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It’s always gratifying to know how excited readers are when a new In Death book comes out. I’m so grateful for the loyalty of the readership, and hope–every time–those readers will enjoy the book. 

I understand some will enjoy any given book more than another. Some will be delighted with it, others a little disappointed. Or completely dissatisfied.
That’s the individuality of reading.
However. Every time a new book in this series comes out, I get numerous–NUMEROUS–comments of this variety:
I loved the book. Just gobbled it up. It was so good. But, there wasn’t enough (name that recurring character). I really felt something was missing. I really wish you’d have made more time for (name that recurring character or those recurring characters).
Okay, while in real time there’s about a six-month wait between books–I have to write them–in book time days have passed, maybe a week or two. Do you see all your pals on a daily basis? I suspect most of us aren’t like the cast of How I Met Your Mother, having drinks and adventures together pretty much every day.
If I made room in the story, every story, for everyone’s favorite recurring character, the story would revolve around them, not around the life and times of a murder cop (hello, murder cop) investigating, and interacting with Roarke, her partner, and whoever among those recurring characters has something to do/say/add to that specific storyline.
It’s one thing to be dissatisfied with the story itself, the writing, but to complain–again and again–because there wasn’t enough Feeney, or there was no Mavis, or why can’t this new character come back and join the NYPSD–when Deputy Banner has a life and career of his own in Arkansas (which I thought was illustrated pretty well in the storyline).
Another refrain, oft-sung: Nadine should find the love of her life.
No, says the creator, she shouldn’t. If and when she does, it’s because she’s ready, I’m ready, and the story calls for it.
Morris should find a new love.
No, he shouldn’t. He’s still grieving, and he’s not looking for a new love. When and if he does, (and for me that’s clearly if, not when) it will NOT be DeWinter. Which again, I think has been illustrated pretty clearly.
There should be more babies, more weddings, more people should hook up–either casually or for true love.
This is not what I’m writing or want to write in this series. Murder cop, investigating. Murder cop and her former criminal husband learning how to deal with marriage. Murder cop learning how to evolve and deal with friendships. But murder cop is the key. Outside romances are not.
I felt maybe I needed to address the simple fact that for the reader who is looking, primarily, for storylines that include everyone who walks through the books–occasionally or more regularly–and/or having those characters fall in love, get married, have babies, and so on, you’re probably going to be disappointed.
Is it possible another recurring character will enter a relationship? Of course. But we already have several who have. And for now, that’s more than enough for this series, its direction and its core.
It’s certainly flattering to create a character like Will Banner and have readers relate so strongly to him. But that doesn’t mean this character will suddenly relocate to NY, and Eve will snap her fingers and place him in her squad. I have to think of the big picture, and the big picture reads, to me–that would be out of character for Banner, and unrealistic for Eve.
I appreciate the readers’ investment in the series. It’s a lot of books, over a lot of time. I assure you, I give each book–and where it might take the next–a lot of thought. I give the plot, the story arc, the characters a lot of thought. If some of those characters don’t weave through a particular book, it’s because they were busy doing something else off page. Because they weren’t needed.
While I really want you to enjoy each book, and the series as a whole, I can only write them as makes sense to me, and in a way I feel stays true to the characters.
A respectful PS from Laura:  Though Nora Roberts does not write as long running a series as JD Robb, a lot of the above should be applied.  Trilogies end because the story/quest is finished as Nora envisioned it and another set of characters await.  As for characters who stand out — Forrest in The Liar, Aubrey in the Quinn books, Mrs. G in the Bride Quartet come to mind — they are supporting players in the cast and there are no plans for separate books.  I like to say we’ve trusted Nora/JD this far so let’s see where she takes us next.

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  1. Loved all the In Death books love all the characters and happy with new ones but most of all love how Eve relates to all of them she is such a complicated character in itself so I am happy to just read the books and see where they will all end up only regret I always have is that I’m so greedy to start readin the books that I end up readin it in a few hours finish but the good part is I can go back and read it over and over again.So keep on writin Nora and I will keep on readin and thank you for givin us such awesome books

    1. I agree! I look forward to seeing how Eve handles all the changes in her life since Roarke. I also love the secondary characters and I’m happy with whoever makes an appearance, but the books are about Eve and Roarke. I also can’t stand the wait between books 🙂

  2. I love all the In Death books obviously some more than others. Just started Devotion and have just met Banner who strikes me as a good strong character. I love seeing how your characters develop but for me personally apart from the murders it’s Eve’s relationships I love seeing regardless of who they are. Keep up the brilliant work and thank you

  3. She is such a favorite of Mine, I am always looking for the next book, be it a Roberts or a Robb! I never ask for more or less of a person in her books, she knows what is best for that certain book/series! Just read, reread and enjoy folks, she is the best!

  4. Nora, I’m so sorry you had to write a comment like this! I admit, I gobble the book down for 1) Eve and Roarke, 2) the killer(s) and want new way people have come up to kill and maim, 3) Peabody growing, on job and love, 4) Baxter and Trueheart and their growing friendship and careers, 5) Morris..he switches between 4 & 5. As you said, the rest of the characters fit in, when they truly move the story along. I wrote a snarky comment about NY2D last year, and you were kind enough to respond and nicely put me in my place! I accepted it and realized you weren’t writing for me personally, but for the fans as a whole, read devour, not read, DEVOUR, these books. I have HC, NOOK and copy on my Samsung Galaxy Android cell! I just re-read piece where Eve gives Feeney the “shitty brown, magic coat”. It was priceless, pure Eve and Feeney, both true cops, suspicious, embarrassed, but the moment was so sweet with the punch on the shoulder, reminds me of 46 years ago when my mentor gave me my 1st briefcase, after being promoted to management. We were both embarrassed to the roof, but that’s how he told me of the promotion. He already started subtle hints with my clothes turning into suits, my hair and makeup “free makeover” pre-birthday gift, then on my actual birthday, the briefcase. That same briefcase started my daughter’s professional career. It fell apart on her job, as she used it to protect her from a client’s deranged husband (but that’s another story!).
    Keep writing! I ‘ve already pre-ordered “Down the Rabbit Hole” anthology, the next full length “in Death” is in my paper and electronic calendars and I will pre-order about 3 months out.
    I have followed you since your McGregor days. You were kind enough to have a copy of “Without a Trace” sent to me when I missed it, following the O’Hurley triplets. I have never followed a particular character(s) over 41 books + anthologies! I don’t think there’s a series that has been that long. Even the original Sherlock Holmes novels weren’t that many, I don’t count the books currently being written. James Patterson had to bring in co-author to keep his flow going and even he doesn’t have 1 or 2 characters as the stars in this many wonderful, breathtaking, scary, love story/Murder mystery books. Thank YOU!

  5. I only want to tell you, Nora that getting to enjoy another partnerships banter from the squad was totally delish! Always felt there was more there. Thanks for bringing them out more.
    I love and appreciate every book. Of course some more then others. I admit this one goes up there with harder to read then some. But that just means you nailed the emotion and I think that that fact would please you.
    Thank you for seeing more to Eve and Roarke than just a trilogy.
    Karen S

  6. I think that Nora is right. This is about a murder cop doing her job and her husband sometimes assisting. This relationship/marriage thing is confusing enough for Eve. Yes, it would be nice to see more of the characters we’ve come to love, but as Nora has said these characters have a life outside of Eve’s. As far as I’m concerned I enjoy when familiar characters return, but I don’t need them in every book.

