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Nora, Bruce, Jason and Kat sent photos from Montana daily, giving me the difficult task of choosing what to use to illustrate Nora’s travelogues. Some fun, gorgeous photos didn’t make the cut, so I thought I’d share in a post for your enjoyment.

As many guessed, but I refused to make public because it was vacation, they stayed at The Resort at Paw’s Up.

I’ve got an inkling as to where the 2016 vacation will be, but we’ll have to wait awhile for those.  Good thing we have releases and Nora’s take on the fall, the holidays and her favorite season (HA!) winter before then to keep us going.  ~Laura

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Firing her up - photo by BW
Firing her up – photo by BW
At work in the basket - photo by BW
At work in the basket – photo by BW
Mist over the land - photo by BW
Mist over the land – photo by BW
From BW and Kat's trip to Ovando.
From BW and Kat’s trip to Ovando.
Set up for prank call - photo by ja-b
Set up for prank call – photo by ja-b
Kat and Jason and a view
Kat and Jason and a view
Just around the riverbend - photo by ja-b
Just around the riverbend – photo by ja-b
Every evening's activity: capturing sunset - photo by Ja-b
Every evening’s activity: capturing sunset – photo by Ja-b
I always knew you were ewoks (Laura's comment to Jason)
I always knew you were ewoks (Laura’s comment to Jason)

19 thoughts on “Montana! Photos”

    1. A bad joke for one. I believe in all reality it is a pipe tobacco but I’m not sure.

    2. Tobacco either for pipe or roll your own cigarettes. I sold many cans when I worked in my parent’s mom &pop grocery store 1962-1972.

  1. Gorgeous! I drove through Montana in the summer of 2012 to deliver my son’s car to him in Seattle. I definitely want to go back and spend more time there, as well as South Dakota and Idaho. At least! 🙂

  2. As a long-time travel agent, I knew from the first post that you all were at Paws Up. I’ve sent several families there, and always had outstanding comments. Good on ya’ for picking a winner!

  3. These pictures are great!!! yep, I was one of those kids that called the local stores. It was funny back then. I also asked If the refrigerator was running? We had to amuse ourselves and it was almost as fun as playing kick the can! oh well. thanks Laura!

    1. Remember when you COULD make prank phone calls? The days before caller ID, or even after caller ID and you could block your number, and people wouldn’t refuse to pick up “private caller” calls? Prank phone calls, slamming a receiver down so hard it made the base jingle (I want to get a “normal” phone in the house to replace just one of the cordless phones just so I can have the satisfaction of slamming the phone down on scam calls). There’s something more….definite about slamming down the phone than there is about clicking the disconnect button. At least offices still have phones you can slam.

  4. Great photos and thanks for sharing, Laura! The extra photos of the balloon trip confirm my belief that fire and nylon together just aren’t in my future…..ever. Kudos to anyone who’s brave enough to do it, though.

  5. Loved Nora’s travelogs and read them every day. Thank you for the extra pictures, and I see a vacation in Montana in my very near future!

  6. I’m scared of heights, but as long as I don’t have to look down, I’m okay, and those shots from the hot air balloon are beautiful, and would have been worth every moment of fear if I had looked down instead out at the landscape and the horizon. My fear isn’t as great as Nora’s, though. I never knew what Prince Albert in a can was, so now I can say that I do! Although, I’m with Nora on the ride to the Ghost Town – there’s no way I would have spent five hours on an ATV.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these bonus photos. I knew I came here to check for something extra for a reason. 🙂

  8. I loved that! Thank You – almost better than a book to read. Had a great evening here – English rain thrashing the windows and just the clock ticking by – brilliant – Thank You for sharing your holiday with us. MC

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