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      1. Oh, good, it’s lovely to know someone else jumps to the end while reading the first chapters. Sometimes you just have to Know. I did the same thing when Charles and Louise got engaged.

    1. Not quite finished, but did an incident with the AutoChef give a clue to the chocolate thief?

  1. I have to wait. I had trouble with my Amazon account on this one and so I started reading Fatal Frenzy first. I will be reading this one second. (It would have been the other way around if that hadn’t happened.)

  2. I have to wait. I had trouble with my Amazon account on this one and so I started reading Fatal Frenzy first. I will be reading this one second. (It would have been the other way around if that hadn’t happened.)

  3. I received is yesterday morning and had it finished up by 8 this morning. Our book club group has been talking about it all morning….and I don’t want to be the first one on this page to be the spoiler:) Just let me say…JDR as usual has kept the saga going…and since I have been reading In Death from the beginning in real time, it feels Eve and Roarke have made it through the tough times….they are now a smooth flowing unit.

  4. I wan’t even notified it was ready for download! I knew it was coming out today – although at one point I saw the 18th. When I saw this post, I had search my library and order the download, since I pre-ordered it.

  5. I haven’t gotten it yet, but when I do, you can be sure I will read it in one sitting. 2-3 hours? I may get it in audio form. My eyes are old.

    1. Audio is great, I have old eyes too. I love the narrator of the In Death series, Susan Ericksen, she gets all the different voices just right. You will be hooked once you try it.

      1. I drive a semi and I have all the books in this series and Susan does an outstanding job!

      2. I always listen to the audio books and Susan Ericksen does a really great job.

        1. I’m in the middle of one of the trilogies, and it is narrated by a man. Doesn’t work at all. Women do male voices much better than men do women voices. This is almost painful. Sorry, but true for me.

        2. Except for the few books about 1/4 of the way through the series when Peabody’s voice changed all of a sudden. It lasted just a few books then her original voice made a reappearance.

          1. Actually, Peabody’s voice didn’t change in the way you think. Susan Ericksen’s first production was Seduction in Death and she was still working out the voices for the characters. Then she back filled the earlier books over time.. So for people who listen to the series in order, Naked was actually produced after Seduction. A couple of years ago, Susan re-recorded Seduction through Visions to align them with the character voice evolution.


          2. Oh cool info. I know when I listened to them in order from my library a couple years ago it was a little unsettling to hear a different Peabody than I’d gotten used to. My library may not have the newer versions in audio either. I still enjoy reading AND listening to them all.

  6. While the murder part always makes me angry, it’s always fun to return to LT. Eve Dallas’s world. From a fellow Southerner having to quickly turn a respectful “ma’am” into a “sir”, to breaking a marriage rule, to Feeney getting his “magic coat”, to Trueheart getting his Detective shield it was filled with most of the characters who make this world so much fun. While I’m curious if Miss Bella’s birthday will be wrapped around an investigation and if Mavis does want costumes, the books are filled with life moving on. And in this crazy time we live in I’m thankful for these moments to escape into Dallas’s world.

    1. Loved those scenes, especially Feeny’s reaction to his own magic coat. Am also looking forward to Bella’s birtday party. There were a couple of women officers in some recent books, one of whom reminded Eve of Peabody. I’m wondering if one of them will be tapped to be a uniform in the department now that Trueheart is a detective.

  7. I’m still waiting to get my audio book in the mail, so I will have to skip this discussion and come back to it. Oddly, sometimes I get my order early and other times it takes awhile. I’m itching to get my hands and ears on it! I mostly listen while I am soaking in the tub, so I guess Ms. Roberts is to blame for some of my pruning toes. 😉

    1. P.S. I am just a few chapters into “Sanctuary,” so I’ll have to put that one on hold while I listen to the new book. It is coming on a slow boat from China, it seems, and should be here by 8 p.m. tonight according to the USPS tracking. I pre-ordered it in May.

      1. Hello sanctuary is that a no or Roberts because as I recall there is no sanctuary in death. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible I would very much appreciate it HM him space sanctuary in Deb would make a good title for an in-depth look though. If there is a Nora Roberts book called sanctuary at would like to read it. Please pardon the misspellings I’m using a dictation program on my phone I am visually impaired. Have a great day sincerely Jaimie

  8. I have it. I have it on my Kindle. I have it on audio….I don’t want to start it because then it will be over and months, months and months until the next one. As long as I haven’t read it I have it to look forward to. This won’t last long!

    1. I could never do that. I get too impatient near the due date. This week would have been easier to do that since I had three books that came out yesterday.

  9. Got it this morning. Just finished! I’m a “gulp it down and then go back for a slow drink” kind of reader when it comes to Nora/JD. Loved this book— especially the deputy! Kind of hope he sticks around. But I know better than to ask!! 😉
    Happy Reading!

    1. I agree with you about Deputy Banner. It would be really hard, though, since he lives in Arkansas.

  10. Well, I went to my local Walmart to pick up a copy of Devoted in Death. There were none there. When I inquired about it I was told that the distributors are the ones who stock the shelves and obviously they haven’t done it yet.

    Ago now what do I do?