  7. I love reading your books and ok i don’t always agree with you. I remember going to a wal mart meet author jdrobb back when first of the books come out. Waited in long line and got sign copy of Naked In Death and said to nora ” hope eve’s mother is good instead of bad” ,and nora replied ‘not likely “. I was so disappointed ! BUUUTTTT !!! when nora wrote more about her NORA was right. I relized that’s why she’s a Bestselling author AND I’am a HAPPY READER!

  8. I love everything about the In Death series. I am happy with whatever you give us, as I devour each book. Over the course of the series, you have given us such wonderful secondary characters, many of whom we have fallen in love with.

    Besides our wonderful Eve & Roarke (best couple in the literary world), these fabulous secondary characters makes this series so special. Please continue to do what you always do, and ignore the complaints of others. Though I am sure they complain because you succeeded in making them love your characters so much.

    I love each and everybook. Consider me a happy reader. Thank you.

  9. While I too am guilty of the “I wish we got to see more of so-and-so” in these stories, it’s kind of nice when people like Jamie and Crack or Roarke’ s extended family show up unexpectedly. It’s kind of like running into an old friend. The encounters may be few and far between, but when we do see them it’s nice to be able to catch up. I love the In Death series. I’m bringing Naked In Death to one of my coworkers tomorrow who has never read any of the Nora Roberts or JD Robb stuff before. Very excited to introduce someone new to my favorite author.

  10. I am guilty of sometimes searching for references to my favourite recurring characters, but I am NEVER disappointed with the end result. Like Nora said, I like some books more than others, but that’s how it goes with long running series, and have read, or am reading, a few of those. I love the In Death series primarily because it shows the diverse ability of an author I grew to love as a young girl and keeps me entertained. It also keeps my record clean! I have read EVERY SINGLE BOOK ever published by Nora Roberts, no matter what name she uses. Over 30 years (though I am only 34) she has done a fabulous job of keeping it fresh, moving, NEW and relevant while still keeping all her readers panting for the next instalment or the next new thing. She is my NEXT, ALWAYS! Keep it going Nora and LAURA you keep doing the great job that you are doing!! I depend on you to!

  11. I can relate to many of the other reader’s comments. What I cannot relate to, are readers criticizing the author. I don’t have the talent to write a book let alone a series such as In Death with all the complicated relationships and intricate details. I ENJOY JD Robb and am working my way through the series for the fifth time. Whatever she does or doesn’t do is fine with me.

  12. You are a wonderful writer and I bless the day you started writing. I remember when your In Death series started and I remember saying to my late husband these words about J.D.Robb after reading Naked In Death,, ” I hate to say this but I think Nora Roberts has some competition”. I am old enough to remember seeing you on TV discussing that mess with Janet Daily and I was your biggest supporter. I know what I want to happen in the In Death series but I have found yes the author knows best. I just speculate in my mind what could happen next. I wrote to tell you that you have made my world a lot nicer by your presence and you are the best.

  13. I have to admit I really liked Banner and would be glad to see him show up again. I was happy for Trueheart and there were some hints (I think) to possible developments later. But while I live in that world while reading the books, I am not creating that world. It is not for me to say which character needs more page time or that a certain character needs to do (whatever). Yes, some of my favorite parts are when Eve interacts with (whoever) on a personal friendship level and has a friendship/family by choice epiphany. But it WOULD be emotionally exhausting to do that every week! (Laughing) So I will keep trusting JD to take her characters where she will. Because if I don’t enjoy it, my choice is not to tell her how to do her job, it is to quit reading them.

  14. I’ve read/listened to every In Death book multiple times. Love, Love,Love them. I will be putting Naked in Death on my daughter’s Kindle and hopefully she’ll fall in love with them too. Thanks for the great reads, looking forward to the next books….

  15. Nora, Just keep on writing just the way you are. We are all hooked on your books BECAUSE of the way you write them and because of the way you put the stories together. Nobody else gets to decide on the story line or characters but you because you do it so well.

  16. Nora Roberts /J. D. ROBB, has an incredible mind to write as many books and as many varieties of stories lines as she does. I myself trust her to take the characters where and how they should be. I have very rarely read a author as great as she is. Can’t wait for her future book. Respectfully Eva

  17. I have to say that while I do love the recurring characters, I don’t usually miss them during the story, mainly because I can see that they don’t fit the plot. Nixie, a personal favorite, I get why she isn’t a consistent character, which only makes it more exciting when she does come back to visit. If a story goes by without Mavis, I’m a little bummed, more because I love the Bella/Eve interactions, but it’s usually because she doesn’t belong in that story. I’ve read all the JD books multiple times, and honestly, I haven’t had a personal complaint yet. Except maybe the wait between stories! Lol. I am happy that the author’s imagination gives me multiple books a year though. I don’t know how she does it, so I’ll just continue to enjoy it. Can’t wait to start reading the new book this weekend!

    1. I agree with everything you wrote. Especially about the wait time between books. What can you do an author has to eat, sleep and be allowed to have a life outside of writing for us. Lol

  18. Thank you. As usual, eloquently put. I appreciate the time, effort, attention to detail and creative process you take in developing the stories. I like to have each one as my own little escape and I appreciate the thoughtfulness that you and Laura provide in your reader interactions. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.

  19. I have read this series from the very beginning and the world stops, for me, when a new In-Death books comes out. I dive into the book and my family knows enough to leave me alone. I love all of the characters, especially the two who shall not be named, and am eager to see how their lives evolve. This series has everything, fantastic characters and murder. It still boggles my mind that Nora has been able to create so many books in a series, devising different murder scenarios that pull us in. Just keep them coming! Thank you, Nora.

  20. Yes, yes, yes!!! So glad you said this and SMH that you even had to.

  21. I find it interesting that some readers are so invested in a writer’s characters that the feel they know the characters better than their creator. It is a compliment to the writer, I suppose but defeats the purpose of reading some else’ s work. If I had your imagination and talent, Nora I might not read, just kidding . I know you do read other authors for your pleasure because everyone is different and those differences are what make life and books fun and entertaining. I admire and respect your patience and look forward to the continuing adventures of your murder cop.

  22. I would not go to a restaurant and tell the chef how to cook, so why the heck would I try and tell you how to write your books! Ihave loved this series, can’t wait for more. Whatever foats your boat is more than okay with me.

  23. Love everything you do, exactly how you do it! Thank you for many many hours of enjoyment. You keep writing and I’ll keep gobbling them up.

      1. I like deWinter! Strong smart woman with great clothing style. And she stole that dog because he needed to be…

      2. Not sure why, I don’t like her either. Maybe Nora wrote her for that outcome. I was glad she stole the dog however.

        1. I don’t think Nora has written parts for her yet that will make us like her more. From the part she played in this book it looks like that might happen in the future. We had a glimpse with the dog so we are primed to like her but so far we haven’t been let in to her life very much.

  24. Nora:
    I love everything you do in the In Death Books and get that it isabout murder cop. I hope you never change this series. I love it because it is different than anything else. That makes it unique.
    Thanks for sharing yor awesome vision in this series.

