Dear Diary: A Cranky Publicist in Spa La Land

Dear Diary,

Spa time melts from one experience to another.  It’s the only way to explain how it’s suddenly Thursday.  No, wait, I have a better way — simple conversation.

Jeannette (JoAnne’s daughter and member of the Spa Tribe) finally arrived yesterday morning.  Diary, dare I mention she opened the WRONG bottle of champagne in an effort to help others?  I’m all for good deeds, but I spend 15 minutes every afternoon moving the coldest bottles to one fridge, and the warm bottles into the auxiliary fridge to chill.  Jeannette chose one from the auxiliary fridge!  Horrors.  However, I’ll allow for genetics since her mother did the same exact thing on Monday.

But I digress, Diary — stop distracting me with thoughts of champagne!  Jeannette innocently asked “When do you post the blog?

I reply, “Every other day.”

Sarah of the Brilliant Mind and latent PITA tendencies pipes up, “Wait, you posted Sunday and Today.  Today is Wednesda — that is not every other day.”

Sarah is now a “friend.”

See? Time is a loose and fluid commodity here.

Where did I leave off?  Oh! My pity dance win.  Well, last night I won the Extra Pity Party Bowling Round (aka Bowling Wildcard).  Fun, right?  No.  I won using the Nora avatar.  My other “friend” haunts me.

I’m only smiling because it’s polite.

And since I know you worry, Diary, my final score in Trivia (You Don’t Know Jack for the Wii) was -17,000. If you have to lose, do it with style.  I think I’ll tattoo that on my forearm.

More successful trivia players

Nora finally played a couple of games, even though she can’t win.  She danced and Scrabbled (the latter was an uproarious game with words I can’t share here.)

The Mighty and Fearsome Elaine continues her demolition of all competition.  No! Wait! There was a moment last night when Sarah fought the dark force in the second round of Just Dance.  And the Brilliant Beautiful Mind crushed all comers with 10,971 points.

During the round Elaine said: “My remote isn’t working.”

I said, “I say that every year.”

Elaine called back. “Now it’s true.”

Diary — with friends like these, I’ll never get a big ego.

Instead I’ll share a .

gif from the dancing.

Round 2 — Elaine’s remote appears to work, Sarah is out for points

Yesterday was simply gorgeous.  Blue skies, warm temperatures and slight breezes.  We took a group walk in the morning (my favorite photo is below) then settled into the little courtyard off the suite for the late afternoon.

From Laura’s Instagram
Intrepid walkers
Happy loungers

And then it was back to games.  A very tiring week.

Tonight we head into final rounds of games since Pat departs tomorrow.  Then we paint tomorrow night.

Since time melts here, I know we’ll be on the road home in a second and a half.

Will share more tomorrow (ish), Diary.  In the meantime, here’s another dance .gif to soothe the soul.


10 thoughts on “Dear Diary: A Cranky Publicist in Spa La Land”

  1. I love the dance gifs! Especially because they just keep repeating – makes me laugh. You all look like you are having a great time, and the weather is cooperating. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photographs.

  2. I just have to say again…I love this week!! Laura you are just hilarious!! I am wishing you and the “stupid you know what” lots of luck.

    I have to admit I am loving the pictures and am scouring them for the titles of the books you all have available and am jealous!!

    Have fun!! Thanks for sharing, you post as much as you want. Tell your “friends” your loyal readers are enjoying all of it!!

  3. In regards to the “happy loungers” photo. . . I spy with my big ole eye, that if I was able, those two new books would be on my table. ?Wishing the whole team a great time. Enjoy, ladies!!

  4. Laughing my ass off with the first gif. Seriously funny! And , oh yeah, I spotted the books too. (??) guess I’ll just have to wait?So glad y’all are having fun and thanks for sharing.
    Warm champagne (yuck) unless I’ve had quite a few. Then it doesn’t matter so much. Lol

  5. I just want to grab one of those advanced copies of Come Sundown and gobble it down!

  6. Oh Laura, you keep fighting the good fight with the Scoreboard. I will cheer you on!

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