  11. Unfortunately I will not be reading this book.. I preordered it and then it was cancelled and now it is back on Amazon for 13.99 instead of the 11.84 I agreed to purchase it for and I thought that the original price was outrageous. I have all of Nora Roberts and JD Robbs books in paperback and digital but this is it. I am tired of being bilked by the publisher.

    1. I pay 19.99 at either Target or Walmart. I have also up till 2 years ago bought at books a million for $28. I love this series and these are the only books I buy new. If you have to save, it is 6 months between books. I for one think her ID series is priceless. Your loss.

      1. Another great book! I loved it.

        To the lady that won’t pay 2 dollars more..I have been reading this series for a least a decade..I think there were like 7 books out when I first found them. At times I’ve needed borrow from the library if I didnt’ have the money, but I always bought it later when I could. She’s not a true fan if the cost will keep her from reading.

        I also alway cry when they kill the first character. That’s what is so amazing about Nora’s writing..it’s always so real.

        Nora is so good that when I read the next book after hers by another author, it’s never very good. Her writing is just superior to most other authors out there.

        The end of this book is so good..my heart was racing too! Just waiting to see if they would still be alive!

    2. Instead of not reading it, check with your local library to see if you can get it from them

    3. Sorry you feel ‘bilked’. It takes a lot of time, effort, thought, work to write a book–and I get paid for all of that. It takes a lot of time, effort, thought and work to edit, print, do cover art, publish, market and distribute a book. The publisher gets paid for that.

      Art costs. But libraries offer their patrons the art of the book for free. If the cost is an issue, please support your local library. They are treasures.

      1. Yes! Everyone deserves to make some money along the way. Then you can live to write another day! I buy on multiple platforms and am glad to do so and no, I am not rich. I teach fiber arts for hardly a pittance. You pay for what is important to you. This is way less than a dinner out and no calories!

        1. I found the first ID book that I listened to at the library. Now I own all of them on CD or MP3. I am on disability and books are my treasures. I get them from Amazon, Ebay, the publisher, anywhere I can find them. You can get them used for very little sometimes. To the OP, Katie G: I don’t know what happened with Amazon – have you tried writing to them about the pricing?

      2. I got the ebook from my local library right at 12:00am EST on release day. I put the request in months ago and got first dibs. Didn’t cost me a cent and I didn’t have the leave the house.

      3. I love you even more for suggesting that she get the book for free!

      4. Amen. Libraries get money for their budgets for books based on patronage and that includes the online library which most states participate in these days.

      5. AMEN! I don’t know what I would do without my local libraries. If I had to buy every book I read I’d probably need a second possibility third job to support my book addiction. I fully support my local libraries in any I can. I just finished Devoted borrowed from the library. I am going to return it first thing in the morning so someone else can enjoy it. Mrs. Roberts let me just say “WOW” on Wednesday I finished Born in death which I truly enjoyed. Picking up Innocent in the morning from none other than my local library. I figure I better catch up with my JDROBB since I have read any and every book written by NR. I’ve only taken short break this year to read New books by some of my favorite authors. I have to say since January it’s been pretty much jdrobb and new Nora Roberts. I still have a ways to go. I already have the next theology Stars of fortune on hold. I read the excerpt and I wanted to start the book right there and then. WAY TO GO MRS. ROBERTS, YOU DID IT AGAIN!

      6. As someone who has BOUGHT first the books, then Kindle addition and ALL 52 stories (I count the novella’s) on Audible, I can’t imagine feeling bilked. IF they finally get it right and make movies or tv series, I will buy them too! Eve Dallas and all are the best. Thank you Nora for a fertile imagination.
        We have all spent money we wish we hadn’t but you can’t count the expense when picking up a beloved story.

      7. Dear Ms. Roberts,
        I absolutely LOVE these books. After law school (1978-1981) I didn’t do any pleasure reading for all of these many years until your In Death Series, which I was just introduced to in June of this year. Since June, I have read every book from Naked in Death forward, in order, over the course of the summer. I just started on Obsession, and then there will only be Devoted, before I have caught up with all of your other readers. Between the older ones I listen to on audiobook during my hour-long commute, the other older ones I’m re-reading on my home office PC, and the latest one I always have going on my mini ipad, I am thinking about these stories and these characters literally day and night. My hubby is a little worried about me (ha,ha,ha) 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this new world…if I am not laughing out loud hilariously, or crying, deeply touched by whatever is happening to our heroine and her man, my heart is racing and I’m glued to the pages to find out what is going to happen next. I hope you NEVER stop writing these wonderful stories! And, unlike some of the readers, I absolutely love all of the “lovey dovey” between Eve and Roarke now. They deserve to have “that” after everything they went through to bring them to where they are now. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you….these stories are truly treasures!

      8. Your books are worth every penny! I buy all e-books these days, except for the In Death series. My husband has bought me every one the day it has come out. There’s just something more fulfilling about a hardcover that you know will be an instant favorite, and read again. Plus, it’s an easy gift for a man? Please keep them coming!

    4. That’s because both Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and I’m assuming other retailers as well gave pre-orders a discount – and they frequently do on Nora’s work. And since it’s been, what, six months – I think – since the last one, the price doesn’t bother me. I usually pre-order them as soon as I’m able when they come up for pre-order (I specifically ask for B&N gift cards for my birthday in March, for Mother’s Day/Anniversary combo – usually within days of each other or even the same day, we got married May 13th – and for Christmas – I’ll usually get one or two out of the three).