  25. First off, I’ve not read a single “In Death” book because the premise of “murder cop”, as Nora puts it, is not my cuppa tea so to speak. HOWEVER, I read every single book on the romance (NR) side and I don’t think I’ve ever actually SAID that I wish for a minor character to have their day in the sun, I will admit that I always want one more book in the trilogies. Not because of what’s left “undone” but because I’m so invested that I want it to continue. I never question where she leaves off, but I am always sad that it’s ended. The fact that people are invested enough to be irritated/frustrated when a character doesn’t make an appearance or doesn’t get their own HEA…I think that’s just a testament to Nora’s writing chops. Thanks Nora for all the time you’ve invested to give me an outlet. It’s appreciated!

  26. Well stated! While it is a compliment to you that your secondary characters are loved too, it is all too easy to forget in the enjoyment of a particular story that is in fact, your story. And no one tells a story like you do, Nora.

  27. It seems to me that after an author writes 40+ books in a long-running series, (and 200+ books total) she really does know what she’s doing!! To me, these books are like a wonderful meal: Eve & Roarke are the meat; the continuing supporting characters, Peabody, MacNab, Feeny, etc., are the side dishes; and the reoccurring characters, Mavis, Trina, Truehart, Baxter, etc., add the spice and flavour to the story. Sometimes you need more spice, sometimes less. So, I am more than happy to let JD/Nora decide what side dishes and what spices she wants to use and how much. Thanks for the many years of wonderful writing and stories. I can never get my fill!!!

  28. I read the books of Nora/JD, and several others authors, because I like the way they tell stories. If I wanted to control a story, I would write my own. With every good book, triology, series, there is always a sense of satisfaction with the ending-but sadness that it had to end. I am unashamedly prone to book hangovers. Keep on doing what you do, and I’ll keep reading.

  29. I simply adore the In Death series. I look forward to each new release, and for me, the characters are family. I laugh, cry and feel with each and every one of them. I love the way JD makes them family and enjoy that the fact that I am never certain what will occur in their lives. I also enjoy the varied crimes, and of course, trying to solve them before Eve and her team solve them. Thanks for the journey Nora.

  30. I am constantly astounded by the amount of explaining you do; everything from the shoes you wear to the characters you include in your novels. It’s Nora’s world people. Jump in and enjoy, or bugger off.

    (fixed this for you Erin!) ~L

  31. I have to admit….. These questions and thought have never popped in my head. I’m soooo excited for the books and when they come out, I DEVOUR them and that’s it…. It is what it is. I know they’re going to be good. It’s my time away from reality where I’m transported to the world of Eve Dallas; why would I want to stress my brain by nitpicking and complaining about a good book? Thanks, Nora, for all these amazing years of an alternate reality! ?

  32. I don’t have any thought of where the next In Death book should go or what characters should be involved. That’s J. D.’s job and she’s brilliant at it. I just look forward to the next book. And the In Death books keep getting better and better! I just finished Devoted in Death and it was soooo good. Nora has been blessed with an awesome talent and we are all blessed because she’s so willing to share it!

  33. thank u… for the series…i love it…and for staying true to what the series is… murder and the investigation thereof….of course i like the relationships… they make reading these as comfortable as slippers….but i can see no useful purpose in trying to make everyone in them “hook up”…this series has enough core characters… so the southern cop is a nice add in but not a fixture, obviously…my only question is…if u get mcnab a magic coat…. what the hell color would it be????

  34. I still find it amazing that people seem to think they should tell J.D. how to write. I think she’s got this down folks. Her job is to tell the story, guide it, shape it, refine it. Our job is to read and absorb it, roll it around in our minds, get to know the characters, and wait for the next one. Please stop trying to tell her how to write. I’m very happy with the way she does things- and to tell her she is doing it wrong is rude. They are her stories to tell HER way!

  35. I’ve said this before, but let me restate it. I read Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb because I like the stories. I’m not an author, (although I could bore you to tears with stories about my dogs) I am a reader. Your job is to write, my job is to read. If I were to tell you what to write (and God forbid you listened) you would lose 98% of your readership. So I’m going to trust you to write the stories floating around in your head as you see them and you can trust that I will continue to buy 3 copies, one for my bookshelf, one for my kindle and one to lend. Let’s both continue to do our jobs, okay? (Now I must note that I really, really enjoy how both Roark & Eve have evolved through the series. They are two really great fictional characters. Good Job!)

  36. I have read and loved all the In Death books just as they are. I agree about not seeing everyone every single day. I have read Devoted and will only say it was an excellent addition to the series. Thank you for all your books, as Nora Roberts and as JD Robb. You are my favorite author and fill three overstuffed shelves in my bookshelf.

  37. I like the way you write, and the stories you tell. I’d be mad as a hornet if you offed Roarke, but I’d buy the next book while grieving and thinking dark thoughts. 🙂 Write your books, put ’em out there. People like me will buy them and enjoy them in spite, or because of what you do to the characters. They live in your mind, they go where you want them to go, they do what you want them to do. I enjoy them and look forward to whatever you choose to write next.

  38. For me, this is the only series I follow, I’ve read every in Death book out there. Funny enough, I’m not a big Nora fan except for J. D. Robb. This series is unique and I’m just grateful that Nora keeps it going! The only comment I have to make is; I wish there were more each year! I’ll keep enjoying your creative genius, you just keep writing! Thank you.

  39. I find it tiresome that once again Nora/JD has to address/defend the way she writes this series. She is the best selling author, she is the mind behind all the characters and she knows the best way to put it all together…duh…that’s why we all love her books! So QYB people or go write your own book, if you think you know so much better than a best selling author. Keep up the great writing, whether In Death, trilogies, novellas or regular NR…love it all!

  40. Another great one in the In Death Series. Still in the middle of listening to the audio verison. Love them! And always love to see where we’ll be taken next in the story. I’m surprised that people would make demands on or complain about the story line. This is a work of art by the author, and hers to create, ours to enjoy and she sees fit to present it. I love it for what it is, and anxiously await each new installment.

    Thank you Nora for a great series!

  41. RIGHT ON! and WRTIE ON! I kills me that people like to tell authors what do. Thanks for being so respectful Nora. I just, for the 1st time, started re-reading the entire series. SO fun. 1995?! I didn’t even remember it was that long ago! It’s delicious to pick up one right after another. And in my somewhat haphazard library, they’re all together, practically in a row! Those original paperback covers are a trip. Thanks again!

  42. to Stephanie L. : Please try one. You may find its like tasting a dish with an ingredient that you don’t like. But the twist that chef/author adds makes it an entirely different and amazing meal/read.

    And to Nora: I’ve read your books since the first. Love them…especially the In Death collection. Keep doing what you do best. I wait impatiently for each one to hit the stands. Thank you for all the stories.

    1. I know…I keep trying to talk myself into it but the part of me that is the wife of a cop/hostage negotiator and such always tries to distance my “down time” from real life. *sigh* I keep knocking it around in my head though…thanks for the encouragement!!

      1. With your husband’s job I can sure understand where your feelings come from. Maybe when he retires you can catch up–you’ll have enough books to keep you busy. 🙂 Best wishes to you and your husband. Thank him for his service, please.

