Happy (Early) Birthday, Mama-To-Be

Every summer a few girls attend Kat’s birthday spree at Saks. We’ve–Kat, me, Laura, Mary and Sarah–started making this an overnight, because why not? This year, as June’s so packed, we celebrated nearly a month early.

And this year, we’re looking for Pregnant Kat clothes. WHEE!!!

The amazing team at Saks did even more than finding terrific clothes for our girl (and some for me!), but set up a really spectacular baby shower in a screened-off the area outside of The Club. Fun, gorgeous decorations–a fabulous balloon arch, an adorable diaper cake, yummy cupcakes, champagne (juice for you-know-who), and scads of beyond adorable baby clothes and accessories, sweet stuffed animals, books, the works.

Festive! Photo by LMR
Surprise! Nora and Kat with Dawn. Photo by LMR
Nora, the Saks team and the guest of honor. Photo by LMR
Laura, Nora, Kat, Mary and Sarah.

A big, and incredibly touching, surprise for all of us.

Nana, obviously, had the best time ever selecting clothes for our boy. He’ll be very well dressed! And tiny, tiny little shoes no nana could resist. Cute as a button outfits, soft as a cloud swaddling blankets, onesies and footed one-piece outfits a baby goes through faster than you can say poop.

And after all this, the team presented Kat with a basket full of more baby essentials as a gift.

Such a kind, thoughtful gesture.

Then we get to outfit Mama, who looks fantastic in everything.

Pretty dress for a mama-in-waiting. Photo by LMR

A truly delightful and memorable day thanks to the fantastic team at Saks. Hugs and kisses to you all!

After a day of shopping–including a delightful lunch—Kat needs a little lie-down. Small wonder!

Then there’s room service dinner, a movie, just hanging out before bedtime. Laura and I are up early to workout–more hanging out for all over breakfast, then it’s homeward bound.

For me, hitting home means putting my wonderful new duds away–and purging some as I go.

More serious purging and organizing this morning–including finally switching out winter clothes for spring and summer. A job of work, but done now!

Time for a workout!

A quick trip outside to cut some of my lovely, lovely peonies so I can enjoy a few inside. BW and I have more work to do out there after I finish the blog. Things are really popping–my iris is up, my shade garden has filled it beautifully. I want to weed, water, walk around and enjoy.

Iris in the garden. Photo by LMR

Peony closeup. Photo by LMR
And I want to sit, at some point, by my wonderful water feature with a bellini. It seems fair.
Water feature, in bloom. Photo by LMR

A busy June’s on the way. Unfortunately for me, I have to fit in a tooth deal in there. For those who wondered, the stupid tooth–lower back molar–has to go. I haven’t had an extraction since I had my wisdom teeth out.

Since I was pregnant when that happened four decades ago, they’d only use novacaine–and no drugs but baby aspirin. Horrible. I expect this will be a lot easier. Not fun, but easier.

And best of all, it’s not aching anymore–so we’ll slip it in between signings and speeches and trips to NYC, and get it behind me.

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy my garden.


Note from Laura:  Before I headed home yesterday, I took the flower photos and then thought I’d share a moment of Zen at the water feature.  I’ll probably call it up on my phone whenever I’m stressed.  Enjoy!

35 thoughts on “Happy (Early) Birthday, Mama-To-Be”

  1. Lovely mama to be, and looks like a beautiful shower. What a fun time for you all. Your flowers are stunning Nora! Blessings to all!

  2. Oh what wonderful photos and I love the video.
    Kat is just beautiful and what a wonderful surprise from Saks. I have a thing about babies lol.
    The descriptions are so awesome it feels like I was there.
    I am sorry that you are having to deal with a bad tooth.
    I understand the pain and aggravation for sure as I have dealt with it but finally I have gotten my dentures and I am very pleased.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I really hope that you enjoy sitting beside your water feature with a bellini, haha yeah that I could totally go for spending time just relaxing with the sounds of nature.
    Have a good one bye and take care.

  3. Sounds like the perfect outing and homecoming. Time in the gardens best therapy of all. Thanks for sharing!

  4. There is nothing in the world as rewarding as a new baby. Best wishes to kat, & the whole family. Second reward is just listening and looking at that water feature . How divine. the peonies are a fav of mine as well

  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful surprise baby shower. Mama-to-be, Kat, looks glowing. Nana must be in seventh heaven buying those baby clothes, I love baby clothes – they are so cute and so tiny, and these days the selection is huge! Your iris and peony are lovely – my dad has red peonies and they are blooming like crazy. The water fall is truly zen – thank you, Laura, for the mini video – the sound of running water is so soothing and calming. Good luck on the tooth extraction. I have a small mouth and in herited my parents’ large teeth. I had over 18 teeth removed over the course of my childhood, both baby and adult, so tooth extraction became a norm for me.