    5. well it seems to me that you are cutting off your nose to spite your face but I do understand being careful with hard earned dollars so I will echo what several have already said “Use the library!!!!!”

  12. Downloaded from Amazon this morning and “gulped it down!”

  13. Awesome. I love the “gift” to Feeney. No need to “Beware of Geeks bearing gifts”. Married to a Greek, so the misspelling is intentional. Love the way Eve messes with the expressions.

  14. I’m sorry to hear that about Walmart. I’m planning on going first thing tomorrow to pick it up- hope my Walmart has it.I had a holiday today- Rosh HaShanah- so I couldn’t go out to pick it up. I always grab the book on the first day it comes out. Last year I walked (my car was snowed in ) to the local target, thru the snow- only to find out it wasn’t on the shelves yet. When I order it from Amazon, I never get it 0n the Tuesday it comes out- I just can’t wait the two or three days till it gets here.

  15. Okay, I basically finished it in one sitting and I have to say that Trueheart and Baxter are two of my favorite characters/teams. That being said, GO TRUEHEART!!!!!

  16. I stopped listening to Rivers End so I could start Devoted. On chapter 5. Loved Peabody’s Christmas story

  17. As soon as I had the book in my hands I read it from cover to cover without stopping. As usual, it is up to Robb’s excellent writing and I enjoy her books. I have the complete “In death” series from book 1 through this new one.

  18. I always gulp!! Then I pick a rainy day and savor. There were so many things. This was not written like the others. It was really case intense. We got a few Mavis/Bella mentions. A couple of Nadine mentions. Nadine always plays a major roll. A quick mention of Charles and Louise as well as Mr. Mira. Though I missed a “visit” with these friends, I loved the fast pace and the drive of this novel. Loved Banner!!! What a character!!! Congrats to Trueheart!!! This is already a favorite!!

  19. Just finished. I will have to re read it to be sure I didn’t miss anything But I usually re-read and enjoy doing so. Loved the deputy he was great but more than that Eve was different with Roarke. More relaxed, more tender, more comfortable with loving him. It has been coming along little by little but in this book it seems to me she really gets it and is less concerned with showing her feelings for him in public. I loved the addition to the marriage rules. That was perfect aswas Feeney and his “magic coat” Priceless! The onlybad part of this book is that now the wait begins for the next one, 6 months is a long time but the anticipation keeps me going. great job Nora you never miss!

  20. Forgot, I also loved Baxter, who I always love, but he was so much “more” a worried papa over Trueheart taking the detective exam. Are we getting a new uniform for someone to train ? Who have we met that Eve is considering? I love it when there are so many answers but still so many questions, What a book. Again, Nora you rock

    1. I absolutely LOVED that! When he was in Eve’s office talking to her about it that first day, I actually compared him in my mind to a father waiting to hear about the birth of his child (before fathers were expected to be in the delivery room). I just kept saying in the back of my head, “Baxter, you wouldn’t have put him up for it if he wasn’t ready, you trained him well.”

  21. Done with the gulping, now for the savoring…

    Highlights were definitely Feeney’s magic coat, Peabody’s moron moment, and Trueheart’s exam. Loved watching Eve and Rourke take things to another, deeper level.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the drink with DeWinter moves the two of them forward and how Zweck can be of use later, too.

  22. I downloaded it yesterday morning, but unfortunately something called work prevented me from starting it until 6 pm. Stayed up all night reading. Just a little tired this morning 🙂

    Loved the book!!!

  23. Mine came in the mail today. It is bedtime for me (been up since 11:30 last night,) so I will start listening to it when I wake up. I’ll be soaking my aching body in a hot bath and enjoying my new book.

    1. I love that Baxter got a blank cop’s look when Eve asked him what he knew about it

  24. Oh please Nora write faster. My life improves greatly when a new In Death book is published Every Xmas my special treat is to re-read all the series in order. Great reading. Great stories. Characters are fabulous. Keep up the great work! Love, love, love all your books

  25. I picked up my copy of ‘Devoted in death’ yesterday at Coles. Knew it would be on the shelves then. I REALLY tried to hold off reading it, just to savour having it, but didn’t work. I had to crack it open, and as usual, had such a hard time putting it down! Finished it today and soooo enjoyed it!!
    Congratulations to Nora for her award for ‘Concealed’ – ‘Devoted” should see you getting another!! You rock, Nora!!!!!

  26. Gulped the first time. I will wait a few weeks or months and then go back and read it again much slower. As I told Nora when I met her last year, “You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!” Great read as always.