  43. I guess in life as In Death ? we don’t always get what we want. I feel fortunate that Nora has the skills to write a fresh story, to keep us entertained and commitment, for decades. It’s a talent few have and I’m grateful I get to read (and re-read) her books. Comments ? Suggestions ?

  44. I love all of the JD Robb and Nora Roberts books as they are written. I enjoy the story as she tells it. I love all of the character development as they are. When I read it is a chance to relax and escape into another world of beloved characters. I don’t ever speculate as to what will happen next, therefor I am never disappointed, I am the reader not the writer and creator.

  45. Sorry I never meant to criticize. I’m one of the guilty ones, always asking for more info on the side characters. I just thought they enhanced the story. I’ll stop & just keep getting your latest book. I’ll enjoy it & shut up.

  46. Hear, hear! People need to chill. Enjoy the book or don’t but Nora, please keep writing what you like. I actually appreciate that not everyone has a HEA relationship or a baby — it’s akin to real life. Personally, I have listened to (not read) all the books and I’ve greatly appreciated how Eve has softened, a bit, over time. I find that arc interesting enough. Thank you for all your hard work!

  47. Thank you-I do love these books- have favorites and not so favorites. The growth of the characters and the story is like visiting distant relatives you really like but don’t want in your hip pocket. The story IS about Eve and Roarke and the secondary characters are just that-secondary. Keep things just the way they are-and ignore the whiners

  48. Yes, there are times that I love to hear about a new romance or other life event. I even have times that I think, “hey they would be good together”, but then again we do this in life. However in life we don’t intrude on those people and make them live their lives the way our whims think they should. The same goes for Eve and her New York family (and they are one large crazy family!).

    I love your books! While I may think that something should be different, I know that you are living & breathing these people and it is your story. I am just thrilled that you are sharing their lives with us!

  49. Surely its up to the writer to set the story in whatever way she wants. Asking her to add more mush to an ongoing, what is essentially about a murder series is wanting a “happy ending”. Read romance books for that, or the various Nora Roberts books, plenty of romance in those. I enjoy reading about the grittiness of the underbelly of life, since I do not have to take part! Keep up the great storyline, I really enjoy these and those you write as Nora Roberts. Thank you.

  50. I am always amazed/stunned/appalled people who claim to be Nora/JD fans proceed to tell her how to do her job. Would these same people tell a well respected heart surgeon how to do his/her job? If these same fans have all the answers and know what’s best, why don’t they write the book they want to see? Instead, let’s appreciate Nora’s amazing talent and be grateful she continues to share with us!

  51. I belong to a couple of Facebook In Death fan-sites. Just last week we had to point out to some of the folks that in “Eve-Time”, barely 36 months have passed in the story-telling. Since the timeline is clearly announced early in each book, I was amazed at the number of people who found that astonishing. Belonging to these sites have also shown me that the old saying (paraphrasing) if there’s more than one person in the room, there’s going to be an argument to be very true. You couldn’t keep all your fans happy even if you had a book out every month so I, personally, am glad you’re going to keep on doing what you’re doing your own way. Devoted was amazing, scary and moved at such a pace I was practically out of breath at the end – loved every second of it. Many thanks!

  52. Anyone who can imagine characters, storylines, and can do it over and over again is an amazement to me! I love these characters and would move next door to any one of them in a heart beat. I started reading the death series from beginning to current this summer and jumped out of order to read the newest one. I had to skim over some of the gruesome content, but that’s just me. Nora’s imagination is awesome and her humor, compassion, intelligence, passion and integrity plays throughout the story. Loved it and love them all! Thank you!

  53. Please Nora/JD –

    Just keep writing as you have been and ignore the “whiners!”

    Personally, I love the way you “spread the wealth” around with the secondary characters. We get fun glimpses into their lives and interactions with Eve, Roarke and each other.

    You are absolutely right to tell readers that Eve and Roarke are the story and that all else just comes as it will.

    Your imagination is wonderful! Thank you for years and years of wonderful books!

    Grateful fan, avid reader, mother of 6 and grandmother of 5!

  54. Yes! Again, you’ve said it all and said it well, Nora. I’ve always wondered why some readers think they can or should influence an author’s writing.

    I’m here to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the books and characters you have shared and will share with us.

    I finished Devoted in Death (love Deputy Banner!) and can’t wait to start reading the Down the Rabbit Hole anthology.

  55. Oh I get it, I do. Soooooo….I do wish Eve got credit for all her hard work sometimes. Giving away all the glory (yes I know she doesn’t do it for the glory) but not only giving it away, letting someone else take credit, rubs me the wrong way. Justice for EVE! 🙂 Nora, the reason we want so much for these people you write about is because you have done such a great job of getting us involved with their lives, maybe too involved, but we love it. Thank you!

  56. One of the things I love most about the In Death series is that whenever I pick up a book – whether it be an older one or the latest hot off the press – is that it feels like I’m going to visit old friends. This one thing never changes. JD (Nora) is such a talented writer, and I know I can have that faith I’m about to fall into a wonderfully scripted story whenever I pick up one of her books. I can visit with old friends and perhaps make a new friend along the way. I have always felt that the best way to support authors is to write reviews, and so that’s how I’ll keep going for my favorite authors.

  57. I just wanted you to know how much I love your books — how you plot them (sometimes pure genius!), how you develop characters, and how characters and plot mesh. Sometimes I may like one book better than another, but that’s on me — my personal reaction to one situation or one character or another. I truly believe it is your vision, your ideas, your talent that give the books life.
    I am a re-reader — sometimes I’d rather bask in the comfort of an old friend than venture into a new world — not often, but when I do, I can rely on your books, whether JDR or NR for what I am seeking.
    I will say that there are a couple of In Death books that I do not re-read because I find that one death or another is too painful — that does not mean that I did not find them great reads the first time. It just means my personal feelings got in the way of my ability to just enjoy the crime-solving process, which is the point of reading about a murder cop and what she does.
    I do understand people’s reactions to Banner — although I never figured he’d be added to the permanent cast. It really is an appreciation of your ability to bring a fully-fleshed, likeable character from the page into our imaginations.
    I am not a fan who will suggest where characters’ lives should go — why would I? I am more than happy to leave them in your expert hands — after all, you give us such interesting surprises !
    Please ignore those people who are silly enough to tell you how to treat your creations — if they know so much, they can go write their own books!
    All I wish for is that you go from strength to strength, be well, and keep writing!!!

  58. Yes, you tell them! You are the writer and it is your story, we are just the readers. . Please NO babies for Eve and Rourke. It would mess up their dynamic. I want the story of how Eve and crew solve the crime. How the characters interact with each other. Your books are about Eve and the surrounding characters add to the story but are not the story.

  59. Everytime a new In Death book releases I wonder what Nors/JD will need to write to quiet all the “suggestions” she is bound to receive. For me it is the story, plain and simple. The story that my writer (yes my, because I feel that she knows I need them and so she keeps writing them…just for me….and ok…everyone else too) feels is the right story. All I want is it to be. I am always excited to see what is happening next. Some stories are more favorite than others. But ALL of them are my favorite. This series is my comfort read. It settles me when the anxiety gets too much.
    I just appreciate that Nora/JD hasn’t gotten sick of writing them or has found then end of the story yet.
    Thank You Nora/JD
    and Thank You Laura for keeping up with the website.