  6. Can relate to the teeth, I had to have one pulled a couple months ago, not fun, but much better than the 4 wisdom teeth at once over 45 years ago. I am not a happy dentist goer at all. Love the pictures including the lovely water feature, I do think it would be the place to have a bellini.

  7. What a lovely trip, especially with the surprise shower. I love that water feature. I think I’d spend way too much time there is it were in my backyard. It’s a good thing I live near the ocean.

  8. What a lovely surprise for mama to be! Love the water feature. I have planned something very similar. Good luck on the tooth Nora.

  9. Congratulations Kat and Jason! Happy Birthday Kat! I am sure you are thrilled to be blessed with a new grandchild Nora! Best wishes to all of you!!?

  10. Nora, you are an amazing mom in law! Kat looks beautiful & very well!
    I have little grandsons & they are such fun to be with. Clothing for boys is as good as clothing for girls now!
    Enjoy your family!

  11. I love your beautiful garden and water feature! Congratulations to Kat and the family!

  12. Thanks for sharing…sounds like a lot of special moments in one update. Good luck at the dentist..hope it goes well.

  13. Thank you, Kat and Nora, for sharing your lovely baby time. What a day you had! The iris remind me of the half lot of iris my mom had, with poppies mixed in. A riot of color each spring. Good memories.

  14. What a wonderful event! Hope all are safe at home, hear there was massive flooding in some parts of Maryland today!

  15. Thank you!! Always enjoy the updates!! Best to Kat and approached no arrival!!!!!

  16. What a lovely baby shower! Really special memories for all. Best wishes to Kat with the rest of her pregnancy. I love the garden photos and the water feature is just wonderful. I just got Shelter in Place and I can’t put it down. Your books just keep getting better and better! Thanks for sharing so much with us and writing such terrific books!

  17. Congratulations Kat and Happy Birthday! What a nice baby shower surprise. Looks like a great trip with wonderful friends. Hope you are feeling good and enjoyed your trip. Hope you see you at the next signing. Take care.

  18. The water feature is splendid! Now that’s what I call a baby shower, Yay!
    With thanks,

  19. Wishing Kat an early birthday,a quick delivery, and a very healthy baby, so happy to see such a wonderful celebration!

    And, oh the video of the water feature is a definite keeper!

  20. Is everyone okay there with all the flooding going on? Nora, Kat, Laura at Al, you all looked so nice. HaPpY early Birthday Kat!

      1. Glad to know the flooding is not in the Boonsboro area – the video of the rampaging floods down a street in Ellicot City was frightening. Was afraid of a similar fate to downtown Boonesboro and Inn Boonesboro, which I haven’t had the chance to visit yet – hopefully soon. Wishing the area safety from the flooding.

  21. Wonderful baby shower surprise. It is so fun to be a Grandma & get lovely clothes for the baby.
    I just had an extraction last week. It was painless but the week after was no fun. Stock up on soft foods like yogurt & cottage cheese. Good luck.

  22. What a fun time! My son has a water feature in his yard and a swing by it. So peaceful!! And Nora’ s flowers are gorgeous.

  23. What a beautiful garden. The flowers are gorgeous, and
    waterfall looks so peaceful.

  24. Wow, Nora you run me ragged 😉 so much bits and pieces of amazing times and memories.

    Kat looks lovely and I hope her hand was nothing serious. She glows and in my culture they say a boy does that to his Mom ❤️ (love abounds already).

    I love baby everythings so this beats any trip to Tiffany’s for me 😉

    The garden water feature is amazing… soothing, peaceful… Thank you for sharing the clip, Laura ❤️

    Teeth come out quite easy, now. I remember those old times and it still weighs when one has to do a intervention. I always start by saying “give me anesthesia for 400 pounds man 😉 ” I take no chances 😉 I prefer the what-was-that for some minutes than suffering needlessly in trys and attempts. Be well ?

  25. Not along the subject area (altho’ loved the baby shower pics the flowers/garden pics are wonderful!!!), but saw this picture of Serena Williams in her catsuit playing tennis & had to wonder, is this what J D Robb refers to as a “skinsuit”? Serena looks amazing!

  26. Congratulations to Kat!

    And Nora, Denistry has come a long way in 40yrs. I had a root canal on one of my back molars 2yrs ago, and it was fairly painless.

  27. Congratulations (and Happy Birthday) to Kat! What an exciting time for you all.

    I love the garden photos; such a beautiful place for relaxing and enjoying nature. The one shot of the iris is stunning.

    P.s. Hope all went well with the tooth extraction!

  28. I Love your garden (happy birthday Kat) Congratulations to the family.

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