    1. You got to meet Nora Roberts!! What is she like! Did you get to ask her any questions and if so what did you ask her? What is she look like? I’m blind so I have no idea. I would appreciate it if you could answer this. Thanks. Sincerely Jaimie I would not give up on buying Nora – JD Robb books if you own all of them just because of the price of a book on Amazon. There are several options open to you. Audiio book sstand. Barnes & Noble target Nora – JD Robb works very hard and I am sure that her publisher gets the best price for her books. You have to remember that she is a very famous author and you can always get the e-book or as other people have suggested on here if you cannot afford it right now get it from your library. I am on disability and if it had not been for my boyfriend I would not have gotten this book. But I would’ve gotten at some point. So please do not give up on nor Roberts JD Robb. Sincerely Jaimie

  27. WHOPPEEEE. Just picked up my copy. Too bad serving supper and life has to intervene- but as soon as all that jazz is done- I’m gulping- I’ve been known to keep on going till 5 a.m. My husband thinks I’m nuts. To the lady who feels- bilked- Yes, I too liked it better, when I could buy them in paper back. I love Nora’s books, but I can’t afford to buy them. That’s why God made libraries. But I still buy every ID book, usually on the first day it comes out. I’ll buy one less top- the book gives me such pleasure, & I can reread it constantly, that to me it’s a bargain.I’m planning on buying the hardcover of Naked- my copy is falling apart. Now to start reading- the first readthru is the best.

    1. That’s another reason why I’ve gone with my e-reader – other than I’m seriously lacking space for any more books, and I can’t read a regular book in bed. The e-book price is $14, rounded up – which is what some paperbacks are coming out at now (and some, a little more than that).

    2. My vice is hard cover books from select authors, I buy all of Nora’s including ID. To afford my vice, I figured out the number of hard cover books I typically by a year, divided by 26 (# of pay checks) and save out that amount each payday.

      I picked up “devoted” on a Tues after work and stayed up until I finished it.

  28. I was saving the Barnes and Noble gift card that I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the release of Devoted. .. . . .not only did I get my book, but picked up a pound of Starbucks French Roast beans, a new coffee mug with a prescription for coffee (I’m a pharmacist, so it was calling out to me!), and had enough left for chocolate! I didn’t realize the significance of everything I bought until on my way home. . . .wonder what Dr. Mira would think of this.

    Can’t wait to get started on my book . . . . need to check the Auto-Chef first for my coffee!

    1. One of the things I really liked about Devoted is the teamwork from the whole Homicide division. It was nice to see Santiago and Carmichael get their chance for a “road trip” and to see how their partnership has developed over the past several books. Congrats to Trueheart, and we’ll have to see who the new “uniform” will be! As always, Nora, your characters are so real and feel like friends. Thank you for yet again giving us Eve, Roarke, and company to provide us with so much enjoyment!

    2. I ordered coffee from Turn the Page bookstore, and it’s pretty good. I may try the beans next time and grind it m’self. Enjoy! I’m probably half way through the book. I have it on playing on my MP3 player whenever I am in the bathroom. Seems I spend quite a bit of time in there besides soaking in the tub. 🙂

  29. Luckily for me, this book came out while on vacation. I had a wonderful time moving through this story. It reminded me of an earlier ID book (Kindred in Death) in terms of the format; the case is the main character and heart of the story. I enjoy how in the ID series, the focus of the books can shift from the relationship of Eve and Roarke, to the development of the secondary characters to solving a case.

    Devoted in Death, while being case focused, has great moments. Really enjoyed Will Banner’s role and would love to see him again. Baxter shows a much more vulnerable side with a case he had to work that was very hard emotionally for him, as well as with Truehearts exam. Nice to see Peabody be primary on her own case. So much to enjoy in this one. I’m looking forward to Mr. Mira’s story in February. Nora, thank you so much for so many hours of excellent entertainment.

  30. It’s going to take me a few days to read it. I’m in one of those times where I’m zooming around doing 20 different things at once, can’t settle on any one thing, and then practically pass out if I dare to sit on the couch too long in the afternoon, or soon after the lights go off – I fell asleep while reading this last night, just like I fell asleep while reading Sandra Brown’s “Friction” the other night.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I got to the part about Peabody and her family at Christmas, I got teary-eyed myself. It’s so sweet! Nora, you can’t EVER break Peabody and McNabb up after this! Their initials will always be there!

  31. I started reading it Tuesday when I got up. had to stop to cook supper and socialize with the family for a while, then finished thd book around 1am or so. I really, really enjoyed this book for all the reasons listed in everyone’s posts. I cried so hard with Reed and Jayla, especially at the end. Wow, Nora,you had me on the edge there. My heart was pumping and lungs were tight hoping Eve would be in time! You do ROCK!

    1. PS. to the woman that felt she was bilked.Use The Library.!!!! don’t complain to Nora! She is a hard working woman and she does right by her fans and has a great work ethic.

      1. And Nora doesn’t set the prices, the publishers and retailers do. That’s another reason why I always pre-order her books – they are cheaper on pre-order than they are initially at release.

        1. It would take alot more than price to convince me to give up th ID books. My own death is the only thing that comes to mind.

  32. I’m glad the ban on coffee was just a little one. I don’t think I’d like to see Eve without coffee.

  33. Finished it today, and will go back and re-read it after my niece reads it.
    But now I want chicken and dumplings.

  34. Started reading at 1am Tuesday and finished at 10am. Then slept 3 hours before heading to work. Now I’m rereading and savoring. Loved this one! The crimes/criminals were horrible and I cried a few times for the victims, especially Jayla and Reed. I know it won’t happen because they aren’t major characters or children but I’d love to see a glimpse of them after recovery. They went through a special kind of hell.
    Absolutely fell for Detective Banner! He’s one I’d like to see again. I can’t imagine him wanting to leave Arkansas so probably not a possibility but he’d make a great addition to the cast of characters in Eve’s world.

