11 thoughts on “In Death Title Announcement”

  1. Ooooo…i love the thrill of Anticipation when it comes to a new read from JD….
    Thank you Laura,as Always!
    Merry Christmas & Happiest of New Years to you ALL…

    1. That’s actually NOT the cover. I’ve seen the official cover and it might be my favorite – ever!


  2. I’m on TTP’s subscription list for all new Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb books. Looking forward to the next Eve and Roarke adventure.

  3. Just think – when this book comes out we’ll (hopefully) be at the other end of the COVID pandemic!

  4. This year I have read or re-read every single book in the In Death series including the novellas. I’ve decided that all I want for Christmas is a Summerset stocked auto chef and house cleaning droid 🙂. Thank you for such a great escape from this trying & unusual year.

  5. Just started reading this series during the past several months, think I’m on book #20 now! I love this series! So wish it would come to Netflix as a series, it would be fantastic!

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