  60. Love them all…have them all…have read them again and again.
    Would not change anything. Don’t know how you do it but PLEASE don’t stop. You are amazing!!!

  61. I love Devoted in Death and can’t wait for the next one. I love your writing and I am always excited when I can enjoy getting lost in the adventures of Dallas .

  62. I love the series period. To me the book is about the case or cases as much as it’s about Eve and Roarke. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Eve and Roarke, but it’s about the hunt more. I love all the other characters, and that’s a side beeny, but it’s really about the struggle to find justice for the victims. I love how Eve pushes herself to the limit to do just that, and how Roarke will do what is necessary to help her, even if he has to tranq her. lol!Please keep on doing what you do and overlook the ones that think they know more than you. You’re the creator and you know best.Thanks Nora!

  63. Not sure why the readers believe they can construct a better story than you. If so, then let them write their own. It makes perfect sense to me that all characters can’t be in every book, or at least in a significant way. I suppose it’s natural to speculate about one character or another, and various match-ups, but nothing I’ve read comes close to being as on target as the decisions you’ve made. Very happy to hear Morris won’t hook up with DeWinter. Also happy more babies aren’t on the horizon. The series has a great ebb and flow, obviously as it’s still going strong. Looking forward to seeing what you decide next. Thanks.

  64. I love a great mystery!! and you write some of the very best with this series. I started reading these books when I stumbled across strangers in death on the discount rack of my local BBBS (big box book store). I chose it because it sounded a lot like my childhood favourite Nancy Drew. I fell in love with Eve and love that the books focus on her and her life. I wish the books came faster of course but I know that is humanly impossible (not that I’m sure that Ms. Nora is entirely human given how fast she does write). So write on and I will be impatiently but quietly waiting for the next one.

    ps. I finished Devoted in Death in 2 days. both of which I worked 8 hrs a day

  65. Imagine if she’d just written one In Death book. Gives me the willies.
    One of the things that hooked me (and there were many) is that this was a series, and I didn’t start with the first one. Then htere were the characters. No one does character development like Nora/JD. Does anyone create creepier bad guys? I don’t think so.
    I’ll keep on getting the books as long as they keep coming out, both print and audio.
    Tho I did have a thought the other day – some nut is going to write an In Death musical. Dear God. Then I smacked myself with a blunt instrument and was OK again. Phew!
    Looking forward to the novella and thanks for hours of escape.

    1. Ha! MaryCamille you gave me my laugh for the day. In Death the Musical ?

      1. Oh YES MaryCamille! That would be tragic!!! Funny, but tragic! Thanks for the laugh…

  66. Well said. It’s easy to forget it’s only a couple of weeks in InDeath time.

  67. You keep writing, I’ll keep reading. It is my pleasure to be on the journey (wherever it leads) with the characters. Thank you for all the tears, laughter, joy, and love.

  68. I can’t believe those nit picking your stories. They are great and I love the way the characters fit in, grow etc. People need to remember there isn’t a great deal of time, in the story, between murders so of course characters like Morris are not yet ready to find another love interest. I absolutely love your stories and can’t get enough. No complaints here – keep them coming!

  69. I love all your books. So many happy hours reading, then going back and re-reading, finding little tidbits I missed the first or second time. I agree that not all the people can make a appearance in each and every story, but its so much fun when they do show up. I thank you so much for your books.

  70. Because you are so available to your public, your public seems to take advantage. They think they can ask for what they want in your writing, forgetting it is your witting. I for one am thrilled with whatever you write and give to me. I relish it. Ignore the naysayers and continue to give us what you want to give us and please continue to be available to us via this venue and others.

    Nora, you are my favorite writer, your work just flows for me, its comfortable and I adore it. I am rereading some of your old stuff and is just as fresh as it was twenty years or so ago. Your gift is our gift and thank you!

  71. Well, heck! If you put everyone in every story, you’d be J.D.R.R. frikkin’ Martin! 😉

  72. I love your books just the way they are. I read them because of Eve and Roarke. The others are just extra. I love how Eve has evolved from where she was in the beginning to what she is now. How she has learned to love, trust and make/enjoy new friends. As soon as your new book comes out I try to read it right away and have not been disappointed with any of them. Thank you for all the In Death books you have given us.

  73. I love the series. I think it is well written and none of the books need to be changed. Eve and Roarke are the main characters. I love them. It’s all them. It’s about them and murder. Don’t let people tell you differently. The series works.

  74. In Nora/JD I trust. NO ONE knows the story or the characters better. I love the In Death series and hope it continues for a long time to come. It is by far my favorite of all the series I read. I do have to say that I am really looking forward to Brotherhood In Death where Dennis Mira takes a more central role. The relationship between him and Eve hits all of my “soft spots” too. In the meantime, I hope Nora keeps doing what she does best! ❤️??

  75. I can only speak for myself but I imagine others may feel the same. I’m not looking for Nora to write more of my favorite characters just because I like them. I’m not looking for the story line to move in a certain direction just because I’d like to read it. I may at times comment about wanting to read more of a certain character with a particular storyline. I don’t ever expect my wishes to be fulfilled in these matters just because I wish it.

    I may express the opinion that I would like to read a story about a certain character or read more regarding a certain character but that doesn’t mean I am not completely satisfied with the stories that are written.

    I’m not a writer and I never will be a writer. (I’m able to use my imagination to create a story in my head with these characters if I feel like it.) I am more than happy leaving the storyline and character development to Nora and other such professional writers. They are successful writers for a reason. I would never presume to tell any of them what to do. I’m very happy with the works being provided.

  76. Will Banner? Hate being out of the loop on the new book. When does it release in Ireland Laura?
    Enjoyed your view point Nora as always and look forward to reading the new book very shortly.

  77. Thank God you are not going to fix what isn’t broken. Keep on writing and sharing your staggering talent with us all. Thank you.

  78. Thank you for the new In Death book. I love these stories just the way you write them and feel that as the author you are steering the boat. You have the vision for the book — I am along for the ride and you always provide a ride worthy of the time spent reading the story again and again. So just, thank you for giving me so much pleasure.

  79. I agree with everything you have to say on the subject. Love the “in death” series love how you have shown all the characters and relationships. What I like most is seeing Eve interact with all the different types of friendships she has and juggling her personal and work life, and I love seeing how she works the homicide and how her mind works on figuring it out. If I didn’t like something that you have written that’s my own personal issues and I wouldn’t bring it to you. You are an amazing writer and I’m greatful you share you talent with us in so many books and stories. Thank You

  80. I love the in death series can’t wait for the next one to come out. I also love all the recurring characters in them and the new ones as well. The newest character is great and yes I would like to see him again maybe he could help eve with another case down the road, or Roarke could recruit him. Thank you for another great read.

  81. I read the In Death books because I love what they are. I want nothing more than more In Death just the way it is written by the expert J.D./Nora. Thank you.

  82. Wow! When I read the series, my focus is Eve and Roarke and the case. I thought everyone looked at the series that way. My favorite part is when Eve comes home at the end of the first day to Roarke and to put the case in perspective. I have my book and my cumfy chair and am confident knowing that nothing will interfer with your method.