  35. I just read the first three chapters, but then, my eyes were closing after a real hectic day.So I did what I’m always tempted to do- just skimmed thru the last 2 chapters. It takes away the tension, but now I’m angry at myself.
    There’s a common thread thru all these posts- we are all more focused on the personalities, more than the cases. Since Agatha Christie,mystery writers are a dime a dozen (with inflation, more like $5. a dozen ), but none of them, can paint portraits of people like Nora does. The cases are all good, but I don’t read these books for then- I’m addicted to Eve & Roarke, and the secondary characters are great- they are more important to me than the actual cases.

    1. You are right. That’s why people enjoy book series so much. We know the characters and like them. I don’t think I would have read 50+ books by the same author if most of them didn’t have the same characters.

    2. I have noticed the same thing and was going to comment on it. Yes, the cases are great and a challenge to figure them out sometimes along with Eve, but I too read the books for the characters we all know and love and their stories. Usually the beginning of each book is all about the case and I find myself saying, “I can’t wait until Eve goes home for the day and sees Roarke”! LOL

      1. I agree. LOVED the book and am recently addicted to the series. I hated waiting until chapter six for Roarke. I do love him and Eve together.

      2. That is so funny…..Me too!! Sometimes I skip ahead and then go back.

  36. Yesterday (as I was leaving for work) the mail man arrived. I knew my copy was in that box. I admit it was hard to drive away knowing that. As soon as I got home I was reading. I read the whole thing and only got five hours sleep, but it was worth it. My favorite part is always the candy thief. Eve is so smart with her hiding places, but the thief keeps getting the better of her. It makes me smile every time. Looking forward to Wonderment next.

  37. I gulped this one! It was so intense! Felt like I was in the race along with Eve. I also enjoyed the addition of the new character, Will Banner. Thanks for quite a story!

    1. Yes, and i Loved Roarke’s reaction when he first met Banner. I think Banner and Eve are a lot alike.

  38. Loved the book!!!! I got it from the library when I got home from work last night. Couldn’t get started on it until my husband went downstairs. Couldn’t put it down until around midnight. I kept saying to myself… 5 more minutes, 1 more chapter. I work full time and go to college part time. Didn’t get any homework done last night!!! That’s ok!! I woke up before my alarm this morning and instead of lazing in bed, I thought – yeah! I can finish the book. Finished it before I left for work this morning. Loved loved loved it!!!! I love how Eve talks about winter. Nora…..have you been to Wisconsin in January? Life is just like Eve describes the cold! Just love these characters and the story lines. Hope to see a quick follow up from Jayla and Reed in a future book. Loved Banner too!!

  39. In the middle of my rereading and it’s struck me just how many times Eve has stopped herself from snapping at someone and taken a moment to see the situation from their point of view. Then actually agreeing with their response or at least understanding it enough to own up to whatever part she played in the difficulty or misunderstanding. Our Eve is really growing up.

  40. A good, fast read for me. Couldn’t put the book down. THIS is the Dallas I fell in love with.

  41. Almost finished with it! My mother and I listen to books together more than not, so it takes a bit more time than normal to read/listen to new books, but it’s well worth it! I love these books, and many others, so there’s plenty to keep me occupied until the next installment! Well done, and thank you!

  42. I really enjoyed this story. Stayed interested the whole time. I do miss all the supporting characters…but I understand they can’t all be in every story. Hope DeWinter turns out to be a new love interest for Morris, but I think we all have thought that. What’s the most fascinating thing to me – that I tend to forget about – is the time line in the book. When Roarke reminded Eve that Bella was about to turn 1, I almost dropped the book. I’m like, “DANG! A million things have happened since Born in Death & it’s only been a year?!” ha ha!

    I’ve been obsessed with this series and these characters for years. Keep them coming. This was a thrilling one.

    1. DeWinter and Morris are friends–nothing romantic there. Neither are looking for a romantic relationship.

      1. Thank goodness. I like both characters but I have trouble getting my head around them together.

        One of my favorite things is trying to follow where I think your mind is going in each book. Can’t say I’m super good at it but for me it is one of the joys of reading authors I like. If I read a series of books and get to the place where I always know where the author is headed then I become bored. that is no fun for me. I love the story as well as the surprise and intrigue of trying to think like Nora. I have read every JD Robb book and I still look forward to each and every one. I love the way your mind works and admire your talent. I don’t think ahead to what I would like to see from the characters because then I might miss the surprise. I have alot of favorite authors from all genres but none of them keep my interest and surprise me the way you do Thank you!

  43. I liked the book. I can’t say I love it yet, but I liked it. I’m in a bad place in my life right now as I lost my husband a few weeks ago to an ugly illness. It’s hard for me to love anything right now. However, I did enjoy the story and I want to thank the author for the West Virginia references! We’ve seen Dallas face cows and horses. I’d really like to see her encounter a hillbilly! LOL! I would like to see more of Banner in the future. I think it would be cool if he was the ‘new uniform’ they are looking for in the homicide division. I wish I hadn’t read the description of the next ‘In Death’ book coming out in the winter. I am looking so forward to that one so much that I don’t think I gave Devoted enough of my attention. I’m going to go back and listen to it again to see if I can find that love for the book that I usually have. As long as it’s a Roarke/Dallas novel, I’m going to read it. Period. Thank you Ms. Robb for doing what you do.

