and a good “who done it.” Personally, I don’t care as much for major drama between our two lovers. They are truly a great match and so well drawn, slowly changing and figuring out their marriage. The one character I can’t warm up to, and I’m clearly in the minority, is Peabody, who just comes off to me as a dope. She seldom plays a major role in figuring anything out, nor does she get into any major tough stuff (once she did, for sure) or seems to do much at all but be a goofy sidekick. In this book, I did not find her showing up high to work funny or entertaining. It was a major infraction and she should have taken herself off duty when she was clearly impaired–but hey, she was soooo cute, everyone let her get away with it. All the other characters have such major pieces to play (Mira, Feeney, Nadine, etc) but I sure wish Peabody would show a little more depth and maturity. And of course, those are just my reactions and I do adore the series.

    1. Peabody is my favorite character. She is a woman who does not pretend to be anything else. She is way smarter the Eve with more common sense and is a kick-ass without the profanity or crudeness. She is way more mature that Eve and it makes her personable and approachable.

      1. That’s the beauty of reading, isn’t it? I don’t know how many people will agree with your point of view, but they certainly respect it.


  47. What was the solution to the puzzle on the inside of the dust cover on Leverage In Death??

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