Cranky Publicist beach update

(Though it’s hard to be cranky at the beach.)

The day Nora and family headed home from Montana, I moved my office to the beach for three weeks.  While Nora settled back into her at-home routine, I’d pick up where I left off last year.  And start with the sunrise: 

Our little place is right on the ocean with steps down to the beach. My favorite part of the outdoor space is the spot at the top of the dune with chairs and a view.

My seat, my mug, a reflection.

The days at the beach have a basic framework: sunrise watch, work, workout, work, end the afternoon with a book* and a cold drink, watch night fall after dinner.  Since I’m not my pal Nora, I head to the nearby Y to workout with other members of humanity.  Just before we got here I was released from the post-eye-surgery workout restrictions and I needed to bench press something heavy and sweat through spin.

Just happened to arrive before I left Maryland.

Two days in, I had the happiest email from Nora.  The grandkids came up for dinner the night after they returned for a joyous reunion.  Nora swore Logan grew another inch as he swooped toward 9th grade, Kayla had three weeks of cross country practices under her belt and Colt was ready to discuss all the books he’d read in the last three weeks.  She spent time in the gardens, baked some bread, shook off the travel fatigue and couldn’t wait until Monday to get in some solid work on In Death #49.

Labor Day meant our kids arrived for the holiday weekend while Nora and BW packed up again for a week in NY.  I think I mentioned it’s early this year to clear the decks for Master Yet-to-be-Named Wilder Pong Aufdem-Brinke’s arrival.

The NYC reports included days of hiking in search of remaining Christmas gifts. On a trip to find a new puzzle for Kat, Nora stopped by the Fifth Ave Barnes & Noble on Leverage in Death release day.  She surprised (and thrilled) the staff there by signing stock.  They shared on all their social media here.  I shared it on the various Nora/JD social media as well.

I missed the annual shop and theater trip with Nora’s agent and editor, but Leslie kept me in the loop with photos of footwear Nora found.  They saw Waitress, but I’ve yet to hear a review.

I’ve got to admit that I crave these.
Because winter is coming.

In the meantime, I kept to routine.

Morning surfer
A short walk to the water.

Nora heads home tomorrow and, other than baby showers, baby arrivals and signings will happily stay put until after Halloween.   I have a few more days here, then head home Thursday so I’ll be at Nora’s side at the TTP signing next Saturday.

All signs point to mid-week as the best time to leave because after 18 days with no rain, Florence lurks in the Atlantic:

Unexpected guest

In the meantime, I’ll watch a couple more sunrises and breathe in the salt air.

Fiery sky
Eve Dallas hoodie available at TTP.


* I also read Nalini Singh’s Rebel Hard, Illona Andrew’s Magic Rises and Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians.

20 thoughts on “Cranky Publicist beach update”

  1. Hope you’ve recuperated well, and did get some time to look after yourself
    Lovely photos ,thanks for sharing them.

  2. Great photos. I especially liked the one captioned “A short walk to the water.” I hope you will continue with the Kate Daniels series. You know the tenth and last book of the series released last week. You still have some awesome reading ahead of you.

  3. Love your photos. What a great place to kick back and relax.
    Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us. Be safe Laura.

  4. Thanks for sharing your holiday photos, Laura. It looks like a lovely place to rest and relax – and read some of my favourite authors. I have all the books in both of Nalini Singh’s urban paranormal series and recently reread all the Kate Daniels books before reading the last one in the series that came out last week. Having just finished rereading Dark in Death, I am now on Leverage and looking forward to the further adventures of Eve, Roarke, Peabody and company.

    1. Three friends recommended the Kate Daniels series for a couple of years. So happy there was a backlist when I started!


  5. Looks like a lovely vacation! Glad you’re recovering well from your surgery. Looking forward to more Nora and Laura adventures!

  6. Laura, you don’t sound cranky to this Laura! Sounds like you’re having a great time.
    You’re pictures are great. Made me feel like I could smell the sea!
    Glad your cataract surgery went well. I found 2 years after I had mine, that I started needing glasses for reading again. But then, I was older than you when I had my surgeries (65), so a bit more wear and tear on them.
    Thank you for putting up with us crazy fans, especially during the week to leading up to the rollout of “Leverage in Death”. I know we get a little crazy, but that’s because we’re addicted to the characters.
    I did a complete read through starting on the 4th, ending on the 5th (I had Nonna duties and my granddaughter’s first day of 6th grade. I’m always there, her 1st day of school, starting with pre-K).
    I have already completed my second, slower read through, but I keep going back to Bella Eve’s visit, the roof top fight and the Epilogue. Powerful chapters!

    1. My vision was so bad, readers were a given from an hour after surgery. Can’t go far without them, but since they weigh next to nothing compared to what was, no complaints at all.


  7. Your photos are breathtaking. Nothing like the beach to rest and rejuvenate! I loved the red boots. Your selfie shows you looking great and rested. So glad your cataract surgery was a success. I love modern miracles such as restoring sight.

  8. Although it does seem to parallel the attraction they feel toward ugly men, one has to wonder at pretty women being attracted to ugly shoes.

  9. It takes a man to think those shoes are ugly. They are chic. As for laura, who in the world would be cranky with that view. A beach house , a boss like nora, post surgery. It sounds like alls right in your world. I forgot to add, reading the new connections in death, months before us??!! You are one lucky duck. I live in ny, & i picked up my copy of leverage in a target. To think i missed a nora signing in my town, now that’s unlucky and a reason to be cranky about!!!

    1. You didn’t miss a signing, this was a professional courtesy from Nora when she stopped by the store. The staff brought out the stock of Leverage so they could tag as autographed. Not sure they would have been prepared if people recognized her and started to line up.

  10. I forgot to add, & i’m embarrassed to admit, that the only new books i read now, are all the in death & some of nora’s new ones. I’m making notes of all the authors you are reading, for the years when i will find the time to read anything else besides nora Roberts. Between work i love, home & family obligations, i just don’t have the time . I bought leverage on tuesday. & I’ve only had time to get to chapter 7. As for vacations, they are hopefully sometime in my future.

  11. Beautiful spot on the beach! Must be very relaxing! Awesome looking shoes Nora! I love hearing about you guys adventures! Stay safe! We live in East Texas so I know how bad the hurricanes can get!

  12. First time on the site – Nora is one lucky lady having you work on the publicity Laura! Considering your work ethic seems to be in line with Nora’s I’d better get back to my own work – Thanks for the lovely escape to a place by the sea!

  13. Beautiful beach views! Thank you so much for sharing, glad that you are better after your surgery.
    Enjoy your day at TTP! Was there in 2015 and am determined to get back there.

  14. Nora has excellent taste in footwear, and I hope your beach place survives Florence. <3

  15. And you are lucky you left when you did…Florence is decimating the Carolina coastline…praying that people stay safe.

  16. Somehow I missed this post last weekend. Thank you so much Laura for sharing your vacation – the pictures are stunning! Glad you made the safety first decision to leave the beach early due to Florence. Looking forward seeing pictures of the newest arrival, very soon 🙂 Happy Fall!

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