  44. First off let me make I clear that I love the In Death series. With that being said I also have to say that this book just didn’t do it for me. It seemed very repetitive. Victim who regretted not getting together with the next door neighbor, another cop taking a detective test, another magic coat, another swim in the pool followed by sex, Eve working too much/being too pale followed by another argument. I like the familiarity of the characters but this book was way to predictable.

  45. If I were Peabody I would start to get irked about someone in several of the ID books referring to her as Officer Peabody. In this book Eve did it when she introduced her to the first victim’s mother. I remembered Laura’s teaser about Peabody correcting Eve and thought I bet this is where she corrects her, but she didn’t! LOL Loved the book and Banner. Hope he decides to transfer to the “big city” and joins the crew at Central.

    1. I have to say if and when Peabody’s called Officer rather than Detective, it’s not Eve’s fault but mine. She only says what I write, so my mistake.

      Banner’s an Arkansas boy. He’s not moving to NY.

    2. Yea but the character who addresses Peabody as “Officer” is not someone from the department. It usually is a member of a victim’s family or someone they’re interviewing. They wouldn’t and shouldn’t be expected to know the hierarchy in the department as we do.

  46. Enjoyed the book, but was sorry to see it so short, with no mention of Nadine or Mavis. Felt like something was missing.

  47. As an Oklahoman, I thought the New York cops’ impressions of Oklahoma and Arkansas were hilarious. Eve’s horror of cows has made me laugh before. I would love to see Deputy Banner make another visit to New York. Eve and Roarke need a little more country in their life.

  48. I really enjoyed the teamwork in this one and the fact that the case didn’t bring up so many issues from Eve’s past as they sometimes do. One continuity thing did bother me a bit. Peabody says she’d like to go to the opera, implying that she hasn’t been, but in “Reunion” she says she has been there with Charles.

    1. I noticed that too. however I think that like in a lot of long running series, Nora can’t keep track of every little detail. At least she hasn’t changed the name of a recurring character such as a another favorite author did in one recent book. I still cant believe that no one (the author, editor typesetter etc) noticed that a character who has appeared in several books had a different name

  49. I last whole 10 pages before reading the epilogue . Now I can enjoy reading the book from beginning to end .

  50. Why does Eve introduce Peabody as officer not detective when she talked to the droid at Mina’s apt ?
    I wish I could have a droid like Maeve .

    1. I wish I could have any droid. I keep telling my husband that I need a helper monkey, and he keeps reminding me that they can open doors and would end up in the bathtub with me. No thanks!

  51. I don’t get a romantic vibe from DeWinter/Morris. It’s too soon for Morris in book time it’s not been long since he lost his love (can’t spell her name so not going to embarrass myself).
    As for Banner, it’s a testament to Nora’s writing that a character she has no intentions of adding permanently has become so well liked. She has a gift for fleshing out even secondary and supporting characters to the point that we don’t want to lose them and only want more. It’s why in a lot of books I weep, sometime sob, for a character who gets killed in the first chapter. I’ve “known” this character for less than 4 pages yet I can be distraught over their death because Nora/JD has made me care about this person.
    On the lines of romantic interest I had a mini wish for a Banner/Nadine connection but alas it’s not meant to be. LOL

  52. I loved it as always and can’t wait for the whisper sync to be ready!! I read all books 5-6x because I seem to miss something every time.

  53. Just went to the movie A Walk in the Woods. Devoted in Death was on the bookshelf in Robert Redford’s character’s home. He has good taste in reading material!

  54. Got it Saturday. Started and finished it on Sunday. As per usual loved it. Did miss Mavis and Leonardo and nadine not being in it. I kept expecting nadine to drop by because a) she would have known eve was back after her hols and would have 99% chance of a case. B) The body count was staking up. c) Several agencies and police were involved so the whole no press or nadine not fishing felt incomplete. But I guess that’s just because I feel that i know the characters so well now she felt like she would be a knocking to see what was going on. And I was kinda wondering what Nadine would think of banner. So although they talked about Mavis and the baby’s first birthday coming up and mentioned Louise and Charles in passing. What with just a few sentences about summerset. And was dickhead in forensics on holiday or something. No mention of him. It didn’t feel like the full gang was present in the book. But that didn’t stop me from loving the book and is not a criticism. It’s just me loving all these characters over the years. Oh and I wish that eve had gone a little harder at Ella-Loo in the end. I also hope in the new book the chief offers banner a job working for nypsd and homicide and that he becomes part of the series. I liked him. Last thank you Nora for this book and every one in the in death series. I look forward to reading every single one and re reading

  55. Not quite finished, but I’m very much enjoying this novel. I think it’s the best one since From New York to Dallas.

    Having said that, I noticed one small thing I think is an error. They talk about the killers ruse to capture victims, pretending to have to load furniture, and attribute it to Jeffery Dahmer. However, it was Ted Bundy who used to do that.

    1. I caught that, too. Maybe Eve just got her serial killers wrong just like she is always getting little sayings wrong. (We do that in our family, too. “Ah, now the shoe’s on the other horse!”)