  83. Well said! Keep doing aha you do best and I’ll keep reading!! Love this series – wouldn’t change a thing.

  84. It just amazes me that you need to explain this over and over and over and over again to infinity and beyond.

    Your patience and courtesy is astonishing. Really.

  85. I love FOLLOWING the story not trying to WRITE the story. I am fascinated, touched, amused, sad, horrified, and always amazed at the level of skill and creativity of Nora and as JD. I often travel and have all In Death books on audio. Want to also send out kudos to Susan Ericskson. What a great reader. Her portrayal of the characters adds another level of life and personality. What a great team for a great series.

    Thanks for recognizing what you were meant to do and for following that path. I have enjoyed being taken along for the ride.

  86. Even if I could write stories like J. .D. Robb/Nora Roberts I would not presume to tell her how or what to write! They are her “babies” that she shares with us and I am grateful! We are blessed that we get these stories to read as often as we do!

  87. I am so beyond a J.D. Robb fan it’s pathetic. My favorite time of the whole year is summer and what did I do this whole summer??? Say Hurry up Sept, Hurry up new book release date. I love this series. It would never occur to me to write to who I consider to be the greatest writer out there and tell her how to do it. Nobody can write a series like this needing help from someone else or taking ideas from someone’s email. If you think you can do a better job then her, then do it. I really don’t know how many times we have to be told you will not take advice from anyone and you will not change what you are doing because someone tells you they think you should do it differently. What you do works period. LOVE this series beyond words. Thanks for my beloved Eve and Rourke.

  88. Wow. I’m sorry you even had to say this. What is wrong with people??? I love every book and would never imagine commenting if I didn’t. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!!

  89. I’ve been in love with Eve and Roarke since I discovered the three initial books in a bookstore 20 years or so ago while trying to find a Nora I hadn’t read yet. A whole new series. Never have you disappointed me. I love everything about the characters, main and secondary and I never would even try to suggest in which direction the stories should go. I love the mysteries, bad guys, the danger, the flavor that the secondary characters add to the story, but mainly I love following the growth and love between Eve and Roarke. Your vision is why you remain one of my favorite authors. Keep doing what you do. Thank you Nora.

  90. Thank you, Nora, for telling the readers, AGAIN, why things are the way they should be.
    I thought it was pretty awesome to introduce a new TEMPORARY character in Detective Banner, like a small breath of fresh air, but I am happy to see him go back to Arkansas.
    I thought the storyline was refreshing and pretty darn good. Something we’ve never read in a Robb book before and Dallas’s life wasn’t in any immediate danger in this book as these killers never heard of her.
    A couple of “soulmates” on a multi-state killing spree lands in the Big Apple where Dallas will squash them like a June bug.
    This one is tied for favorite with Obsession in Death.
    Thanks again, Nora.
    I can hardly wait for the book concerning Dennis Mira!!!

  91. Yes, I would like to see more of some characters and their lives, but, these are JD’s people and they cannot appear in each and every book.
    I read about one author being backed up against a wall by an angry fan because certain pairing in an ongoing series didn’t play out the way the fan wanted.
    It’s fiction people, and the characters can’t go against their instincts/type just because you want a happy ending.

  92. I trust your instincts Nora. Totally understand what you are saying about the story taking place over a very short period of time and therefore there isn’t always occasion to interact with all the friends. Really enjoyed meeting Will Banner. Maybe there will be a chance to interact with him in the future. Tho he loves his home he really seems to have a talent and a nose for investigating, so maybe he won’t stay in his home town, maybe he will have an opportunity elsewhere, even if not in NYC.

  93. I have every book of this series both in paper (hardback if available) and audio. I absolutely love this series and have read/listened to them too numerous to count. I just finished Devoted and it was great! I’m sorry you had to post something like that. I just wish you could write them faster and make them longer lol… It’s always with some sadness to finish these books, because I know I have to wait six months for the next. Thank you again for your stories!

  94. I love all your books. Even though sometimes I wonder what happens to a supporting character it’s mostly a fleeting I wonder how this changed them in whatever story was written.. I look forward to loosing myself in your worlds

  95. General question; I am a very visual person and like most readers, I see my own version of what is written and also hear the voices of the characters. I love the colorful outfits worn by McNabe & Morris and wonder how you come up with such creative clothing down to their hair styles. Thank you and be well.

    1. Honestly, that’s just part of the job–and understanding the characters.

  96. I have enjoyed reading your books. I especially love your J.D. Robb books. You are so right about how you are the author and we the readers. It is your creative genius that has brought to life this wonderful world. Only you can be responsible for the joys, heartaches, and soulless murders!
    Thank you for the innumerable hours of pleasure you have given me. You write them, I’ll read them!

  97. I love the books as they are and say kudos for continuing the series. It’s your work and it’s your vision. I’d never complain over not seeing a specific character as long as the core character is there and the story fits the whole.

    I just thank you for letting us be a part of this world you’ve created and wait anxiously for the next.

    1. hi Linny I agree with you 100% she is a great writer and she knows exactly when to write more or write less I know I could never write like she does I have been reading her books for 30 years now and like I told her she has never disappointed me ever happy reading Linny

  98. Have read almost all your books and fallen in love with reading all over again reading them. Especially the In Death Series, have read them and re-read them so many times that it seems unbelievable and have loved reading it every single time. I love the way you have portrayed each of the characters and no use second guessing what will come in the next book except to look forward to read how you have shown Eve and Roarke and their story moving forward. Love Eve’s growth . If you ever end the series please do show their ultimate growth. That’s it. Thanks for such a wonderful series.

  99. Nora I love every one of your books I can honestly say you never disappoint me I love your trilogies a lot but as for saying it was to short or whatever I wonder if they could do any better as for myself I wait with bated breath for each and every new book you put out and I think its not right for readers to be saying write faster which to stupid for words .so Nora you just keep writing the way you do and don’t forget you can’t please every body no matter how you try. hugs

  100. About Will Banner — I completely agree with JD Robb’s comments. He is an Arkansas native, and I can’t picture him in NY. Loved his characterization and participation. One little thing — in my head, after the story ended, Roarke sent him home on a private shuttle, just because he could. That’s a measure of how engaged I became with his character, and this particular story. But that was just in my own head. LOL
    Love the In Death series. Thanks for continuing to write these books!

  101. Listening to Wonderment In Death. It’s scaring the crap out of me. Can’t stop listening though. Another masterpiece!

  102. I can easily imagine DeWinter’s relationship to Morris developing along the lines as Nadine’s relationship to Dallas.

    And let’s face it, Dallas is a murder cop and she deals with bodies more often than bones, so DeWinter is already destined to be on the periphery of her life.

    LOL But I do love the fact she stole the dog!!!!

    I would think that even though it may be predictable; bordering on annoying, it has to be a great compliment to Nora, that even her secondary and tertiary characters are so flushed out and compelling that they manage to tug at readers enough that we want more of them. 😀

    *LAUGH* And while I am one who just secretly hopes that a certain character may start screaming so loud in her head that she’ll revisit a story line to give that voice it’s own book, I have never voiced a specific request to see a book produced before. But since Laura opened up the can of worms, I feel I can safely plead my case – Pretty please, with sugar on top, consider giving Aubrey her own story one day, even if it’s just a novella !!!!!!!! 😀

    1. I think my comment closed the can with a vacuum seal and smothered all the worms inside — no story for Aubrey.


      1. Lol!!! That was too funny! I thought you closef and sealed it too!!!!!

  103. Have loved every book that you have written. Also like many other readers of Eve and Roarke, have reread every single one of them. You are my favorite author.

