Field Report 2: RWA in San Diego

Before you read any further, please know that when I set up the blog all photos are right side up. I’m doing my best to figure out why they translate sideways on mobile devices.  Laura

We started off Wednesday with movement. While Nora and Kat did a dvd workout in the suite, I walked up to the Midway.  Loved this huge statue just by the water.

20160713_071607The day was free until the fabulous Literacy signing.  Nora and I went down to see exactly where she’d sit and we ran into Mary Rhoades — the first person in line.  The Marriott staff got her a chair so she’d be comfortable, then I offered to snap her photo with Nora, along with the second person in line, Amy who flew in from North Carolina (and if that’s the wrong name, please let me know!).

20160713_112806 20160713_171856

We met so many wonderful readers who patiently waited for a chance to meet Nora.  The event brought in over $39,000 which put RWA over the $1 million mark for donations to Literacy over the past two decades.

Thursday was another free day.  Nora and I took a turn around the conference area, then we met Ruth and took advantage of the glorious San Diego weather.  As you can see below, it was cool in the shade so we had the fire pit turned on until Ruth could bask in the sun.  And Nora wore boots.

I did not.20160714_11154820160714_104957

Friday was the busy day — Nora had her chat, then we lunched with the St. Martin’s team, then parties all around.  I’m sure she’ll share more about it, so I’ll share some photos.


Just before Nora’s chat.


The start of the evening.

The yin and the yang.
Kat and Janeen Solberg — roomies.
We danced.
And then we went home.

Saturday was all about the prep for Nora’s champagne reception.  This year we had the fabulous view along with food and wine.  20160713_130824 20160712_151811

We cleaned up pretty well too.

20160716_180813 20160716_180902 20160716_180916

We spent the final day over on Coronado, lunching at the Hotel Del, browsing through shops and breathing in the sea air.  I’ll share photos when we’re back in Maryland, but for now we have another plane to catch.


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    1. Judy, I don’t post them sideways. When I set up the blog everything is right side up. I’m doing my best to figure out why they translate sideways on mobile devices.


      1. Laura, if the pictures were taking on the phone, and then send and uploaded to the blog, I found that they appear sideways sometimes. The only way I have found around this problem is to save them to my computer, rename them and then upload them. I’ve had the same problem with social media especially Facebook. Good luck, they are great pictures.

        1. Hi Megan,

          That’s exactly what I do. There’s a step that’s missing I think. Need to figure things out before Nora sends photos from vacation.

          Thanks for your help!

      2. Hi Laura, I’ve spoken with developers about the sideways image issue and it’s a known issue in the online space. Specifically (at least what I’ve researched) there is an issue with the photos taken with an iPhone that orient sideways within wordpress. If you have a web developer (or if you are one!) you could ask them to add code to the upload script to correct for this on upload. It won’t correct it for images that are already uploaded, but it could help moving forward. Hope this helps. Here’s to finding relatively easy work-arounds in the meantime. Keep on–thanks for the fabulous posts!

        1. Hi Isla,

          Thanks for your advice. I take photos on a Samsung Galaxy and thought the Android system would prevent some of these issues. But my research since getting home leads me to believe saving the photos to Photoshop or maybe Flickr will stop the issue. Always worth a try.


    2. I wish people wouldn’t be so rude and picky. She stated that they were sideways.

  1. Love the boots. Looks like you had a great time with readers and fans.

  2. I love the behind the scenes look we get . I have a request please could you please not post pics side ways, when reading from iPad or iPhone very difficult to see.
    Otherwise everything is wonderful
    Thank you

    1. As I said to Judy, I don’t post them sideways. When I set up the blog everything is right side up. I’m doing my best to figure out why they translate sideways on mobile devices.


  3. Laura ~ Thanks so much for sharing a peek into the fun events Nora and you attend. I appreciate the updates and find them fun, cute and interesting! Thanks again for all you do!

  4. I love Nora’s boots and shoes – and multi-coloured toenails.

    I miss San Diego. I went to San Diego Comic Con for years in a row and the Convention Center is right on the water. I have a picture of that statute as well.

    FYI, the pictures are all right side up for me on my Android phone.

  5. Laura, I think it’s the formatting of the email carrier. As soon as I hit Comments, it straightens right up. Thanks for the great pictures! Glad you all had a great time.

  6. Thanks, Laura. The pix are right side up on my computer. You can;t please all the people, all the time. Can u help this shoe addict, and tell me who the manufacturer is for Nora’s blue boots. I don’t wear high heels anymore, & the heel on the blue boot is perfect.
    As for Nora, all her workouts are doing the job. That lady sure looks good- and great shoes for great legs. Even is she does have 2 different color toenails. And did I spy a tat on Nora’s arm?

  7. Hey Laura, I was just wondering….Do people not read first before they ask questions or complain? ?Lol!
    Looks like y’all had a blast!!!

  8. So glad you all enjoyed San Diego..ya’ll come back now!(my SOUTHERN California accent!) Thanks Laura for posting the pic and taking the time with this posting..honored to meet you both..and meet the awesome Kat!

  9. Glad you had a good time. Looked like a beautiful place. Have safe travels home.

  10. I hope to some day to meet you. You are my favorite author. I have read and own so many of your books. I’m always looking for new ones to read. It makes me sad when I can’t find one by you. Maybe I read to much. 🙂
    Thank you for all the stories and for the families that I have grown to love.

  11. I had the pleasure of being at RWA in San Diego and seeing Nora in person. I attended her “lecture” and as always, she was personable and candid with her answers to our questions.

  12. There are several …um… ‘favors’ I would do for boots like those! Lol!!! And I’m not nearly the shoe addict that most women are!

  13. Laura, the photos are just wonderful. Don’t you just love that statue!!!! I am so glad that you were all able to go to Coronado Island. I have never been but my friend just got back from there not long ago. But she gets to enjoy San Diego a lot as she lives there!
    Congratulations to Nora and cannot wait to hear the details! Beautiful views, Beautiful people and Beautiful shoes! WOW!!!!
    I would love to have been there, but alas I was home but not all was a wash out as I had my 2 daughters, 2 sons and 3 grandkids and they are still here!
    Have a great week…. Beth Reed

  14. So much Fun and (Real) Beauty. Nice boots…
    So nice of you to share. It’s all – even the sideways’ photos – very much appreciated 🙂

  15. fyi: pictures are sideways on my laptop too
    If you liked that huge sculpture you should check out Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ (just south of Princeton) – you might want to check it out on one of your trips between Maryland & NYC –

  16. Hi Laura and Nora,
    I’m so glad you had a nice time in my home town! I’m the mom who had the crying baby! I wanted to share the pictures with you so you can have a laugh! They are great! Let me know if you want them…

  17. My email with the pics were the right way not sideways, but on fallingintothe story have them sideways. But still looks great.

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