    2. Thank you for pointing that out. I noticed that at once, but then I am from Washington state.

  56. Continuity is a very interesting subject in regards to the “In Death” series. 50+ novels and novellas written in a 20 year period! I can’t imagine how Nora keeps it all straight.
    I’m sure she doesn’t, as I and so many of her other devoted readers do, reread these books constantly.
    I reread the first three books after every new one comes out just to remind myself how much Eve has grown.
    Plus she writes other stand alone novels and series at the same time. So I gladly forgive her the little oops, like McQueen (The Collector) tattooing #’s on his victims not carving them and Peabody going to the opera with Charles. I think of these continuity errors as Easter eggs waiting for me to find them.
    Devoted was, as usual, just a delight. Thank you Nora!

  57. Poor Nora. It’s hard enough for her to be so prolific, writing so many books a year, including 2 ID books, plus a novella. So now she has to keep track of every little detail, because some of her devoted readers will pounce on every little error. I don’t care if Peabody did go the the opera before- or didn’t. I’d rather Nora keep writing at the same pace she has- little booboos and all.

    1. I would not call say we “pounce” on these details. We are having a discussion and enjoy her books and her writing very much. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t notice these things. Many of us have read these books over and over and over.

      1. I had the same thoughts. This is a blog and no made any snide or rude comments that I saw. Like you said we are big fans and were just making comments not criticisms or even trying to be nit picky. It was all in fun and lighthearted as far as I was concerned.

  58. I just finished listening to the book. Can someone help clear something up? I thought early on it said they had killed 29 by the time they got to New York. But at the end, the only said they killed 24 (including the owner of their flat). What that on purpose or a mistake?

  59. Can someone tell me what chapter the coffee ban was in? The only downfall to listening to the book rather than reading it is sometimes when you lay down to listen you sometimes drift off to sleep no matter how good the story is, lol.

    1. Coffee was banned in the dojo in Chapter 6. This was so subtle I didn’t catch it on my first read through, either.

      1. Ok, I remember that now and later in the book when Roarke made the subtle “threat” to take her coffee away. Well, glad to know I didn’t actually fall asleep! lol

  60. Finished in two sittings (about four hours) time managed between classes (giving and taking) Now on first re-read for savouring….. As usual I AM IN LOVE! with this book! Thanks Nora, keep it coming!

  61. I love all the “In Death” books, I think one of the best things about them is watching the changes in relationships. In real life you have friends who you believe are dating the wrong person, the ones you merely put up with because they are special to a friend. If the series turned into just love stories it would not be as exciting. We don’t have all the back stories about all Eve’s men in her department, but it sure is fun finding out about them. The only thing I would really like to see is who the candy thief really is, lol.

  62. I loved the book and I enjoy reading them from first page to last and letting the story unfold. Yes, it is a bit predictable in spots but aren’t all murder mysteries! I love watching the story unfold and seeing everyone interrelating. My favorite parts are when they do the final interrogation, usually the next to last chapter, and the arrest is made. Eve is a master of this.

    Regardless of small errors of fact, I find Nora/JD to be excellent at creating and handling her characters. They are all different, well thought out and well written. Even many of the minor characters and walk-ons become fully realized people with only a few sentences. Thank you, Nora/JD.

  63. Did anyone else notice that Morris’ Grim Reaper tattoo moved? In Seduction in Death…Morris’ Grim Reaper tattoo is under his left nipple on his pecs (I know if Nora reads this she will shake her head at our persnickety attention to details). In Devoted, it’s on his thigh. I’m part of a book club and we had fun with this–we figured futuristic tattoos move!

    1. Yes..we had a lot of fun in our book club talking about this particular scene…and the tattoos made for a great detail digging conversation. Now that we know he probably has two Grimm Reapers we will all be wondering what else he might have…LOL

  64. Get back to me on what happened to that I would appreciate it maybe it’s my fault just wondering thank you sincerely Jaimie On the day after this book came out at 8:41 I left a review of the book and as I was reading this these posts I did not see my review and I thought that I was the very first one to leave a review I was just wondering what happened to it. If somebody can Get back to me on what happened to that I would appreciate it maybe it’s my fault just wondering thank you sincerely

    1. Jaimie,

      I searched everywhere and there is no comment from you about Devoted in Death the day after release date. Nor did it post in a different place.


      1. I nver get my comments in e-mail, but I do see them in the thread on the website.

  65. Just finished it this morning – not quite 10 days of savoring the book. Good one! Sadly, there was a tiny fleck missing from my disc and the MP3 audiobook skipped 2 chapters: 37 & 38. Now, I’ll certainly be surprised the next time I go through the entire series and won’t remember a lot of what I just listened to. My brain is a wonder. As a young friend once said about her memories being gone, “I’ve slept since then.” _Jeanie, CST – that would be one hour behind Eve’s time. 😉

  66. I have read Devoted in Death and I found it ok. It was heavy on police procedure and it was good to see Dallas working with Banner.

    I just finished listening to the audio version and it just struck me. There was the contrast between the twisted relationship of Darryl & Ella-Loo with the healthy deepening relationship of Dallas & Roarke. It was during the Epilogue when I understood the subtext. It was sort of an anniversary book for Dallas & Roarke. They had met three years ago.

