9 thoughts on “In Death Title Announcement”

  1. Ooooo…i love the thrill of Anticipation when it comes to a new read from JD….
    Thank you Laura,as Always!
    Merry Christmas & Happiest of New Years to you ALL…

  2. I’m on TTP’s subscription list for all new Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb books. Looking forward to the next Eve and Roarke adventure.

  3. Just think – when this book comes out we’ll (hopefully) be at the other end of the COVID pandemic!

  4. This year I have read or re-read every single book in the In Death series including the novellas. I’ve decided that all I want for Christmas is a Summerset stocked auto chef and house cleaning droid 🙂. Thank you for such a great escape from this trying & unusual year.

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