  104. It was wonderful to see three of my favorite characters be highlighted in Devotion in Death; Detectives Santiago and Carmichael, and uniform Carmichael. Congratulations to Detective Trueheart.

  105. I just watched Showtime’s first episode of season 2 of “The Affair.” Noah was in his editor’s office and their were books lined up everywhere. One of them was clearly visisible in one scene, with “J.D. Robbb” and I think it was “Concealed in Death.”

    1. It was “Devoted in Death.” (I put too many “r’s” in her name, need coffee!

  106. I don’t get it either, Nora. Why anyone would try to “help” you write your stories by saying the things they do to you.

    Honestly, I don’t read you much as Nora ~ I’m not into the pure romance genre. I found you as JD who writes one of my all time favorite series featuring a kickass Murder Cop/Eve, her squad, and of course her entirely delectable husband Roarke. Who could fail to melt at the feet of Roarke? They are awesome as a team!

    Love love love the In Death series and dread the day you stop writing . Thank you so much for these stories, AS IS, no input from me or anyone else!

  107. Dear Nora, I’ve been reading all my life & have read a lot of mediocre books in my time, but I find everything you write enjoyable whatever name you write under & whatever kind of story it is. Your characters are always well-rounded & believable, the plots are always great & your imagination amazes me – I can’t believe so many different storylines can come out of one brain! If the people who complained understood the writing process they be thanking heaven for every book you put out instead of worrying about minor details. I hope they take note of “murder cop is the key” because hey that’s why the series is called In Death! I’ve just finished Devoted & Down the Rabbit Hole – both great as usual – & am looking forward to Brotherhood. So thanks for hundreds of hours of happy reading over the years. I hope you feel like writing for many years to come.

  108. I have two main thoughts about the In Death books:
    1: When is the next one coming out?

    2: Oh, it’s over already???

    I love these books and have read the series several times. New York to Dallas is my favorite (so far) but I really enjoy all of them. Additionally, I would never tell you that you need to add something or change something. They are your characters and no one can write about them the way you do……I do have a question, though. Do the audio books end up in print eventually? Thanks and I hope you never stop writing!!!

  109. I often wonder about a character when they aren’t in the book but realize the series is about Eve (& Roarke) so don’t get upset when a character isn’t mentioned or doesn’t make an appearance. I was one of those hoping Deputy Banner would decide he wanted to move to NY. I very much got that he has a life in Arkansas but it was obvious he enjoyed his time in NY. That being said, as a reader, I follow the story wherever the writer takes it & try not to second guess the choices. My husband is now addicted to the series. We’ve listened to many books multiple times. He will say “Isn’t it about time for a new Eve?”. He was getting ready to leave to go out of town & I was handing him the new Lee Child because I had already listened to it. I had the new “in Death” in my other hand, fixing to start listening to it. He snatched it and said “No, I want Eve”. I read a romance series by another author and I enjoy the books very much but find myself constantly going back to figure out who a character is. I can’t remember their names from book to book. That doesn’t happen with the “in Death” series. Now if they would just make this a TV series. I rarely watch TV but I would for this!

    1. Hah! I often try to put actors in to the roles of E & R, in my head! But in reality I would HATE to see it turned into a movie or TV, although TV would be MUCH worse. They’d ruin it for sure. Eve would be wearing make up & heels the whole series! hahahaha.

  110. I agree with everything Nora said. It is unrealistic to include Eve’s family/friends in every book and the story line is better for it. My only fear is it will end. I’m a long way away from wanting the series to end. Living in the 2000s, I’m expecting Nora to continue the series way into 2061!!!!

  111. I’ll admit to being a ‘wisher’ in that I wish Banner would stay in NY or I wish this one would hook up with that one. I also wish for world peace and that I could win the lottery. We know the odds on that are fairly lousy, but it doesn’t keep us from wishing. 🙂 As far as Morris goes, while it might have been years for us since he lost his love, it’s only been a matter of months for him. It’s way too soon for him to find another one. And DeWinter? I like her. She’s as ballsy as Eve is, but she does it in high heels. On purpose. She’s not for Morris though. He’s just starting to find his color again. Anyway, JD/Nora, thank you for allowing us to wish and to share them with you even when they are way off base. I am still wishing for my very own Cian from the Circle Trilogy. He always made me kind of think of Roarke with fangs! 😉

  112. I wasn’t sure where to put this, so here it goes…

    I have gotten so many people hooked on your “In Death” books: my dentist, my hairdresser, my neighbor, one lady who draws my labs, and I’m sure others that I can’t think of right now. I’m sure a lot of us have given at least one person the joy of reading this series. Thank you for inhancing our lives in a way you probably will never know.

  113. I love the whole series and am grateful that Nora writes them for us to enjoy. While I like some better than others I would never complain about what an author chooses to write about her characters.
    I want lots of Eve and Roarke together in the stories. I like when Nora gives us Roarke’s point of view as well as Summerset.
    Thank you for the gift of the In Death series.

  114. My father got me started with this series. I realized recently that I think of the In Death world as an alternate reality. They feel like real people to me. I get really invested in their stories. Between now & February, I’ll probably re-read the entire series again.

  115. I have absolutely no complaints on this series. I love them – the writing is superb and the story line great. My obsession is listening to these wonderful books on tape in my car. I drive a considerable distance to work and back each day so I thoroughly enjoy. I recently ordered Devoted in Death and then realized in only comes in MP3 CD (which is not compatible with my car) and not the Audio CD. I am heart broken. Is this the new trend or will it also come out in the audio CD version?
    I am a devoted fan of these books. Thank you.

    1. Regina,

      I would inquire about that with Brilliance Audio ( I think they have been moving away from audio cds as car models have updated.


      1. Thank you, Laura for the information. I will check it out.

      2. Than you for the information I am pleased to report that I was able to get the Audio CD from Brilliance Audio- All is good. I really appreciate your help. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  116. I have loved each and every In death book, some more than others. But I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for them to be released in the UK. Why can’t books be released in different countries at the same time? Or even the next month but not months later. It makes me very sad to have to wait so long for my next Eve and Roarke fix!

  117. Ms Robb/Roberts, please carry on writing as you are doing, I for one am happy with your characters and how they play out, if people want romances in the In Death books, then they should read your other books instead. Please continue as you are. X

  118. Nora like the old saying you can’t please all the all the time you you have to just please yourself. I for one love each & every single In Death book, I have reread on numerous occasion and I love them just was much the 10th time as I did the first. At the end of the day I truth you to write what in your heart & whats relevant to the story you are writing. I look forward to each book and you never disappoint. So I say to all the people who think they can do it better, have at it. It just looks easy & you Nora make it look easy but it not. So please keep doing what you are doing as I for one am eternally grateful for the honor & privilege to read your books, please don’t ever change.
    From the bottom of my heart thank you

  119. All you nit pickers astound me. Bet none of you caught one of the truest statements J. D. made about Nadine is true for all her characters. When Nadine decides she’s ready. Obviously, you haven’t clued into the fact that as real as our Beloved Author makes them, they are, at a conservative guess, at least 25% even more real to her. I’m also willing to bet she argues with them about the storyline. Lol, compromise between author and characters is a beautiful thing for the reader. Also, just as my own FYI, nit pickers, I’ve had some entertaining stories in my head about canon characters. I’ve imagined many of them on dates, etc., and so forth. Try it. You’ll get a firsthand look at how difficult the creative process can be, and J. D. gets a well deserved break from your whining.