    1. I completely agree about the contrast between the twisted relationship of Darryl & Ella-Loo with the healthy deepening relationship of Eve & Roarke. I know that this book takes place in January and I was always under the impression that Eve and Roarke met in mid February..which could be 2 books away from this one in our world. I think that I remember reading someplace (maybe in death.net) that the gift of coffee was like a Valentine’s gift. But either way, this couple has moved to a smooth running unit…so it is a happy anniversary.

    1. I’m sure he will get one, especially if he and Peabody ever get engaged or if he starts going into battle more regularly. Right now he’s mostly an E-Geek and only goes out into danger occasionally.

    2. I think McNabb and the rest of Dallas’ Division are next. What if Trueheart gets one for making Detective?

      1. If Trueheart gets a magic coat, Baxter and everyone else would have a fit.

        1. Plus, I think right now the Magic Coats are for Dallas’ closest friends.

          1. you don’t think that McNab qualifies as a close friend? Also to whomever suggested he doesn’t need one because as e geek he doesn’t get out much I can only say have you read the books? LOL

          2. I totally agree with you on that but if McNabb gets one where does it end? Summerset will need one, Nadine will need one, and as has already been mentioned Eve’s division will need one. It will get ridiculous soon. Lol

          3. I believe Roarke’s goal is to contract with NYPSD to provide them to all and to other police departments.

          4. I agree that it could spiral out of control. However I will point out that Roarke is a billionaire and can afford to make sure that Eve’s friends are safe. Plus he makes it so it is good business to have it being used. If it saves lives the whole NYPSD and other police agencies will buy it. I don’t remember offhand which book but in one of them he asks Feeny to test-drive a computer and then recommend it.

  67. Finished Devoted in Death in audio format and loved it! It is fun to imagine Morris’ “moving” tattoo.

    1. Maybe it’s kind of like Prince John’s moving mole in “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”?

  68. Love all the In Death books. Glad to see other readers picking up mistakes in continuity. This isn’t really continuity, but Giselle is a ballet not an opera, unless someone is writing the opera now.

  69. 1st – Devoted – I just wanted to beat the crap (being nice here) out of Ella-Loo. What a total bitch she was. Thrill killers are the worst and these two take the cake.

    2nd – Wonderment – Loved this one. Best of all a list of Eve’s entire crew. But I still don’t know some of the 1st names for them. Can I get a list of ALL the recurring characters anywhere? An idea for you put this on a bookmark so it can be used as a reference as we read.

    3rd – Just keep them coming. Love JD and Nora. Re-read many times.

  70. I got the ebook and the Audible book on the day it was released. In 4 hours, I had the ebook read. Loved it!
    I then listened to the Audible audio file while working in my studio. Still loved it.

  71. Devoted was so-o-o-o good! This was one of the times that I seriously, truly wished the killers were killed near or at the end, but death would have been too good for them and, in the end, they got what they deserved. I think this one goes on my “keeper” shelf, to be re-read again! Thank you JDR/Nora!

  72. Devoted in Death was on the window sill of the editor in the first episode of the second season of “The Affair.” Her books sure get around.

  73. First off to the woman complaining about the price. Do what many people suggested support your local library and get it there. I do, in fact I suggest the book when it is near publication date. I then watch closely so I don’t have to wait a long time. I live in NYC and there usually are hundreds of people who put the book on hold.
    Secondly, and most important – I have read all the In Death books, some several times. As with others, I have favorites and this one will be among them. It took me only two days to read as I didn’t want to put it down but life intervened. I will wait awhile so that others get a chance to read it for the first time and then put it on hold again so I can reread it.
    I love that some have caught “mistakes” in the books, I don’t think there was anything malicious, it just seemed that they had fun finding these things. I will have to see if I see them on my second read as I was too engrossed in the story to notice them the first time.
    Thank you Nora Roberts for another great book.

  74. One of my favorite scenes was Peabody finally getting to play Bad Cop in interview! She was a bulldog! Go Peabody! She really got into it ~ made me laugh, as I could just see it in the movie that plays in my head. I love this series so much for the laughs ~ who would have thought something called In Death would be so funny?

    I think I know who the Candy Thief is ….

    Speaking of editing errors, I do pick up some now and again in the books I read. They’re inevitable. In this one, Jayla goes missing at
    “twenty four thirty.” There is no such time as twenty four thirty. The 24 hr clock stops at 2400 (midnight) and starts over at 0000 (which is also midnight). So Jayla went missing at 0030 (30″ after midnight).

  75. I notified the leader of Aidan Turner’s fan club to alert him to be on the lookout, in the future, for a casting call to audition for Roarke, if and when that ever comes to pass.

    Aidan Turner is Irish, handsome (not Roarke handsome, but who is?) and is currently playing Ross Poldark in the PBS Masterpiece series Poldark. He’s tall, dark and handsome and a very good actor. He has long hair in the Poldark series, and he’s Roarke’s age.

    He was born in Dublin and has the sweet lilt of Ireland wafting through his speech!

  76. I didn’t buy my copy until about a week after it came out, due to limited finances (I am disabled & on a fixed income). As usual, I started it about 3PM in the afternoon and finished it about 11:45ish that night. It was awesome, as they all are! I have gotten my sister in law hooked on In Death books, she just got done reading Devoted also. I loan her my copy, we are filling in the previous books in the series in her library. She has read them all from the first, so JD Robb has yet another fan!

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