  120. I’ve been reading the “in death” series since the beginning, am now on my third read thru of the series. And am wondering how ME Morse became ME Morris? Was it an accidental typo that didn’t get caught…am trying to figure out how it could be deliberate? I hope you continue to enjoy writing these books for our pleasure in reading them. Thank you!

    1. That was an error that slipped past everyone — and once a book is published it’s too expensive to make editorial changes. The error was fixed in subsequent books.

  121. I’m pretty sure the ME stands for medical examiner…not a typo.

  122. Which In Death book does Ruarke find out about his true mother? Which book does the butler realize what Eve went through as a child?

  123. It is nice to see snippets of other charterers in the books and that the crime still stays central.

  124. I had read the series at least twice before it dawned on me that Eve and Roarke, for the first times in the lives, were relaxing, playing and growing in their relationship in addition to their work. Prior to that, there had been work and people, but not depth to their lives that love brought them. They are enjoying it and Eve is getting to do the things in life she had missed up to know. Let them run with it! They are young and both have places in themselves that need to grow.

    1. Nora please please please don’t listen to anyone but yourself. I love each & every one of your books both you & JD Robb. I for one couldn’t be happier when a new book comes out. I think as a reader we forget that only a few months between books. People will always have request’s or advise but at the end of the day, it’s your baby, your vision. I happy with that please don’t ever stop.
      Thank you for all the joy you bring with every single book.

  125. Nora posted in this blog what the readers should and should not expect to happen in the series.
    I have a question that is not addressed. Will Eve Dallas’s character grow in maturity? There are lots of frustrated readers on Goodreads who would like to know the same.
    Thanks for answering.

    1. I’ll reply, although I expect you were hoping for Nora or Laura? Eve HAS matured. Albeit slowly, and there were a few times I grew frustrated at her intractability, to say the least. It’s pretty much unheard of to get 2 new GOOD books every year from any author, let alone just 1 of her series. Nora is a workhorse. Sometimes that does not do her credit. However Eve Dallas is a constantly compelling character. Nora excels, I mean EXCELS at at the compelling, fast, satisfying who-dun-it. Add her fun dialogue, empathetic, quirky, lovable side characters and there’s no reason to ask for more. But maybe that’s just me.

    2. Goodreads is an excellent place for readers to gather and discuss books, not necessarily the place a writer visits for feedback and input on story lines. I, however, do read the comments and conversations and saw this thread. My answer to your question would be that Eve’s matured in many ways in the nearly three years (In Death time) since we met her. Maybe not to the complete satisfaction of some readers, but she has.
      The rest of my answer will not particularly thrill you: Nora writes books the way she sees them unfold because for every comment liking something about a character or a plot, there’s the nearly immediate dislike (I get the emails that reflect just that). To write in a way that pleases either side of the likes wouldn’t serve anyone. So Eve will mature/evolve/accept people in her life/grasp idioms as Nora sees fit.
      In real life I’ve stopped reading series when the books no longer entertain. But then I’m not one to discuss what I dislike about a book, I just stop.

      1. I continue to be baffled by readers who ask for or believe an author would change their vision of a character or story to please their audience. It’s like going to Nordstrom and telling a manager you’d really prefer if they’d lower their prices, or switch out a line of clothing for one you like better. It’s a head scratcher.

        Thank you Nora for your generosity and availability to your readers, for your amazing gift and your sense of humor. If something I read doesn’t click with me, I make choices. Best to you in 2019! 🙂


        1. There is no need to patronize. Every reader is entitled to an opinion. Book critics are doing it all the time.
          The readers are a customer like any other.
          Nora has invited readers to post their comments so she obviously is interested in hearing readers’ opinion. If Laura does not want readers to post critical comments she should say so.
          Happy New Year

          1. If I didn’t allow critical comments, this would be a pretty boring place. I answered your question — and I added my own personal experience with series I stopped reading

            Disagreeing with your opinion is not patronizing, it’s simply an answer from an opposing point of view.

            The comments here are mainly discussion points for readers to have conversations. Nora’s far beyond the current book on sale by the time readers get their hands on it. For instance, she’s well into writing the first 2020 In Death while we’re waiting on book 48. Bottom line, readers may want a writer to go in a certain direction but Nora holds firm to her vision and evolution of the In Death world.


          2. Hi Laure
            I agree. I am looking forward to reading Connections in Death.
            Readers expect sometimes too much, myself including. I am in some kind of transition period. I was waiting for long time for Dark in Death and in the meantime read other Nora’s books and started a new series by other authors. Then I had very hard time getting back to In Death series. Anyone experience the same?
            Thanks for inputs

  126. I’ve proudly read every book, and then I listened to all of them, then I bought them for my Kindle with audio, I’m a fan! I look forward to every book enjoy it and never have a hard time getting back to them. I won’t lie, there are a couple I don’t love but most of them get better with a second and third reading (a few of them I’ve read five and six times) but I’m getting off the point. I’ve read those books numerous times before it dawned on me that Eve and Roarke are Young People, they may have old souls but they are just learning how to play! They missed all of the fun growing up and now they are adding family, friends they really care about and it’s a new life for them and one they hadn’t expected. They are adjusting to a fuller life and working. They have years ahead for them before them before they reach the point in their lives some of their friends seemed to just slide into. I love the series and the supporting characters are fun because the conversations are so humorous. That is because one person writes them that way. I’ve said it before, I don’t know how Nora can have so many people living in her head. I think it is amazing that Nora keeps so many different characters true to their character, for so long a time. Please don’t stop.

  127. Hello
    I recommend you don’t listen to any negative comments / views or suggestions about your books. You write how you write about what you want to write about and it is up to us the reader to decide whether to buy more books or not (pretty sure I have every book you have written and have definately enjoyed them all). I look forward to each book you write and even though I of course would like more of them sooner, I completely understand it takes time to write a book, have it checked then published etc. Really just happy you are still writing and hope you continue on for as long as possible.

  128. Thank you for keeping ID about a murder cop investigating. It’s the core that makes the series unique and what keeps me reading and rereading. If I want weddings and babies and supporting character romances, I can find any number of books and series that are all about those things. I love ID because it’s got the murder cop and her life with Roarke. Again thanks for holding the line.

  129. I have read all of Nora’s books and her In Death series and I can’t understand why people are “suggesting” her to write more of who etc. How can you say you enjoyed the book and have a BUT on the end? Nora never ceases to amaze me with her penmanship, whether it be a story on it’s own, a trilogy or a series. She manages to write them all different and exciting even when characters are familiar and feel like ‘family’ aka Eve and Rourke. Just keep on doing what YOU do best Nora. I look forward to all your next marvelous novels:)

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